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Drawfag, can you color this?

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It would be nice if you could, but I just need it colored, nothing too extreme.
I plan on using it for a profile picture.

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Can someone screencap most of ryuuko and make a folder of her?
>Kill la kill

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How can i find the exact same shirt and t-shirt?

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Is there any VPN software I can get without paying or having to enter my fucking credit card info just to get a free trial? Every one I've tried to get so far has been malware.
I have no problems with torrenting, if necessary.

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Who's the white girl?
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Looking for a old pc mahjong game

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I'm looking for a old game I had back in the early 2000's. It was a mahjong solitaire game that was called something like morph maxiums mahjong.

The game itself was a pretty standard mahjong game but it had some bad midis and even worse sound effects. There were about 9 or so stages with different tiles and backgrounds. For example the first one was a traditional mahjong game with the backdrop being the buttes in Arizona.

pic unrelated

WH40k fic torrents

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I'm looking for links to torrents for a bunch of Warhammer 40K novels. I'm usually pretty competent with finding them but there are some that just don't seem to exist on my usual channels. Anyone who can help with some or all will be richly rewarded with internets.
Titles needed:
Corax: Lord Of Shadows - Guy Haley
Ferrus Manus: Gorgon Of Medusa - David Guymer
Jaghatati Khan: Warhawk Of Chogoris - Chris Wraight
Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix - Josh Reynolds
Cadian Honour - Justin D. Hill
Dark Imperium - Guy Haley
Dark Imperium: Plague War - Guy Haley
Blood Of Iax - Robbie MacNiven
The Lords Of Silence - Chris Wraight
The Horusian Wars: Incarnation - John French
Sons Of The Hydra - Rob Sanders
War Of Secrets - Phil Kelly
Carcharodons: Outer Dark - Robbie MacNiven

Cheers y'all

Transparent backgrounds on all of these please!

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Keep the girl, her clothes, and the three effects coming from her butt please!
Make the border a the bottom transparent too, though!
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