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Anyone got a download/torrent link?

Java + SQL

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Hey /wsr/
What's the best Java + MySQL learning tutorial?
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Where do cool kids find their music torrents these days? I'm looking for Weber's Der Freischütz, the Kleiber version, preferably in FLAC but most torrent websites are dead now.

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Post iceberg tier memes

Preferably in relation to politics/conspiracies/music

The more obscure then better
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Looking for this manga

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Aloha! Well, I jumped in a very fucked off page called funamusea, and I liked it.
It have a manga called Sunahama Tsuushin vol.1, and I want to read it, but i dont know how to buy it. Anyone can pass me the manga? pleaaaaase?

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where is she from? i've seen her in other boards sometimes

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Can someone get rid of the red letters pls?

monster torrent

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can someone link me to a torrent for Naoki Urasawa's Monster?

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Is there any other program to make my controller vibrate continuosly? I tried "controller vibration tester" but that stops vibrating the controller when i minimize it. Is there any way i could somehow "force" the program to think its on the screen even if it is in the background?
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