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Photoshop please

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Is anyone able to photoshop an Ar15 into his hands instead of the money?
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What's the name of that anime ova/movie with a kid that gets isekai'd from a tower to a warring land with no water and gets thrown into prison with a girl that gets raped every night?

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Hi /wrs/ Im having problems with Illustrator in my Mac.
The Touch Bar does not work with the color cmyk for changing color but it does with hsb and rgb.
I try to swipe between color for Cyan or magenta but it just don't change at all and I can use it in PS

What is this from?

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Is there a good website or search plugin that lets you search for images by quality? Every time I do an image search on Google I end up with 3000x4285 resolution images that end up being hyperstretched 100kb JPGs from or somewhere. I'd rather have, say, 1600x1200 2mb PNGs or something similar.

Anything like that out there?

what do

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not sure if this is the right board, but could someone remove the text or maybe provide the original image? thanks brahs

Mega Man Mega?

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Does anyone have any good download links for Mega Man: Fully Charged, especially a Mega?

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pic unrelated. What's a good cheap laptop? For the last few years, i've been using a lenovo thinkpad t420. Unfortunately, the laptop's date limits it quite a bit. It slows down with only a few tabs open, and it has trouble running a lot of games l play -- I don't even play intensive games either, mainly ck2, DF (though it runs fine for the most part, surprisingly) and heritage for the future . However, I also don't have the money for something actually good. tldr; l don't want a super shitty bootleg laptop(a good bootleg is fine though, if i can get away with it) but can't afford something good. Normally i'd google it but I trust you more than the bullshit listicles google would find me. Please help me out lads.