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Let's try try this again, I'm looking for the song in this video which is set to Justice-Stress. According to an Anon from last thread the sand rune at the end mean purgatory.

Lyrics:Neglect is the reason that I'm mad this season/ and you bet that I'm freezing from the longest seasons./ And I'm sad on every holiday, no worries is just all they say./ I'm stuck in the basement where my mind stays playing for some passion./ Passion, the time that I'm laughing at the voices in my head from the people that have been dead

I've tried shazaming it to no avail, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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hello plz provide anasol - superman
(see artist here for reference: myspace.com/anasolmusic)
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AnimeBytes Invite?

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Hey Does anyone have an AB invite that they would be willing to give me? I would really appreciate it? Thanks
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I've been trying to find the source of this image, but all I can find is it linking back to chans. Any help finding it would be much appreciated!
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Correct username and password to get the stems of the original Sparta Remix from 2007.

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Hello /wsr/
So basically the original creator of Sparta Remixes has uploaded stems and original .flp files of the actual remix itself to this site but the challenge he instructed was that we have to guess 1 name and 1 password out of 600, which I was wondering if anybody can help a guy out here.
Site: spartaremixplanet(dot)com
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What the Health Documentary

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The documentary was released about a week ago, yet no torrents or streams anywhere online.
Any way I could get my hands on it? (Apart from paying for it)
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Depth/Iceberg chart thread. Post your OC and ones you saved. I'll post all I have.
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Learning about guns

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Hey anons i recently adquired interest in guns, more specific about things like cartridge design, parts of the gun, gun design, internal/external ballistics,etc.

how do i adquire more knowledge about this things?
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ColorPerfect Plugin Pirate

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Does anyone who have the ColorPerfect Photoshop plugin feel like sharing? Or is there any place where I can already get it for free? Also, what's the best alternative to Kickass Torrents besides Pirate Bay?
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Do you know where is this from?