Searching PSSuiteSDK_098.exe

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I need this SDK but the link that Sony used in 2012 is dead for me (downloads a 0 byte file, maybe it's region restricted):

I tried searching a mirror download but I couldn't find any, search results are bloated with chinese blog reposts. There was only an Uploaded link from a spanish site but that's dead too.
The file is around 260 MB. Do you know where I can find or request it? by the way if the link above works for you, can anyone please upload it to mediafire or sendspace?

Torrenting using my neighbour's WiFi

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I'm moving to a different town in Germany. I made friends with my 76 yr. old neighbour. I have her WiFi pw and I can access her WiFi in my flat. She doesnt know that I have the pw.

If I were to buy an old Windows Laptop from like 2014 with a lot of hard drive space and install ubuntu on it (just to make sure that not even windows has my Identity) do you think I would be 100% safe?

I believe the question is, do the cops raid the place where they locate the ip address or the place where the internet connection is located?

Please dont hit me with "just download like old torrents man", I want the latest shit lol in terms of vidya and shows etc.

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Looking for a torrent for Jojo

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looking for a torrent of all the seasons to Jojos bizarre adventure with english sub or dub if possible.

Shrek's Best Christmas, and others GONE

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Adrien Brody the skat animator had a bunch of old videos taken off of youtube, if his name rings a bell he made Dogcheese Squarepants.
ALL of his damn Shrek videos are gone and it's fucking me up so hard, I need them back WSR, please.
In this dark world, Shrek's flaccid penis getting plopped on Lord Farquaad's poop is a light in my life.

Java + SQL

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Hey /wsr/
What's the best Java + MySQL learning tutorial?

new leaked image of zachary r cogswell

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A brand new image was recently leaked of zachary r cogswell the famous dad killer. If you seen this man please report to the police immediately. We also have reason to believe that this is the killer's phone number: 18173084655

Please tell him to stop killing innocent dad's for his revenge against people making fun of his autism. Thanks and god bless.

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Looking for a potential source on music from a youtube video that was recently deleted/potential alternative source on it.

The video was called "something to calm me down when I'm anxious (homework edit" and it along with the account it was connected to "80smbs" seem to have been terminated. They also had a tumblr which was deactivated. I'm just hoping I can find either the original song the video got for its loop or a download for the original video. The url was as follows:

The image included was the backdrop used for the video loop for reference. Please help.

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Post iceberg tier memes

Preferably in relation to politics/conspiracies/music

The more obscure then better
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What game is this?
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