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Am I fucking crazy or do I hear a silent man talking during the Fairly Odd Parents theme song? It starts at 0:04 and ends at 0:11, and then happens again at 0:25 and ends at 0:33. It's really subtle and I don't know if it happens anywhere else in the theme song.
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Pics of anime girls being bullied / heartbroken

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Pic related. Any sort of pics where a girl is driven to tears or some pained expression. Preferably from verbal/mental abuse, rather than physical, though a slap or something minor like that are fine as well. Gonna post a couple of examples, pls give me some more.
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what are some anime like flcl or gurren lagann

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Any games on Switch to play since i beaten Mario Odyssey?

cyberpunk 2077 ps4 leaked gameplay

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two guys who were insanely high posted gameplay footage of cyberpunk 2077 that fell off a truck. the original youtube stream was nuked by cd red project legal of course anybody know where I can see the footage that hasn't been taken down yet?


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Can some one give me the name of this James Bay song used in this ad?

Need some help finding out a song.

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It was a game soundtrack, that I'm 90% sure.

I can't remember the name but I know the rhythm. It used two instruments, an acoustic guitar and a flute. I know the flute sounded MIDI-like but I'm in the fence about the guitar.