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Can someone photoshop this to have Sam Hyde on the monitor?

Reporting CP

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Is there a site where I can report to about CP ? found these sick links and want to take down the fuckers ASAP
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Anyone know where I can get pic related in FLAC?
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Can someone photoshop so goku is using his middle finger only during the instant transmission pose?

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Can someone please edit the photo so Goku is doing the middle finger during the instant transmission instead of him using both index and middle finger?

Need help with a website project

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Well anons it's time for me to turn in a project for a website course in uni that I was forced to take and had no interest in. Does anybody have some amateurish looking HTML template or something? I have the following requirements for the project:
>webpage 5p
>HTML validation 0.5p
>CSS validation 0.5p
>SASS inplementation 0.5p
>JS objects 0.5p
>JSON 0.5p
>XML 0.5p
>Media queries 0.5p
>CSS sprites 0.5p
>SVG 0.5p
>session storage 0.5p
>local storage 0.5p
>AJAX 0.5p
>JS libraries 0.5p
I just need a total of 6 points to pass. Anyone got some already done website lyinf around?

/gqt/ - Grammar Questions thread

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If you have any questions about grammar, feel free to ask here.


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I will list the animaymays I have watched and enjoyed and the ones I watched and hated, than based off this list you can recommend me some animes to watch.
keep in mind this list isn't in any except animes i enjoyed and animes that I hate.
>animes I enjoyed.
You're Under Arrest.
Cowboy beeboobobyboopdawoop (cowboy beebop)
Some of the Ghost in the shell
Gunsmith cats
jin roh
gunslinger girls
highschool of the dead
riding bean
hellsing ultimate
Welcome to the nhk
Girls und Panzer
One punch man
the one about girls on kettenkrad travelling an abandoned city and the blonde girl has an arisaka rifle uuhhhhh whats it called oh yeah girls last tour
Violet Evergarden
Spice and Wolf
Goblin Slayer
Yosuga No Sora
OreImo except the last episode.
the Melancholy of haruhi suzamiya
the disaperance of haruhi suzamiya
el cazador de la bruja
Gate thus the JSDF was there
Youjo Senki
Neon Genesis evangelion
evangelion rebuild
halo legends
>animes I disliked
Aria the scarlet ammo.
Kiss X Siss
space dandy
>Animes I hated with a passion, I hated them so much that I wanted torch the studios that created them.
Sound Euphonium

there is others but I can't remember them I'll add the later.
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Hypothetically, I just inherited a lamborghini. It was free, but what are all the unexpected costs? Can I even afford to own such a valuable car?

I'm too old to not know this. Please.