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What character is this wojak based on

help with gondola

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can someone find me 2 gondola webm
the first one had this image and some what a creepy song.

the second was gondola and his family in a car accident and the car goes to flame mid the webm
also if you find them and can give the sauce of the songs then do it pls (0w0)

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can any codefag tell me how to change the color of this thing (if possible)
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anyone good with voice actresses? this character's voice in god of high school sounds so familiar to me but I can't find her actress as it's a minor character so she's not listed

Staring Animals

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I need more animals with similar vibe as pic related
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Elliot Rodgers

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I'm doing a psychological study on Elliot Rodgers for a psychology class, I would like anything related to Elliot Rodgers. But more than anything I would like some lore and a good wojak of him.
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color index problem

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guys need help on this problem how the fuck do you relate b-v to the real distance for the vega class star

Academic query

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I'm not a burger. I'm unfamiliar with the western culture.
I have a question about women who live life on easy mode. Examples: amateur entries in porn, webcam models, snapchat models, Instagram models, raunchy cosplayers, women who sell nudes, undergarments via patreon, only fans, in short, women who monetise their nudity, sexuality, femininity instead of conventionally working honest day's job. Given the fact that such large number of women are choosing this path, my question is how are these women accepted in the society? Do they have any difficulties in obtaining jobs later on? Romantic/marriage partners? Dating? Society's view, family's view of these women? Is there any stigma? Discrimination positive or negative?
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