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Building a computer

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I've had my computer for quite some time now and while it still works fine I feel like it's time to get a new one.
Internal memory, SDD, HDD and optical drive I could just reuse from my old computer.
How do I go about picking a CPU, motherboard, graphics card and mother board?
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Can I get some French movie recommendations? Francophone is also acceptable. I'd prefer anything the French consider classics in their own cinema history, but I'll watch anything with dialogue in French as long as it's good.
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Music download

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Where can i download heavy metal music in good quality, preferably in FLAC?
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Chi-Distribution Mean Proof

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I'm attempting to prove the the mean of the chi-distribution (square root of the chi square distribution) and am looking for help on using a gamma function. Can somebody walk through the steps it takes to get from the left side of the equation to the right? thanks in advance.
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Laptop keyboard stopped working this day. I checked the device manage and I can't find the ps/2 driver anywhere. I guess it got removed even though it was working today. Where can I download the drivers? Asus TP300L windows 10 if it helps
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Can anon raid a discord server

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so me and some random dudes decided to raid a kid online.
this kid is a 11 yr old toxic cunt and he needs to be down
be as offensive as you can
and also annoy this kid as much as possible
Invite code: discord.gg/Ya7pqwE
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Who wants to help an alex by sharing their blizzard account with me? I really just wanna play overwatch.
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What are the best GPUs out there if I only have a budget of $150 - $220?
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I request more WTC aka 9/11 memes WITHOUT actual World Trade Center but something else instead like on pics related.