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Anyone recommend a newfag in music anything indie alt rock like Franz Ferdinand?
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Help finding old forgotten manga

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I've recently remembered of this one Manga i read when i was younger, and have been trying to find since

The manga in question has these two scenes i remember vividly:

× The first a scene i remember has the main character in a bar, getting attacked and heavily injured. It would show him on a table with his chest all damaged, but then it would show his chest healing up and people mentioning he was the son of the devil.

× The one other scene i remember has the same main character fighting with a girl/woman who impaled him through a tree. Her weapon went through the tree and then through him. It also had him cut off the head of an old evil man, which triggered the woman to fight.

Help me, please
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I followed the guide at successfully but now it's all done I can't figure out if it's possible to pirate games. Any advice would really be appreciated
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Making dictionary app?

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Hi there, not sure where else to post.

My store has a rolodex with products and their price per-pound and it's a hassle to look through during rushes. I want to make an very basic app where I can list everything like a catalog and then we can type the names of items to find them faster. Preferably an android app, but I'm also alright with creating a document or web page, as long as we all can access it on mobile devices and use it similarly to "find in page" or whatever.

i.e. I need to find Vietnamese Cinnamon, I can type "vietn" and it comes up. Like using "find in page" on this image board?

Sorry if that doesn't make much sense. I just want to know where to start or if anyone has an easier idea of how I can achieve this. Thank you for any help, I appreciate it.
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Soviet wikipedia photoshop request!

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I'm hoping someone out there can photoshop the wikipedia logo to be soviet themed for my avatar on steam. Thanks a bazillion.
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