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Are there any safe public trackers anymore? By safe I mean that they don't try to infect your machine with shit. I looked for a couple of torrents yesterday and TPB clones/mirrors always launch new tabs or windows that usually immediately get closed. I scanned my drives and got a couple of detections right away.
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Range and domain of a function

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I can't find the range and domain for this function.
Picture given. Thanks for helping me!
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So theres this new game announced at E3 called Noita and it seems really cool so far. Here's a link to some gameplay if you havnt seen it already
There's no sign of a release date anytime soon, but does anybody know of a game thats similar or looks similar in style?
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Is there any other program to make my controller vibrate continuosly? I tried "controller vibration tester" but that stops vibrating the controller when i minimize it. Is there any way i could somehow "force" the program to think its on the screen even if it is in the background?
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Pentium vs Core i3?

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Need some advice. My brother wants to buy a cheap laptop for the most normie shit ever. You know the deal. Read/send emails, office suit (word, excel), checking facebook/twitter/whatever, maybe the occasional movie.

So he was considering this cheap laptop, don't even remember the specifics, just that it was an Intel Pentium and I remember suggesting that he upgraded to at least a Core i3. But is it worth it? Are Core i3 better anyway or you need to go up to Core i5 and better to really see an improvement? Any help appreciated.