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Hard Drive

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Hello /wsr/, I have reached a dead end for trying to repair my WD MyBook 1TB external hard drive.
Here's some background information about the hard drive.
>hard drive had (mainly) movies and some photos
>due to the power cord gone missing, it sat in the dust for about five years already
>recently I wanted to see the files and decided to take it apart and directly connect it to my motherboard (SATA + Power)
>upon connection, windows 7 detected the hard drive and installed the driver successfully
>only problem is it didn't show the files
Wondering what happened to the files, I opened Disk Mangement to see that the hard drive is "unallocated".
I already tried TestDisk and MiniTool and both failed, but to my surprise after opening a hex editor, selecting the hard drive and scrolling after a while shows signs of data.
Any suggestions/solutions /wsr/ or am I fucked?
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How can I rice my browser like this ?

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Please !
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Old site for Hasbro games

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Im trying to find a bunch of the old Hasbro flash games. I remember playing them when I was a wee lad, so about 2005ish?

It had a bunch of different Hasbro toy brands that each had different games. Some of the brands included Nerf, Super Soaker, and Star Wars.

The site wasn't actually a hasbro.com site, it was called "Monkeytv" or "Monkeybar" something. All I know is that there was a "monkey" in the sites titlr and it had a bunch of hasbro brand flash games on it
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So what are the current popular romance manga? It's been years since I last followed the manga scene and back then shit like Good Ending was the thing people were talking about.
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HTML CSS help please

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Im trying to get the social media div to be beside the information one and not be under it.
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I am looking for a painting of an american artist I think, with a man holding a rifle, a woman and a child next to a pickup truck. If anyone knows the name or better has a high res version of the painting . thanks
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Can someone provide where to find more of these from this artist or a place to download a pack for these? I looked all over but no source.
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