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pic unrelated. What's a good cheap laptop? For the last few years, i've been using a lenovo thinkpad t420. Unfortunately, the laptop's date limits it quite a bit. It slows down with only a few tabs open, and it has trouble running a lot of games l play -- I don't even play intensive games either, mainly ck2, DF (though it runs fine for the most part, surprisingly) and heritage for the future . However, I also don't have the money for something actually good. tldr; l don't want a super shitty bootleg laptop(a good bootleg is fine though, if i can get away with it) but can't afford something good. Normally i'd google it but I trust you more than the bullshit listicles google would find me. Please help me out lads.

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Anyone got any similar sounding songs to this? Preferably no lyrics. Just anything in the same vein as this in one way or another. Thanks.

A random image i've seen

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i remember a small western-styled comic of a couple touching the roof of their departement with a stick, to a punk guy drinking tea while the old neighbors under them were listening loud music. I want it for a meme

sorry for any grammatical mistake, english is not my native language

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hey anons, can you turn me into the Reichsführerin-SS please?
I want the same uniform that Heinrich Himmler had, that would be AMAZING \UwU/
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Looking for songname and band of a song
I remember chorus, and that a guy is singing, backed up with guitar and drums

Over and over again
I feel like
Ive become the enemy
Im falling
Falling apart
Should i just end it all, end it all
Cuz everything is wrong

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I am trying to solve a puzzel and I ended up with this mp3 file where they clearly embedded some binary data into in the amplitude. Does anybody know of a program that can automate the process of decoding this.