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Is /r/ing a higher-res version of this pic considered a shop request? Not sure if it'd be a shop or drawfag thing, but regardless I'd like it to be high enough res for a computer background, probably about 1920x1080 or somewhere in that region. Also could you just make it so that it's only the interior design (the electric poles and sky, not the black rounded background)

Thank you anons!
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Sentimental anime recommendations

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My friends, drop the best sentimental anime in your opinion, well done romance is appreciated but not necessary. Hopefully there's still something good I haven't seen yet. Thanks
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So how does one change the resolution you capture images at with MPC-HC?

I'm trying to take screenshots from certain videos, but instead of being full-screen, they come out at native resolution of the video.
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PC build

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So I'll be getting a bonus at the end of the year, ranging from 3000 to 3500 USD and I want to drop 2500 USD tops on a new PC.
I would mainly use it for Maya and Houdini, some animations and phys sim. but nothing crazy.

Do any of you have any PC builds you could recommend to fit into under 2500USD pricetag? I am so far removed from building at this point that I literally would just slap SLI 1080s into it, buy some i7 CPU and call it a fucking day, but I feel like that might be overdoing it and I don't really want to waste money unless necessary.

Would appreciate any pointers as to where to look for the relevant PC builds too (because google throws up "gaming pc" builds at me)
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Coil whine

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So I've had a GTX1080 G1 Gaming card for a bout a year now. Last night while playing Shadow of War (about 20 hours played allready) it suddenly developed severe coil whining and it does this in all other games as well.

Does anyone have experience with this? What I've googled so far is that most people with coil whine RMA their card since they just got it. But mine has been fine for over a year so what the fuck? Sending it back is not really an option anymore.

If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great.
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Just a guy in love !

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Hey guys I'm just a regular fag in love with h my teacher. Any advice. For how to build an better connection with her ?
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Ever since yesterday I feel dull.
Recommend me something to do, watch or read.
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