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help with making images like this

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This image will change based on the background it is putted (dark theme and light theme). How do I recreate it?
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Need sauce for this one. Kinda blurry tho

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I'm looking for a specific game/engine/builder, mostly for isometric turn-based RPGs, maybe SRPGs. Given that I "played" it over a decade or so ago and it looked incredibly dated, I'd say it's from the late 90s or the early 2000s - looked like those early shareware stuff with bad demos. It didn't look much different from Avernum (pic), and I remember it having lizardmen.

There was a default campaign/map but it also had a builder not too unlike RPG Maker, fairly simple and easy to use. This is probably wrong, but I think the name had the word "Blade".

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Any interesting manga? I'm bored, I need something to read...