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Is there any other program to make my controller vibrate continuosly? I tried "controller vibration tester" but that stops vibrating the controller when i minimize it. Is there any way i could somehow "force" the program to think its on the screen even if it is in the background?
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Pentium vs Core i3?

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Need some advice. My brother wants to buy a cheap laptop for the most normie shit ever. You know the deal. Read/send emails, office suit (word, excel), checking facebook/twitter/whatever, maybe the occasional movie.

So he was considering this cheap laptop, don't even remember the specifics, just that it was an Intel Pentium and I remember suggesting that he upgraded to at least a Core i3. But is it worth it? Are Core i3 better anyway or you need to go up to Core i5 and better to really see an improvement? Any help appreciated.
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How to remove a design on a sweatshirt?

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Okay so on Valentines Day my girlfriend got me a sweatshirt that says I Heart [her name] as a joke. Long story short we broke up, but the problem is that it’s a really comfortable sweatshirt. Is there any was you think I could wash or scrub away the letter/ design without harming the hoodie itself? I’m open to all suggestions.
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does anyone have any experience with the video editing software videopad? I used it a couple of days ago and was able to export my video into mp4 just fine, but now I'm trying to export the same video again (slightly edited) and it won't let me and I don't know why.
Does anyone know why its not letting me export? I understand if it didn't let me export because it was a trial version but it already let me export once before. Is there anyway I can get around this other than having to buy it, such as opening the software as a different user?
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I have a turcom TS-6608 drawing tablet and when I move the pen the cursor isn't shown moving with it. I've already downloaded a driver, but that didn't help. What do?
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Quick, name some scientific sounding words that starts with the letter R. Something not too long and doesn't sound to bizaare.
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source for the original image of this?