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Could somebody please create a working red theme for youtube (Stylus)? The one available barely works, picrelated being an example. Sometimes when I watch a video the screen blacks out, can't see what I write on a live stream chat, or whatever.

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I'm looking for the official mp3 version of the song used in the BBC's 2008 Monkey shorts. Back then the BBC freely distributed the song for one week only, on this website...

with the filename bbc_monkey_20080822-1423.mp3

I can't find it anywhere and I want to know if it's of a higher quality than the youtube video that uses the same song. Please help, anons.

What is happening to my phone

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I keep getting flurries of messages like pic related every other day now. It started about a week ago on the 21st. A lot (but not all) of the messages have phone numbers similar to mine ("text door neighbor", to use the meme word. Same are code and first three digits, sometimes up to the last two). They all message first out of the blue and are all telling me the same thing.
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Source on this little girl trying to steal a melon?
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Lookin’ for Artbooks

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Hey /wsr/, I’ve been searching for a particular sort of anime artbook recently that hits all the right notes. I’ve no idea if anything like it exists, but if any of you are willing to help, I’d love to hear your recommendations! ^_^

I’d really love to find something with a creepy or horror atmosphere, or just featuring some surreal/unsettling art. Preferably with some NSFW stuff too, though that doesn’t have to be the focus. Bonus points for dystopian sci-fi and/or monster girls. I know this is a weird request, but if anyone knows about obscure hidden gems, it’s you anons.

Thank you to anyone who may try and help! I’ll be checking this thread periodically and replying to any posts, if it doesn’t die right away.

Ichigo Mashimaro VN

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Trying to run the Ichigo Mashimaro VN on PCSX2, but can't get it to work.
Can someone help?