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Skin cancer?

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Melanoma? Gonna schedule a mole check, but anyone docs here?
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Tribe war banner

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I play a lot of ARK, and I'm thinking of making a tribe called The Orwellian Future. Would one of you please create a war banner for my tribe?
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I have a bit of an odd request /wsr/ I'm wondering if there's a decent database of US primary school text books anywhere? More specifically I'm trying to find a story from my childhood that I remember quite clearly however after searching everywhere for it I figured that maybe some details have got lost over time and the easier way to find it would just be to find the book it was from, I know it was from a text book I used around first grade that was blue with a picture of random things on the cover like a clock, a train, an apple, etc


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What is this picture from? I tried reverse image search but came up empty.

Sekiro Art Works PDF

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Hello, as far as I know the Sekiro Original Art Works PDF was released at August 2nd. On the internet in certain sites I can find some parts of it digital that weren't in the release artbook. Does anybody have a copy handy? I would be very grateful if you'd share it.

Audio of Mom yelling at shut-in son

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I'm looking for a video or audio of a mother yelling at and pleading with her son because he plays video games all day. At one point she asks him if his friends are the same and just sit at home playing all day. I heard the audio in a YT video with wojak/pepe images possibly about 5 years ago in an lnstasync room (or one of its iterations). I recall there being scenes of snow and skiing. I just need the audio, not the video I saw. Thanks in advance.

Japanese Telecard

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What are Japanese Telecards? I purchased two Umihara Kawase themed ones, unopened, but I have no idea what it's for.