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Let's try try this again, I'm looking for the song in this video which is set to Justice-Stress. According to an Anon from last thread the sand rune at the end mean purgatory.

Lyrics:Neglect is the reason that I'm mad this season/ and you bet that I'm freezing from the longest seasons./ And I'm sad on every holiday, no worries is just all they say./ I'm stuck in the basement where my mind stays playing for some passion./ Passion, the time that I'm laughing at the voices in my head from the people that have been dead

I've tried shazaming it to no avail, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you know where is this from?
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Grape saber

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Hello my friendly 4chan friends. I cannot seem to find the video where ovaltine saying "no, no, you will die" to mace windex is changed to "no, no, you're a nigger" before flinging grape windu off of the legislative republic balcony. Can you halp me?
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I'm not sure if its actually SFW, but can anyone help me identify who this person is?
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Who il she?

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Someone can find her name?
I only find her in a gallery of the photographer Joanna Kustra, under the name "Hannah", but nothing more
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Please Hack This Fag

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Okay, Story is, this guy Kenneth, is just a full of himself type of guy. Ego WAY to big.

I meet him on G-mod thats where he began being a straight up asshole to me and some friends for no reason.

Found out, he runs a TF2 server and is even more full of himself there. When I started killing him over and over, he would just hide behind the console teleporting me out of the map and changing my name, (for the server), even set it to where I couldn't use chat after I typed "This admin is a fag lol."

Here is his steam shit:
"The Foxy Knot"

All I want is someone to hack that shit, change the name to whatever, (so I know its done lol).
After that, at least change email and password, but besides that I don't care what you do. I just want that fag to lose his shit, both physically and metaphorically.

If someone could get this done, I would be the happiest motherfucker alive, I will love you FOREVER! This dude is a fucking asshole. I don't think Ive ever hated someone anymore than this guy.
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Freedom and Internet privacy

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Help me please!!
I have to to an essay about the relationship between freedom and Internet privacy, any principal idea that you can give me?
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Tomie Beginning (2005)

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Does anyone have a reliable link I can use to download 2005's "Tomie: Beginning"?

I've downloaded several torrents but none of them are seeded. I've searched YouTube and not found the full movie -- except in Russian.

If anyone can hook a brotha up with a DDL or a seeded torrent, that would rock. Doesn't even have to be subtitled, I can find subs online for it.

HALP. I've found every other Tomie movie...!
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I need help with this problem, it is really important because if I fail this I will automatically fail the whole subject. Here it is:

The marketing research firm that conducted the survey provided HATCO's sales director with a
summary of the results.
Nevertheless, the sales director still has questions and asked the marketing firm to address them:

is the mean obtained from the survey compatible with the mean of the whole
population of customers to be, in fact, 65% or greater?
2. From available information regarding HATCO's main competitor, a corresponding survey to their
costumers showed a sample average of 48% with sample standard deviation of 10% for "Usage
level" (the sample size was 80). Is it reasonable to assume that the mean usage level is the same
for HATCO and this main competitor?
3. Another point of concern is the proportion of large vs small firms (variable X8 - Size of the firm).
From our previous knowledge, about 45% of the customers are large firms. Should we update that
4. Some of the perceptions present a low absolute value for the correlation coefficient with the
outcome X9 - Usage level. Does this mean that they really do not have any correlation with the