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Is it possible to find out who owns an gmail account just from the address?
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Pls help

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How to un retard pc
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any and all of this amazing creature
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Izetta of the Week(end)

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Does someone have an archive for Izetta of the Weekend? I need the original uploaded files, not the raped ones from shitty reader sites.
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LF proxy or vpn

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school blocks all media sites, need help getting a vpn or proxy thanks. even in last year of 6th form
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Weird hex value

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Can any of the bright minds here figure out if this hex value has any significance? Yes, I've tried converting it to ascii and it's not interpretable. I found it in an edgy discord server, the guy is just trying to be cryptic.
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USB Fixed Focus Macro Camera

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I need to take clear photographs of coins from like six inches away. My Nexus 5 phone can't do it reliably, and I can't disable autofocus on my webcam (pic related).

Can you recommend some kind of camera module, preferably USB interface?