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I need the source for this image, is it a game, some artist? I've tried but I couldn't find it via google 'cause it just takes me back to pic related, a youtube thumbnail.
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Where can i download Game
center GX english subbed episodes?
No torrent pls
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Website Idea

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I have a leftover domain and server.
But I don't know what to do with them.

Anyone have a idea?
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Make her skin yellow but not her face and her hair dirty blonde ,the shield light orange her eyes black not purple .The middle skin area where her stomach is showing make it gray ... her suit dark yellow .and keep the black trim on the suit black..
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Hey /wrs/, can you help me out?

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Some context first: I need to give a presentation about Hitler, I need to talk about the way he influenced fathers to consecuently influence their kids. I need you guys to help me out by photoshoping these guys as nazis. Thanks a bunch!
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Riddle solving

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Need help solving this Japanese riddle, its a hint at a passcode I believe is four letters. All I have is the full thing in Jap and two poor translations to go off of.

どうせ ここは夢の中で心の中だ ――きみの本音なんか誰も聞いちゃいないさ
だから格好つけずに 括弧つけずに言ってごらん?」「あいつらに■■■■」

>It is a bad habit to want to look cool if hunted down? Anyway I'm in my heart in my dreams - nobody has heard of your true honor So why do not you put it in parenthesis without looking like that?
"They are ■■■■" **** Password is the part with Romanized notation (7 characters)

>"ze's a bad habit of wants to put dressed when you are cornered?
anyway here is a dream I am in my heart - I do not listen to your true honesty, so please do not wear it without looking like parenthesized? " " They are ■■■■ "
**** Parts are written in Roman alphabet The password is changed (7 characters)
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shoujo ai

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please recommend me some good shoujo ai/yuri
something like sakura trick with feelings and cute anime lesbians making out
anime preferred but I'll take some manga too
thank you very much
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