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Gif making

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Can anyone help make a gif thats high quality and not pixelated like the one posted here. I wanted to use these as an animated avatar on a forum website but it clearly looks like shit right there.

I used this video to crop the gif from at the start. The pattern is Square, T piece, Line piece, S piece, Z piece, J piece, L piece and repeating like that.

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The Lanky Longman's Tall

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Looking for a greentext image that's from /fit/ I believe. It was basically the tune of the Misty Mountain Cold from The Hobbit but re-written to be about manlets.

Non-watermarked version of this video

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Short manga that will make me feel or cry

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I just finished Three Days of Happiness and Tokidoki and I want to read more things that will make me feel or cry. I want stuff that's completed, nothing ongoing.
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I need all the snappies of this cat.
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I've finished beating the final boss on hyperdevotion noire but i didn't get the true ending. i know this board is probably the wrong place to ask but i had noire's lily rank up 70 with everyone. if any wanna know i tried the /vg/ but it might've been deleted since it became archived so quickly

Who is dis person

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They're in memes but I can't actually find sauce
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I need new books

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So, this year I read 1984, animal farm, brave new world and Fahrenhei451. I love the dystopian setting and was wondering if any of you could recommend me some similar books.

Thanks you!
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Is an 2018 Ipad good enough to read manga? Is it easy to read pirate manga without ads (thinking about those via browser)

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Requesting render, please.