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Help to identify WWII era Russian song

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Heard this song in a documentary about the Second World War (The World at War, Episode 11, 1973 ), it's been in my head ever since. I'm pretty sure it's in Russian.

They don't play the whole song, and the title and artist aren't given. Can't Shazam it because there is a voiceover playing over the music.

Obviously this is a very obscure song, so finding the title seems to be a long shot. Could someone who knows Russian transcribe the audible lyrics (transcribe to Cyrillic is fine, I can read Cyrillic, just not understand the words), so I can search by lyrics?

Thank you so much!

Link to song, begins at 36:29 and lasts to 37:27.
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What's the name of the rap song that always plays on the Boombox?
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Video edit help

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Can someone make a shooting star video meme of my friend. It's for a project and have zero editing skills, it would help alot.
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Can I get recommendations for compact smartphones? All the recent ones are either cheap trash or premium condensed versions of larger phones. Looking for one around $100 used or new that is compatible with Verizon/Page Plus. Absolute largest screen size acceptable is 5". My current phone is the nexus 4, so something at least capable of the same performance if not more powerful is necessary. Thanks for any recommendations.
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Can someone please make the color of the wall this? #282737

Or maybe some other color you think goes better, but that doen't hurt my eyes at night?
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could someone find the original backround to this picture if possible thank you :)
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can someone photoshop me in front of this building? make it look like i was there...
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Can someone remove the text from this?
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Can someone translate this please?