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I am asked to find the area D. Since the traingle is displaced by "a" steps on the y-axis, I should be able to get the same area if I bring the triangle down to the axis, so that the bottom of the triangle is adjacent to the x-axis. My answer is wrong anyways, as the book says the area D is e^3. Where did I go wrong?

Mushoku Tensei

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Guys, when I finished catching up to the manga I really wanted to continue the story, so I went to NU and found that I can't find the volumes of the LN/WN of this series. The Mediafire link on the TL's site doesn't work on my phone for some reason, torrents are blocked here and I don't have digital money to spend on a VPN, and the old Wayback trick I did to read Slime Tensei series back then doesn't work as well.

So please, a link to an alternative website or even a different file sharing site like MEGA is fine as well. Thank you.

Looking for songs with an esoteric, floaty feel. Any suggestions?

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Angel's Egg Storyboard

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This one's a long shot, but does a scan of this book exist? It's the full storyboards for the Angel's Egg movie.

Is there any way to see a movie's domestic box office data broken down by geographic area?

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I'm writing a paper on Martin Scorsese movies and I'm curious to see if his films (particularly his ones about New York or city life in general) had fewer ticket sales in the more rural Midwestern areas of the United States, where audiences might be less interested in that type of story. Is there any way to check that, or is that data even recorded at all?

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In honor of Juice WRLD's passing, he should have his own Pepe.

Been looking for a Pepe for him and many other entertainers and characters for awhile, yet to no avail.

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Source please
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loud fan

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Moved my computer to other side of room and using a new plug. The fan is now apparently working overtime and I havent changed any settings. Only 1 of the 2 plugs works on other wall- is this new socket just giving out more power?