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Old pentium 4 problems

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I was trying to upgrade my grandmothers old athlon 64 pc. I transferred all of the cards from her old motherboard to a newer pentium 4 system. I am not getting ANY video output whatsoever, not even BIOS. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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Pink haired female characters with muscle

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Specifically looking for anyone who can help me save some characters

Do strong female, pink haired, female characters WITHOUT hourglass/extra slim bodies characters are always drawn in? Do these characters exist? (Dont even care if its from a manga either_
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Can't use SD card

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I have purchased a 64 GB SanDisk microSD card today with a SD adaptor. When I stick it in my HP 650 laptop running Ubuntu, I get this error. It works fine in my Android phone and tablet, in which I have put the card prior to the laptop. What should I do?
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Can anyone recommend a good detective/mystery/horror manga or anime?

Example of is pic related
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need help trolling a troll

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this one troll keeps bombing my phone with calls
and im getting tired of it ive blocked his number but i want him to get trolled before i forget about it

his number is (719)-569-6409

please tear his ass a new one
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GC and Wii ROMs

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Playing games on Dolphin and need some ROMs, looks like some sites got purged recently. Is there a good site full of them, or a big batch torrent?
Preferably EUR/PAL but it's not that important.