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I need some /adv/ice and it's pretty petty

So let me give a quick run down on my situation.
Several years ago I had decided to take a break from anime hoping that new series would have popped up by now, but here we are today and I can't even watch some of these because it's either some highschool drama that's like 10 episodes or generic shounen that never ends and I have no idea what to do. I find it hard to believe that nothing interesting has popped up since 2010. Has my taste been destroyed? should I just move on with my life? Wat do
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Requesting shoop of this image with the white made transparent. Also if you could change the color from black to blue.
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Thinking emoji fidget spinner

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I saw a .gif of a spinning fidget spinner, but with the thinking face emoji on the four circle things on /tv/ a while ago and want to save it now, but I can't find the thread anymore. Does anybody happen to have something like it?
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I want to deactivate my Facebook account but continue using the Facebook Messenger app on my phone without restoring access back to my account. Is this possible? I don't have a phone number linked to my account, and I'm not planning to add one to it.
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which one's best?
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hello guys. i am looking for those images that explained and debunked the holocaust and the gas chamber debunked and explained as to how its fake. i remember it had images of other gas chambers in comparison to the supposed gas chamber with wooden door. thanks in advance
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Trying to Find A compatible GPU

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So I bought this motherboard:
I'm tying to find a compatible gpu that is under $200. I don't understand most computer jargon so I'm at a loss.

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Dying Fetus

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Anyone got any of there stuff on links?
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Does anyone know what this is from?