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Been using MPC-HC since forever and never had any problems taking screenshots. I recently reinstalled windows however and after installing MPC-HC again, with codec pack lite, everytime I take a screenshot it also takes the borders and subtitles with it. How can I turn that off?

Why is my bandwidth dropping periodically

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My connection drops like this whenever I play video games and gives me huge lag spikes. I have no idea how to fix it. Says driver is up to date.
Mobo: B365M DS3H
CPU: I-5 9500f
Usb Wifi adapter: Linksys - AC1200
driver: linksyswusb6300

math induction help

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no idea how to do this

i got nothing anymore

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500 thousand readers, what should i do to so they will buy? i have no more ideas

ngmi i know.

sorry i really like drawing/visual and i dont know how to do anything else
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C Language

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Can anyone help me with this? I'm a beginner in programming
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any SFW non controversial technique to attract milions of people to enjoy your work and possibly buys it at less than a dollar?

talking about comics and arts.

something surefire too
an amazing debut one shot, but im not sure if more screentones means more reader
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what episode from prisma ilya is this from
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Hi, just asking for a simple screenshot request with these images, I just want Mario's shirt in red. That's it, greatly appreciated.
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Critique my ex's poem

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My ex's English was shit when I dumped her. Now I found this on her profile. I didn't understand a single line. Is this good English, anon? What does it mean?