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Hi guys, posting for help with a C++ assignment.

I'm seriously busting my brains, doubly linked circular lists make sense to me conceptually, I know I have to re-point nodes to the next and previous when deleting etc. However I'm trying to write my destructor:

Find head by returning tail->next
Point tail->next to the head->next and head->next->prev to head->prev.
Delete head
Repeat until is_empty.

I can't make this work in code.

pic unrelated
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hello! i have a bit of a challenge for you :) could you please morph Engels or Mao into a chicken???
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Guys please help, someone from Freelancing is making an Android app for me.
It's mainly a painting app.

I don't know why but the Eyedropper tool isn't working corectly.
When I zoom in 4x, it doesn't track the pixel color on the picture, even with simple and vibrant colors.

Eyedropper is the first icon. Click it, now you can drag or touch finger on the photo, while doing so you can see that the Brush icon changes color wherever you touch. But this doesn't work or registers the wrong color.!YUxglYqT!a5V8aFEHIPVMDdefNddkr3Fet1lMRmPPe8q4x7N9Vsk

What could this be? What to tell my developer?
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>discover the existence of Polysics
>want Polysics discography or best of album
>search torrents
>no seeds for any of them
>not even one
>search for DDL links
>dead for years
>can't get even one fucking album
>time to invoke /wsr/
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Fluid dynamics

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So bros I need help with fluid dynamics you might know something about it.
Im writing a report on the effects of pressure on the volumetric flow rates of non-newtonian fluids
However I need to calculate the Reynolds number to be able to calculate the head loss in the pipe due to friction.
But the Reynolds number requires the kinematic or absolute viscosity which both change in a non-newtonian fluid dependant on shear rate.
I have no idea what to do pls help
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can somebody photoshop the ui elements from these screenshots away? i do not have access to photoshop and i'd really like to use these images as wallpapers.

i would prefer if you keep these images at 4k.
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