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What are some video games that actually show the abuse of women (getting beat up, killed, maimed, etc.)?

Bonus points for other forms of media (tv, anime, movies).
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Can someone who has an account on AB download and upload the Super Milk-Chan DVD rips with the subs and dubs to mega or to nyaa? I've been trying to look for this anime for months and getting the 4 DVD releases is too expensive for me.
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Psychology experiment

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So for my psychology class I need to make an experiment using fear. Basically, I need to invoke fear in the class, but half of them will be doing something the other half won't. That should show the difference in fear happening in the psyche.
Any ideas?

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Help!! Im going crazy cause i cant find this one webm on swfchan, it was and 8bit loop of kill la kills opening theme and i cant find it does anyone know what it was called pic related

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I'm about to lose it. Looking for one of my ITfag brothers who has experience with this piece of shit console.

I throw in a GameCube game, right? Good shit. Start it up, and get to playing the game when out of nowhere the trigger buttons have just apparently transcended space time and are rapidly pressing themselves without me pushing them. For example, I'll be playing melee and randomly holding and dropping shield.

I'm using an official controller but I chalk that up to it being old and getting out my mint-condition one to try again. Same issue. Then I try a different game, same issue. Then I literally bought another Wii off of facebook marketplace and still having the issue.

There is nothing I can find about this issue online and I'm about ready to burn my house down. Send help.

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So when given an object of unkown mass, one of known mass, a timer and a spring how can one find the mass of the unkown object?
There is no ruler and the elastic constant of the spring is unknown.

Connecting DS to internet in 2019

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Hi, I was wondering how I could go about connecting my nds to the internet. The nds doesn’t support wep2 or ad-hoc connections so any would have to be unencrypted or wep.

Is there any way to run a hotspot off of a windows 10 / Linux laptop?

Sailor Moon S Subtitles

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Where can I get subs for Sailor Moon S? I have the episodes from the dvd rip but no subtitles.

Please help I've checked every fucking tracker and subtitle database I can think of. Just getting the raws was hard enough. If there's another torrent out there I missed I'll take it as long as it's not the dub.