Muslim Pacifist everybody loved

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It's bugging the shit out of me that I've been unable to re-find him, but two years back or so someone on /his/ posted the Wikipedia article of a Muslim pacifist who was honestly fucking amazing.
The main things I remember about him were that at one point it was rumored Al-Qaeda had a hit out on him and Al-Qaeda released a public statement saying they wouldn't dare touch him, and that he ended up paying for the mental health treatment of a woman who murdered his daughter.
Basically this dude was super charitable and a true pacifist, and everybody from every faction liked and respected him. He ended up dying and his funeral was attended by like tens of thousands.

It was not Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. I forget what nationality, but I'd lean towards either Afghani or Iraqi.
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Who's the artist of this image?

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looking for for very high resolution of this picture, the higher the better

How to download Halo MCC custom game/map varients on PC?

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When Reach first dropped I was able to find a massive compilation of old custom maps/game types and just drag and drop the files into the respective folders in the MCC folder in steamapps/common.
However, now that Halo 3's released I'd really like to get some old custom gamemodes/maps (in particular The Berserker/Berzerker/GOW), but haven't been able to find any dumps and can't figure out how to download the files on or

Is anyone aware how to get the files for the Halo 3 Berserker map and gametype, or does anyone have the files themselves?

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What kind of hairstyle is this? Asking so for a surprise for my bf
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Can someone please draw /qa/-tan and /tv/-tan as Sneed and Chuck?
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japanese grammar help

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Hello. Can you help me out?
I have read that na adjectives are similar to nouns and i-adjectives are similar to verbs.

Are all na-adjectives also nouns and are all i-adjectives also verbs?

Or are there na-adjectives that are exclusively used as adjectives and i-adjectives that are used as adjectives exclusively.?

I ask this in order to efficiently build my Anki deck.
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Cursed Image

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I'm looking for the image that has a guy sitting by himself in the back of a bus. pic unrelated.
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