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Trying to commission an artist to do panel art for my arcade stick. I've scoured DeviantArt for over an hour and I think I'll go insane if I have to search for another minute for that "perfect artist". Can I get some recommendations for artists that are taking commissions that can draw in an anime art style? Preferably in a style like Symphogear, the style of the first couple of seasons of High School DxD, Daimidaler, Durarara, or Baccano? Price shouldn't be an issue.

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What are some good games to play semi-mindlessly while listening to podcasts and stuff?
Need to be
- Not a lot of reading (hard to do while also listening to voices)
- Not super strategic/thinking-focused
- Story isn't the main draw
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who is this cum slut?

Short Survey

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Please take your time to answer my short survey for my thesis short film. Thank you so much for taking your time if ever!
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Someone have this picture of Mariya Takeuchi in a better quality?

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Hey anons, I hope some of y'all out there are tech geeks.

My computer is basically bricked right now. It started out of the blue yesterday; every time I tried to start it up, it would get past the Dell logo before just going black and restarting. I've tried everything the help forums and faqs suggested (bootrec, windows install, ect.) but it all either didn't work or just made it worse. I'm gonna try to take it to a professional within the next day or two, but I'd really not like to spend $100+ just to have it sit around for a week before they fix it.

The picture is how it looks now when I try to start it up.

It's a Dell Inspiron 5559
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Industrial processes

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Hey guys, looking for a specific webm/gif that's popped up but I neglected to save. It's a gif of an industrial pipe being expanded by inserting a rod. The machine used was yellow, iirc, well worn and rusting in some places. That one I want because it's l-lewd and I need it for some giggles. Any and all other webm's of industrial processes are appreciated though, since they are fascinating.