Can someone dl this doc for me and send a link to pdf?

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Ideas for C++ Practice

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I am a bit of a C++ novice and was wondering if there was some kind of development software I could use to make practice projects or something, particularly something so I could make a gui that does simple tasks (like integrate or derive a function) or even make a simple game so I can try out the things I learn as I go.

I have a budget of $0 so just anything compatible with a shitty macbook will do fine; I have occasional access to a windows computer so if you know any good free windows dev software that would work too.


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Need help find this post on Reddit where OP posted a picture of a dying family member and later received backlash from the community pointing out how narcissistic OP was.

Looking for the scans of two manga

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I'm looking for the scans in any languages of this two manga series.
VITA sexualis volume 6 and Kaprekar volumes 2 and 3.

Clothing Design

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I have recently made a clothing design with CAD for an outfit I plan to wear when going on tour as an artist. Problem is, tshirt printing companies online like Custom Ink don't do patterns that take up the entire article of clothing. Where could I find a place that would do the entire pattern on the items I have gotten the design done for? Cost is not an issue.