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Calculus review help?

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next semester I will be taking a class that requires a decent bit of calculus, but I am a bit out of practice because I had the bright idea to get my calculus classes done when I first started college and that was my last real math class was a while ago
a friend gave me their review homework so im doing that to refresh myself
any help, answers, or just pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

a. I know how to do
b. I feel like I should know how to do but its not coming to mind
c. I don't think was even covered when I took calc
d. having "e" and "x" in the exponent always messed me us so I need help with that
e. for that one I just need to expand and integrate right?
f. same as d
g. I vaguely remember limits being simple but I don't have an idea of where to start
h. factor numerator, divide by denominator
i. I don't remember what this is called, but from i1 to i4 I just substitute the values into Xi and sum it up right?
j integration, but I remember not liking integration with a numerator and denominator so I might need a bit of refreshing
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'Fuck the USA' image

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I'm looking for this one image with the text:

United we stand against the true motherfuckers of the whole world. America suck the cock of my torso. Fuck the USA

It's got a bunch of cartoon/anime characters with various flags on them. (I remember Goku)

I've tried just about every image search site on the planet. Please help.

Factory Reset

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Is there a way for me to recover my files after a factory reset? Am using a computer just to let you know
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Does anyone know where I can find an online English translation of the manga in the pic? I've only been able to find the alternate version made in 1999

Soul Beat : Replica by poeyama

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Does anyone have this album? The songs were used in the official Steel Ball Run website.

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Who is this amazing Asian babe?
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Hey /wsr/, I am looking for the samples used for the 2010 song "Playback" by Nieve, in particular the main, piano (?) sounding ones, though the drum and bass lines would also be highly appreciated. I have attached some machine separated audio and instrumentalized versions as that may help. Additionally, the samples were used for the annual /v/ the Musical track "Screencap" in musical number six. Any leads are highly appreciated. Thanks!