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Looking for an image. It's one of those funny behind-the-scenes of how a photo was done.
It was either a cosplay or car model shot with a spray of water behind the model. The BTS showed a guy of camera doing a spit take.

Tried searching google with combinations of photoshoot, photo shoot bts, behind the scenes, model, cosplay, funny, but no luck.
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Spooky Posters

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Hey, /wsr/. I'm requesting to find posters that look visually similar to this. Something so normal yet gives off a weird vibe. I'm not looking for images to save on my computer, but something that I can buy and hang up on my wall.

Also, if you know of any sites where I could post images and turn them into posters, that would be great.

If you can't find either of these, I would like to know how I could describe this image so a search engine would know what I'm exactly looking for.
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looking for a picture

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I have been trying off and on to find a certain picture for years. it looks like the picture above (madoka magica line-up with a white background) except the girls are all stick figures with their rspective colors and Homura has Madoka's pink underwear on her head. Thanks for the help!
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cute christian girl

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anyone knows name or something?
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Looking to engross myself into an atmosphere of media from at least 1990 - 2007 at the latest, particularly from Japan. This can be anything from advertisements to video game case covers, music, shows, what have you. I'll share some for examples


Show me what you love. There is a way pictures, music and video games breathed during this specific time that I love that I cannot find in anything before or after.
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A good video editor for scrubbing video?

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I would like to work on a AMV, but first I need a video editor that is good at scrubbing through the video playback, and if possible, something that could change the speed of the playback on the fly by pressing a button. I'm not too picky, but I would prefer something between free, and less than half the price of Premier Pro. We're talking about a neck-bearded otaku making AMVs, and not Hollywood level productions here. :P