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How to be funny

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How does comedy work? I'm a humorless fuck and want to become funny so i can make friends.

What are some popular things?

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There is a website, where you enter a topic and talk to users who also entered that topic.
The problem is, there is no list of topics people are using.

So, what are some popular things people are also likely to discuss/enter as tags?

You would think it's as simple as getting a big list of the most popular things, say steam games and going through them.
But, say you enter DOTA, literally nobody.
Then you enter Danganronpa, 200+ people.

Same with artists, anime, youtube channels, or literally anything.
There just happen to be some with "fandoms", but as far as I know there is no way to list them all.

Another problem is, some of them have abbreviations.
Like MHA (My Hero Academia), popular but I wouldn't know people use it if I didn't test every 3 letter combination.

What do you think, /wsr/?
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Does anyone what game this is? Yandex doesn't seem to work

Wikipedia manipulation conference webm?

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Does anyone know where I can find that webm of footage/interviews at a conference educating people on how to get their Wikipedia edits approved? Saw it once on jew threads on /gif/. There was footage of a conference hall with a guy giving a presentation, and an interview with a girl talking about anti-semitism, etc.

Vietnamese female fighters not castrate white prisoners because handsome?

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I read this shit in a /his/ post some months back;
basically the guy claimed that female Vietnamese fighters would castrate South Vietnamese, and later Chinese POWs, but wouldn't castrate white Americans because they were so handsome.
He offered no source, and I have no idea how to tackle a search of it. If anybody can help find anything on this, I'd appreciate it.

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What fraction of the rectangle does the triangle occupy?
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I've suddenly got into anime romcoms what are some good ones?

geoblocked content help

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Vagene by Oscillate
This song is blocked in my country and I would love to listen to it. Can somebody download it for me and share a link for me to listen to it here.

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I've read

FullMetal Alchemist
Five Star Stories
Aqua Knight
Made in Abyss

What are some epic scale manga/anime you guys recommend with interesting settings?
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