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Is it possible to play this on a Window 10 Laptop (Surface Book 2). I have the original disc and the disk drive recognizes the game and allows me to boot up the "Do you want to install" screen, but after hitting set up nothing happens.

Plane Help

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Just wondering if I did this right.

I got sqrt(22)/2 for the distance with the formula abs(normal * point)/ ||normal||

Lain fansite

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Hello I'm looking for a fanmade lain website
the site was made by some guy who liked lain and started drawing her over the years if I remember correctly
it looked like pic related, an image split into tiles
but the image wasn't there from the start
you had to flip each tile by clicking on it, then it would show you one of his artworks and his commentary
then when you went back the tile was "unlocked", showing part of the main image, slowly revealing his masterpiece on the front site
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Survey on Government Mass Surveillance

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Hey guys, could you please help me with this google survey for uni,
much appreciated
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I'm looking for manga/manhua/manhwa with a wuxia or ancient China setting. Basically the aesthetics of a kung fu flick, it can even be a fantasy world as long as it's asian flavored. Hopefully an actual manga, I know there are webtoons with that theme literally by the thousands, but 99% are generic power fantasies that look like they were drawn by a 13 year old weeb on deviantart.

I've read:
>Blood and Steel
>Blades of the Guardians
>Shut Hell
>Feng Shen Ji
>Journey to the West
>Ravages of Time
Actually good webtoons:
>Gosu/The Master
>Peerless Dad

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have booba and boota. need tooba.
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