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What are some movies I can watch while knitting?

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You know, movies that I can generally enjoy even though I've only been looking at the screen 80% of the time. Genre doesn't really matter, although I don't like comedies.

Finding a deleted webcomic.

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Way back in the long gone times of the 00s, a Deviantart user by the name "UndyingNephalim" created a series of comics (which he called "manga" because he was a weeb) based on the Legend of Zelda series. The comics were about as quality as you can imagine, so a few years back he went and wiped them from the internet, leaving only a handful of surviving pages. I've tried wayback and searched his DA thoroughly, but the images seem to genuinely be deleted. Here's some specifics:
>The name is "The Gerudo Wars"
>It's in black, gray and white
>Extremely edgy and autistic
>Very lumpy and stretchy artstyle
>Released roughly from 2008 to 2010
I'll appreciate any help I can get, even if just attempts.

Tech Supp

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Looking for tech support with my windows 7 PC.
It had a hibernation error and wont wake back up. It sounds like its trying to start, the fans run and the power light turns on. But I don't get any signal to my monitor and no power to my usb slots.
I have no idea how to fix it, I have tried all the hard resets and component checks!

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Where can I watch Part 2 of Spyfall, from Doctor Who for free?

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Does anyone have the video game awards sticky thread from /v/? I've been trying to find it but most archives won't let you search /v/


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At this point I'm gonna lose it, is anyone greek at this hour that can help me Identify the sample greek song that's used in this song? Soundhoud and Shazam have failed me and my greek in our alphabet is not giving any lyrics whatsoever

Thank you in advance.

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anyone know the source of this image? im fairly sure its a video but i cant find it

Upscale help please

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Is there a way to increase the resolution of this image while keeping it decent quality? Hoping to make a large decal of this
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Photoshop help

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Can anyone tell me how to achieve the effect of the lines coming off of her?