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USB data recovery

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Hey guys, how can I recover data from a damaged USB.

I´m on windows 10 and when i connect it, it tells me i´ve got to format it to acces the information.

I tried using the chkdsk command in cmd, but it tells me it can´t read it since the usb has RAW archives.

I´ve also tried using easeus recovery wizard but it won´t detect anything inside the usb.
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Enzyme Kinetics

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So, my teacher asked the class to do a sketch of two graphs of initial velocity vs substrate concentration. One being a normal michaelis-menten graph and the other being that same enzyme but with a non-competitive inhibitor, in a concentration such as that 25% of the enzymes are on the form of the EI complex.

I have no idea how to fit that 25% in the equations so that I can draw a sketch.
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requesting sauce for stardew valley. better if torrent isn't needed
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I want to get some audiobooks and was wondering if anyone can pass me an invite to rainbow nation ebooks.
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I saw an image a while ago, and I haven't been able to find it since. It was a 4chan screencap from /b/ I believe, of someone's long, contemplative musings on the rise and fall of the board's unique culture. Next to the screencap was an image of Anon in hipster getup to match the general tone of the post. The text alluded frequently to a sort of "lost generation" idea, stating that /b/'s early-2000s culture was a product of coincidence and a haven for a particular social group at the time. Does anyone have this image?
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Dum Dum here, please bear with me.

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I can finally a high end pc. but i know little to nothing about what components i want it to have.
All i really know is that i want something that's able to run somewhat demanding emulators like pcsx2 , the dolphin emulator and the wiiu emulator on max settings, aswell as graphically demanding games like metal gear solid 5 at a stable high framerate.
i also want something that would still be viable to play demanding video games that will come out few years from now.
Would someone be so kind as to tell me what components i should for?
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I'll deposit $30 if someone can show me where to get these board shorts, and another $30 for where to buy the exact shirt in the picture too.
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