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Can you find this artist?

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I need some help, basically I need to know which artist did pic related but there is a problem every time I image search I can't the artist, and also that's not the only problem, I have found two artist (which I will post their works) who (in their) slightly resemble pic related (note, pic related doesn't show up in both their portfolio). So what I need help in is find the artist who made this or even better one of you guys just one of the two artist is the one that made pic related with logic.

(Read if you want)
Note. I may not come back until a long period of time has passed to check the thread so sorry I if you've posted the solution to my inquiry and I'm not here to thank you but if you have then you have my most sincere gratitude

General Fitness Related Requests

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So, my old HDD stopped working, and I haven't been able to figure out how to gather the data from it.
I had the old /fit/ information repository on it, and would like to find it again if someone happens to have it.
It had tons of routines/programs and nutritional based books. Alternatively, if someone knows anything about data recovery That would be nice, as over the years I had accumulated other things into the External (Martial Arts, Cooking, Gymnastics based routines, Pickup...etc).

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Is there a reg hack I can use to hide that bullshit mic icon?
It appears every time a program has access to my mic but it is bothering me I don't fucking care
I don't even have a microphone I'm just using a virtual cable to pipe audio between programs but windows thinks I'm using my mic

Work with "unrealistic" romance

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There was a vn or some kinda of game that was criticized for having unrealistic romance, the author apologized and as the reason for this stated that he has never experienced being in a relationship himself. Anyone know the name of the work or anything related to it?

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For some reason, I can't dump pics. Most likely because sys.chan is blocked in my country but I still can post on 4channel but not 4chan.