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Does anyone have a MEGA link to a /pol/ art folder.

Long time ago someone at /wg/ posted a link to MEGA folder with lots of classical artist's paintings.

Would really appreciate.
Thanks you!
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Cannibalism Soviet poster

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I read that there was a Soviet poster saying "To eat your own children is a barbarian act". I'm looking for the actual poster or evidence that it existed. Anyone who can help?
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Depth/Iceberg chart thread. Post your OC and ones you saved. I'll post all I have.
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Dissertation Title

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Hey Guys,

I'm writing my Dissertation about Cosplay but I have to make it have a digital marketing and international focus.

I'm so lost, any ideas are welcome. Thanks.
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anyone here know the name of this blonde bombshell?

She's one of the most hottest girl I've seen in girlsdoporn.
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Coloring request

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Can somebody colorize this image if possible please? Reference will be provided in the below post.
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Sauce, please.
An archived 4Chan thread says it's "Camila Vallejo" and she's Chilean, but that doesn't seem right at all...

I already checked Yandex, Google and TinEye.
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Hi, I have to write a 1000 word essay on climate change and stuff. It could be about anything so I was thinking of writing it about the economical reasons behind it and why it's actually about money. Does anyone have any good sources on this? All I can find on it is websites that scream about that its a conspiracy theory with no scientific or logical reasoning behind it.

Feeling pretty inspirationless.

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Anyone have the isolated Miku gif from this?

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Depth chart thread. Post what you have, I'm dumping mine.
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