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Has anybody got a good quality torrent? I have The.Dead.1987.WEBRip.x264-RARBG but the quality's shit.

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Could somebody please direct me to a torrent link for the latest Game of Thrones episode?
Season 8 episode 2

Tech Help

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I bought pic related HDMI splitter because my computer only has on HDMI port on it that I have to use for the monitor, and I hate having to unplug said monitor to put in my drawing tablet or whatever else.

Long story short is that I brought it home and it doesn't work, even with just Monitor HDMI > Splitter > Computer HDMI port it doesn't work.

Did I do something wrong? I'm not even getting a light when I plug anything into it.

Looking for a game

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I'm looking for a specific point-and-click adventure computer game for children with dark visuals. I know for sure that it was published before 2004 and that it was available for sale in Germany and it had German voice acting.

The game is about a female mouse who falls down a well and wants to get back home. There's a level where she has to help a centipede with her shoes. In an other level there is a spider and a math/word puzzle. In a later level the player has to solve a puzzle while the protagonist begs a scientist mouse to stop something.

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4chanx. There are some hidden posts that I can't see, but usually there's an option to click the [+] button if they are hidden. Works on other threads and boards however a specific thread doesn't seem to be working with it? Maybe my settings are wrong?

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As a child I watched a cartoon film where there was a castle in a forest.

There an old witch captured a girl and she extracted her youth so she could reduce her advanced age.

Can anyone which film was it?
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What are some classic essential pre-2000 anime?
Like Neon Genesis Evangelion
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