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Does anyone know how to get humble book bundles? Specifically this one, torrents are no good, I can only find a handfull of them and not this one I want, 15 bucks for it sounds pretty fucking steep for what it offers.
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You guys know where I can watch tv series and movies online, old sites I used to resort are now all down

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there is this fat annoying dog around the corner it already bit my doge and myself in the arm
any smart smooth stealth ninja way of get rid of it?like for ever?

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Could I get a translation to english?
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Need this guys

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Hey /wsr/
Would someone please download these pictures and upload it all together so I can download them all? My phone is shit and isn't compatible with imgur
This is the link

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Anybody have the gif of this?

And is it just me or is Google Image search getting shitter and shitter?

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It's a movie that came out recently. The only things I know about it is that it is about the occult. And there is a scene where there is some kind of giant angel on one knee in a room. A woman is staring at it.

pic not related


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icon change

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hey, guys. i need to change some icons.

i started working with many large photo albums. and sometimes, people need some specific picture from one of those albums. y wanted to set an image to the folder icon (i have better visual memory than writen) but win 7 have those open folder icon and the pic looks kinda side ways. is there anyway to change them to be straight?


Looking for a movie

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I'm looking for a movie I saw like eight years ago possibly more but definitely after 2003(lol), it was about a [asian] all girls dance school(can't remember if it was a dance school or a HS with a dance club) which was about to close and for their last year they had hired a western former dancing champion as dance teacher in hopes for them to win the last competition they would ever have.
I can't remember anything else than that beside that when the teach has to leave everyone goes to the train platform to say their goodbyes and a song along the lines "If I could change a goodbye for tomorrow I'd.."(I can't really remember the lyrics) starts.
Everyone besides the teach was asian, the school was in a village/small town, the genre must been drama and the audio and the quality looked like those from an asian "DORAMA" from 2008.
If anyone has any idea of what I'm talking about I would appreciate any info you could give me even if it's as small as that you have actually watched this, because I'm been trying to find this movie for four years and I'm starting to think it was a fucking dream and that I'm been clowning myself for almost half a decade.