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What are some websites to watch anime? Trying to watch the uncensored version of redo of a healer
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burger webm

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Around a month or ago or something I saw a webm where someone was cutting a huge burger in half, the burger was like 10times bigger than a standard burger and while the person was cutting it a constant stream of cheese was flowing down.
When it was cut, you could see that they put multiple big chunks of cheese into the burger patty.

Does anyone have it?

Thank you in advance anons.

Pc troubleshooting

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Need some tech support.
Recently built a pc, worked fine for a week then when i went to turn it on in the morning after shutting it down the day before just a black screen.
Had replacement componets for everything but a motherboard and ram.
Checked everything with a known working replacement part and still no change.
Returned the motherboard to the local seller to let him run some tests and he showed me the motherboard works just fine with his components.
My question is, can ram just die like that overnight and cause no POST screen?
The motherboard was fairly cheap so it didn't have any way to indicate faulty ram via beep code or led light.
I should also mention that in that brief time the pc worked i played warzone and would every so often get incredibly bad stutters for a solid 20 seconds before everything went back to normal, i was thinking that i just didn't have enough ram (8gb) to run it on all max settings but now thinking about it that may have been a sign that the ram is going bad.
If anyone has any suggestions it would be highly appreciated
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Android: How to play music while recording video

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Does anyone here know how I can continue playing music through spotify on my android phone while recording a video?

I don't care if the music is recorded over the top of the video or not.

Google shows up with mideo (pic related), however it requires payment of like $38/year which is excessive.

Can anyone help?

Yt subs and favorites

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Does anyone know how if there's fast method to compile your favorite videos and subscriptions? I wanna delete my account.
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Unity Animations question

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Hi all, i'm trying to animate things in unity. I need 4 types of animations:
- Fade
- Scale
- Move linearly
- Move along a curved path

I'm doing it myself but that's a lot of time waste since i need to code all of them, do you know a free asset to do this, cause i didn't find one

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