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i got nothing anymore

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500 thousand readers, what should i do to so they will buy? i have no more ideas

ngmi i know.

sorry i really like drawing/visual and i dont know how to do anything else
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Why is my bandwidth dropping periodically

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My connection drops like this whenever I play video games and gives me huge lag spikes. I have no idea how to fix it. Says driver is up to date.
Mobo: B365M DS3H
CPU: I-5 9500f
Usb Wifi adapter: Linksys - AC1200
driver: linksyswusb6300
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math induction help

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no idea how to do this
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4chan x filters

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I've been seeing an uptick of newcomers and cross shitters on my board lately so I decided to use 4chan x to filter those faggots out;
I filtered words like:
Dilate etc etc
But the problem comes here, the way the filter works is by automatically hiding posts, posts that are exactly identical as any of which of keywords match, not completely hide posts that contain any of these keywords, which is what i want. Can anyone help me out with this?

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what episode from prisma ilya is this from
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Hi, just asking for a simple screenshot request with these images, I just want Mario's shirt in red. That's it, greatly appreciated.
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post rare wojaks

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Can I please have a good lucid dreaming guide that works?
Also, will I be able to consistently apply it every time?
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Hiya, /wsr/! I'm doing a survey for school and I'd appreciate it if you could answer them!

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>Should videogames be considered art, alongside other artforms such as film, music, etc.?
>If yes, why? If no, again why?
>Should videogames be treated as a new form of interactive media which could be used for schooling purposes (including educating, helping to simplify concepts, etc.)?
>Yes or no, and why?
>How have videogames impacted your view on art (if we suppose they're considered art and if you have played any)?

Pic unrelated. Just a cute Yotsuba.
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