I need to download to epub version of these books

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S.L Loney's

The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Part I
The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Part II
Statics and Dynamics Part I
Statics and Dynamics Part II
Plane Trigonometry Part 1
Plane Trigonometry Part 2

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I once saw a video of Ben Shapiro explaining that the political compass is a joke and that in practice there is only the left-right spectrum because you can't really separate personal freedom from economics.

I can't find it anymore and it's driving me nuts.
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Any of you guys have a baidu account and can download something? There's this Chinese Gundam fanboard and someone there posts these amazing scans. Sadly, the scans are uploaded to a site that requires a Chinese phone number.

>Mobile Suit Gundam: MS Picture Book - Universal Century Edition Volumes 1-3

>MSV: The Second Generation 1986-1993
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Looking for songs with this esoteric/floaty feel

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I dont know how else to describe it. I'm not looking for psychedelic. not looking for chill. Its just, something in these 3 songs that connect them. I've tried listening to fever the ghost, and other aphrodites child songs. But it just doesn't work.

Budget VPN recommendation

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I have been torrenting without VPN for years but I'm feeling I should get a VPN because everyone says so. Or is that just a hoax from VPN companies?
Anyway, my requirements:
* Cheap
* P2P-friendly
* Works on Ubuntu
* Supports port forwarding (I use some other p2p softwares that requires port forwarding.)
Speed can be sacrificed for price.

Also, should I try out for a month or go straight for multi-year plans? Can I trust their "30 day money back gurantee" and whatnot?

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Can someone put a nice christmas hat on Lily Lu and then crop it to a good size for a avatar pic on Steam and other platforms?

Where is this weapon from?

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Please tell me what Anime or Game this weapon is from, thanks.

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Anybody wanna try making webms of these old video game trailers? They need to be under 3 megs and have no sound, so that they can be posted on /v/. Ideally they should be in 360p.