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So... anons of /wg/. I just wanted you all to know that i got single today from my gf from 3 years back. She told me she made out with some dude at a party, it's not really a surprise either, because we we're heading this way, just kinda drifting apart.

So i'm 22 and moving back in with my parents who lives in a small village..

These sure are new times for me, but i'm not sad, no, actually i'm happy af. I'm glad she did what she did because it's easier to break up this way, i've been begging for this to happen for at least a year now. Maybe she read my mind or something.

..So why am i telling you this? A: Because everyone knows this is where you go after a breakup.. it's always at least a couple of sad threads active at all times that's related to relationship problems.

But what most doesn't realize is that a breakup always opens up new possibilities to life and before you know it you're feeling better than before, at least in most cases.

TLDR: I'm high, tired, philosophical and in a state of mild trance. So i'm gonna dumb some great papes and i'll hope you join in and contribute. If you save anything then try to post just one pape at least, even you gloomlurkers out there.