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Looking for new-wavey song from the 80s/90s unsure. cant remember name or artist...

its an instrumental that reminds me of the refrain part of Katy Perrys Dark Horse, (the 4 bars after the beat drop and "There's no going back"), except theres a xylophone/marimba sounding flare playing over it.

i remember hearing it getting sampled for phone hold music.

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Looking for a piece of art

The setting is inside a tram/lightrail train
It's got a simplified style to the bodies, almost like picasso, but not entirely cubic.
The main feature of the piece is a man sitting on a bench seat of the train, and his body is colored entirely blue. He is looking at the floor.
Around him in the train, are women, all of whom are in the nude (I realize that might qualify it as non-worksafe, but I feel given that it is art and not pornography, the nudity is acceptable).

Bonus points if along with the picture, you also have any info about the artist.

Thanks anons

Architecture Simulation Programs?

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Are there any good programs that can simulate buildings and allow you to see how structurally sound they are? If so, where can one find them?
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Laptop Advice?

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I have been using an Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3227U CPU @ 1.90GHz laptop running Windows 8.1 with 465 GB storage for the past several years, and it's finally time that I got off my butt and got a new one. Based on what I've shared about my old laptop's specs, does anyone have any idea what kind of currently available laptop I should be looking for? My budget is decent, but not unlimited, I'm not sure what the price range is for laptops these days, but I'd prefer not going too crazy (what IS the rough price for a decent one, BTW?). I want something with a decent level of performance, enough to play an occasional game, like Wizard101, Heroes of the Storm, and a couple of others, but I don’t think that I want a gaming laptop. I also don’t want something that’s really physically large by laptop standards. Any thoughts?
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Romance Series that Actually Portray Relationships

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And not just ten volumes of platonic waffling followed by an "I love you!" at the very end.
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