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I want to know which mega man game it is that I remember:
in the first level, one has a selectable red or blue shield that one must match to the color of the enemies' laser/plasma shots,
but I don't remember which.

According to the graphics it had and the only mega man games I have played, it is either for Super Nintendo (SNES) or Gameboy Advance (GBA).
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Alright who's got some sauce?

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Looking for webm where pic related as actor is listening to some Anime(K-ON!) music.

Police are knocking on door

He then proceeds to destroy every data he has by magnetizing his hard drives and frying his disks in the micro wave

police then bust in but he has destroyed everything

Inkjet vs Laser printers

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Which one do I choose? I'm starting a business so I'll be printing a lot of colored documents. Is there a difference in printing costs?

>Pic unrelated

Physics 10th grade

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No idea what i'm supposed to do
1. the transfer throughout the movement.
s= ? m
2.distance travelled during the movement
l= ? m
3. average speed during the movement
v average= ? m/s
4.the time moment when the body's speed becomes 0(t0=0)
tx= ? s

I have to do it by tomorrow, so i'd appreciate some help
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Hey anons, weird request for you. I'm currently writing an essay on Ruby Quest, that old 2009 quest that TheWeaver ran years ago. I'm specifically looking for a link to the IRC chat where TheWeaver admits that the William Murdoch poem The Metal Glen was actually written by him, since i'm including it in my argument and I can't seem to find it on the /tg/ archives. Some help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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is the talented anon, who made me this here? i want to show you the embroid we did! pls keep this thread bumped so he sees it!
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Spotify playlist name

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I just made a spotify playlist and had thought of a name of it for 10 minutes but i can't come up with a creative name. Now it's called "The sound of crunchy libtards" but it isn't a good name. But if you come up with a name it need to be along those lines.

Building a New PC.

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Novice here, built this PC about 5 years ago but it's time for an upgrade now.

I currently have:

Intel Core i7 6700K Processor (4 GHz, 4 Core, 8 Threads, 8 MB cache, LGA1151 Socket Box)

Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard

>Graphics Card
GeForce GTX 970

Cooler Master Seidon 240V CPU Liquid Cooler '240mm Radiator, 2x 120mm Silencio PWM Fan, Blue LED' RL-S24V-24PK-R1

>Power Supply:
Corsair CP-9020098-UK VS Series ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Power Supply Unit, 650 W

I'm thinking aobut upgrading the CPU, Motherboard and getting a RTX 2080ti

Am I right in saying that I would need a better Fan and more substantial power supply to accommodate the new Motherboard, CPU and Graphic card.

Thanks in advance!
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