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Dynamical systems help?

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can someone explain the replacement in step 2 here?

its making a dynamical system out of f=ma and hookes law (f=-kx)

i dont get where the (t)'s have come from but the notes refer to x(t) and dx(t)/dt as thier own variables

Step 2 looks like its saying a^2 = d^2x(t)/dt^2 but im not sure how they came to that
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ebook thread

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would any anon be kind enough to sauce me on where to get some? im done with the prince and still reading the republic but I'm looking at how to win friends and influence people by dale carnegie
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Source? More?

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I recently found this beautiful photo while researching underground/earthen homes, but it's small and I can't seem to find more. Anyone know where this is from or if there are more like it?
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Old Games Thread

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I am looking for a name of two games;

First one is 2d platformer and shooter game which its color settings are dark like limbo/hatred. We were playing as a white face bald character and shooting things, more like robotic things. General setting is close to the diesel-punk. Its name was starting with "Q" if I remember it correctly.

Second game is also 2d platformer and we are playing as a ninja, game is cartoonish and arcade. We were running around in the forest and find our way around while collecting things and killing monsters with shurikens. Also I remember some of the pilot where we were heading some sort of factory where the monsters came from.

Both games are old, 1999 we can say, or around that years. They were in a game cd full of demos.

>pic not related

If you can help me I would be very grateful, also old games with no names thread.
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Does anyone have a webm of the final fight from Kizumonogatari Part 2?

WITH sound please?
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what is pic related?

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reverse image search only leads me to the thumbnail from the youtube video where i found the pic
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