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Hey /wsr

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I'm a long time lurker and have been posting more than usual for the last couple of months, mostly on /biz. I'm not sure if this is the right board for this, but something weird happened to me here. I've been getting more digits than usual today, in a span of about 5 minutes i had consecutive 55 dubs 3 times in a row, and thats not even the craziest part. The first time I got the digits my posts picture was not the one I posted, instead it was the one I put in this post. This picture was not even saved on my computer so it could not have been a mistake on my part. About 15 minutes later I made another post, and the same thing happened, the picture I posted was replaced by this frog in a blanket. I quickly called it out and got 666 trips in that post, after that me and a couple of anons started questioning this anomaly. There were several theories about this phenomena given by posters, ranging from Moot giving his blessing to it being a divine intervention by KEK. I finally made a post saying "if this post gets digits kek speaks through me", and ofcourse it happened. Long story short, I guess my question is this: is KEK real?
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Help me finding an specific picture

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It was similar to pic related, but with Craig and Tweek from South Park. A fujofag in Japan filled his room with fanart and merch related to the two characters, I know it's posted a lot on /co/, I have lurked throught desuarchive without sucess.

Could you please, lend me a hand, anon?

Large file sharing

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My frens, I need to share a video file that is around 2 gigs compressed. I don't want to pay for a service to do this like shitbox because I'm only gonna do this once. Anyone know of some free alternatives that would serve my needs? Please respond its kinda urgent frens

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hi, i remembered an advice from 4chan that i could advertise my channel/social media before committing to my project full course to see the initial interest... how do i do that? or perhaps advertise and build interests or even maybe assure its success? cheers

Xbox 360 Hard Drive

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Hey, earlier during 2020 I cleaned out a recently evicted house. I found a 360 hard drive with like over 40 games on it like Dead Space and Crysis. Only problem is I can't access them because I don't own them. Does anyone know a work around?

Unknown name for TV Trope

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Does anyone know what the trope would be called for when characters from different nationalities/countries just all happen to conveniently know the same language, and can talk to each other with no issue?
I can only think of anime examples, but let's say in G Gundam, how nearly every main character is from a different country yet they have no problem all communicating, or in Jojo Part 3 where we have an American, an Egyptian, a Frenchman, and 2 Japanese that can all talk together just fine.
Usually these characters won't speak their own language (if the show isn't already in it) aside from some terms here and there (which may also be a trope in of itself, but IDK what that'd be called either).

Which of these are malware?

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I did an overnight MBAM scan on my laptop and SSD last night and these are the only detected files. Yes, I did mark "search for rootkits". Is it possible to figure out which of these are threats and which are false positives?