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Coloring request

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Can somebody colorize this image if possible please? Reference will be provided in the below post.
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Does anyone have a MEGA link to a /pol/ art folder.

Long time ago someone at /wg/ posted a link to MEGA folder with lots of classical artist's paintings.

Would really appreciate.
Thanks you!
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Depth chart thread. Post what you have, I'm dumping mine.
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anyone here know the name of this blonde bombshell?

She's one of the most hottest girl I've seen in girlsdoporn.
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origin of these videos

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this channel has some interesting content, camgirl-esq stuff. i discovered it a few months ago, it seems to be some archive of videos from stickam and other places. one of the girls (of which there are only a few) appears to go under the alias of vi, as is seen in many of the video titles (and in her aim screenname which is shown at one point). she is the asian cracky cosplayer one, and at only one point in any of the videos does she speak, i believe. some of the videos have strange titles, especially the missing video (i will get to that in a second), which is titled:
>EA3BAD34 opheliaimmortal, Recording 183800933
it seems like all of the videos were from around 2008 or 09.

all of the videos were uploaded on the same date (july 29, 2014) bar one which can only be seen on this account's google plus page, however it was removed for violating youtube tos, being uploaded several months prior on may 10th that same year. it doesn't seem like the videos were uploaded by the girls from the channel in question, rather it seems they were uploaded by a third party.

if someone could help me find the origin of these videos or the identity of the girls that would be great. better yet, if you know the owner or are the owner of the channel please get in contact. there are a couple of aim screennames in there as i mentioned, but that's basically no help to me now that aim is shut down. there were some other minor things to note but that's basically it.

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where's this from? the girl looks hot...

Wonderdraft piracy

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So, wonderdraft seems like cool software for making fantasy maps, any ideas on where can I pirate it? I've tried piratebay, but didn't find anything

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Post iceberg tier memes

Preferably in relation to politics/conspiracies/music

The more obscure then better
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I've found 3/4 of the neil breen films but for the life of me, cannot find "I am"

And yes I'm too scared to go to page 2 on google. Anyone have a copy/link they'd like to share?
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Can someone photoshop this to make it where I can write on the lines please? Had money stolen by evil corporation, need it back.
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