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rainbow body

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Hi im looking for an animated gif where a girl grinds on a guy and her body is displaying rainbows
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Hello, some anon from r9k posted his desktop with this wallpaper and didn’t bother to post the source. Anyone who could lend me a hand?
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Always been curious about where this actually came from, but it's sadly become a "meme image" of a reaction image. Anyone recognize it? Google, yandex, and in fact even tineye insist it's only funny internet picture, otherwise I've gotta look through quite a lot of the archive of reposts to find it MAYBE.
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What is the original song called?

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I'm completely blanking out but I know I've heard the original a million times over
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What are some vidya games where you get to play as a hot girl?

I already know about bayonetta and what nier:automata.
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Hate to be a fucking phone poster but internet is out and AT&T didnt show up yesterday and took my money anyways. Any tech wizard know how to fix this issue? Basically both the broadbands on my modem are flashing red
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I have this weeb thing I say to myself to push me further and to keep going when I work out. IKE. Sometimes ike ike. I can't remember what anime ingrained it so deep into my consciousness I haven't forgotten it in probably 10 years. I picture it something where the MC is reaching out to grab or to get somewhere, something like pic related. And someone screams IKEEEEE. Feels like it be TTGL but it's not.

Appreciate suggestions.
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hey anons, there's a german book that explains machines and how they work, it was in the sixties then got translated to different languages, anyone know the name of it ?