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physics problem

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Moving with a speed of v0=11.11m/s the car starts to break and after 4.6 seconds it moved double the way then in the first 1.5 seconds of the breaking. Find the breaking acceleration.

Tip. the result is a=2.13 m/s sq. But i have no idea how to get it. Im kinda lost what formula should i use here to get anything.
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Does anyone know a place that has scans of boardgames, etc? Like digital copies ofthe boards of board games, their cards, papers, etc.
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I'm looking for an image of pepe the frog that looks like a painting. He's wearing one of those bowl shaped hats and holding a nintendo DS or someshit.
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Do any of you got pdfs on that series of DIY books "Building a machine shop from scratch"(i think that was the name) ? I only got the 4th one and can't seem to find anything online.
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Can someone photoshop a mexican hat and a cuban cigar on this guy? Thanks in advance.
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Need winning nunbers

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Can anyone put winning numbers here for me??

In this order from left to right 30, 12, 18, 9 and 35
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anyone know where this is from/who the artist is?
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Hey guys, i have one question. There's a song i listened to many years ago. This song stuck in my head but i can't find it and i'm searching like crazy.

It's either k- or j-pop. The only thing i know is, that you can see some girls in colorful uniforms dancing at either a playground or a schoolyard. As i said, it's very colorful (red! appears often). Those girls are also flirting with some boys i think and singing about them. It's a very happy song.

Some english lines like "Sorry sorry sorry boy" could be included.

Sry for this vague explanation, but i'm going crazy about it and there are like hundreds of girl bands out there and i can't find it.

Thanks in advance!
(Sry for my english and possible mistakes)