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need help translating from korean

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What does this say? I downloaded a program from a Korean site, and so far I could just help myself with google translate, but I cannot copy this and it seems to be an error that prevents the program from being installed.
Pls help.
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I have this song stucked in my head, but I still cannot figure out what's the name or who's the author. Can you recognised it /wsr/ ?

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don't mind me just want to upload this pic so i can use the search engine
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This is supposed to be programming project in one of the C books.
I wrote a program and got 63.44 as an answer for the given values.
Can anyone calculate this to double check if my program is correct?
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I've search the web but no luck, so I turn to you: Im looking for the ringtone (or ringtones) of the old Motorola phones (polyphonic) im most interested in the one named
For your help thanks.
Pic related, this phone had this ringtone moto c261 (this ringotne even was featured in some razer models)
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Best place to find comics online?

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I've spent way too much on my comic addiction and need a free alternative
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