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How does one search for a keyword in a batch of .txt files on Windows 7?
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All you need is kill

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Hi /wsr/
please help me with a link to read or download the "All you need is kill" Light novel.
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Dell audio drivers, Tech support

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Alright, so I have a Dell Inspiron 15 i3531. I've been getting screeching static noises from my dell audio driver when I use a headset or earbuds. When I change the driver back to "High definition audio" It dims down A LOT but I can still hear it. How can I fix this issue?
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Is there a recording video game program that records small files? (not big files like FRAPS)
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Avid Pro Tools 12

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Can someone point me in the right direction on where to find a reliable download on Avid Pro Tools 12? I need it for a project and can't find any.
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