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Oi, who's that girl? (File too large, webm linked)

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I'm going to watch The Ancient Magus' Bride but I noticed that it has an OVA that aired before the show. So I figured I should ask (and I presume it is better to ask here than /a/), do I need to watch that OVA before watching the show, or is it the kind of OVA that is ignored by the show/the events of the OVA are also adapted in the show?

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Really need that image of an NPC Wojak cracking through to reveal a real person underneath. Thanks

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I’m having an argument with someone who says that HEX# EAEBF4 is NOT in this image. I disagree. Can someone on pc confirm wether it is or isn’t? I can’t right now as i’m on mobile right now and I’m finding it difficult. I would be eternally grateful
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Hey guys, I need some help, can anyone turn this pucture into a tattoo stencil, I can't find it anywhere, I feel like it's a stupid request but I don't know what else to do, thank you in advance.