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Where can I watch the original Cutie Honey anime with GOOD subtitles? The subs on 9anime are really bad. Either streaming or a download link would be fine but I'd prefer not to torrent.

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>hey /wsr/ bros wanna edit this entire photo for me in an incredibly specific way for no apparent reason
>hey /wsr/ can you recommend me some anime to suit my shit tastes for the 1337th time
>hey worksafe chads will you give me memes similar to this one so i don't have to use google
>hey bros can you do this thing for me that we already have a specific board for
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Komm Süsser Tod

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There was a really nice, high quality version of this song posted on YouTube. But the gay company who owns the song takes down the good quality versions of the song. I am wondering if anyone saved the song or has the link from it saved to an old playlist.

>inb4: just listen to the slightly lower quality versions on YouTube, it's not that big of a difference
Yeah I know but that's not what I am asking. I liked that old video quite a lot.
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Am I fucking crazy or do I hear a silent man talking during the Fairly Odd Parents theme song? It starts at 0:04 and ends at 0:11, and then happens again at 0:25 and ends at 0:33. It's really subtle and I don't know if it happens anywhere else in the theme song.
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I don't get it

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Can someone explain the joke in Zoomer humor?
I don't get it
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More like this

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Does anyone have more gifs like this or are interested in making more?
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Looking for an electronic music artist, all his clips were 3D animation depicting several black vehicles tracking supernatural anomalies, I can't find it at all anymore
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Help finding snek

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This has been bothering me for four years.
My friend and I were looking up some bullshit and found these [cards/gatcha/status?] things, with characters, some of them were horny, but sfw I think, others were extra as fuck.

One was a snake woman like related, but she had a [w] mouth.

0[w]0 kind of like this, but, you know.
Horny and anime. It was definitely anthro and not a monster girl, though.
And it was definitely japanese, I've combed e621 like an autist in the years since, and this is the closest thing to her.

Pls help, it's been driving me fuckin insane
I'd ask /a/ but I feel like it'd be lost immediately.
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