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I have an essay to be done by tonight and I am not in any suitable mindset to do it. If anyone is interested in doing it for me it would be enormously appreciated.
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Migrating all accounts to new email

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Is there an easier way to like MASS transfer or do you have to go through each account? google facebook etc.
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Java + SQL

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Hey /wsr/
What's the best Java + MySQL learning tutorial?

Journey to the west

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Anyone know where to download all four volumes of journey to the west revised edition epub?
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Looking for something like this

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hey there, I remember seeing a variant of this but instead of moot it's a chinese soldier invading the mainland. the chinese soldier ends up nearly dying of thirst and the aussie says something along the lines of 'nah get your own beer m8'

i remember the ending strip being one of those 'breakyourownnews' things and said something along the lines of 'CHINESE INVASION REPELLED - AUSTRALIAN MILITARY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEY WERE BEING..'

thanks a lot if you're able to find it, i'm probably just dumb or blind but i haven't found it despite how much i've looked


Looking for a torrent for Jojo

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looking for a torrent of all the seasons to Jojos bizarre adventure with english sub or dub if possible.

Sound source?

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Found this on a German imageboard with no further information.
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Living in Japan now. What's a good VPN for just torrenting stuff?
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anime and manga reccs

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Looking for some anime and manga where the MC has a "mysterious" past and there are implications that their past is sad. Side characters also work but preferably important side characters. Like the MC's best friend or mentor.
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Digital logic 2 question

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>A Ping ultrasonic ranging module can measure distance based on the time it takes for sound to travel to an object and for the echo to return to the module. The user must provide a positive logic pulse to generate the burst of ultrasound (bang). Immediately after the bang, the module output goes HIGH until the echo is detected and it goes back LOW. The time HIGH for the output pulse is proportional to the distance from the object that caused the echo. However, the Ping
module has only a single pin that serves as both input and output. Use tristate buffers and any logic gates necessary to allow a single active-HIGH push button input to pulse the signal pin and immediately after
this pulse is finished to allow the signal pin to drive an output.

The textbook doesn't explain the application of tristate buffers very well. From what I understand, they can be HIGH, LOW, or Z-hi. From my understanding, the same pin (push button?) must drive the input as well as output. So, feed pulse into a pin, sensor is HIGH, echo detected, sensor is LOW, all on the same pin?

I have tried drawing a few schematics but it is obvious I don't know what I'm doing and I'm wasting a lot of time when I should be focusing on the fundamentals.