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UKIP meme

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OKay, I need some really awesome wizard who's good with photoshopping and graphic art.

I'd like you to make a UKIP promo meme.
The British Grenadiers picture as the base.

The officer's face should be replaced by Nigel Farage, facing the same way as the original.

The faces of soldiers behind him, from left to right, should be replaced by Count Dankula, Sargon of Akkad and PJ Watson (you'll have to sharpen the bodies so that they fit with the faces since they look all foggy in the original picture)

Put the image in a thick frame with the symbol of British Empire on the top.
And for the final touch, design the whole piece in the Obama's "hope" art style with the big words "RULE BRITANNIA" at the bottom of the image.
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3-d model

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Hello, im building child homes that are about 6 feet wide in the front, 7 feet long on the sides, and 8 feet tall. i need a computer scale of it as soon as possible. reference for photo, windows and no door, just the hole. Thank you. if anyone could make one or tell me how to that would be appreciated
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Needing salsa

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ITT: games we forgot the names to

Can't remember the name of this game from the 90's
-Medieval fantasy era setting
-top down co op hack and slash with weapon pick ups and classes
-cartoonish graphics

any help would be great, been searching but get lost on what console it was on maybe saturn or gen, honestly only remember playing it when i was 4 with my cousins.
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Colouring a pic

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I have no photoshop, yet I must colour.
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d20 modern content

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I'm looking for a torrent/mega/any kind of download for books for d20 modern (the core rule book, campaign settings, the weapons locker, literally anything to do with d20 modern is fine).