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I need help guys

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So I posted this on r/lit/ and they sent me here

So I need to write a character and emotions of Merso from the book "The Stranger" by Albert Camus and I need it in 5 hours so I'm in really big trouble, please help

*pic unrelated

Any female MCs of slice of life who can wear a bikini?

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Any female Protagonist of Slice of life who can wear a bikini in the swimsuit episode? I heard that 95% of protagonists cannot wear a bikini at all and wear an ugly one pieced swimsuit instead or don’t even wear it,sadly.
Any female protagonist of SoL who can wear a bikini except for the Pic Related?
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source/composer of anime piano song

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found it on a piano mobile game, lists the title as "Romance" but no information about where it from etc. and i'd very much like to know the artist/composer and anime it's from. please thank

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Does anyone know of a place I can purchase this plush online? It's a konchu from the Monster Hunter video game series by Capcom. Everywhere I've looked says they've sold out.

Recent manga recommendations

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what are some cool and promising manga that started out recently? stuff that still has a relatively low number of chapters.

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I've been trying to play youtube videos in MPC-HC but there is always something wrong with it
I tried to use youtube-dl but if i get it to work i can't seek through the video or i can only skip forward and not back but when i use "youtube-dl -g" and open the links it gives in MPC-HC everything works (most of the time) and it's just a bit laggy and i can't figure out how to launch MPC-HC with those links


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I need help making a formula, for a party, one pizza cost 5 dollars, and one pizza can feed 2 people but you can only buy one full pizza, and one cake cost 5 dollars and can feed 6 people but can you can only buy one full cake, and every hour everyone gets one shot of vodka and lets say a shot is 2$ and everyone payed 10$ to come to the party, what would the formula be if, h = the number of hours, x = equals the number of people comming and y = the money left or the money missing to make the party? Thanks for helping.

How to properly Reverse-Image-Search

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How do you best use reverse image searches? So far I've been pressing the arrow next to a post, and just went on from there.
Sometimes it works. Sometimes no results on google, SauceNao or Tineye. Are there any other/better ways you guys use?
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