Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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As the title suggests, I am looking for Ryo Fukui's, a Japanese Jazz pianist, album entitled "My Favourite Tune". I can't seem to locate it anywhere, and many on the Internet have similar complaints. The album art is pic related.
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Looking for song lyrics

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The song is called "Nigger loves his possum" and even with the best quality recording I can't make out some of the lyrics, nor could I find a transcription online.


What I have so far is:

1st verse: (after the the dings, 0:20 - I don't have the first few words( "hear the funny kind of roar, *whistle*, little zippy (or nippy) steamboat rumbling along, splashing and a'turning (or churning) mumbling a song. singing 'bout a nigger must be somethin' wrong, ooooooooooooooooooh,"

(Chorus) "Nigger loves the possum sizzling in the pan, nigger loves the corn juice - steal it if he can (I don't have the next few words) nigger through and through, loves his watermelon deed he do do do."

Then there's a bit of talking and there are a few words I can't make out there.

2nd verse: "Oh don't you hear her grunt and growl, *hissing*, hear the niggers howl and howl, *cheering* open up the furnace lordy how she >blank< (spins maybe), when she eats that wood up (missing next few words), need a little greasin', chuck a nigger in."

(Chorus x2)

If anyone could give it a listen and see if they could discern a few of the missing words, it would be much appreciated.
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anyone got the magnet for this ?
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Draw this emoji

I don't care how shitty it is.
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Can someone tell me the name of this girl?
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Let's try try this again, I'm looking for the song in this video which is set to Justice-Stress. According to an Anon from last thread the sand rune at the end mean purgatory.

Lyrics:Neglect is the reason that I'm mad this season/ and you bet that I'm freezing from the longest seasons./ And I'm sad on every holiday, no worries is just all they say./ I'm stuck in the basement where my mind stays playing for some passion./ Passion, the time that I'm laughing at the voices in my head from the people that have been dead

I've tried shazaming it to no avail, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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English patch for P4 Ultimax PS3 JP Ver

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Was linked commonly as "P4U2 English Patch 1.03 + DLC Unlock" by Canzah/Jack The Ripper a couple of years back but every link is now dead. Searched for hours and can't find it anywhere. If anyone still has it and could reup would be very appreciative.

Would prefer the one for the digital version of the game, but if retail is all you can get then I can deal.