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the source of this?

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Whats a free image viewer that lets you set it to open images by default at "Actual Size"?

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Please help me find the title of a book based on what I recall about the plot.
It's an English novel (probably from or set during the Victorian Era) about a young, charismatic and energetic woman. She gets married early, but soon her new husband starts hitting and abusing her almost daily breaking her self-esteem and will to fight. After a few years their son is born, and he learns from his father how to mistreat the others. Finally he finds a girlfriend and his mother, seeing her older self in her persona, starts abusing her too in spite for the freedom she has lost. And so the tragedy continues, perpetrated by the self loathing victim.

Thank you in advance for the time you gave to me and my broken English.
Oh and fuck /lit/

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Help finding a guide to set up a proxy server that has a changeable ip address? All I can find on google is web based proxy

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A few years ago I listened to this album that was really cool but everyone hated it for some reason. The cover looked sorta like this, it was a creepy moon face sorta thing. I can't even really remember what the music on it was like, unfortunately, I want to say it was somber and there was piano? Does anyone know what this album could be?

Name of anime

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Help me find the name of anime :

It was about a snake/serpent, [that may transform into a human (maybe)] he/she hides behind something and then kills someone.

Possibly, the serpent had a sword too.

It's not accurate as I just remembered a piece, and the plot interested me.

Maybe it was a shortseries

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Looking for an anime I saw years ago. Its a romance anime, and I can only remember it having only one episode. It had a girl in high school who was really short, and the guy she liked was really tall. She maybe been blonde. One distinct thing I remember about it is that the girl had a chick (baby chicken) on her head. Whether this chicken is real isn't specified, but its probably just one of those weird anime things. Hope this is enough