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Post your 20th pape, or a fitting one.

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Hey /wg,
I turned 20 today. Damn. I have never made a thread on 4chan, but today I thought I would finally start one. Im finally in my 20s, and life is going fast for me already. On top of that I feel shitty because I still have no girlfriend and am a virgin. Since 15 Ive had the feeling that I have an emotional need a girlfriend, I even found a depressed poem from back then about my feelings about not having a girlfriend. I always thought Id have one before I turned 20, yet here I am, alone. I often sit at night looking into the city and wonder: will I ever meet my perfect girl, the perfect mix of introvert and extrovert, liking the same stuff I do? Id think I a normal guy, 3.8 GPA and in the dutch version of a frat. I have tons of friends and a ton of fun, but deep down I still feel empty, something's missing. I'll post some papes that I feel fit the thread. So everyone feel free to also post a fitting pape, or your 20th.
Besides my rant: peace out bro's, I truely think /wg has got the best community on all of 4chan. Ive never posted before, but Ive seen so much good shit here... Keep it up my guys