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I need a download link for the full version of this software, it's called Fractal Terrains 3. I can't afford it and I've been searching for months without luck.

The website is

I also accept similar software that can do the same thing. Thanks in advance!
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Watching Age-Restricted Videos After Youtube Account Ban

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Since my account got banned for publicizing human rights violations in Russia ( ) , beside ability to post videos, I also lost all my favorite videos and channel subscriptions. I was subscribed to numerous fun indie gaming channels. Even more, now without my account, instead of getting personalized videos relevant to my subscriptions and interests (obscure European progressive rock bands, like Edhels and Univers Zero), I get mostly videos in Russian language about Russians, whom I personally hate (I'm Jewish Ukrainian). I'm not allowed to register a new account. So how should I now subscribe to my fav channels and get personalized suggestions, instead of Russian garbage about Putin being cool? Moreover, when I try to watch an age restricted video, it says "Sign in to confirm your age", and when I click that button I get "If you've been redirected to this page from a particular product, it means that your access to this product has been suspended." Whom should I blame for that censorship? How about I go out and kill a Russian embassy employee, writing "Hello, Youtube", using his blood?
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What are some SFW anime that could be watched on a plane? i.e. no sexual fanservice
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what site do you use for anime streaming?
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what do you call the thigh pinch caused by tight stockings?
pic related
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What are some essential anime series for a discerning anime fan?
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I need some help

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Hello, i'm creating a board game with cards and i want to print out the pictures i found for my cards but the dimensions are all different and i want them all in specific dimensions so how can i resize my pictures to be 7x12 cm in real life? a lot of online programs i used already go by pixel resolution and i have no clue how much is that also i don't have a printer so i can print out every experiment to see if i like it or not and i want to prepare them before i get the to a printer shop so it will cost less. Also i really dont wanna bother downloading and learning how to do it in photoshop. can anyone help by suggesting something? or telling me the pixel resolution for such measures?

i need more measures for different type of cards

7x12 cm
9x14 cm
5x12 cm
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help me with calc bc summer assignment

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I have a worksheet on even and odd functions and it asks me to determine whether a function is even odd or neither. This isn't difficult but it asks me to show my work which I don't know how to do. pPoblems are like pic related
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Need really help to find a website or a youtube channel of some weird video series.
I remember only that if were called something like "fifteen moments of maddness" or something similar. The series was a some random shit happening in the video and website styled like old video tapes and TV. Didn't even find in google something similar
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Need a link to the Oldboy documentary

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Old Days (2016) by Han Sunhee

It was created for Plain Archive’s Blu-ray release and first screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival.

Help greatly appreciated.