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name this song

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Looking for a song that sounds similar to Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence". The lyrics involved counting numbers down (or up), and I always remember associating it with rockets going to space
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I've heard a lot of good things about VN so I want to start checking them out. Any recommendations for me?
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A riddle

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Can anyone help me solve this riddle seems like something only an american would understand
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Cringy Fan art

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This is a thread for cringey fan art, the worse the better.

Bonus points for anime fan art.
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Could someone turn this video to a webm or mp4 w/sound please?

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I'm looking for an anime song mashup that was removed off youtube. I've been searching for the mashup for years but I can't find any other source.

the anime song used was Coloring - Yui Horie (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!)

The other song was like a slow lyric rock song in English (don't know much more than that)

The image used in the youtube video had the anime girls taken from this image (same poses etc.) next to the band members of the rock song and they were all black and white.

If anyone has any clues. Please let me know.
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Source anyone ?
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I heard at the tail end of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAmYrH1Ybf0
Song kicks in at 1:47, the lyrics go like this:

And if you stay the night
Yeah if I do alright
Might be coming back for more
And if you're coming back
We must be on the right track
And I'm stepping out for sure
If it's alright with you
We can take for two
This fancy restaurant
And if you still want me
I'll make sure to be
The best you ever had
If I was your man
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extracting a stream url from an swf player

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I've been on this for two days:
here's the link of the player with the video.
Here's my issue, the protocol used for these streams is vjms, an extremely rare protocol issued by this company http://nagasoft.cn/.
I first tried to use temperdata, the best result i could get is a link ([email protected]&url=http://mokodojo.net/mokobaka.swf?src=vjms:// to download the stream from firefox as an "octet-stream" file.
I know it's really from the stream because the file is downloading as long as the tabs are open, the size is increasing. Then i tried to open this url with vlc, mpc-hc but it results in a failure because of the weird protocol.
The best solution i figured is to use the swf player in mpc-hc or potplayer with the parameters along with with a playlist to switch channels. But i want the video to be streamed directly to my media player without using the swf player. Pls help me :'(
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Hey, I'm looking for a picture of Wojak where he's hanging himself like pic related, but already kicked the chair (there's motion blur). I need it