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Gift Card Code Generator

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Just seeing if there is an Amazon gift card code generator that isnt BS... My daughter wants a 3ds for xmas and I'm roughly 60 dollars shy after paying my bills... She's 6 and has never asked for anything expensive before, and is a perfect angel so I really want to get this for her.

I'm searching for Bob Ross episodes torrent

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Stuckmann Video

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hey, i don't know if this is the correct board to post this, but does anyone know how the effect at the start of the video was achieved (the crazy jittery hand movement)?

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I found my old hacked ipod touch and it seems to be boot looping when I plug it in. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Humble bundles books

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Can anyone photoshop this so it is high quality. I want to frame this for a christmas present

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Cost effective way to kill yourself? Is CO2 poisoning possible or do they not sell enough to kill you anymore, I've heard they dilute it
preferably painless things
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