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Does anyone know the comic or image or video where someone does/asks for something stupid and then someone at a counter says something like "Miss this is a Deny's" Might not be denys but something like that.
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Retard in need of math help

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How do I determine the "maximum domain of definition" (I'm not sure if that's right; I don't really know English math terminology) for these functions?
I know it's supposed to be piss easy but I don't even understand what that is. For example, in exercise one, x^2-2x > 0, then what?

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Can someone help me look for an old text based horror game, it involved a student finishing a paper at college and then getting mixed up in some lovecraft type shit I think

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Does anyone have that greentext where it's a picture of a guy with a lit cigarette hurriedly filling up his tank at the gas station?

I think the greentext was about what he was thinking, and it was something like "there could be NIGGERS here, and if you have a car you're free" or something like that.

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Does anyone know where I can download the Oniisama E soundtrack? All I can find are a few tracks here and there. It was uploaded to youtube so I'm sure there's a download for the whole thing somewhere. Thank you for the help.

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Does anyone know the genre, or more artists that use similar beats? I've definitely heard that squeaky "eh-uh" sample before and I'd like to listen to more music like this.

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I recently finished an anime called Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita, and I'm sad because I really enjoyed it and now it's over, and I tried to watch something else but I couldn't get into it because it was just too different, so I'm looking for more anime like it so that I can get into it more.

Some of the things I liked most about the show were that the protagonist was almost a NEET (I would have enjoyed it more if she was an actual NEET but this turned out to not be the case), that it had a lot of lolis in it, and that it had no men in it. So any anime with some of these elements would be welcome to me.

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How do I make this look less like shit? Is there a way to match image quality/resolution or something? I want this to look decent but the Pepe layer compresses when I resize it

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How do you solve this? The solution is 1/10