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High quality picture of Predaplanet?

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I am a fucking stupid brainlet but I really want to find a high quality version of this yugioh card because i cant find one
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What is Nuvoton NCT6776F and why is it so hot?

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a month ago I installed a new processor and used a cheap thermal paste, 3 days ago my computer shut down due to the heat, from there every day my pc runs slow and once smells burned.
Does it have to do with the thermal paste or could it be the processor?

E! True Hollywood Story

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I've looked just about every place I can think of and can't find this video anymore. Some dude and his buddies made an E! True Hollywood Story about Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. The guy who made is was named Steve McClean I think? Zack was portrayed as some scumbag drug dealer at his school, he was supplying Slater with steroids and Jessie ended up hooked on coke. I cannot find it anywhere anymore and I really want to see it again.

Other notable things was that it ended with the Requiem for a Dream song zooming out on Zack's tombstone (he died from cervical cancer)

If anyone can't find it I'd be forever greatful

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can you help me finding what font was used back then for "The FA CUP"? I've tried to use some website to identify it but I haven't got any meaningful result

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Any idea where I can get this in higher resolution? I want to print it and put it on a wall in my studio
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