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I was going to post this on /g/, but the sticky lead me here.

My PC recently shit out on me. Where can I find NEW, yet reasonably priced, computers? Every single thing that I've found on Amazon is refurbished and poorly reviewed.

The problem with my old one is that I can't get past the boot menu. It says to reinstall, but it won't allow it and it won't boot from the installation disc. The error says that winload.exe is missing or corrupt. I've tried everything I've found on forums to remedy the situation, but nothing has worked. So, yeah...If you know how to fix that old piece of shit or know where I can get a new one that would be swell.
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Looking for a clip

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A couple of years ago I saw a video with Japanese singing woman. She was singing like "a suki suka" (not blyat) and wore a traditional Japanese dress. And there was boat or river or something like this.
Help me find it.
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Could someone just make the blue part of this transparent? I'd love you forever.
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Some eleven made drawings of my waifu and took pictures of them
Is there a way to use photoshop/gimp magic to make the photos good enough to be used as wallpapers?
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Would anyone by chance have a working ISO of Dead or Alive 4 for the Xbox 360? All I can find are dead torrents.
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Could someone who knows Japanese please translate this text for me? I got it from the Japanese Yahoo Answers:

Also curious about people's thoughts on it.


・公園や海での水浴びで、男の子は全裸でも女の子は最低パンツ1枚 。
・子供のすもう大会。男子はフンドシ姿。 女子はブルマ+上着着用。
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What manga?