help with python

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Hi, i'm retarded and i need help,
i've programmed this to show what is the Henon attractor but i have a problem:

my variables are currently a and b but i would like to change them, i would like my variables to be x and y so i can change easily the starting point of the simulation, and i would like the a and b to stay fix (a=1.4 and b=0.3)

How do i do that?
thanks in advance

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Anyone have a scan of Anime Insider 34, or at least the section about voice actresses ("the girls of anime")? Remembered it recently and now I want to see it again. And NO, you can't Google it, I already tried. Some twat did that last thread and bitched me out 'cause he found a link, and got my thread closed, but the animetics link has every section EXCEPT the section I'm talking about.

From 2006.

Request for pack of Haruhi Suzumiya

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Anon please share the pack of haruhi suzumiya. I know you have it.
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Google ain't loading

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Whenever I open google, it doesn't load the page, and adblock crashes. This happens if I open a website or try to search something too. Happened out of nowhere btw, didn't tamper with anything. Here's a pic of what happens (happens whenever I try to do ANYTHING.)
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survey about crypto-curency

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I spent most of my semester procrastinating and jerking around on 4chan and now i got 5 days left to complete my thesis, could some of u guys help me out by filling the survey on crypto-currency and influencing factors? would only take 2-3 minutes