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Can someone help me figure out how to download this file? I followed the instructions in the comments on how to find the password but it's not working. What am I doing wrong?

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hello, im looking for any anime that has grils smoking. sol is preferred, but i will take anything.

images also appreciated, thank you in advance, anons.
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There was a meme with a straw man in front of computer having nostalgic about the times being in front of the computer. Anyone has that cartoon?
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Hello /wsr/ I can't live anymore with my laptop screen driving me crazy with it's freezing flickering every 3 seconds. Does it have a fix? Asus N56JR. It gets some much worse after 1-5 hours.
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the last thread archived before i could get the chance to thank the anon that upgraded the edit for the wheelchair ideal gf. (pic related)

thanks a ton, anon!

can someone do a blind gf and a deaf gf edit? <3
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color conversion

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Can someone convert the chocolate colored part to red (255,0,0)?

Thanks a lot in advance. :)
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plz id the man sticking out of the car
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