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RWBY OST torrent

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Looking for a dl link or torrent for the original soundtracks from RWBY. Any or all of the albums from vol 1-6 will do.

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Can someone help a brother out? I need drawing ideas, can be vidya and/or anime related, just no gross fetishes please
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Does anyone the source of this image or where I could find it in a higher quality/resolution?

Low signal

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Hey guys
At the biggining of this year I moved to a new apartment. The cell signal here is absolute shit. I never get more that one or two bars.
Is there an inexpensive way to boost my cell signal?

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Where can I get PowerPoint 2016 for free?

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My newly bought B450 MSI Tomahawk doesn't work. After installing necessary components on it and turing on the PSU, no LEDs light up and the PC of course doesn't power on. I checked the PSU on a different mobo and it works fine. However, when pressing the BIOS Flashback button on the Tomahawk, there is a blinking LED light for a couple of seconds. I checked and reseated CPU and RAM multiple times and they're definitely installed properly (I don't have another board to test them on, though). Any ideas?

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Retarded computer question:

Is there a difference between the terms clock speed and processor speed?

Our comp-sci lecturer says they mean two different things.

Trying to identify a song

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I'm trying to figure out the name of a song. Here's a hummed section: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1G4t6oR26hs
The hummed section has the words "I just wanna be" or "I don't wanna be". It's definitely a rock song, alternative rock possibly. I get a mid-2000s vibe from it. Sort of the style of Fall Out Boy, not electronic or smooth, but more "hard rock" so to speak.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.