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Looking for more songs with a growing feel of tension and grandeur

Pic unrelated
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How can I convert a single color (white) png into an svg? Is there any easy way? Thanks in advance
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Any information on what type of shirt this is, or better yet where I can get one?
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Calling All Weebs

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Ok, so about 4 years ago I watched this anime one night when I was pretty tired so I only remember vague details, and I'm trying to put together a list on MyAnimeList and this is the last thing I need to add (and rewatch lol) and I can't find the name anywhere...any help would be appreciated greatly! Here are the details, they're fairly vague so I'm sorry about that:

>groundhog day style time loop
>MC was a girl, she would wake up in the same day...or maybe it was week
>She would always check her phone and notice the date hadn't changed, and I know her phone held some other significance
>I remember there was this cafe that she worked at, or frequented but I'm almost certain she worked there
>Soon, the villain started appearing, he looked somewhat similar to 'N' from Pokemon (pic related for those of u who dont know what N looks like), he had the green hair and everything
>He was trying to kill her IIRC, and (maybe) he kept rewinding to continue trying to kill her with something like a car crash
>In like the last episode she was trapped in a burning tower, and the villain dude was watching as she struggled to live then the clock struck 12 and the day ended
>I think at the end she went to heaven (or something like heaven), but not cause she died iirc

Ok, these details are VERY vague, I'm sorry about that, but I'm desperate. Any and all help is appreciated, thank you anons!
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Give me synthwave recommendations. Darker and heavier stuff is preferred. Pic unrelated.
Artists I already listen to:
>Carpenter Brut
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MacBook Hard Drive Issue

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So I went downstairs for 5 minute s and when I came back up, my MacBook screen was completely white. I have tried numerous restarts and all reset commands. When I unplugged the Hard Drive and put only a USB in, worked fine. Any ideas as to getting my Hard Drive to live again?
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Digital CGI that requires thought

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I tried Gwent but it wasnt to my liking, what other good CGIs are out there?

Hearthstone has been dumbed down enough for me
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Where can I download a Chrono Cross .ISO to play with PCSXR? I tried the obvious places and wound up with .zip files and .cue and .bin files that I don't know what to do with.
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