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Help finding T-Shirts

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There was a webstore posted on /fa/ like a year ago and I can't remeber its fucking name,but I remeber 2 T shirts from it,one was a poorly drawn version of the unabomber sketch and the other was some dude pointing a liberator pistol at some dude with glasses

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This image without the text

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Anyone got textless version of this or can clear out the text? Please... and thanks in advance
(Kanae Sumida from 5cm/second)

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Where can I watch raw anime? There must be japanese streaming site like masteranime/gogoanime or so.
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I need help finding a songname by the band Sakanaction. Its on minute 01:00 and ends at 01:18.

Setting up Windows FTP server accounts

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I recently set up a Windows FTP server, and if I try to connect to, it looks like it's working but after trying to add accounts, or signing in with the account credentials for the only account on the PC, nothing seems to work.
Any advice?