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What are some comfy recent anime? I need healing
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Help identifying a cult

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Hey anons i'm trying to find some information on some rich people cults its from brazil and the name is Gnosis or C.E.A. i have no fucking clue of what that means, all i came across was those 2 names Samael Aun Eor and Ernesto Baron can someone find anything about it?

Tec support

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Hey I’m having trouble with my pc monitor but I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It keeps flashing for a bit before fading black then repeating, along with that the screen is green. Before this the right side had a faint green tint. The monitor is about 6 years old and a HP Pavilion 23xi if anyone can tell me how to fix it or if I need to get a new one
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name of a tv show/ movie

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cant remember the name of the show:
there was a tv show about people discovering the way to be immortal (something about their genes) but ended being incapable to reproduce with anyone except the ones that share the same gene trait, so they had to use a necklace with a colored stones for each... "gene type"
the ones with black necklace couldn't reproduce.
any idea?
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What to watch next?

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I've been watching anime for only a few years, not sure what to watch next. I'm hooked to One Punch Man, burned out on One Piece and Shippuden, seen every Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia is feeling too kiddish. What next?
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Could some one please edit out the horrendous shine. Or make it not as bad at least.

Ps:that’s me as a 14 year old boy.
Thanks in advance

Trying to build first PC

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Trying to build my first PC, and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. Made this list with the parts that I think I might be getting. Could someone help me and say if it’s decent?

What I was trying here
>Budget: 1000€ maximum
>Mid-to-high build, mainly for gaming
>As silent as possible without watercooling (I’m afraid I won’t be able to properly install it on my first time)
>Not too big

Thanks in advance.
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Possible manga request

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Is pic related from a manga or comic? I see a feint line running down the middle of the wallpaper so I thought it may come from a book/comic/manga.