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SecurityTube/Pentester Academy Courses

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I'm looking for somewhere I can download the "x86 Assembly Language and Shellcoding on Linux" course and "GNU Debugger Megaprimer" course from Pentester Academy/SecurityTube



I managed to find a torrent for the GDB course, but no ones seeding.

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Looking for a potential source on music from a youtube video that was recently deleted/potential alternative source on it.

The video was called "something to calm me down when I'm anxious (homework edit" and it along with the account it was connected to "80smbs" seem to have been terminated. They also had a tumblr which was deactivated. I'm just hoping I can find either the original song the video got for its loop or a download for the original video. The url was as follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ifcWv2webc

The image included was the backdrop used for the video loop for reference. Please help.

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Somebody can clean the paper and type "bibibi" ~ then on a new line "antichat <3" ? Thanks

essay service

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Does anyone know a good essay writing service? I have two 15 page essays due in a month and a new born baby due next week so I wont have a lot of extra time. Looking for something reliable that wont break the bank.

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I'm looking for a video called "Ralph Wiggum Space Adventure"

From what I recall it was a figurine of Ralph Wiggum held up to an screen saver with a midi version Superman by Goldfinger playing.

It seems to have disappeared off the internet.
There was a thread on /x/ talking about it and other videos that might get deleted/removed

Using Gmail with a custom domain without monthly fees?

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I was going to forward my emails with Zoho mail, but Zoho no longer allows forwarding on free accounts, but they do let the old accounts keep it.

Will getting G suite for 1 month (if possible) allow me to keep using my custom email in gmail?
Will getting Zoho premium for 1 month allow me to keep the forwarding feature once it's set up (old accounts keep it for free)?

Are there any other ways to get this?

I don't want to pay for everything G suite offers, because I won't be using it anyway. I don't own a big company, I just need 1 or 2 custom emails for my website.

Ann Frank

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Hi, requet about Ann Frank - Kate Yelkovan.

Due to her recent passing I tried to find some videos of hers I may had saved on my hdd but surprisingly I found nothing. I'm interested only in one or two, to be fair, the one or two AMAs she did on youtube last year which are now gone.

Anyone here saved anything of hers and is willing to share? tx

Looking for ebook - Autosar Compendium

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By any chance, anyone, has link to any kind of ebook: "Autosar Compendium, Part 1: Application & RTE" by Oliver Scheid

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"Hold On Loosely" by .38 Special reminds me of / sounds a lot like a different classic rock song (not this one: http://www.soundsjustlike.com/2004/38-special-sounds-like-the-cars/). But which one was it? I don't remember the name.

pic unrelated
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Andrew Haywood political Ideologies 6th edition

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