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So, after updating my IPhone 11

The Audio for Vids/Streams gets cut off when I leave out of the Safari App

I want to know if anyone is having this issue and I want to know if this is a Bug or not?

food that makes you hungry

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i want to gain weight. i have access to a lot of high fat food which i eat but it is too satiating i go a long time without eating which goes against my goal. give me suggestions on real food to eat that makes you hungry. if you are going to recommend a vegetable it has to be potatoes and corn because any other makes me sick
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Can someone translate this?

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cant hink of a good anime to watch any recommendations
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What's a word for "peace that's temporary instead of permanent?"
Balance, I guess?
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Kim Jung Gi's Omphalos (2015)

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Is there any good samaritan who have this Jung Gi's sketchbook scanned, or know where to find it? I've been looking forever with no sucess. Not sure if the right place for this sketchbook is here or the adult request board, but thanks in advance

FFXIV icon

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Is anyone able to help with making or finding a larger vector (at least 300dpi) of the FFXIV dalamund MSQ icon (pic) ?

Photoshop help

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I'm trying to give this image the exact blue tone that the album "Dreaming of Revenge" by Kaki King has, but it's kinda hard.

What's the best way to do it? It needs to be EXACT, or at least a little close.

Who is this character?

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How to repair corrupt jpeg files?
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