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Mouse recommendation

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I was looking for custom mousepads at aliexpress and saw that a deathadder is under $25 so i decided to check and the steelseries rival 100 is around the same price, Which one between those 2 do you recommend? Maybe another recommendation under $25 from the same site? aliexpress works better for me because i live in south america and they offer free shipping unlike amazon and other stores where you end up paying more for shipping than the product.
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Could someone make an angry crying Wojak of Razorfist? Bonus points for running eyeliner.
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Recommend me comfy animes.
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/r/ing a webm of someone going into some sort of mental hospital where he's filming walking through a corridor and it's full of retards of all kinds dancing and goofing around.
After a while a completely naked retard walks in and nobody bats an eye.
It was a low-quality video (like filmed with an old phone) and it looked like Russia or a similar poor country (but I may be wrong about this).

I remember seeing it with the filename "4chan.webm" or something similar.

Thank you very much in advance.

Webm a bit related, but obviously it's not the same people or video creator.
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Torrent help

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How do I fix this ?
I need the priority in the first one.
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Can anyone recommend me some media about people who give up on life and turn to crime? I just watched Holes and I love how Kate Barlow loses everything and just turns outlaw. No strictly vengeance stories, please.
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I'm looking for a windows 8.1 activator, that isn't filled with bit-coin mining malware or some other shit, like 90% of the stuff on piratebay.

Or one of those 'non-legit' sites that sell Windows Keys, for dirt cheap, but work.