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Looking for a video, pretty sure it was on YouTube. Titled "Looking for an apartment online be like" or something to that effect. I remember it was 30 seconds or so long and by the end he's considering an apartment super far from his job and rejects it because the commute includes a 20 minute walk.

Twitter grabber stuff

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Is there something like media grabber where you can download a certain twitter account pictures in batch?
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What are some of the best historical movies

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Anything between the beginning of civilization to the 1800s honestly. Nothing made recently or at least nothing that just exudes modern (2005 onwards) acting styles and writing.

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Music video I watched online in the mid 2000s to a pop song where some guy was dancing in some like disco place or something, then he starts ripping off his skin until he's only a skeleton? Help finding this?

Zero-day exploits

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Any good website for fresh 0-days and other hacking resources?

Looking for a webcomic

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Hello everyone, I am looking to find a webcomic I read some time ago. I am 99% certain it was a webcomic that has its own dedicated site rather than being found in one such as or webtoons. I'll write what I remember about the plot here.

This webcomic was about a guy who, through a series of pseudo-creepy events, runs into some masked person (wearing a bear mask iirc) that eventually knocks him out. When this happens, a strange symbol appears somewhere on his body. He asks his school physician about it, and he eventually finds a group of people who have also had something similiar happen to them. It turns out that there exists a virtual reality word ran by some "gods" which appear in reality as those masked people and choose some normal people to participate in this world by marking them. The "God" that marked the protagonist is apparently one that usually didn't ever mark anyone or do much of anything at all, possibly due to laziness.
This is as much as I remember for certain. If any of you know the name of the webcomic I'm talking about, it'd be much appreciated!

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I had a fuck-awful day and would really just like a funny dog pictures thread
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Does someone have the concept art for
>Re:Zero season one
>Higurashi Gou
or anything else?

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Hello, 7 months ago i deactivated and deleted my yahoo email adress. I realized that I had my epic games account linked to it and I tryed recovering the account. I can acces the account, know everything about it but after 3 tickets to Epic Games they said they can't change the email and that I should contact the email provider. I tried contacting them but everytime I have to insert my old account they just tell me that the account has been deactivated. Can I do anything to change the epic games account e-mail or somehow gain acces to the deleted yahoo e-mail adress?
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