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Digital Forensics assignment

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So as part of my assignment I need to create a mock digital forensics investigation; a scenario and all the files accompanying it. I was wondering if anyone knew any software that could be used to emulate some kind of hacked file or USB image with such evidence that could be found within Autopsy. e.g. something like how to emulate someone attempting to make a copy of a confidential file and leaking it, then being able to find such evidence in Autopsy. Yes I know this sounds dumb.

Thanks in advance.
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Can someone tell me what this means and if there is a safe way to use this site?
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I need your help. What is this song?

No.319537 ViewReplyOriginalReportDownload thread I can't find it with Shazam or SoundHound. Shazam keeps giving me different songs.
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Hey the neighbors.

Ive recently been listening to a d&d podcast and its got me in the hankering for making a character for my next session.

And to generally just learn how the game works better.

anyway i wanted to torrent some books. We play pathfinder so i want at least the core rules and dm guide. beastiary would be nice too.

Found a torrent on ye old piratebay but no seeders :\

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Can someone translate what's in the speech bubble and on the tablet please??
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Anime Sauce

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Can someone identify the anime in pic related?
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does anyone have a hardcopy of this fighting fantasy book? #37 portal of evil

>pic related

if so, would you be so kind as to show me what pages 123 to 126 say?

im putting all of my gamebooks into a program called Game Book Player and sadly im missing these pages on my first go of this book.

i implore anyone who would be so kind as to help me, otherwise, my adventure ends here...

>tl:dr some random dude trying to play a game book with missing pages and is asking the internet to help find said missing pages.
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Could someone shop the head of Barron Trump onto Norman Bates and the head of Melania Trump onto Norma Bates.

The two share an odd relationship, so I thought it would make for a good image.
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