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To what chan should I migrate to be as far of poltards as I can.
The damage done is already irreparable.
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does anybody know what the fuck is this?
it's supposed to be digestive glands of a snail but looks nothing like it
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Does anyone have a link to this wallpaper? Asking for a friend.
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Years ago, I stole some porn pics of a friend of mine. She became one of my best friend's gf and I decided to stop fapping furiously and delete all from my gmail account.

Now I want all the stuff back. For the old glory faps.

Is there any I can do to recover that? It's been deleted for two or three years, so I can't ask google to restore that.

Pic non related.
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Anyone remember some pseudo isekai manga where a highschool guy and two other girls have to kill some monster every other week. They stay in their own real world until they get called to some other world to kill a monster. They were given a random class/job to fight the monsters. If they get enough exp or level up they can get a new job, though its again random. The mc starts out as a farmer or gardener then his class becomes a chef.
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Portable Wipe Programs

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I'm wanting to ebay a hard drive, but first, I need to erase the darn thing just to be on the safe side. The problem though is that most of the good programs like DBAN requires to run the computer outside of windows, which for me, isn't a good thing since I still would like to maintain the use of my computer for the next couple of days. That said any recommended disk erasure program has to run inside of windows.

Also, while on this subject, what is the best method to use? Gutmann is old and outdated, and so I wouldn't trust it, but random data sounds like it would work. Also what is the difference between a wipe, and a format? I already performed a full format on the drive, but i'm just wiping it to be safe.
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Anyone have some good anime recommendations?
I'm looking for some gloomy stuff, i recently rewatched gunbuster and am in the mood for something similar to it. Preferably old stuff.
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Looking for an Icelandic movie

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This movie is supposedly impossible to find, and my friend is requesting it because they really like the composer who is featured in the movie. The movie is called Tears of Stone, but in Icelandic it is Tár úr Steini. Anyone who could provide a link to torrent it or a link to purchase it would be welcome.
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Logo design

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Hey guys, I'm trying to make a logo like Audemars Piguet but with the initials MB.

The end of the M being the beginning of the B.
I found a similar font as a believe the AP logo was designed long ago and probably done by hand.

On word its called FrankRuehl but for some reason whenever i try to save the file words macros crop it up. Even as PDF.

If anyone knows how to get around or would have an easier way to make the logo, like some other font that would be great!
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Violet Evergarden OST

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I am looking for the song "Aira Yuuki - Believe In...", but the instrumental version. The instrumental version plays in the anime itself but it doesn't seem to be included in the Automemories soundtrack disc, so I wondered if it was available anywhere else (and if a kind anon could help me find it). Thank you kindly.