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Vega overclocking

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Does anyone know if there is a asus vega 64 liquid cool bios? I can undervolt and overclock it to run stabily at around 1630mhz, but it starts doing worse in benchmarks above that, with hwinfo64 showing clocks drop dramatically occaisonally. Runs very cool with high pressure + cfm fans. Thanks!

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Could someone please help me with the acceleration equations about this. I did the velocity ones and I don't know if they are even correct, due to the fact that our professor did not explain the material

Have you anyone this video?

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It's twitter video I think. The person who records it aims towards to a cup of coffee which has some kind of QR code or something and then a little black lizard or something like that appears dancing with a music in augmented reality.

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Working in Google Sheets no Excel. How can I make a document where after the last column hitting enter moves the entire row one row down? Or maybe hitting enter creates a new row above the filled row?

I've tried searching on google but I'm probably not finding the right keywords for it.

swiss knife

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Absolute dummy here, wondering if there is a cheaper alternative to the Victorinox mult-tool knife, preferably with a grip ergonomic enough it won't slip off my bare hands after a thrust. I don't plan to go innawoods, just want a companion with me in urban areas.

Fanmade TOOL - Lateralus video

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It was on YouTube but got taken down some time ago; the video was a bunch of disembodied hands crawling around and building a city of some sort. Very dark black-green asthetics; the hands also carried eyeballs to see. Anyone have a link or the video to upload? I should also clarify that as I recall the owner of the video made the animation themselves; although I could be wrong on that. Think cyriak but not just 2D and less whimsical, more gritty

Also, I found more info:

It may have been made by Phil Mucci, and the link that used to lead to it is this: [Embed] [Embed]

This is where I got the alleged information from: