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Does anyone know where to download PS3 game isos? every site I find is fake or uses pay download sites.
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can anyone help me please

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I need to know wich font is this Danny's

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Looking for a music video kind of relevant to the current events in the USA.
> Really ugly, fat people in the video, either heavy make-up, masks or simply CGI
> like really caricature ugly and fat
> everything is in muted gray-blueish colors
> music is without lyrics
> people are in a mall, some dumb shit goes down so in pure American Freedoms blood they just shoot each other as they obviously all have guns. Slow-motion, dramatic scared faces and a fat old woman with a double barrel shotgun.

Pic semi-unrelated

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Can someone edit JC Denton's face into a codec call with Solid Snake?

Thanks a bundle

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Anyone know where I can find a FLAC version of pic related?
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A simple one but can someone crop this image so the esrb rating isn't in the frame?

Girls getting turned into fish?

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More like pic related? Just images work but would really be interested in series about this.
Closest I remember was the cliffhanger ending of some Goosebumps short story/book where a girl may have eaten seaweed that transforms people into fish.

Also no dudes allowed so no Incredible Mr. Limpet.

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Best way to learn about producing music (for free)? I've been trying to find some guides but most of them are incomplete.