Python assistance

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I would like some help with a programming assignment I have for python. I do not want someone to simply give me the source code. just please guide me in the right direction as I am reaching a mental block for some reason today.

I need to:
Implement a print_menu() function, which has a string as a parameter, outputs a menu of user options for analyzing/editing the string, and returns the user's entered menu option and the sample text string (which can be edited inside the print_menu() function).

Each option is represented by a single character.

If an invalid character is entered, continue to prompt for a valid choice.
Hint: Implement the Quit menu option before implementing other options.
Call print_menu() in the main section of your code.
Continue to call print_menu() until the user enters q to Quit.

Basically, I need a selection menu that is part of a function and when called it will display the selection menu like below and also accept an argument for the menu regarding a particular task. Like, print_menu(c) would remove whitespace.
c - task 1
w - task 2
f - task 3
r - task 4
s - task 5
q - Quit

If you do attach source code, please explain why you used this in if you have a for loop or while loop, why did you use that instead of another method if there was another method. Thanks for any assistance.
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ok so here is the problem... Its 8:48 i have the drug test appointment at 1:00 im a heavy weed smoker, so im pretty sure im dirty, i work for the gmnt so i CANT loose this job... Really need the help, Im not even sure this is a drug test, but they r making us pee on a cup, is a physical test so we can go inside the ships and stuff like that , i am a civilian DoD. My friend gave me his urine, but when I started this job a month ago, they asked for blood and urine, so they have info from my urine already, can they find out that this urine that im bringing in today is not mine? are they going to test it againts the past one? give me ideas of what i can do to save my ass!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IM BEGGING

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Requesting alternatives to google translate
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Shrek's Best Christmas, and others GONE

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Adrien Brody the skat animator had a bunch of old videos taken off of youtube, if his name rings a bell he made Dogcheese Squarepants.
ALL of his damn Shrek videos are gone and it's fucking me up so hard, I need them back WSR, please.
In this dark world, Shrek's flaccid penis getting plopped on Lord Farquaad's poop is a light in my life.
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Post iceberg tier memes

Preferably in relation to politics/conspiracies/music

The more obscure then better
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Artificial Academy 2 help.

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/wsr/ I need your help desperately; I'm currently trying to get Artificial Academy 2 up and running and failing miserably.

I'm using[No_Install]_[ILLUSION]_Artificial_Academy_2_[V4_pre-patched]_[E

I've downloaded the torrent and extracted everything over to C:

I've edited the aa2 install folder and all I get everytime I attempt to run it is

Config file not found (data)

Help me plz
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Hey, do you have any links to download all Menhera-chan EN stickers? I only have the JP one after all.
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Hello Anons, I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this and could help me with it, thank you in advance!

Cable winch: A large winch with a radius of 1 ft winds in 3 ft of cable. (a) Through what angle (in radians) has it turned? (b) What angle must it turn through in order to winch in 12.5 ft of cable?

Anime Recommendations

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Hola putas! Looking for an anime to watch. If you have suggestions leave them below, all help would be greatly appreciated.
Here are some things ive watched previously and liked: Deathnote, Mirai nikki, Shiki, Erased, Re:Zero, and most recently Watamote.
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Does anyone knows what happened to sudoStef?

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He is a youtuber...who seems to have killed himself.
only if someone could decode the code he left
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