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Requesting alternatives to google translate

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Does anyone know her name? She doesn't seem to be Alexandra Gaier as other anons have claimed.
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Anyone got this album for download?
Zeal & Ardor - Devil is Fine.

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Can somebody please recommend me a good romance visual novel with decent art?

Stuff I've already finished:
Highway Blossoms
Katawa Shoujo

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Looking for a manga, here are the details

>world is steampunk mixed with samurai
>world has giant ass beasts
>protagonist is a samurai girl
>she's thirsty af, wants to find a husband
>on the first chapter she gets deceived by a dude and ends up doing dirty work for him
>she has a phrostetic arm (I think)

that's about all I remember, even with so many details I can't find it

pic not related

Artificial Academy 2 help.

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/wsr/ I need your help desperately; I'm currently trying to get Artificial Academy 2 up and running and failing miserably.

I'm using[No_Install]_[ILLUSION]_Artificial_Academy_2_[V4_pre-patched]_[E

I've downloaded the torrent and extracted everything over to C:

I've edited the aa2 install folder and all I get everytime I attempt to run it is

Config file not found (data)

Help me plz
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Anyone have a link to Bennett Foddy's Multibowl!

Manga chapter translation

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Looking for the anon that translated the previous 3 chapters
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may as well start by stating that i'm pretty much certain that this is gonna go nowhere, but this has been hanging in the back of my mind for 12 or 13 years now—and it's recently come back up, after having had watched the arfenhouse series and a bunch of old animutations a few times over
on newgrounds, circa 2005, there was a flash video that was uploaded in light of the popularity of all the numa numa dance stuff, titled "DeleteNumaDancing"
here's the page that it was originally hosted at, where it has been blammed:
i was an eight-year-old kid when i'd first come across it with some friends while autistically browsing through and watching almost every video in newgrounds' numa numa collection; it was rated adults-only, which—having had just discovered tentacle porn and bondage hentai and shit, and knowing that some of this stuff found its way onto newgrounds—made it highly intriguing to my perverted little mind, to the point that daydreaming about whatever was contained within it was all i could do after we had all agreed to skip over it
when i got home later that day, i excitedly waited for night to come and all the random fucking people that were hanging around the house to go fall asleep in the fucking basement or to leave for the night
i was constantly looking over my shoulder, in the glow of the wide-open living room computer screen, as i turned on the internet connection and nervously made my way to the video's entry page

i was kinda put off by the description—which is still able to be read on the blammed entry page, to this day
after having waited so long and already being ready to jump to close everything at a moment's notice in hair-trigger anticipation of someone coming up the staircase or from the hallway, i was already feeling off—and seeing some of the highly condemning reviews of the thing, generally being sequences of fucking dark language, wasn't helping
regardless, i opened up the video

Anyone know the artist of this art?

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