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I need suggestions

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Anyone have any anime that are similar or will give me the same feeling clannad did. It's honestly my favorite show but i have yet to find any show that fills the hole that it left in me. Any suggestions

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What are some good music torrent sites where I won't get btfo by my isp?

Also what's a good alternative if I don't want to use goytorrent clients like pic related that collect data and snitch on you?
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A youtuber/DJ/whatever recently did a 12 hour live-mix and to no-one's surprise it was blocked in 99% of the countries on copyright grounds.

He has not uploaded it anywhere else for now, but I would love to add it to my collection as soon as possible. So, if anyone has a proxy, vpn, or something similar which allows them to download this mix and upload it to a more accessible platform, I'd be eternally grateful.

Link to said mix:

List of countries/locations it is not blocked in:
AX - Åland Islands
BL - Saint Barthélemy
GG - Guernsey
IM - Isle of Man

Anime characters

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Can you please tell me the name of the girls in the tanoshii line?
Especially the "Befriending" one.
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Can someone convert this JPG to a DST

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I have been trying to convert a JPG photo (pic related) to a DST for the past week so I can have it embroidered on a hat. Please convert it if u can. It has been driving me crazy. Thank u in advance.


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I'm not sure if it has been just because I've been self-brainwashed or some shit so I constantly look for it subconsciously, but I usually, at the most random times, see the numbers "911" everywhere I look and I can't help but think its premonition of something bad going to happen. What do you think?

What's the title of this manga?

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What's the title of this manga? Thanks.