Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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Help with homework, (classic I know)

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Oy lads I have to finish some bollocks French work we started in class, I know what I want to say but I'm complete wank at French, ran it through google translate and got pic related, just want to check if the grammar is correct because I know google translate can be cunty like that
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Problem with Pulseaudio

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We all know that pulseaudio is shit but unfortunately I need it for working with my laptop (especially with headphones) and finally transitioning to linux on my main desktop.

The problem I have is that FOR YEARS every time I installed a distro pulseaudio would perform like shit

This is what happens:
- open a video or an audio file
- audio sounds fine for about a minute
- suddenly the computer has a "spike" in usage (it blocks/slows down for a second and even the mouse lags) and the audio cracks

Now, with ALSA nothing like this happens but unfortunately it doesn't have the compatibility that I need

So, any tips/solutions?

Note 1: I have a laptop with a Celeron N3050 processor and a desktop with an i5-3750k so I don't think the problem is linked to the specs

Note 2: apart from ALSA the ONLY other way I had pulseaudio working was when I used Antergos on my Celeron laptop (installing Antergos on the more powerful desktop brough the same cracking problems)
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need source

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on this anime
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Anyone have a torrent for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?
It was in the humble monthly so it should be DRM free

Also, I shamelessly copypasted the above text from another thread.
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I need a PDF of this, can anyone help?
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There is an anime that used to air on the Funimation channel that I vaguely remember.
It has a female cast that were maybe witches or something relating to magic. They all looked child-like and colorful. Maybe there was a character with blonde hair and glasses, and a pink-haired girl but I'm not so sure.
For that matter, there was another show on the channel featuring a girl with long, green hair and possibly an older man with gray hair? Think it has an intro which primarily features a city, it could also be the main location for the series. Maybe a short name/title for the anime.

Can anybody find these anime for me?
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who is this woman and why is she in so many shitposts