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Name of this manga?

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What manga is this?

What is this from

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Ps4 Japanese pic

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English speaking anons, mind pointing out mistakes in this text for language learning purposes?

Let's talk a little bit about art.
When someone mentions the word "art", what would you usually think about?
A painting? Music maybe? A book?
All of them are pretty common associations, but what exactly is this "art" thingy, if we had to explain it to an alien who usually says weird stuff like "human knowledge"?

Well, the first thing that we usually think about when somebody spits that word referring to a particular piece of culture, is… well, cringe, because nobody says it; but if we happened to agree with this boomer, we would understand that he implies that this bit of culture, this painting, this melody, this book, has a certain kind of value.

Now, let's move this to a particular field of what's usually regarded as art, such as, painting.

What makes a painting art?
We all have heard at least once this guy we were talking about just a few lines before say that a drawing (maybe, even one of your own) is art, or what maybe could have happened plenty more times than once or twice, about this little thing that seems to impress everybody: realistic drawing or painting. Which is what typically represents virtuosism (which well, in a certain way is), and talent.

Is, however, any of these things the gist of what actually composes art? Or just an hyperbole from our boomey friend?

I'd say that, most likely (even, and lamenting, if woe were to betide our buddy), it would be the later.
There are tons, and I actually mean it, tons of artists who can make technically astonishing works. And considering this, one has to wonder: where are their paintings?

Let me illuminate you: in a little shop three streets away from your flat, being sold at no more than… a few thousand buckets, luckily? 5 or 6k? Come on, a veritably baffling price in the place that you'd expect it to be at, something completely worthy of the apex of art.

... Is it?
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Seaching for a webm

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Any anons have that webm of a really tall burger and someone is applying melted cheese on it using a rolling paintbrush?

PhotoShop Request

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Would someone be able to create a 5, P, and D out of the text in this image?

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I want, no, I NEED a movie with this aesthetic

But not sexual implicit furry shit. I know how you guys are

Any language or country. Black panther would probably fit the bill but too obvious