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Requesting Sinister songs for sinister motives.

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>Someting to make justice to Aki.
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There's a copypasta that I have been looking for that I can't remember what exactly it was about, but the narrator was incredibly angry about something very trivial, and there were a lot of angry, almost incredulous rhetorical questions. It might've been about food or drinks, but I'm not sure. I think it was told like it was an anecdote, but again I'm not sure.
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Help me.

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Can anyone unpixelate this photo, yes it's from tin.
Thank you a lot!!
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looking for any and all variations of kots, so far I only have 36.
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Time Sensitive Nyaa Request

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Greetings /wsr/, I have a request that is on a time limit. Recently someone on YouTube was subbing Cutey Honey Flash after nearly a decade of no progress. YT got to their account but someone on /m/ saved the subs onto a temporary file sharing service which can be found via pic related. Since my connection and torrentfu are a joke the request consists of taking the subs, putting them on raws, and uploading a batch (preferably on mkv) on nyaa. Raws can be found here: nyaa.si/view/619367

I understand this may take a while, but every Cutey Honey fan will thank whoever succeeds in doing this! Yes this is anime and yes the subs are English in case anyone is wondering.
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