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What are some email providers that you would recommend? I'm trying to ween myself off of google services. I was interested in proton mail, but I remember there was some sort of controversy with them.

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anyone have a usenet torrent for The.Mandalorian.S01E02.2160p.DSNP.WEBRip.x265.10bit.HDR.DD5.1-TrollUHD

can't find it outside of private trackers

plz i seed to 4:1 ratio
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Hey /wsr/! What are some good books, games, and manga that I should add to my Christmas list? I own a PS4, a SWITCH, and a PC!

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There was an wallpaper i saw in a very old /b/ thread, it was a guy walking with a baseball bat looking sad and he was staring at a puddle seeing himself happy with a woman, does anyone have that or know where i could find it?

pic unrelated

Album Name Plz (Metallica)

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1.I used to have the album where I first listened this special christmas ver. somewhat live of Nothing Else Matters (look above 0). It's done by metallica on some christmas eve.

2. Unfortunately I lost the album (definitely not the studio lps) and can't recall name. Can anybody help me and tell me on which live/single/mini-lp I will find the no-metal specific track above?

3. TIA.

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Help, my pc keep crashing.

So far I gotten

Windows updates are having a0x80070643 error

Trying one method gave me srt srttrail.txt error

I even tried restalling but it didn't change anything(I don't even think it reinstalled anything)

Anime rec

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All the anime I've ever watched or tried to watch are in the pic.
Generally prefer shows with adult characters, and without excessive fanservice/lewdness/waifubaiting.
Generally prefer original/more "mature looking" art styles.

Was thinking of checking out Hyouge Mono next, but gib others pls
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Urine aim in the toilet.

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Hi, this is an odd request where people go to to pose them on /wsr/

Where do you guys aim your piss stream? Anywhere? I am trying to minimize backsplash.

I haven't watched anime for 10 years

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What should I watch this season?

I don't like:
>lolis doing cute things
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