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Is there a method to crack rar passwords?

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I've just downloaded a pretty neat thing and in the readme they've dropped this survey bullshit to get the password, of course that's not gonna go anywhere.

I was wondering if you guys know a program or something to get past it. I'm on OS X but I can easily flip to Windows if I have to.
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Realistic Yuri manga?

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>>>/u/ sticky says to come here for requests...

What are the best yuri manga which take a realistic approach to the subject matter? More like Aoi Hana and less like Strawberry Panic. (Not to knock Strawberry Panic or anything.)

I liked how Citrus started out, but was a little disappointed when it became apparent that it suffered from "lesbians everywhere!" syndrome.

So I imagine I'm looking for something that only deals with the one relationship, and focuses on one (or both) of the characters' trepidation OR focuses on the impact of their relationship on their social circles OR some combination of both.
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I'm desperately looking for sauce on the song that starts at 2:12, all I can understand is that it's obviously some kind of 60's psychedelic rock, and parts of the lyrics seem to be "take me back" and "cruise control" if that helps in any way.
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French Anons, pls

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Could someone transcribe the lyrics to this song? I was only able to get this fragment:
[La bête immonde?] sort d'un soir
Un égout de la rue des Rosiers

Un: Les cheveux crépu
Deux: le nez crochue
Trois: les doigts fourchue
Quatre: les lèvres lipue

ARGENT! C'est le cri du loup garou!

Si on rencontre cette horreur
il ne faut pas sortir un crucifix, mais une bourse bien remplie
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i have some homework project , and it need use matlab for calculation stage, can some body help me ?
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Cannibalism Soviet poster

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I read that there was a Soviet poster saying "To eat your own children is a barbarian act". I'm looking for the actual poster or evidence that it existed. Anyone who can help?
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Looking for song lyrics

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The song is called "Nigger loves his possum" and even with the best quality recording I can't make out some of the lyrics, nor could I find a transcription online.

What I have so far is:

1st verse: (after the the dings, 0:20 - I don't have the first few words( "hear the funny kind of roar, *whistle*, little zippy (or nippy) steamboat rumbling along, splashing and a'turning (or churning) mumbling a song. singing 'bout a nigger must be somethin' wrong, ooooooooooooooooooh,"

(Chorus) "Nigger loves the possum sizzling in the pan, nigger loves the corn juice - steal it if he can (I don't have the next few words) nigger through and through, loves his watermelon deed he do do do."

Then there's a bit of talking and there are a few words I can't make out there.

2nd verse: "Oh don't you hear her grunt and growl, *hissing*, hear the niggers howl and howl, *cheering* open up the furnace lordy how she >blank< (spins maybe), when she eats that wood up (missing next few words), need a little greasin', chuck a nigger in."

(Chorus x2)

If anyone could give it a listen and see if they could discern a few of the missing words, it would be much appreciated.
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Sound source?

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Found this on a German imageboard with no further information.
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