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If i roll dubs i kill myself , what's this anime called ?
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Logitech MX Revolution charger

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I came across this Bluetooth mouse, but it didn't come with the charger. I really want to use it since it was so cheap, but I don't want to pay twenty bucks or so for a charger.

Does anybody know a way of charging it without the charging dock?

Or someplace where I can get the dock for super cheap?
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Can someone help me out with iTunes?

I'm trying to get this one song (Killing My Love) onto my phone but whenever I try to play in on my phone it says that it's "not available for download".

The three other songs work just fine, but for some reason this one won't transfer over. And I'm able to listen to it on my computer.

I've got Apple Music so the songs should sync over just fine. And I can't even find the songs on the Apple Music store, or even on Spotify.
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A good VPN to use?

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I don't know much about this stuff, but people have said I should use a VPN. Can anyone recommend a free one?
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so chrome fucking does it again, updated because I believe chrome now just kills itself if an update is in waiting long enough, now when I open images in new tabs, they are centered surrounded by black.
I don't like this, for two reasons

1) images with transparency assume white backgrounds,
2) I fucking hate change for change sake.

any idea how to revert or change this as a google search is anything but helpful.
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How to make electric effect? I really suck at this, any tips?

I made the pic related and i think it is bad.
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Anybody have a HD version of this anime?. all i see is 360p shit subbed or dubbed doesnt matter
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can i change ipv4 address of PC without router?
i have some issue (unexpiring) in posting 4chan.
if my desktop werks with router i can dicking around. but it can't it just wired with single cable
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