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I will not assume the members of /jp/ speak fluent Japanese, however..

I would like an exact translation to Japanese
English : A Shinobi's Reality.
Japanese : ___________ (しのびの生活) ?

I don't want a logical perfect 1:1 translation, I want the translation that makes a NATIVE japanese speaker differentiate between
1. Shinobi Life
2. A Shinobi's Life

Slight difference in English. Don't know if that's the case in Japanese.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


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I need to free up an hdmi slot on my pc. Currently i have an hdmi to vga cable connecting my monitor. Will it still work if i buy a display port to hdmi adapter and plug the cable into that? I don't want to waste money

How do I get into Idolshit?

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I've watched my good chunk of series, but I've avoided Idol because it seemed empty and uninteresting. I think I should be somehow wrong, and that there are some good/fun shows.
Recommend your best.

I've watched Zombieland Saga and maybe a couple more semi-Idol series btw
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Monsters, Animals, and Other Worlds A Collection of Short Medieval Japanese Tales

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Re-requesting this:
Anyone know where to download a epub or pdf of this?
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new manga to read

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tsunderefag here, give me a good manga to read with a tsundere MC (either girl or guy), no yuri, no yaoi, I can read moonrunes so no translation needed, no harem, it doesn't have to be focused on romance but I want it to have a romantic relationship in it