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I require more apus and pepes, hard drive failed and lost them all
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Help compile this tweet thread into one good screencap

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As the title suggests. I suck at computers and can't even do this in MS paint properly.

I need this twitter thread put into an easily readable image including the text in the pictures.

Its probably an annoying task but thank you in advance.

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anybody know a program which can edit your taskbar kinda like in this picture? pic is edited btw

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Anyone have a good website to buy some hawaiian shirts for everyday wear? In dark tones, preferably.

Also I don't wanna go to /fa/, I think they'll laugh at me...

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Who is she?
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Help me get my laptop working better

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Got a brand new HP EliteBook 755 G5 Notebook PC

It's got 16GB of ram, but they only used one stick. I'm guessing that's a problem since 2x8GB would have been better. I have the latest video card drivers installed. I know this ain't a fast GPU, but I suspect there's something not quite right with the default setup.

Any ideas? Should I put another 16GB memory stick in there?
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