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Sauce please?

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Honestly just need the name of the anime she’s from. Thank you.
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What's that movie/series

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In 2004-2007 I saw this bit from a movie/series where they searched a serial killer who opened his/her victims and pinned them like butterflies to walls or beds. I've been trying to google it to no avail. I hope someone knows what I'm looking for.
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Making this text readable

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Is there anyone who could help by making the text in these pictures readable? help would be very much appreciated!
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Anyone know the artist? I like the style.
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where's this character from?
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Needz help with e-books

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Hey guys, i've been trying to do some e-books on e-pub format using the famous infamous Calibre (doing Light Novels since some of the ones posted on Internet kinda suck)
I'm new at this shit... so... I created a word archive with all the text fixing hyperlinks and stuff... added the book on Calibre, created the index, inserted the images and saved it... BUT when I proved it on my phone, it worked just fine exept for a little huge detail....when i change the background of the e-pub reader (Aldiko) from white to black, the text doesn't change to white...
I know it sound kinda lame, but the ones posted on internet do change the text to white and i need this to finally say this is complete... I'll share the Light Novel e-pubs once it's complete too...
Somebody save this clever idiot!!!
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Is this a good looking haircut to bring to the barber and ask if I could get it done like the picture?
Is this nice?
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Looking for a certain anime

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Its the second time I see a reference like this, so it caught my eye already, is there any anime with a character like this?
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