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I need methods to cheat using a cellphone in a test tomorrow. Pls help a mentally challenged anon /b/
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Christmas Gift Recommendations

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I've got a dozen people I need to buy presents for, and I've done zero shopping and I'm out of ideas.

Any good gift ideas, in the $10-$60 range, for people in their twenties and early thirties?
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Math problem, locus (geometry)

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Would really appreciate help here.
A (3,0)
C(k, 5)
K is a variable

1. Find the set of points (locus/geometric location) where the following lines meet/intersect: Line AC and Line BO

2. Find the value of K for which there is no set of points.

Answers: X + Y - 5 = 0, and -2

At least with clause 2 I assume it would lead to an identical slope, so they never meet.

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I'm looking for anime to watch, something with themes of 'compassion' in them

I have Funimation so dubs are preferred but am open to subs too

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Looking for anime with good tomboys. Preferably if they end up with the protagonist (or are the protagonist)
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Does anyone have a source for this image? Pic related is only the low res screencap which I found on
also, If anyone has a source on I'd appreciate it as well. The latter was technically about nofap but it mentioned some interesting names in metaphysics as well.

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There was an image that says
"Is not right vs left anymore,
now it's globalism vs nationalism"

But apparently (((someone))) removed it from the google searches, does someone have it? thanks bros!

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Are there any good sports manga about girls' sports, with a female cast? I love sports manga but it seems like there's barely anything about girls.
Could be shonen or shojo or anything but preferably not too ecchi.
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Need help with a song loop/edit

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Hi there, this is actually my first time coming to /wsr/ but I know that if anyone can help it's been proven to be 4chan or Reddit.

So I'm trying to make a video and I was wanting to use a song in the video although the song I want to use it only about a minute long and I'd like for it to be atleast average length, maybe 3 mins or so. But a 10 minute version would be amazing.

The song is the "Bars and tones" segment from Adult Swims "Off the air - Color" by Andre Chocron.

If anyone could make a quality extended version I would be so grateful to you. I'm gonna lurk here for a bit and see if there's anything I can offer here, but thanks for whatever.

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Can someone please scale this image bigger, i've looked for a higher res image everywhere but no luck