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looking for a 4chan screenshot from /lit/ i think where anon talks about guys having interesting or at least original thesis title ideas and then he lists a big funny list of female thesis titles

some are along the lines of
>Einstein vs [someone else], who raped me more by having existed
>[gender studies in ssome bullshit niche]

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Sup dudes
I'm looking for a specific image, and I'm not sure how to google it effectively
It's the one where the guy's saying something along the lines of "Someone posted something I disagree with! How could this be happening to me?" It's implied he's mentally deficient, and it's a drawn image. It's fairly popular on 4chan but I don't think I've ever saved, and I want it now to insult someone on 4chan. If anyone's got it and will post it that'd be great and I will appreciate you

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Can someone please turn Gavin newsom into the crying Jordan? Thank you

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can someone make this into a sneed for me please?
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Die Furchtlosen Vier

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Do any of you know if there exists the original German version of this movie with English subtitles? I wanted to watch this movie but the only things I can find are a german audio only version of Die Furchtlosen Vier and the english dubbed censored version "The Fearless Four" (several scenes were cut in the international release).

I wanna watch this movie uncut, but English subtitled, and I can't find it.

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instead of using a mouse i'd like to have some sort of glove that can register finger movements, hand and wrist orientation, etc.. anyone heard of something like this? (or know how to construct one?)

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Does anyone know who painted this and what the painting is called? Reverse image search options only linked to wallpaper sites.

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Where can I get a high quality Blu-Ray torrent of Rules Of Engagement? All I can find on piratebay is 720p dogshit.