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Hello, 7 months ago i deactivated and deleted my yahoo email adress. I realized that I had my epic games account linked to it and I tryed recovering the account. I can acces the account, know everything about it but after 3 tickets to Epic Games they said they can't change the email and that I should contact the email provider. I tried contacting them but everytime I have to insert my old account they just tell me that the account has been deactivated. Can I do anything to change the epic games account e-mail or somehow gain acces to the deleted yahoo e-mail adress?
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I'm trying to remember this book I read years ago back in Elementary
It was a book that centered around the narrator (a young girl) observing a small family of siblings who were infamous for being rascals and having neglectful parents
Said family would steal from Church services and mess up shit and there was also a joke of them not liking the Three Wise Men and King Herod because the latter tried to kill Baby Jesus and the former were sent to possibly kill Baby Jesus.
By the end of the book, the narrator has to talk about one of them and is flabbergasted to realize that despite everything, there is indeed redeeming qualities in them much to even her surprise.
It had a film adaptation

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Having trouble finding a higher resolution picture of pic related, I'm looking to use it for the 5 canvas poster, but, im worried the current res photo I have of this is too low, and will be able to see pixels upon printing onto the canvas being blown up so large
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Do you recognize this manga?

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I have been searching for an album called "Sortie" by Naphthanline Squall. I have found 2 songs from the artist (one from the album and the other from another). Does anyone know where I can find any of hers or any information about where I could potentially find them.

these are the songs I found:

Catgirl maids

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I need pictures of neko maid cosplays like this one
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Hello anons, first time posting in this board. I cant seem to find where should I ask this so I'll do here anyway.

I want to learn japanese. I started with duolingo and lingodeer, are these good ways to learn?
Do you have tips for learning japanese? What should I focus on? Are there other (better) resources for learning?

Sorry if this is the wrong board, if theres a proper one for asking this, please tell me which one.