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Could someone checkup my part lists ? It's my first build and I can'tbe sure enough
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Is there a manga or anime isekai about someone teleported to caveman times? Where they have to teach people things like language, harvesting crops, and smelting ore to make tools?
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Translation help

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Can any swedebros help to translate this to Swedish?

You did not visit the (Walmart) store today because:

a. I do not need any (Walmart) products today
b. I have no time for visiting (Walmart) today
c. I don’t like the (Walmart) products (style/ price / quality)
d. I don’t like the (Walmart) brand
e. I don’t like the (Walmart) store (atmosphere, convenience etc.)
f. It is too complicated to go from a shopping mall to the (Walmart) store
g. I prefer to buy home furnishing products online
h. Others (Please specify___________________)

Thanks in advance.

Lucha Underground

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Hey people,
Is there anywhere I can access Lucha Underground Season 2 and forward from the UK?
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Folder Organizer

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is there a program that can Reverse Image search what’s on my hard drive and rename files Accordingly according to the search results on the net? But is also automated and can do more than one file at a time ?

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What type of music is this? It sounds like a cross between shoegaze and indie. All I know is I need to find more music like it if anyone on /wsr/ could guide me or recommend some bands.

Roman grils

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Need more of this style of pic please. Im trying to find all of them but dont even have a source.