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I want to know if there is a way to go across the US without an ID or anything of the sort. Is there a company that lets people travel in the US without ID and just take you to your destination? Or is there a way to do that without ID? and no i dont want to hear walking.
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Would like some c# coding help.

I've been ill most of the year and so don't really understand what I'm doing, help would be appreciated.

I need to create a console application that:

- lets me sort through files in bot ascending and descending order
-search according to the content of the files
-and then display corresponding file entries (ie. names and dates)

I cannot use .linq built features like sort() or search().

So far I've tried sorting but am unsure how to set it up to read from a file and sort both interger and strings. I've only got it to read interger arrays declared in that file, not from a file.
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I downloaded this to emulate games on my phone but file management in Android is a nightmare.

How do you organize your roms?
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Where can I find online friends which I can get along with ?

Pls no talking about IRL friends.
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Image source trouble

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Help find image source/ who this is?
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Help figuring out a song name

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A song has been on the tip of my tongue for two weeks and I can't remember it.

I'm fairly sure brass instruments are the main component and the first 12 notes are in groups of four (I don't know music terminology).

I get the vibe that it's similar to these songs:
Baby Elephant Walk
The Spanish Flea
Tomfoolery (Spongebob)
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Quality Raspberry Pi: Where to Buy

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On what website can I buy the Raspberry Pi 3: Model B that is not made in China? I wanted to buy off of Amazon, because it was relatively cheap, and I had a gift card. However, a lot of user reviews said that the Pi either lasted only 60 days or so or was made in China.

Where are all the quality Pi's at?
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Anime reaction pics

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lost my collection so i'm looking for some anime reaction pics
would some kind anon mind dumping their collection
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