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Need to find a song.

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Can anyone identify the song that's playing in the background of this video? I want to make a generator that will substitute "BLENDZIOR" with a synthesized speech but in order to do that I need to overlay the original song on top of the parts where he screams "BLENDZIOR". I tried looking through comments, using shazam and I even found a list with most of the songs used in Tesotoviron's videos, but after an hour of searching I can't find anything.
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Recommend me games based on my favorites

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If I told you my top five games were:
1: Undertale
2: Oneshot
3: Nuclear throne
4: Xcom 2 Wotc
5: Night in the woods

What would you recommend me?
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Filling in / colouring / proper shading

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Not sure if this is the proper board for this but I think it's harmless to ask nonetheless.

Could someone be so kind as to fill in this picture with color? Feel free to take creative liberty (a dangerous thing to say but could also turn out funny)

And if this is the wrong board please tell me and I will delete this thread, thank you.
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Does anyone know where this is from?

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I suspected it might be from a manga called 12 Beast but that might be wrong
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more of this kind of image like anime characters edited with designer brands
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/tdg/ - Trash Design General

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Hey its me NIKO`101, the "just a kid with a photoshop"

ITT dispose your trash
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Good Romcom

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I recently watched Tsurezure Childen, Gamers and Lovely Complex. Gamers was dissapointment but Tsurezure Children was awesome. Looking for something like that. Something that's sometimes funny and the romance go forward and dont becomes endless series of misunderstandings and failures.
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can someone please help me photoshop the name and email address on this business card
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