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can any codefag tell me how to change the color of this thing (if possible)
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Fired after 7 years for calling out nasty kitchen

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I was fired from the Blue Canoe restaurant after 7 years for telling the owner the conditions in the kitchen were not safe to serve food in.Includein molded shelving and rancid burgers which we were told to cook and serve.
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hey 4chan

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if 4chan had a friend (a website), who would it be?
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pictures for this feel
>giant monsters
>vast unknown

Academic query

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I'm not a burger. I'm unfamiliar with the western culture.
I have a question about women who live life on easy mode. Examples: amateur entries in porn, webcam models, snapchat models, Instagram models, raunchy cosplayers, women who sell nudes, undergarments via patreon, only fans, in short, women who monetise their nudity, sexuality, femininity instead of conventionally working honest day's job. Given the fact that such large number of women are choosing this path, my question is how are these women accepted in the society? Do they have any difficulties in obtaining jobs later on? Romantic/marriage partners? Dating? Society's view, family's view of these women? Is there any stigma? Discrimination positive or negative?
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Please help me identify the features of this dream, such as what the phrase 'Liberum pare' means, region, profession of its character.
In this dream I see through the eyes of a man, wearing some kind of a leather (I think) dark red coat. It is buttoned (buttons are yellowish), and the collar is partially hiding the sides, of the neck, and fully its back (reaching the hairline which at the level of the ears). He is walking through a meadow (not much flowers to speak of, though). At some point, a crossbow belt is discharged at him (I hear the sound, and feel the pain), and hits a region of a chest. He promptly collapses to the ground, colouring the grass around him red. He is lying on the ground, when a man (whose features I can't recall), comes up to him, and says 'Liberum pare'.
I suppose it is worth noting that the dream begun with my mother asking me whether I would really want to live in middle-ages (I was like 9 at the time). When I answer yes, the scene described begins, upon its end, I change my mind, and I wake up.
What I find puzzling about this dream is that I have no idea, basing on which, has my mind conjured this dream.
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/x/ Book?

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Saw this on /x/ probably a month ago now and forgot to look into it until I went searching through my pictures just now. What book is this?

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Tell me about Attack on Titan.
Is this a somewhat serious and mature anime or is it more in vein of shounen shit.

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anyone good with voice actresses? this character's voice in god of high school sounds so familiar to me but I can't find her actress as it's a minor character so she's not listed
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question about clocks in digital computers

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What is the role of a clock in a digital computer that is associated with the potential impact of changing the clock speed?