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Does anyone have the name or an image of this carpet pattern?

Topic Ideas for Undocumented Expository Essay

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Teacher asked class to write an essay on ANY topic, HOWEVER long and WHATEVER style.

I got the length and style I want but I cannot think of a good topic.

An undocumented expository essay explains a topic with points that do not have to be researched; you can simply contemplate the topic and come up with your own points which you will then analyze however you see fit.

Help please.
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UK Medical School Exam

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I was meant to take my 5th year medical school exams in a couple of weeks but because of corona it's all online now. Do any doctors/FY1s wanna help me cheat so I can top score?
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CD/DVD Recovery

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Is it possible to recover files written to a CD-R/DVD-R and then overwritten by newly burnt data despite the fact the files are still burned onto there just not recognised any more?
Since burning is just engraving some dye, to delete the file is just to ignore it when it shows up right? And any new data will just be burned onto any free space. I tried using CDRoller etc but they dont even bother reading the entire CD, just the newly burnt files

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Anyone know the origin of this gif?
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Essay From a Female Combat Engineer against women in the military

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details i remember
>she was a marathon runner before, very good shape for a woman
>travelled around afghanistan setting up FOB's
>talked about how the physical stress fucked up her back, knees, and reproductive system permanently
its very unbiased so its a pretty big redpill for some. also general thread for women in the military stats n stuff.
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Casino Royale 2006 remux

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I am looking for this bluray remux so that for the first time in my life I can experience how it looks.
It is available on TPB but I can't seem to download due to lack of seeds.

If you get me this I'll give you a legit Win 8 product key.
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Business license?

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Anyone know what a business license is? I'm trying to get a sample of a product and they want a copy of my business license.

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Requesting an anime with an older woman falling in love and winning over a younger man.
here are some animes I've already seen about said topic.
>Onegai teacher.
>Clannad (technically it falls under said request).
>Oh My Goddess! and Ah! MY Goddess.
>Waiting in the summer.
>RahXephon (that was the best one IMO)
>The Garden of words.
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Convert media into Webm for posting

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How do you guys convert your files? I got mp4 and .mov I want to convert for /gif/