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Are there any torrent websites that allows me to download anime with various amount of language dubs?
Cause I wanna watch some anime with another moon rune language.
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what's wrong with my fonts?
they're causing eye strain

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What game is that?

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Please help me find this wallpaper, I can't find it anywhere.

Fired after 7 years for calling out nasty kitchen

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I was fired from the Blue Canoe restaurant after 7 years for telling the owner the conditions in the kitchen were not safe to serve food in.Includein molded shelving and rancid burgers which we were told to cook and serve.
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What's up with Searx and Russian? How do I change it to English
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Noticed this malware after an italian scamming page was created on my facebook, so i start removing it the way everyone says to (removing it's full control from the files) but i cannot remove it from Windows Defender nor system32/drivers/wd, it also revives its files on restart. I'm at a total loss, and can't do much but to ask for help here.
Thanks in advance
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Plugged in not charging

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Since a week now my laptop battery is not charging when plugged in. The solution I see everywhere is to uninstall or update pic related, but it doesn't fix the problem. It also says that the same method may work if I remove the battery while doing it but it's a non-remavable battery. Another detail is that if I unplug it for a few minutes it then charges normally for around 10 seconds when I plug it back up.
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Is there a better way of doing this instead of making an elif statement for each operator?
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