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I've been trying to identify this headset that I received. The strongest match seems to be the Plantronics Backbeat Sense, but everything I see for those mentions being wireless but with a removable wire, while these have a USB and headphone jack integrated into them. The wires are 6 feet long, if this helps ID the unit.
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Better than Pixiv

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Where can I find better manga artists than in Pixiv?
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Need help to find a porno I had, but lost years ago. Was a cute as fuck japanese niece with an orange-ish sweater(?), visiting her uncle and getting dicked. After the fuck she was sitting in the window frame for a while (like the girl in pic), before doing hair and make up. Girl was totally cute, a 100% boner creator. Hope that /wsr/ can help.
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Can anyone give me some good anime, manga or light novel with paramilitary or military, war and politics taking center stage?
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How do you fix discolored edges on a CRT?

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As in on the upper right there is red at the edge and on the upper left there is blue at the edge
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I do not not where else to ask this, since asking for tech support is allowed figure this place is good.
If I went through the trouble of obliterating all my accounts and buying a VPN for the sake of privacy, switching to protonmail, startpage etc would making a google account with the encrypted email to use Youtube completely defeat the point of me doing this?
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Does anyone have a torrent (or link) for the complete soundtrack of Dexter? I would really appreciate help.dext