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Christian Heresy name?

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I'm looking for the name of a Christian heresy that believed that salvation can only be achieved through ignorance, poverty and simple living.

I remember to had seen it in a mod of this game.

I don't remember their exact name but it was something like "illiteratists"

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Help me find a song I've been looking for almost a decade now.

I just remember that it was something similar to punk rock and played in the background for a football video, and the beginning of the song had a build-up with the hook being a long "it's youuuuuuu".
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my computer has been beeping for some reason, I don't know why? (Haven't heard it in a long time.) I'm surprised

Looking for some Touhou songs.

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I'm looking for some Touhou Doujin music, I download them some years ago and now I can't find the artist of the circles to download the full albums, if by any chance any of you guys know please let me know.

Here are the songs with the names I saved them:

Touhou Project - Instrumental_Team - Deaf to all but the Song.

Touhou Project - Jazz - Boys and Girls of Science Era

Touhou Project - Jazz - Higan Retour ~ Reverside View

Touhou Project - Jazz - Lunar Clock ~ Lunar Dial

Touhou Project - Jazz - Returning Home From the Sky ~ Sky Dream

Touhou Project - Soft Jazz - Broken Moon

unexplained images.

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Send me the weirdest images in your folders that you can't explain
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Cpt Marvel on movieninja

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Am I retarded or is the film not working on movieninja?

the devil computer

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Hello, /wsr/

We have a fucking devil PC that refuses to run. It's my roomie's father's and we've been trying to get it to work for MONTHS, slowly replacing every single part.

Problem: After pressing the power button, it shuts off after 20 seconds.

We have tried:
New PSU, new mobo, new CPU, new RAM

New PSU powers our PCs fine, so it shouldn't be the problem.

The new MOBO is an upgraded version of what we had, but after multiple attempts, it began to shut off instantly. I noticed the pins were bent on the CPU socket. Fucking LGA1151 retention lever bullshit (would shut off immediately after turning on). We went back to the OG mobo.

We are at our wits end with this thing.
Tested the PSU and the voltage readings are accurate. Even tried our own PSUs in our current builds, nada.

It sounds like the CPU is reaching temp. threshholds (we are using stock heatsink) and shutting off -- but why? This is an EXTREMELY light build. We have also tried it without the HDD, and a new HDD. We have also tried the mobo completely out of the case as well.

Specs (and also parts that we've tried that it still wont run with):

Intel Celeron g3930 2.9ghz
Intel Pentium g4400 3.3ghz

H310M A (this has bent pins now)

DDR4-2133 4GB x2


Corsair CX650 (first one we thought was bad, sent back, got a new one, still a no go)
EVGA Supernova 650G2 80+ Gold (in my build that I'm typing on now)

We have also tried various thermal pastes, thinking the stock paste on the sink was bad.

Please for the love of god. Somebody. Somebody help.
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