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Look at this statue of Atlas. Now I know Atlas was cursed to hold up the sky, and he tried to talk his way out of it before, but abandon that understanding of it for this point. View yourself as the statue, and the globe as all the external forces. Loneliness, stress, etc, all of these things pile up and feel like a huge weight on our shoulders. Make it your duty to support it without collapsing. Life may bend you, but don't let it break you.

Take responsibility for yourself and realize what we're all capable of. Alexander the Great and his cart driver found the same fate in the end. It's up to you to decide which one you are. Constantly look inward, embrace responsibility as a means of evaluating yourself. When I'm faced with stress, I embrace the challenge and view it as a chance to test my limits. If you emerge from it with success, you move forward. If you fail, do so knowing that you gave it your best, and find out where you need to grow.

Lastly, surround yourself with good people. If your friends support your misery, find new friends. Being around strong people will strengthen you. Read some good books. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson for philosophy, something by Carl Jung or Alan Watts to find something out about yourself.

TL;DR, take responsibility for your own development, stop relying on people for things you can create yourself, and surround yourself with amazing people. And there is nothing wrong with being a work in progress, as long as there's progress. Don't make excuses. Good luck.