Soap making

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To anyone who does this professionally or to any chemists, I have a concern. I made soap a couple of days ago following a recipe of proportions. There was a recipe for every oil and i took the full olive oil and coconut oil recipes and added them together to get a soap with two oils.I also added lavender flowers and raw oats to the bars. This is lye soap, so I used lye. I did not have a scale so I used volume to compensate since the recipe should work as long as proportions are followed.

The day after it looked fine. The second day (today) the bars were completely cured and this weird shit happened.
I am now confused. I thought the drops were glycerin so I wanted to taste some and the instant the substance touched my tongue tip it burned it instantly! It was highly sour and I spit it out immediately. I haven't tried to determine what it is yet but I thought I'd ask first here.

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What’s up with people hating on Crunchyroll? This is regarding to all of the unpaid anime creators—what’s up with that? Why won’t Crunchyroll pay them?
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I'm terrible with computers, so I'm hoping someone can help me. I dusted off a computer I haven't used for a couple years and it's causing me a problem. The C drive fills up to the point I can't open anything. I've deleted almost everything non essential and even after that, it just fills up on its own. Any help as to what I can do to fix it is really appreciated.
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Any Minecraft Patreons, Resource packs, art, shaders, etc unload the Patreon links here.

Minecraft beta 1.7.3 cracked launcher?

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I was chatting with anons in this thread here >>>/v/493557387 about how much better minecraft was back 10 years ago and near the end of it someone finally found me a link to beta 1.7.3 files found here

> is a download from 2011 of beta 1.7.3, i don't know if launcher is cracked.

Launcher isn't cracked but i was wondering. Am i able to use a minecraft login to play this old beta version or am i going to need a cracked launcher. If cracked launcher can anyone help me in getting one? I've tried looking around the net all day.

Good fucking luck to find the sauce of this.

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SAT questions

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i need help solving some of the psat questions that i missed in my sophmore year. Im so bad at math it hurts. Ill post the problems i need help with when im going over them.

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What's the best way to get Japanese PSN? I have some save data that I need to put in the cloud and I don't have a JP credit card there's nothing on Play Asia.