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Never watched anime before. Need some essential must-watch recommendations that even people who are not into the genre would appreciate.
These are what I'm intending to watch.

>Death Note
>Cowboy Bebop
>Fullmetal Alchemist
>Ghost in the Shell
>One Punch Man
>One Piece
>Attack on Titan

What should I know before I get into those? Should I remove some?
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Does anyone know where this is from or who she is?

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"Hold On Loosely" by .38 Special reminds me of / sounds a lot like a different classic rock song (not this one: But which one was it? I don't remember the name.

pic unrelated

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Hey I'm looking for a picture of the comic book frame in Cable and Deadpool #36 where Taskmaster tells deadpool “The truth is… You’re that good. You’ve always been that good. Which won’t get you a cup of coffee until you figure out how to be a professional…”

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can someone color this picture please?

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Does anybody have a hd version of this image?

Slowboards General General

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Hi /wsr/. I have kind of a meta-request. I want to help this board live but when I scroll through the board, I find that there's nothing I can really do for it. So I want to start a project to help all slow boards.

My idea comes from the catalog-search-link I discovered a couple months ago. It works thus:
>>>/wsr/meta will point back to this thread.

Let me explain what I want...
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What happened to /a/?

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Recently I'm seeing more and more blog posts, non-anime reaction images, extremely casual comments from people obviously not into anime or people straight up defending things that no one would've accepted back then. A recurrent example :

>Anon A mentions the word "normie".
Anons B, C and sometimes D :
"Fuck off"
"Kill yourself"
"Go back to [insert /v/, /r9k/ or /pol/]."

What the hell happened? Wasn't /a/ supposed to be one of the last bastions against normalfaggotery? We got flooded by reddit or /co/ or something? Recently that show, Kuma Miko ended and everyone was acting like some stupid triggered feminists over the ending. I even caught one anon mentioning "SJWs" in a pejorative way only to be received with the same kinds of replies I typed above (i.e. "kill yourself", etc). So /a/ is pro-SJWs now? Back in the days I actually was thinking how sometimes /a/ was going slightly overboard with their neckbeard way of thinking but here it's like things did a complete 180°.

I don't know where I could post this without getting banned so I decided to do that here. I might get banned actually but I don't care, I just want to discuss this with others.

Hello /wsr/

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With your permission, I'd like to move my time travel threads to this board (from /x/). I usually post on /x/ for the open-mindnness requisite to actually doing anything with time travel, but I've recently adopted a more scientific approach that should make it easier to include a wider range of people.

I have a memo I'd like to post today, but I don't want to impose on your board if it would be too unwelcome.
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