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Need a third character to post infront of my sips. It doesn't have to be no bg png i can make it one myself. It hast to be from anime and look edgy like the ones i already used.
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Name of this comic?

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It featured a gangster trying to kill all the superheroes in a city because the mob can't operate anymore. The comic started with that gangster killing other members who betrayed the mob somehow.

The first superhero he killed looked like Doctor Occult with a face mask and a staff. The Doc Occult lookalike said something about training with the "Pirate Ninjas of Aztechia" or something while the gangster "only had a gun". I remember the gangster then fought a scientist with an old school tin robot where it's implied it's also his sex toy. There was also a Deep One style fishman who worked with the mob for one issue later on.

Need vidya games to play

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Just got a brand new PC and for reference this is the list of what I will be playing when it comes. Please let me know if I missed any obvious good games.

Tier 0

>Skyrim Anniversary edition

Tier 1

>The Outer Worlds
>Dragon Age
>Death Stranding
>God of War
>Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
>Dark Souls 2
>Deep Rock Galic
>Horizon Zero Dawn

Tier 2

>Dark Souls 3
>New Resident Evils
>Bioshock Infinite
>Red Dead
>Red dead 2
>Stanley Parable
>Metal Gears
>Middle Earth
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Psycho Killer

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I'd like to download my favorite recording of Talking Heads - Psycho Killer in the highest quality I can, but there's very little info on where this bootleg sourced its audio from:

Most comments I saw mentioned it being a radio broadcast in '79, and I managed to find a few other videos with similar quality but wanted to see if I could find the real source. The best source (maybe) that I could find was this spotify album that's not available in the US for some reason. I don't know the process for ripping spotify albums, but I'd really appreciate anyone who'd let me know how to do it or just uploaded the file they got.

Here's a link to the song and album:

Honestly this is probably not what I'm looking for based on the difference in track length, but I couldn't find any FLAC versions from the bit of poking around that I did. A FLAC would be the end all of my goal, so those would be appreciated as well.

[pic is a map of countries that it's available in according to this online tool I found]

anyone know where to find a epub of this book?

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The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts

Dragon Ball Movie

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I cannot find the proper title for this movie. Thank you in advanced!

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Could anyone help me with the name of the voice actor here?
Also does the song have a name to it?