Kind request plz

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That Company last Time send
me bill to pay for car insurance
even if i said no when they
called me over and over again. I have to pay for it because I dont want problems. But I can ask for one star here plz.
Anyone can help

.PDF for Exile of Major General Eustace

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Subversive gender bender manga / anime

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I fucking adored these two more than the typical cliche gender bender series that I usually see get love.
I would definitely be interested in more like them; either with the gender bent dude dating a female girl like Trans Star or just in general flipping the finger to every trope of the genre like A Lazy Guy Woke Up as a Girl One Morning.

Upgrading to Windows 10

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Currently running W7. Cannot boot in normal mode since I get a blue screen, and trying to update GPU in safe mode, and it says I have an operating error.

No restore points so I think it's safe to say I have something majorly wrong due to a rootkit or something.

I figure to avoid all the hassle I will just get a new HDD and Windows 10. Don't have anything on the current one I care about.

All of the options on Amazon seems confusing to me, since I usually just install from disk, but wondering if there's a better way I didn't know about.
Reading about just installing the free W10 on a USB and booting from there. Is that a good idea?
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i need help to edit this photo

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i want to make a joker 2019 makeup in this photo
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Please, I need it.

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Games/Movies to fill the cool void of beating all the Shadow Warrior games?

(Extra points if the game starts with that MC being cool in a car cutscene.)

Math homework

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The square tan is fucking with me, how do I simplify this shit?

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Are there any animes similar to this one? Talking about the depressing/drama theme mainly.

How do i download 4chan wiki fandom website?

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How do i download 4chan wiki fandom website with images and list

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Can someone identify the specific location where this video segment Is. I am tracking a fugitive and this screenshot was taken from his girlfriends’ Instagram story (trimmed name out) It is somewhere probably in Michigan or Indiana to start