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Where can I get a high quality Blu-Ray torrent of Rules Of Engagement? All I can find on piratebay is 720p dogshit.

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Why do I keep getting disk write errors on Steam, and how do I fix this? There's nothing wrong with the drive itself, it is fully functional. Steam is the only thing having trouble with it.

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Unironically want to know where I can find tall trucker caps.
>look up tall trucker caps and get caps with slogans about being tall
>look up elongated trucker caps and find a single image about tall hats
I want to print a bunch of them with the funny reddit fish hat for a mate's bachelor party.
Where do I find tall trucker hats?

Time to Upgrade

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So it's time for my old Radeon RX 480 4gb to go to sleep. What do you fuckers think I should replace it with? My price range is 250-300, and i'm assuming if my current card is AMD then I gotta stick with AMD.
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Guys, I'm learning english, and aiming for a C1 level.
I've been, hitherto, diligently increasing my vocabulary (which was, in spite of the fact of being in here, an anglo community, seriously lacking), but honestly, I completely ignore whether I'm getting there, whether I ought to keep learning new words, or not.

These are the first 33 words I have in queue to learn:

A grub, singsong, accost, hives, a hovel, an eyesore (not in the literal meaning), heirloom, besotted, a gag (not a visual joke), to heckle, grit, restive, gargantuan, gin, dodgy, stymie, flob, fob sb off, bolster, sleet, patter, a locket, a migpie.
I can add a but more, I guess.

I post them so that you get an idea of where I am. These are all words I've found while reading, and didn't know the meaning of.

How important are these? Would you say that in order to get a C1 level fast, I ought to keep focusing on this aspect?

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Anyone knows a good site to torrent old cartoons?
Looking for XMen Evolution torrent btw.

how do we stop lgtb-poly-queer-homo-faggots-trannys-politics-niggers-jews-canadians?

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