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Fucking dammit where this imagè

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Does anyone have this stupid fucking meme bullshit without the phone

Need help with choosing (used) parts for my old PC

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I want to buy some used parts for my ancient desktop PC and I need help with figuring out what parts are compatible. PC's motherboard is MS-6728.

I want to buy LG DVD drive with the following characteristics:
>EAN/UPC: Other
>Connection: ATA
>Type: Internal
>Manufacturer: LG
and Seagate HDD:
>EAN/UPC: Other
>Capacity: 40GB
>RPM: 7200
>Connection: ATA
>Type: Internal
>Manufacturer: Seagate
I've found these for pretty cheap but still I want to be sure are they compatible with my PC or not.

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Looking for an older meme that showed sort of the 'life cycle' of a niche gaming community. was shown using stick figure art. starts with a couple guys, more come, etc., etc. eventually leads to the original founders leaving the group.

casio fx-991EX help

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how do you solve this shit in casio fx-991EX scientific calculator.

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Is moralfaggotry morally wrong?
What if morality and kindness comes from a hedonistic self-interest, some of us enjoy being kind, is it morally wrong then too? Isn't the point of anti-moralfaggotry to search self-interest above all?
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I'm looking for ideas, not necessarily a direct answer, so any reply is welcome.

Anybody got an idea how could I represent incest/inbreeding in a simple, symbolic manner? Like an icon, or a pictogram.
If I were to start Inbreeding Incorporated, what would be the logo?
I'm genuinely asking, this is not a joke thread or trolling, no matter how dumb it sounds.
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Could someone cut around the black outline of the smaller painting? I I don't want that paper background. Only from the small one, I'll post both images in case you need it, thanks