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Need a youtube link

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OP posted and he still hasn't given us a link, all help is welcome.

world war 2

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any movie about nazi that isn't a nazi-hating propaganda and show the war as it is?
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What are some anime with themes of death, responsibility, virtue and honour. I want something classically heroic and timeless and also not naive, like mononoke hime or seirei no moribito.
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I need an image of an Egyptian travel book tilted at a 30 angle to the right upon a wooden coffee table for an epik miem
Also, it would be good to have this pic turned into a wojak if it had the angles turned and whatever added
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I'm still on x58 and I'm technologically retarded.
Should I buy a 3070 when it's out?

Does anyone have a PDF of "Redesigning America's Community Colleges"?

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I am part of a faculty "Book Club" and I left my copy of the book in my office. The discussion is Friday, and I finished most of the required chapters, but I feel wrong not finishing it before then. I might have some PDFs to offer as a thank you if you don't have copies.

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i fucking loved death note when i watched it 9 years ago. haven't completed a series since then, need recs for similar based shows

Give me ideas for my protagonist's motivation

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For a story I'm writing, the protagonist's goal is to restore harmony to a politically unstable world.
I need to come up with a motivation for this...why does the protagonist want to achieve this goal?
My story is still in the planning stage, so just give me anything off the top of your head.

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So, after updating my IPhone 11

The Audio for Vids/Streams gets cut off when I leave out of the Safari App

I want to know if anyone is having this issue and I want to know if this is a Bug or not?