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Why is Satania so prominent on /g/, e.g. included in the sticky?
From my brief search I understand she's related to the "iTODDLERS BTFO" phrase but I don't see why is it specifically Satania and why is it so prevalent.
Is it some kind of forced meme like Sneed in /tv/?
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Requesting an anime with an older woman falling in love and winning over a younger man.
here are some animes I've already seen about said topic.
>Onegai teacher.
>Clannad (technically it falls under said request).
>Oh My Goddess! and Ah! MY Goddess.
>Waiting in the summer.
>RahXephon (that was the best one IMO)
>The Garden of words.

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I don't want to sanitize my internet from visiting kn*wy*urm*me pl*bbit tiet shit, so I'm gonna asks Anons. What's the background of this stupid, ugly looking character out of nowhere? It seems like whoever made this are pairing our precious Apu Apustaja with this unsightly bitch f*male that has uncanny face. Need anon to draw Apustaja hating this unsolicited pairing with the said girl. Apustaja are always and forever with himself only. Not this pairing shit.
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What are some cool anime short films?
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Cutthroat Weeb greentext

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I remember seeing screencaps of a story about a girl who had a gross weeaboo classmate try to slit her throat because she was dating some guy. I have tried looking for it but can't find it.
Does anyone have it?

looking for scans of this

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To Heart Heartful Party (To Heart ハートフルパーテ) This is an artbook for the mobile game that came out in the early 2010s, Im having a hard time tracking down all the cards/card art in the game since most places don't have all of them. Thats why im looking for the book, if anyone can help me find scans of the book or just a place I can find all the cards it'd be greatly appreciated

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Now that SnK shit the bed, I would like to ask for a recommendation.

I dont usually watch anime.
I hate the anime tropes of romance and screaming girls.
Loved SnK, decided to read the manga (my first manga ever), was btfo by the shitty, terrible ending. I dont ship characters or self insert as Eren, it simply sucked.

So, could you recommend me anime or manga with a nice story, preferably with plot twists and big reveals like SnK, black and white characters and no cringy anime tropes?

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Do any of you know a name a cartoon that I watched somewhere around late 00's/early 10's? It was a fantasy with dragons and shiet. The main characters lived on some islands in the sky and they tried to catch these dragons (if I remember correctly?). One memorable scene was when the dragon fucking exploded from laughter because they tickled him to death lol.