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I want to buy posters of cute tomboys and hang them on my wall. How do I go about this? Where do I buy them?

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What’s the best laptop €800 can buy? It needs to be small, have a decent battery and display, and support loonix.
(€800 = $900)
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In the FPGA class I'm taking, we are using MATLAB to test some filtering, FOr that, we are using the Fixed-Point Toolbox "sfi" funciton. Does anyone know of a GNU Octave alternative?

I've read about the fixed toolbox, but it is no longer mantained. I hope any of you had experience with this.

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Anyone know how to make interlaced images? I don't ask you to make one for me, though if you would, that'd be great, but if there's a guide, or anything, I really want that.

Turn-based RPGs

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Could I get some turn-based RPG recs?

I feel like fresh rpg maker games are also almost impossible to find nowadays.
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Happy Anime

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Could you guys give me some interesting anime that leave a good taste in your mouth? Happy things, not the depressing shit I've been watching lately.
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Conspiracy anime?

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Can anyone recommend an anime that involves a secret organization 'out to get' the main character? When I was watching pic related, I thought it would have been interesting if there was a secret organization out to get him.
Doesn't exactly need to be like pic related, but anything where there is a secret organization trying/plotting to stop the main characters. Bonus points if it's the government.
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Anyone knows the name of that character and/or who is the artist? It seems like from Warship Girls or KanColle but I'm not sure since I don't play neither games, already tried using iqdb with no luck, while Google Imagen search guided me to a completly unrelated chinese page about geishas(yeah, really)
Sadly I don't have this image in better qualiity or resolution, sorry.