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Does anyone remember this music?

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A few years back, YTPMVs using high-energy DDR-style Japanese songs were really popular. If you know what a YTPMV is, and remember songs like "concon - S.C.U.", then maybe you recognize the melody in my link. If so, what's the name?
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can someone help me find this background image?
I asked /r/ but they told me wrong board
Thanks in advanced
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who here /techsavvy/?

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Can anyone here tell me what this thing is? I need to unscrew something underneath it but this is sitting over it and nothing on YouTube/Google is helping me (I'm trying to disassemble my ps3) I don't need help disassembling it, I just need it's name so I know what to pop off the s.o.b. with, thanks to anyone who can help
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searching for an AMV where the camera goes from one eye into the othe, zooms from one into another.

(Pic not related)
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SQLite - moving data from one table to another

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I have 3 tables:
table1 has a couple of values, one of which is text1
tabletext2 has two values: ID and text1
tabletext3 has two values: ID and text2
Now I want to replace text1 with text2 in table1. How do I do that? I did it before, but forgot how. I remember that I did it using JOINs.
What I'm trying right now is:WITH ttexts AS (SELECT tabletext2.ID, tabletext2.text1, tabletext3.text2 FROM tabletext2 INNER JOIN tabletext1 ON tabletext3.ID = tabletext2.ID)
UPDATE table1 SET text1 = ttexts.text2 WHERE text1 = tname.text1
But I keep getting an error for no such column and idk why.
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What language is she speaking?
What does she say?

Pic not related
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Cloud Based Photo sideshow?

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Pic Related

Hi WSR is there a way to
have a photos folder on your computer

and be able to play it as a slideshow from your phone?
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Make this better!

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Hey, /wsr/. I request that someone makes this better quality, I made a shitty draft. I want the letters even and stuff. Keep the same format obviously, "INDI" ontop, "WEIRD" in the middle, and "UAL" at the bottom.
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