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Cutting to the chase.

I've figured out a way to unmask users on a popular darknet drug market. I want to start blackmailing them because I'm a sack of shit and I need money. Trying to figure out how to collect money while covering myself.

What's the best (and easiest) way to accept money without having my identity revealed? They do not need to be anonymous to send the money, because I already know who they are. But obviously I don't want them to know who I am, due to dismemberment issues related to extorting drug purchasers.

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Need a photoshopper

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Would it be possible for anyone to photoshop this image so the background is white and the only thing left is the people, flags and shields? Remove the sky, trees, and ground and replace with white so it's basically like it's just the people with their flags and shields and transparent, thanksss<3
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Looking for an recipe manager app that functions like this:

Can download and fill random recipes from internet (excludes, includes paprika and myfitnesspal)

Separates the ingredient from the quantity so that the quantity can be converted to metric (excludes paprika, includes myfitnesspal)

Contain the URL and the steps (excludes myfitnesspal)

preferably one that doesn't require a subscription.
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Textual politics: Women authors rewrite the Enlightenment

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Could someone please upload it? The first chapter is exactly what I need for my thesis. I don't have the full access to it because my university is a piece of garbage. Any help is appreciated!
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Help with autohotkey

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Hi im new to autohotkey and would like some help with a thing im trying to make.
i want my script to save a document by pressing "u" then save it with ctrl+s and send the u key afterwards.
the problem im having is that it doesnt actually save the document.

tl;dr whats wrong there it doesnt save the document
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Can someone please recommend me a DS/3DS game? I would ask on /v/, but here seems comfier. I'm looking for RPGs/Action RPGs/Platformers and Action-adventures.
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Sheet music

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Looking for sheet music
NieR Gestalt & Replicant - Official Piano Score
/mu/ seems less than useful
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Gamer Girls Wallpaper

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I need pictures (preferably stockphoto/wallpaper quality) of gamer girls

A girl wearing game related streetwear on out on the street would be perfect.

Or one of those pictures of girls with a controller in their laps or something

I've been searching all day I can't find anything 1080p

Something like pic related but in HD would be great too