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Chemistry Questions

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To all /wsr/ chemistry wizards: I need your help with this question, and some others I will be posting later.

In case you´re wondering, this is a test in which we´ve been given a deadline to answer all these questions. So I'd really appreciate it if you could also post your resolutions in your replies.

Thank you for your attention and I'll be posting more questions later today.
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Source please?
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Music help

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I'm looking for songs similar to this one, songs that are happy & hyped about being together or similar please.
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I'm having nose bleeds when I blow my nose... any reasons why? And do I need to get that checked out?
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Can someone tell me who this is?
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How to simplify polynomials?
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I'm looking for a specific screenshot of Akko from Little Witch Academia. It's a picture of her at nighttime, I believe, and she has a face with a wobbly mouth, kind of like pic related. I saw it on /r9k/ the other day, but I can't remember the thread title. Sorry it's such an abomination of an example pic. I'd draw it from scratch, but it would just come out even worse. Thanks for any help.