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Trying to play mortal kombat trilogy on ePSXe and there are all these files, what do I do with them?

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Any well read science fiction fan know the name of this story? "People on earth build a huge computer and give it power and one task: make all people equal. Shortly after the computer has been given this task, they notice that people start disappearing. When they investigate, they find out that the computer is kidnapping people. It has found an almost completely spherical planet. It presses people into exactly similar round discs. Then it lays those disc at equal distance from each other to the planet surface."
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Games recommendation

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Hello /wsr/, i am searching for single-player games to sink a good amount of time into, basically games with a lot of replayability or things to do. Things i like:

> survival/crafting/creative (already bored of minecraft)
> shooters with a lot of gore and cool mechanics
> good lore/plot is a nice bonus
> rpg elements

The thing is, the recommended game must be able to run on integrated graphics (intel hd530 to be precise) at a nice fps (60+ if possible).
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Requesting fantastical pictures of cities, landscapes, and other places. Bonus points for prominently featuring water.

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How would you remove this watermark?

I've been trying to use the clone stamp but I find it difficult with the different colors that are there, also because it cover the whole picture.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks