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Gucci Mane Mixtape Request - Please help, I'm a fucking idiot!!!!

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I am currently on a quest to recover every Gucci Mane mixtape to exist. I do not want a youtube video but the actual MP3's.

Torrents & Rapidshare are dead and I've tried. I need this GUCCI, I'm working on something GREAT! I need to complete this collection!!!!

The following mixtapes seem lost, here is the list I'm looking for, any help is much appreciated, thanks:

Drank Epidemic 13 by Gucci Mane (2 CD)
DJ Coolbreeze And Gucci Mane - Iced Up - 2007
DJ Haze And DJ Capcom Presents Gucci Mane - Livin' The Life Of A Trapstar (The Official Mixtape)
DJ Delz and Gucci Mane Gucci-Holic The Mixtape
DJ Genius & Gucci Mane - Gucci The Great (The Re-Mixtape) - 2009
DJ Woogie & Gucci Mane - Gucci The Great-2009-MIXFIEND
DJ Noke & Gucci Mane - Gucci Montana
DJ Rah2k & DJ Racks - Gucci Mane & T.I. - Trapstarz Radio
DJ Rah2k - international Trappin 4
DJ Spinatik & Gucci Mane - Well Damn - 2008
DJ Eggnice Presents Gucci Mane - Trap Or Be Trapped-2009
DJ Greg Nasty - Back To Ballin (Gucci Mane Blends) -2009- TapeDown
DJ haze DJ Capcom And Gucci Mane - Life Of A Trapstar Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
DJ P - Cutta and Gucci Mane A Brick Party - 2009
DJ dLux -Zone Defense - 2009
Digital Scale & Gucci Mane-Deeper Than Rap - (Bootleg) - 2009
Gucci Mane - What Kinda King (I Smell Pussy)
Gucci Mane - Official White Label
Gucci mane - King Shit Radio 5
Gucci Mane - Marijuana Mixtape (Bootleg) 2009
Gucci Mane - Free At Last (2009) [VBR]
Gucci Mane - Gucci leak (Digital Scale) 09-18-09
the best of gucci mane - Gucci Season
DNA And Dirty Yella - Traphustlaz (Starring Gucci Mane Yo Gotti) (Bootleg) 2008
VA - The Hitmen Presents Shawty Low, Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti - Three The Hood Way(Bootleg)-2008-MIXFIEND
DJ Lazy K Gucci Mane And OJ Da Juiceman Streets Is Watchin 2
Gucci Mane - Gucci Mane James 06-18-2010
The Raw Report - Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane - Trap Dedication // 11.24.2008
Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti - Before Beef // 10.19.2015

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Does anyone knows what happened to sudoStef?

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He is a youtuber...who seems to have killed himself.
only if someone could decode the code he left
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Looking for Location of this Photo

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Can someone help find the location of this photo? Not sure where it's taken, there's no geo-tag or anything either.
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Where's Where's Deathlist?

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Does anybody have RedLetterMedia's short film "Where's Deathlist?" saved? It was one of my favorite things ever and I was too stupid to save it before it disappeared from their site.
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.torrent for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

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As the title says, looking for a torrent of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. I've seen a few links in archives but they're all outdated, all I need is a working link to the .torrent file, thanks in advance
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Looking for torrent to Getting over it with Bennett Foddy, previous link is no longer up
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As the title suggests, I am looking for Ryo Fukui's, a Japanese Jazz pianist, album entitled "My Favourite Tune". I can't seem to locate it anywhere, and many on the Internet have similar complaints. The album art is pic related.
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Looking for song lyrics

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The song is called "Nigger loves his possum" and even with the best quality recording I can't make out some of the lyrics, nor could I find a transcription online.


What I have so far is:

1st verse: (after the the dings, 0:20 - I don't have the first few words( "hear the funny kind of roar, *whistle*, little zippy (or nippy) steamboat rumbling along, splashing and a'turning (or churning) mumbling a song. singing 'bout a nigger must be somethin' wrong, ooooooooooooooooooh,"

(Chorus) "Nigger loves the possum sizzling in the pan, nigger loves the corn juice - steal it if he can (I don't have the next few words) nigger through and through, loves his watermelon deed he do do do."

Then there's a bit of talking and there are a few words I can't make out there.

2nd verse: "Oh don't you hear her grunt and growl, *hissing*, hear the niggers howl and howl, *cheering* open up the furnace lordy how she >blank< (spins maybe), when she eats that wood up (missing next few words), need a little greasin', chuck a nigger in."

(Chorus x2)

If anyone could give it a listen and see if they could discern a few of the missing words, it would be much appreciated.
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anyone got the magnet for this ?