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Can someone please make the hoodie black/darker?
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Trimming and Editing Videos with Softsubs

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Looking for a free video editing software where I can trim and edit videos with subtitles that aren't hardcoded. Webm related, but I'm not asking in order to make webms I just want to edit and trim subbed videos in general.
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JP Music MIDI arrangements

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Hi, was just wondering if there's a resource for MIDI arrangements of Japanese pop/rock, anime songs, Vocaloid, etc. There used to be a ton for older animes back in the day like for Dragonball, Pokemon, etc., but now it seems that no one makes any for modern stuff, and at most I keep finding piano arrangements when I'm looking for full instrumentals. Specifically looking for MIDIs and not just instrumental MP3s, for editing purposes. Thanks in advance

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where is this from?

Photoshop/art request

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I need to change all gradient color layers and make them solid colors for this image. I'm having this printed on a hat by a company who wants solid colors only. I have no idea how to do this

the stuff that million of people will want

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hi i am a designer, artist developer and im struggling with trying to focus my time on either making THE quality product that ll garner me profit of like million people traffic and shares or cotinuous make subpar/minimum budget product and build consumer base from there...

question is, how do you know what Exactly that alot ofbpeople will want and buy? on what basis or statistic do you make that perfect, best judgement, just to avoid constant loses or bad annual decision?
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I recently upgraded my mobo and processor (every other part is the same) and now my SNES controller won't work. It's an original controller that has a separate USB adapter. All other USB components that I have tried still work. I found and installed the drivers for the mobo from the manufacturer's website.


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Hey guys im need of some tech support for ,my old Huawei P10-lite.
So a while i recorded a video with it , and the 2-3 days later deleted it, it had been stored on the device memory, soon after that (2 months) i bought a new phone and havent really used the huawei since then (2 yrs) ,
i heard that by rooting an android device you get access to deleted files still left in the cache or something?
My questions are what programs should i use to root my device?
Any trusted tutorials and how to do this?
Is there still hope that i will find it ?