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Does anyone have a crack for Clip Paint Studio EX v1.8.4 or above?

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If anyone can get me a decent crack of Clip Paint Studio EX v1.8.4 or above it would be much appreciated.
I wasn't able to find a good torrent on pirate bay and I need a version that's more current than the one that I already have.
I didn't want to ask on /t/ because I'm worried the thread would be buried under mountains of porn.
Thank you

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can anyone identify these two video ports? thanks

Image of chad reading book

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I saw it on /lit/ but google never saw results.
Basically it's a picture of chad reading a book in a restaurant.

Tech support

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My computer shut down out of the blue twice this past few days, it first freezes, then the mobo leds keep flashing red back and forth (I think they are the CPU and DRAM leds) with the cpu fan constantly turning on
my specs are
Gigabyte B450 Aorus M RGB FUSION
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
2x DDR4 8GB 3000MHz T-Force Vulcan
Gigabyte P650B 650w 80+ bronze
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Image sorting software

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Hi /wsr/, I have 19,000 .jpg files that I recovered from an old hard drive. They are all unsorted and named file1.jpg to file19000.jpg because the folder structure was corrupted. So I need to sort all of these images manually into different folders like wallpapers, artwork, reaction images etc. and I don't know the fastest way to do it. Is there a software that lets me set up hotkeys to quickly send image by image to the right folder? Or how would you recommend I tackle the sorting of all these images? Thanks in advance.
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Whats the manga where the guy does it with his classmate but really likes someone else but then it turns out he starts living with his classmate and that girl he liked was her sister?

BEST QUALITY for this image please :( UwU

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Hello guys. can you please help me with the best quality possible for this image? :( PLEASEE :((