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Can someone touch this up a bit?

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Hey guys, working on a logo design for a project. Can someone touch this up a bit or redo it to make it look sharper and generally better? Happy to give you credit for the work on it so just put a name or alias if you want it credited. It is supposed to be a wing btw
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Anyone got a place where I can get a full pack or collection of all the different seasons of the Jojos Bizarre Adventure anime? I've never watched it but I hear it's good.

Been ages since I looked for stuff like this and Nyaa seems to have vanished in the interim.
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/req/ Similar songs

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Any songs similar to this?

>Modry Efekt - Ma Hra

Songs with a real good amount of brass section. Songs with that detective, sleuth, professional feel to it with a tang of jazz.

>pic related
>2 of One-T's songs were made from the intro of Ma Hra
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What is the new
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Photoshop for a cool wallpaper

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Hey there. With the fact that I suck balls at photoshop, I thought that only reasonable solution would be asking for help here. I have this wallpaper which is very easy to use at a phone just by cropping it. But I want to use it at my 2 monitor (one is 1366x768, the other one is 1280x1024). And the empty middle part looks just... So ugly. Can any of you make such a wallpaper that will bi able to adapt to my split screen and look good?
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I want to start watching anime but i dont what to watch
I only watched a bit of Naruto but that was a long time ago
Any requests?
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