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Do you think these burns are serious? From cooking olive oil. Will they scar?
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Can anyone identify this?

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I found this photograph while looking through my computer and I spotted this post card in the corner of the photo.
I noticed it is of a piece of art/photograph I've been trying to find for a long time. Can anyone identify this image and what it is?

I tried reverse image search but the image is too distorted/not full enough to find any results, as well as attempting some google-fu, I've not turned any relevant results.

Originally posted in /ic because I'm dumb, I should have posted it here, this was probably the most relevant place to ask.

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Can I get source on the song that's playing in the beginning of this commentary?
Flambass won't shut up so I can't get a clear read on the lyrics.
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4chanx thread watcher is buggy

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I'm on firefox, the latest version and I use 4chanx
I was trying out this addon called Dark Night Mode but it was buggy so I uninstalled it
After uninstalling it 4chanx's thread watcher was left like pic related, it's dark and illegible
Already reinstalled 4chanx and violentmonkey but the thread watcher just stays like this

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Does anyone have the original source of this image where the cat is looking at a gigantic rooster?

Need to talk with somebody

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Hi, I need people to talk to.
Not horribly fucked up or anything, I just need some people to vent to.
Just need some good listeners, and if you have your life figured out, that would be a plus for me.
I'm 21.
brofromanothermo#7971 on discord.
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Tell me about Oobari. Which of his anime should I watch? I've watched quite a few mecha anime at this point, but nothing by him yet.