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What are the 32" monitors with low energy consumption?
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Lost anime episode

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Gakkou no Kaidan Ghost Stories banned episode 21/4.
Anyone have the video of the lost episode?
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More like this

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I'm trying to find more images, such as posts being removed or being labeled as fake news like pic related. I'm primarily looking for facebook related stuff but any social media site works.

Book of Why

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Hi /wsr/. Does anybody have a link for this book? Either pdf of epub is fine.

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honestly no idea where else to post, I have been ip range banned from posting images on vg for some reason (no i wanst posting porn on blue board)
i was mostly posting in dota 2 general and didnt really post anything that would warrant a ban

Looking for the name of a song

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It plays at 1:04 in the video that I linked, but the song itself is not quite in that video.