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If you were in the market for a solid mid range pc how much would you spend on a system like this?
>i5 turbo to 3.9
>hyper 212 evo cooler
>corsair hx850
>GTX 760 acx with 130 mhz oc
>thermal take v4 w/ added blue LED fan in the front panel
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Im loking for clothes that control the user

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I already know junketsu suit from Kill la Kill, and i want to see more like that.
like Venom suit or the possed dress from i'm dangerous tonight for example
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name this song

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Looking for a song that sounds similar to Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence". The lyrics involved counting numbers down (or up), and I always remember associating it with rockets going to space
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image please?

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Does anyone have the full version of this image, where you can see the midgets?

...and yes i have tried reverse image search.
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Does anyone know the name of this artist? Got this shirt a long time ago (one of my favorites) and I'd like to see what other artwork this person has done. Thank you!
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Please, help me determine my PC's worth. I am in a very bad situation right now and I need to liquidate it.
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What anime is this wojak pic from?
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Need Chrome help.

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Hey, I've been using chrome for as long as I remember.
Except, ever since 18th of February of 2018, Chrome seems to heavily use my processor every time a new chrome.exe process is created.
Also, whenever I open a new tab, or do literally anything related to chrome, it also heavily stresses the computer.
I have repeatedly tried reinstalling Chrome, previously deleting it with uninstallers which remove even rgistery entries
I have also tried a Malwarebytes security scan. It detected a few results suggesting Potentially Unwanted Programs which I could not put to quarantine for some reason.
It was since the following update:
Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.261.1260.0)
Ever since then, Chrome has been having such problems. I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere (not one that works, anyway), thus i am coming here before trying out actual forums.
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