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Can someone help deinterlace the Aeon Flux Honda episode here (Its the third video file in Aeon Flux Special Features":!vF8WlCpJ!XpjHOCFJRnhbnblUHyRvoA!KVFiWDpB

If anyone has the collection, it is on third disc, looking for this in mp4 format plz with no compression if possible.

>Story: This is a french commercial by the series creator Peter Chung for a Honda Coupe.
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Help to download something

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how i can to obtain PDF that only let me "borrow".
I want this book, and others from J.J. Defrance,that I found it only in that page and I can't download easily and they can let me see the book in the page until in 2 weeks.
Can you have his books?
or you know how to download it without that shitty encrypment?

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I'm planning on doing some upgrading to my PC. What should be the first component I upgrade?
Processor: Intel i3 - 6100 3.7ghz
Graphics: AMD RX 460 Red Dragon 2GB
RAM: 8GB 2133MHz DDR4
PSU: Cooler Master 500W

I play vidya and browse the internet pretty much but I need it more for vidya, currently I'm playing AC: Odyssey and I'm planning on starting playing Just Cause 4. Any help is much appreciated.

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Anyone have any idea whatthose buggos can be?

My suspicion is that they are some sort of betlees, as for now I think they are in family of rove betlees, they were found in china mainland.
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I'm not a big anime fan but I am really into the works of H.P. Lovecraft. What Lovecraftian anime or manga would you recommend?
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Does someone know a reliable way to get a vpn for free that's for at least a day
I'm too poor to even afford a vpn right now and I really want to watch this one show (pic not related) without getting raped by ads
And my computer can't download files anymore.

In need of technical support

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I cleaned up my computer today with a simple dust cleaner and a small brush, took out the bolts from the fans so I could clean then better and put everything back in order after. I reconnected everything back(screen, mouse, keyboard, etc) turned it the computer on but the mouse and keyboard arent emitting light anymore, the computer doesnt sound the starting up "bip" and despite the monitors showing no image it appears to be detecting them as they react to when I turn it on and off, the fans and internal lights of the computer are working.
What could be the problem?
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Minecraft and Stacking limits

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Making an adventure map, I want to use the commands /replaceitem... to give a player 16 potions in 1 item slot.

Minecraft tells me "no you cant do that" and now I can't find any other information on how to modify this condition. I used to make adventure maps in around 1.4ish and this was never a problem. Now, it seems like it is.

Note: I need to use command blocks, so no armor stands, no villagers. Doubt dispensers would work.

My question: How to modify minecraft files to allow stacking of potions(minecarts, cake),etc. for multiplayer map.

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Looking for the gif of a spinning pixelated wizard that creates this illusion of it being still. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Rainmeter or Wallpaper Engine?

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What's your guy's experience with them? I'm not sure which should I use, so I want to know what people have to say