burned dvd not working on a dvd player

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okay so i burned a movie onto a dvd on my pc but when i try to play it in a dvd player it won't work. i keep reading that i have to finalize the dvd but not how to do it. anyone know how?

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Wanna do this? Just for fun, you know?

Presentational gesture webm

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Okay, so you know that gesture people sometimes make when they present something to people by laying it on a table?
Basically someone lays places a dish or whatever on a table, turns their hands over palm up and moves them in an outward motion? I need images/gifs/webms of that and similar gestures maybe in different styles, like instead of palm up they turn their hands sideways maybe some with agitation, maybe some that are enthusiastic, nervous using one hand, maybe a completely different gesture but essentially the same meaning of presenting something, removing one's hands and going "alright do whatever you are gonna do with this thing".
The gesture should end with an emphasis on them taking their hands off the thing in question.

I prefer animated gifs/webms over images I think, but whatever you have is good I guess.

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Care to help a man in need?

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recommend a fun game.
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Sonic comics fandom image

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I saw an image circulating in fandom for Archie Sonic comics that showed a simplified 'reading order' for Sonic comics. It featured pictures of Sonic reading comics, and the content asked to read the comics in order from the start until you get bored, and then re-start at the beginning of Ian Flynn's run, and it included phrase "All hail Potto".

Sword Art Online Game-Logo

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Does anybody have a good picture/graphic (maybe vector graphic) of the VR-MMRPG "Sword Art Online" as shown in the anime itself?

I don't mean these explicit fan graphics with Kirito or Asuna in, only the plain logo how it is shown in story to be on the SAO Mainframe.

I would like to get a decent decal from it - but i just can't find anythingin the web. And my own talents in this region are rather poor.