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Music: Please help me to recognize and categorize

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I used the youtube autoplay feature to find new music. Now I'm trying to categorize the music.
My goal is to recognize different genres by listening.
I have a few questions:
>What's the difference between electro and techno?
>How do I recognize progressive house?
>How do I recognize hard house?
>How do I recognize progressive trance?
>How do I recognize hard trance?
>How do i tell these genres apart?

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Can someone point out a program for me that allows multiple texts watermark - like pic related, preferably free?

I just need to watermark one image.

I need the central image cropped without the japanese kanjis. Can anyone help?

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Sup, /wsr/.

My legs are constantly cold while I'm at work and obviously I'm sitting at my PC 90% of the time. And docs have no idea how to fix it aside from occasionally massaging feet which isn't something I'm going to do in the office every hour.

"Feet heaters" that look like slippers and blankets do sort of work but without air circulation my feet just become sweaty which is absolutely terrible both in terms of feel and hygiene.

I've been looking for some fan heater but they are usually designed to make the whole room warm and keeping one of those on would cook my legs and make it way too hot in the room. I want it the air from it to be only slightly warm, not like it's from oven. Another problem is that the air direction goes way above feet, so it only helps if I somehow lift my legs which is not convenient at all, or angle the device which is usually really unsteady in such position.

Any recommendations?
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I would be soo grateful for this

hello mafks, mofks and mifks, i am looking for a song (im pretty sure its nightcore) where a girl voice goes like this. Usually coupled with this gif

esl help

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please help describe the feeling behind this face. i know the context of this face but i cant find that one word to describe the feeling behind it.

Please translate/source?

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A translation and source for these would be appreciated.
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/wsr/ wiki -

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So, the site isn't loading anymore.
Look, I know it probably wasn't going to go anywhere, and yeah maybe it was never a good idea in the first place. Whoever was in charge obviously just got bored, and it's a failed project like the first wiki.

But! What's happened to the wiki? Why doesn't it load anymore? I'd like to at least be able to browse it still, even if it will never get updated again.
The anon who created it surely still browses /wsr/? Can't you give us an update?
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