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What’s up with people hating on Crunchyroll? This is regarding to all of the unpaid anime creators—what’s up with that? Why won’t Crunchyroll pay them?
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This is a legal question since I don't know where else to ask. It pertains to Australian Consumer Law which is a bit ambiguous so any opinions are welcome.
Relevant information:

In around early 2018 I bought a $1200 laptop for Uni. Around early 2019 I noticed that some of the keys weren't always working when pressed.This issue got progressively worse until around mid 2019 (just outside of the 1 year warranty) about half the keys became unusable. I took it in for repair and after a big screw around with the retailer and manufacturer telling me it's outside of warranty so they don't have to repair it for free and trying to charge me $300 for the repair, I finally got it repaired for free (months later) with the manufacturer saying it was "courtesy" and they believe they didn't have to legally repair it under ACL. Now, over the Christmas holidays, the back and front of the left side of the screen have started to come apart where the hinge connects the screen to the body of the laptop. This gets worse and worse every time I try to open or close the laptop or adjust the tilt of the screen which is a pretty important part of using a laptop. Sometimes I can kind push the front and back together again and it clips back in but that's not really working anymore and the problem is getting worse and more of the screen is pulling apart every time I try to use it. I think this is clearly a major fault with the laptop.
So the question is, should this still be covered under Australian Consumer Law since products must be "safe, lasting, with no faults"? Specifically, would you, a normal consumer, think that a $1200 laptop should last 3 years? Would it be reasonable to get a full refund or replacement since the product is clearly prone to major faults/poorly designed (having 2 major faults in 3 years)?
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Help find a girl

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Hello I know is an odd request but I need help. I was at the Hatsune Miku expo 2020 in Berlin and there was this girl. For some reason she started dancing with me and we danced for the whole concert duration without saying a word. But at the end of the concert she made the fastest dash ever and I couldn't talk to her, I saw her next in line for a bus, and we where actually staring at each other while going separate ways. I know I should have talk to her. Now I regret it. Btw she was in a snow miku cosplay, but it was peculiar, she had this jacket with a white fur and a snowflake on the back. If someone know who she is pls tell me. I just want to tank her cuz I had a tons of fun thanks to her

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Fairly new to anime. Looking for more gory shit like pic related. thanks frens

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Anybody know whats the name of these things? Theyre pretty tasty. A simple translation of the texts would also be appreciated

Thks in advance lads

Im looking for a cartoon panel

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Its a 4 panel cartoon, of freddie mercury walking down the street, a group of kids approach him, he vaults a fence and then climbs a tree lookong back at the kids menacingly.
>please for the love of Christ help, ive spent atleast 5 hours trying to find this

Small amount of water got on/in desktop

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Today I noticed one of the windows in my room was leaking, and a few drops of rain water got inside my PC. None got on the board as far as I know, but a little got on the floor of the case and a couple drops got on the grate (at least, I HOPE it didn't get inside) of my PSU. I have it open in front of a heater now. Would there be any harm in using a hair dryer to speed up the process of ensuring it's completely dry? I'm only really worried about the PSU.

I was able to shut it down normally though, so hopefully by acting quickly I avoided serious damage.
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Can anyone help me find the source for this image? I hope to find a better quality version if one exists