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I need some help with transfering my Win10 key to my new pc.
I have a legit Botnet10 BOX copy (the USB one), I've just moved my SSD with the OS to a new motherboard and I need to activate it. I tried to change the key to the same one I had used before but it's still connected to the old mobo. Should I just reinstall the OS? Or maybe should I somehow deactivate the key on my old motherboard and then activate it again ?
The Box version should allow switching the OS between machines.
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NVIDIA drivers and Windows 10 sucking ass

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I had no problems before but Windows 10 just decided to install fucking driver updates for no reason that fucked the sound completely.

If I delete my shiity nvidia drivers that are causing sound crackling problems then how do I make sure the stupid Windows 10 doesn't just reinstall them?

I already uninstalled the NVidia sound drivers from control panel but it did not disappear so I guess it reversed to an older version that didn't have the issue.
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I'm looking for books on the following topics:

>Motivation/Self confidence
>Self Improvement
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Would you please draw a friend for MR meme
This is inspired by a thread drawing a friend for mr meme on [s4s] so its a funpost but is also a request in a way, it can be funny and serious.
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I am trying to install i3-gaps on debian 8 using the guide on

But when I am about to the do the ../configure part pic related returns.
apt-get install libcairo2-dev returns that the version is up to date. What am I doing wrong? (I am a noob and I apologize for it)
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4chan image downloader

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Hello! i know , it is a noob question but anyway.
Maybe i am not the only one who is looking for this. Is there any good 4chan image downloader what works?
If yes, what one, or what you can suggest? thanks in advance!
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Need someone who can speak Chinese to help translate this image.

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Any help is very very appreciated.
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I have a REALLY strange photoshop request.
I need this figure -
Shopped into the picture attached in between the kittens paws or near the other figure already kind of pictured there.
Thanks for hearing out my strange request!