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Who's the girl on the right in this picture?
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What are some good board games that have a fantasy adventure setting?

Help Find Fancy Hat for DND Character?

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I'm trying to commission artwork for a dnd character, but I'm having trouble finding references to describe him. He is very over the top eccentric and elegant. But I need a crazy fancy hat. I was thinking something along the lines of french nobility, musketeer hat levels of large flowing plumes, and Venice masquerade vibes. Anyone have any ideas? If you have any art or game/show characters let me know.

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can someone stitch these two screenshots together please?
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Can someone figure out what this means?

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Hey everyone!

My friend sent me this meme and i can't figure out what it means.
He specificaly told me not to google it so i won't
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Sam Hyde Video

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Can anyone find me the actual video of Anthony Fantano's interview of Sam Hyde? All I can find is the audio and a short clip of the beginning.