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Help This Anon Out

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I need to make a graph with these 2 numbers. My teacher gave us them and told us to do so for a free 100 on our homework. Thanks fags

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Where can I download osamu tezuka's MW in english and good quality ?
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Where do i find non weeb anime? Any non weeb anime you recommend?
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Need a youtube playlist

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My Algebra 2 teacher is offering a handsome lump of extra credit on the final to students who do 10 hours of outside-of-class practice. Well the final's tomorrow and I haven't even started so was interested if any of you had a playlist of super long Algebra lectures off hand. First post on 4chan don't fail me.
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What are good anime/manga/movies/whatever about revenge? Something kind of like braveheart, where the main character is avenging someone.
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Anime OSTs

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Once went down, I had to struggle to find anime OST's.

I don't give a fuck where to find old anime. I'll figure that out. But where should I find the soundtracks of said anime? They're much rarer. So few people seem to care about them.
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Ok so my dad is putting burned ash in his teeth to see if it will whiten it, now can someone please just say something so that he doesnt do something stupid
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Anyone have that gif of a boyfriend pretending to feed his distrscted girlfriend only to get her close enough to surprise kiss her and she gets mad?
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Howdy. Never built a PC before and am not well versed in PC builds. First build I had used integrated Intel graphics. Second struggled to push past 25 fps with anything using dynamic lighting.

Never again.

How's this look r8 me bbz
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Tech Newfag Requesting Price Range

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I'm an oldfag who knows nothing about Tech and computers, but I found an old HP Pavilion a620n (2004) lying around my garage and I want to sell it on EBay or Craglist. Here are the specs inside it

The computer works perfectly fine. I decided to upgrade my personal PC back in 2009 and this has been lying around ever since.

How much should I ask for it /wsr/?