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POV pretty girls smiling

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Looking for more like pick related to add to a subliminal program.


POV images of girls smiling, lusting, miring at the screen would work great. I know that there are quite a few images of groups of girls smiling, miring at the camera floating around.
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Weeb documentaries

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Hey /wsr/ can you recommend me a good japanese or weeb focused documentary? thank you in advance

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Okay, so there's a video I've been trying to track down for months and I have no idea how to do so, but I know at least one of you has to know what I'm talking about.

It's a comedy skit about a group of businessmen. They have a intern that keeps trying to bring them coffee and memos; each time, they roar 'DULUTH, MEN ARE SPEAKING' and proceed to beat him to near-death.

They actually eventually kill him, then one man remarks that he 'served with his father in Ko-rea' and would be proud to tell him he killed his son. The rest of the men drink whiskey and off themselves.

I want to say it was a Whitest Kids U Know skit, but I don't believe it actually was. It was definitely very similar in style and production, though.
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Hey guys I have a problem and you might be my last beacon of hope. Simplified the problem is that I can't install the new graphics driver for my display neither can I install any old ones. If I try to install the newest I always get a black disconnect screen after a while and if I try to install old ones either nvidia installer thinks its not compatible or I get a BSOD. I already reset the computer and completely uninstalled with numerous programs every single trace of old broken drivers. And it can't really be the graka because I still have a display just without the nvidia drivers. So I really don't know what to do anymore and every help would greatly be appreciated.
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Sauce ?
Yes i know this Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
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