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I got two stills and would like to know which movies are these from.

Number one.

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One night I saw this random scene of a movie that scared the fucking shit out of me, but I can't remember the name. It went something like this:
>shot of an office with a desk and worker
>camera pans to the left through several similar rooms
>each room gets more and more fucked up, with people being murdered and tortured
>the camera stops at a room with monsters in it, two monsters are facing the camera
>a third monster rises from the bottom of the screen right in front of the camera while screaming
Pic unrelated.

Ricardo Milos U go that

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Sup /wsr/ searching this vid in 1080p

Youtube striked the HD version, can't find it, halp

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Can someone please enlighten me on the recent beta Pokemon leaks? What happened, which Pokemon got shown, what was confirmed, who leaked it, etc.?
I'm too busy and not able to read through tons of threads right now, sorry.

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My pen drive Adata has started acting odd since yesterday, trying to copy files from it to my PC and viceversa has led to the pen drive suddenly disconnecting. I've tried formatting it multiple times (using the memory administrator and windows format option), running check disk to fix damaged sectors, I even tried using Repartition Bad Drive to isolate any possible bad sectors and nothing has worked.

Should I accept my drive is fucked or is there something else I could do?

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Where does this come from?