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Do you guys know who is her? I-it's for a friend with pure intentions.
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USB data recovery

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Hey guys, how can I recover data from a damaged USB.

I´m on windows 10 and when i connect it, it tells me i´ve got to format it to acces the information.

I tried using the chkdsk command in cmd, but it tells me it can´t read it since the usb has RAW archives.

I´ve also tried using easeus recovery wizard but it won´t detect anything inside the usb.
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Need a logo. Can anyone help?

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I'm gonna start making t-shirt and shit to sell nearby the "rockcock" that fell down last week. Can anybody help me? I want a profile of a norwegian troll with the rock stikking out from his crouch anybody?
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Can someone reupload this to zippyshare really quick and give me the link?
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Hard Drive Issues

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So my hard drive was nearly at it's maximum capacity, start installing a steam update and it goes really slow, I restart my computer and notice I can't open steam since it's on the hard drive. If someone could help that would be great.
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Can any of you talented folks rip this skin model from overwatch for me? I need it for reference pictures for an upcoming cosplay. I've got blender and 3ds max so any file type for them would be appreciated.
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