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Photoshop work for a math friend

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Hi, /sci/entist here. I need someone who knows photoshop to put the cover of a book on top of a card an anime character is holding. Pic related is the anime and the book, with a arrow showing you where to put the book.

Below I will post the full sized picture of the anime and the book so you can work with that. Thank you.
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I've seen a version of this webm where she is wearing a santa hat, can someone provide please?
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paying someone to recompose music?

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I'd like a 2 minute piece of instrumental music recomoposed. The full quality version is shitty but Ive heard a higher but shorter one which sounds amazing. It's a piece by CNN International

How much would I be looking at spending? Don't want to be cheap but not too expensive
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Fem Spy/heroine Vidya+death gameover

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I like to find any game, that has theme of female spy/heroine investigate something and has an event where went captured, SHE MURDERED!

+bonus point for guro

myownlist :
>Agent Alona : Japan Investigation
>D e p r a v i A
>Lesson of Passion SPY AGENT 69
>Skyrim : Defeat mod
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What cable is this?

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Hey, recently this cable for my fightstick broke and i've been looking around for a new cable but i cant seem to identify what kind of cable it is.

Any help?
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Printer issue

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hi /wsr/ i changed the ink in my canon MG4250 a while back and now i get only these shitty prints images and other things with color is printed with these green lines horizontally all over what gives ive tried some rinse and deep rinse maintenance but i dare not mess with the printer head settings manually as i dont think that is the issue

any tech savvy anons here that could help me out?
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you know that cat reaction image where he's falling and his eyes look like they're still in the same spot? can I please have that. thanks
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