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source on this meme. Reverse image search gives nothing. Variations on the meme would also be helpful since I can reverse image search them.

Thank you.

translate it weebs

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does it say anything about password?
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DRAGON QUEST: DAI NO DAIBOUKEN (TV) Heavenly Flight Arrangement

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I'm autistic as fuck
In ep 39 at 18:49 Pop is about to confess his feelings for Marm and an arrangement version of Heavenly Flight begins to play
However no matter how much search, I can't fucking find it in the soundtrack
here's the OST
I went through it tons of times and can't find it, can someone doublecheck and go through it to make sure I haven't missed it by accident? I'm going insane here

Did Biden ever refer to Clarence Thomas as a 'Rape Ape' or 'Superpredator'?

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I could swear I saw credible evidence of the 'Rape Ape' and 'Superpredator' monickers.

When I went to dig for the source, Google only produces sources from the past ~year that steer away from the Confirmation Hearings or focus on the Anita Hill testimony itself.

When I use alternative searches, the closest things I can find to evidence are:

Am I being gaslit or did I get tricked into believing a meme that has no roots in reality?

Pic unrelated, but have a fun meme for your trouble.

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What the hell is that?