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Could someone please clean up the white around the edges? My hands are too clumsy.

[spoiler:lit]also, i'm not sure if this is nsfw or not. sorry in advance if i get anyone fired.
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Looking to pay someone for help in propositional logic proof solving. You will be paid very generously. Leave a spam email so we can get in contact on Skype or some other platform. An example proof is below.

L, R, (R&S)→-L ├ -S
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If you get bored, mind doing these for me? I appreciate it! You don't have to do all of them of course.
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What are some comfy anime series that I could get into? I've only ever really watched action series and I'm still pretty new to anime in general
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I am building proper gaming rig for the first time as I have only ever used a mac have just gotten fed up. Only issue I have run into so far is this whole windows situation. From what I recall you were able to get windows ten for free but now it is gone. Any bros mind helping me with this situation?
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display replacement on New 3DS XL

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Goddamn that name, first of all.
Anyways, so I bought a "New Nintendo 3DS XL" and the bottom screen broke recently. I'm looking around online for a replacement touch screen, and they range $30-$40. But I see tons of screens for the old Nintendo 3DS XL for much cheaper. My question is will the old 3DS XL LCD screen work on the New Nintendo 3DS XL? They both appear the same dimensions. I don't need the digitizer, mind you. Just the display.
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>be you
>scrolling by
>see this thread
>drop a pepe
>keep scrolling
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