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Roman Emperor Comparison Meme

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I was scrolling through a streak of virgin/chad memes on a pol thread a while ago when I came across this meme classifying Roman rulers/emperors into three classes. The First was the philosopher king, the second was the god king (Augustus and Julius), and the third involved Nero, Caligula, and Commodious.

I thought I saved it somewhere but I didn't.

Please have this meme of our Grorious Reader for all your effort.
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I'm learning Spanish and I want to watch some anime with Spanish subs. Are there any good Spanish streaming sites or torrent trackers? Specifically I'm looking for Azumanga Daioh and Hunter X Hunter 2011.

>Inb4 you can't learn a language by watching anime
I'm Russian and I learned English mostly by watching subbed anime. I've chosen Spanish as my third language and have been rewatching One Piece from the beginning with Spanish subsr. So, I need some reliable anime sources for Spanish subbed anime.
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kinematics in 2 dimensions

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please help me :(
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need brain meme templates show me your best ones
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Math help

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Correct or not 4chan
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I've been always both into anime and western comics so I want to get a bit more into manga since I haven't read a lot of those. I'm looking for stuff that's similar to what I generally like in anime and comics already:

Favorite anime: End of Evangelion, Angel’s Egg, Kaiba, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Serial Experiments Lain, Casshern Sins, FLCL, Belladonna of Sadness, Tatami Galaxy, Mushishi, Ergo Proxy

Favorite comics: The Maxx, Incal, Scott Pilgrim, Kasta Metabaronów, Vampire Requiem Chevalier, Kill Six Billion Demons, Szninkiel, Saga, Sweet Tooth, V for Vendetta

So in general I would like manga that are not generic and very tropish. But also not something "realistic and subtle", I prefer stuff based on rather weird and unique concepts, something more fantastical, sci-fi (though not in the typical fashion) or even more so surreal. I'm also a sucker for good art and I also like when the style is unique. I don't like the style of most tv anime, or superhero comic books and always go for the more artsy and stylish stuff. I don't have a problem with fanservice, but I just don't like when it's trashy like in your typical ecchi. I in general prefer when it's an adult, sexy lady being seductive/revealing/nude and not a generic anime girl with big eyes flaunting her tits.
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I need help

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So this happened any suggestions on an attempt to fix