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Why do (You) help anons on /wsr/?
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How come I can't use Pastebin for months now? I do remember something about people only with logins can use it now, unsure how accurate that was.
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Bricked Old Phone - Note 2?

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Cleaning up today I discovered a discarded Samsung Galaxy Note II from 2014 or 2015.
It has some unknown version of Cyanogenmod installed. When I turn the phone on, it boots up Android then Cyanogenmod. The screen works fine, just as well as I remember. It takes a while to finish loading but then I get to my password sceen.
I don't remember the password I had 6-7 years ago but that's not the problem. I can't touch anything on the screen. My fingers aren't recognised - neither is the 'S-Pen' that comes with Galaxy Notes. I can see that the battery is 92% though and I haven't charged it since xD
Not only can I not touch anything, after a few seconds (this changes each time), the phone returns to loading Cyanogenmod again. With the logo and the spinning arrow. Loading Cyanogenmod can take up to a minute. I get a few seconds of not being able to interact with anything on the password protected home screen - then back to a minute of the Cyanogenmod loading screen.

Is my phone bricked? Can I factory reset it? Can I do this just via the hard buttons on the phone or via my computer and plugging the phone in via USB?
I don't have any important files on it, nor any memories or photos or anything like that. But it'd be nice to get a second phone operating just in case my current phone is out of use for some reason and I have an emergency back-up.

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This is a weird one, but would greatly appreciate if someone were to help me out in finding a song.
This video once had a song overlayed over it, in the years before youtube had copyright restrictions it went unnoticed. Recently I have been reminded of the song and can't seem to find it for the life of me.

The song was resemblant of drum and bass, but not as fast pace.

Can someone make an HQ version of thIs?

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Can you help me to identify these tunes/songs?

>Shitty smartphone = No shazam, soundhound, etc

sry for bad quality, thankies.

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Recommend me a movie.
I want something lighthearted. Comedy, crime, sci-fi, adventure-y that sort of thing.
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