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wiki site

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i'm doing some work some journalistic work and i wan't to take what i write and present it in a wikipage type format. i don't need anybody editing. what would be the best way to do it.

also i don't any bs were i can be told to take it down. i have never made a website so i don't really know how to approach this
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Guys there's a random french woman speaking through my laptop and i have no idea who to do with it

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I need help finding some particular animu

It's from the late 80's or mid 90's, it's about some troublemaker who goes around with a hot chocogirl that's actually a djinn. I can't really remember much besides that, any ideas?
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Am I allowed to ask for cracked shit here? I'm trying to find a version of FL studios and i don't wanna pay a benjamin if i might not use it that much.

>yes i searched all over youtube, got my cracked sony vegas 13 from there, dunno why there are no legit cracked FL studio tutorials i could find

>yes i searched google

pls help
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Looking for picture

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I have a very strange specific picture that I haven't for the life of me been able to find. Honestly anything that even matchs the criteria a little bit would work but :
Elderly/old man, long hair, long beard, white colored hair/beard, eyepatch, has a bow or crossbow, looks stern
Please help !! : (
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What's the best place to buy a new PC in Toronto?
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Can someone translate what the text says?
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