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So, yeah, like its said in the title.
Dubs choose what anime of my folder I'm going to watch.
(I don't know if this is the right board to do this, so sorry in advance)
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Can someone dump his Basedjaks here im running low on them

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Really super long shot due the shitty info I have but there it goes anyway
I'm trying to find a song from the '90s/early '00s about a woman telling her love / lover / husband? he can go now since she accept what has happened and she's finally giving up and that she'll just pack her things up in her car an drive trough the country
Or so I think that's what the song lyrics tried to say, I can't even remember a single sentence o the song and all I can remember is having heard it on a youtube video with a 70's cadillac in grayscale on a desert dirt road as the video image

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How can I get For Honor to look like this on an AMD graphics card?
This is how you get it on nvidia cards but I can't find a working AMD equivalent of nvidia inspector to use. I've tried RadeonPro, RadeonMod and ATI Tray Tools (couldn't even get this one to run, though) and changed texture LOD and LOD bias through these programs but there was no difference in-game. I tried changing TextureLOD in the game's config file as well but that didn't work either. Maybe the problem is that I'm not changing "Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling" like it shows in the video, but then I don't know where to find and how to change a setting like that without nvidia inspector. I really like the aesthetic but I have no idea how to get it

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Can you post pic related cat reaction images, please?