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Hi, anons.

Seeing some old youtube videos, I wanted to play Spore again. But I can't find this game. Some friends give me a torrent, but a lot of people say that torrent has a bitcoin miner hidden.

So, can you help me?

Specific anime recs

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Recommend me some animus set in a historic period vs the supernatural. Like samurai and dudes fucking up yokai and shit. Things other than Naruto, Inuyasha or Ninja Scroll.
Pic related.
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Alright, so I've been here for ages, and I never really cared about a lot of the "newfag" memes. One such meme is that newfags can't triforce. I always assumed it was something like alt+255 or alt+0129 or somesuch trickery, but I recently got curious and googled it, and that's sure enough what it says, so then I tried it.
Neither of those work. Gookmoot must have changed it.
So how the hell do I triforce?! I've seen it as recently as a few months ago, so there must still be a way to do it!
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Research paper on 4chan

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To pass this semester I've been tasked with writing a beginning of a research paper on an online community or a problem, and since I've been wasting years on this shithole, why not put it in use. I need to:
Formulate a research topic/question
Describe the methods of reaserch
Describe the researched group and the field of research
Write a bibliography
And write some shit about ethics of the issue.
I figured I'd just write on how internet anonymity affects behavior or some shit.
I need to write it soon so I'll take any kind of help, preferably recommend me some articles on the issue and on chans in general, so that I can use them for research and for the bibliography. Also if you could point out some effects of anonymity (for example increased inclination for political incorrectness, or semi organized actions like examples of some raids and so on) it would help greatly. But again, I'll take any help.

Pic unrel
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philosophy assignment help: happiness and purpose

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hey guys, i need to collect some responses for my final assignment in philosophy. i didnt really kntow which board to go to ask this, but i feel like i would probably get some decent answers here. u can answer as many as you want.

any responses are appreciated
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Can anyone access this profile and dump the pics?
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<some code>

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I'm looking to begin a deep dive into programming. My intensions are to reprogram games and software to my preferance and more but all I know to do is read the code rather than write it.
Can any advanced programmers here drop me a list of recommendations on how to get started please?
Eseentially my ambition is to 'break' into game files I shouldn't be able to read which may require developing software to decompile foreign file types.

Not sure where to begin, thank you!

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What ereader should I buy?
The cheaper the better, but I'm willing to spend to not have my eyes burned out and have something durable.