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I can't find Paintstorm Studio for windows, I found it only for MacOSX.

Long version: I tried getting the trial timer off or just to change the time on my pc but the program is pretty secure(I am a newbie on cracking so don't judge). Anything I tried just failed and I was waiting and checking on pirate bae and kick ass all the time. But they only have the Mac version.

Any help is appreciated.
The link for the Mac version here(pirate bae):
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I have a i3-3220 and I spend $ 100 a year with it. How much I'll spend when I get one i7-7700 if I use it for the same amouth of time?

Can you please back up your information with links and stuff? Thanks!
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Does anyone have the full image this is from?
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Picture Site

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I need a website thats quick to upload a picture to show someone but also disable saving the picture so it can be shown but not kept.
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Boot order

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The HDD and SSD aren't showing up. I want the SSD to boot first and be the primary drive.
I'm not sure where it's going wrong to fix it.
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I remember that in my high school a teacher showed us a film about paradigms.
It was 80s style, and the presenter of the video gave examples about how the Xerox copy machine and digital wrist watches were considered to be failures that wouldn't sell and were sold to other company that ended up making a lot of money over that.

Searching google gave me too much results that weren't it.

Does it ring a bell?
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I saw her in a video compilation but i dont a fucking idea of who she is. Name? Something? I remember she was like a meme several years ago.
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