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Who is this dude, or his twitter

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does anyone...know who the DUDE WITH THE HAT is from the ''He will not dived us'' SHIA LEBOUF movement

or his twitter
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An American Thread

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I want to lose my faith in humanity. May I have your most miserable, soul-crushing pictures of fat kids?
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Cannibalism Soviet poster

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I read that there was a Soviet poster saying "To eat your own children is a barbarian act". I'm looking for the actual poster or evidence that it existed. Anyone who can help?
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I need the sauce on this please.
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Help me get unblocked

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I need help getting an account reactivated. I need "a photo of [you] holding a hand-written copy of the code below.


Please make sure that the photo you send:

- Includes the above code hand-written on a clean sheet of paper, followed by name: [Jane or John Lohn] username [onetwoexyou]
- Includes both your hand that's holding the sheet of paper and your entire face
- Is well-lit, and is not too small, dark or blurry"
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Pin Point my Location

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Find my exact location...can you tell me where iam ?

i once had a buddy from mexico and i went on his website..then when we were in a webcam chat room...he pulled google earth and was on my street.... it scared me... most dudes i talked about said its impossible to find the exact location of someone online but that dude was spot on.... and he aint even a hacker , just a regular 40 year old drunk mexican with a pc
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I need the link to this original porno.