help a fluffhead - what haircut do i get

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hair is thick curly and frizzy
am going to shave the failed attempt of a beard

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Looking for a picture/comic, it was popular, showed a kid whose parents were fighting/talking about divorce I think, and the kid is sad, and then the kid plays video games and it helps him escape so he's happy

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Any other anime with unique artstyles like pic related? A lot of anime movies have that non conventional artstyle that I like like House of Small cubes.

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This is an odd request but recommend me manga/anime and I'll take comics/GNs too I guess where fans overwhelmingly love an arc compared to the rest of the series.

Some guidelines on said arcs are

>need to be at least 5-10 volumes or 20-30 episodes basically but no more than 1/3rd of a series so no it can't be half or 2/3rds (Light vs L part in death note)
>people almost overwhelmingly praise it compared to the series and almost everyone says it's a masterpiece at least relative to the series(yes there are people that praise Farmland Saga and Conviction'/Millenium Falcon but Prologue and GA is almost always considered the best part of the series)
>can't be too short (so nothing that's just a volume) like Lost Children Chapter
>If the series is extremely long like say One Piece then it needs to at least be 10 volumes

Arcs that would fall under this criteria are
>Prologue from Vinland Saga
>Golden Age Arc from Berserk
>Chimera Ant Arc From HxH
>debatable if it would fall under this category but Steel Ball Run
>High Society and Jaka's Story from Cerebus

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Looking for an old picture of a kid with pink hair and what looks like pink cat ears. The pose is almost literally the same as the image on the right, without a tail, the ears are pink? and a paw print watermark or something. The style looks a lot like the one one the left though.

Song source

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Officially 2 months of search, the video is from S.E.L but I don’t think the music is from the show, I originally found this on wsg in a ygyl or an amv thread (I don’t really remember). I really need this, anyone know this goddamn song?

River City Spam

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I have been cleaning my online presence lately and I forgot the password to an old email account. Google won't let me recover it but I know it was caught in the River City Spam databreach. Can someone tell me how to get access to the full database so I can find my old password for free and no it isn't on leakpeak.