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Okay...NOW /vp/'s images should be restored, an interrupt to the copy left a lot out that should now be there.

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Can someone tell me the name of this girl?
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English patch for P4 Ultimax PS3 JP Ver

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Was linked commonly as "P4U2 English Patch 1.03 + DLC Unlock" by Canzah/Jack The Ripper a couple of years back but every link is now dead. Searched for hours and can't find it anywhere. If anyone still has it and could reup would be very appreciative.

Would prefer the one for the digital version of the game, but if retail is all you can get then I can deal.
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Could somebody make a wallpaper out of this symbol? Would prefer the image to be smooth and the whole screen filled with the olive drab.
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Where can someone "get" all the episodes of West World? I see this is some good shit, and want to watch it all.
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How to BOMB the U.S. Gov't By Sam Hyde

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Can anyone assist me in getting a torrent or direct download for a PDF of the book How to BOMB the U.S. Gov't By Sam Hyde from MillionDollarExtreme?
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Looking for a good quality PC microphone

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I wanted to buy a good quality PC microphone for few years now and my budget finally allows me to do that. My friend bought this C-1 Behringer U couple of years ago and I must say the quality is very good, but are there any others that are even better in quality?
I don't own any professional tools to record sound, just my computer.
I heard that to get a good quality out of microphone, you have to get a sound card to the PC as well, is that true?
I don't want the mic to have any bonuses like voice changer or whatever, I will use it mainly for talking to people online, recording videos and recording my own voice on a pc.
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Windows 10 won't take my password

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So I got a new PC recently, and I had to install windows 10. It was horribly shit and it took me ten days to fix everything and stop it from spying on me. Then steam told me to turn off some shit in the Xbox app, I went there, had to make a microsoft spyware pack/account, gave up halfway when the shit didn't send me a verification email. Other user logged on, and now it asks me to enter microsoft account password that I DON'T FUCKING HAVE. FUCK.
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Windows 10

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You know what I want for my birthday today?
Windows. Friggin. 10.
I want it to work.

No matter what I do, my system crashes at least once or twice a day, if not more, at completely random intervals. The laptop has been doing this since I bought it new. I've tried every fix I can think of, so unless it's a hardware issue, I'm out of ideas.

The two error codes I get the most;
>IRQL not less or equal

It's like Windows itself is causing these problems. There -should- be nothing wrong.
Any ideas at all?
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Translation Please?

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I keep seeing Mercy images from Overwatch with this specific set of text.
Apparently from what I know it is
앙 메르띠
but google translate turns it into En Mer Band which makes no sense to me. Please help