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Breakout online puzzles, can't seem to solve it. Link in second post, I keep getting errored with spam.

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someone please put yellow eyes and pink hair on kaworu please,thanks in advance anons


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Could someone edit this to have the CLRS or the Deep Learning from Yoshua Bengio book?

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I'm looking for a board game's name I've played once, it is kind of similar with pictionary, you have a few cards (images) you say an guess and people have to put a card (image) and guess which card the guy who said the guess put, if nobody or everybody guesses it then you don't gain points, the people that guess it gain points I think. and whoever has the highest points wins or something like that

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Could someone upload this very underground (but very good) variant of a song to SoundCloud:


I wanna see what happens when it is there: will it get more views than the YouTube version.

pic unrelated

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I am trying to find a Manga I read years ago, but no search string seems to get any hits.

It takes place in a world where everything mechanical is from human body/bodyparts. So cars are hands fingering down the road.

Heavy lifting is done by a giant human body with the head removed and replaced with a work station for the small people to operate.

There are multiple chapters ranging from personal lives, to discovering feral giant humans, which the small humans harvest for more parts.

The style is amazing and anatomical.

In the end there is a reveal about the true nature of the giant and small humans.

The setting is near future.