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What are some anime that'll make me want to get better at speaking to people and not kill myself for being unable to hold a conversation?
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What font is this?

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I've put it into a few font recognition programs but it didn't work. I believe it is a default font, but have not been able to find it.
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>help with your homework

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First time in my Uni program we had to write a 6 page work. My source for all 4.5 pages I wrote was only one book and I pretty much summarized and re-wrote it's contents. In assignment instructions it says that I need to refer to pages of that book.
How do I do that APA format? Do I just write (p.56-58) after paragraph because what I wrote in that paragraph I got from those pages?
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Heyo, /c/ and a few other boards have about HALF of the threads just 404'd. This started happening a few days ago, and I'm wondering if this is a problem with the site, and if not, how can I fix this?
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Asian Movie

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I would be delighted if anyone knows from which movie is this screen shot, thanks anyway
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Who is she?

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The entire collective of a small board are asked respectable colleagues of the 4chan to assist in the search for any information about this beautiful woman who has more than five years tirelessly bamping threads. TinEye, Google and Yandex have not brought benefits. We think that the picture was appeared here, so what we call here.
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I'm looking for a song. I first heard this song in a YouTube video.The video was a still anime image of a girl standing on a lake, I think. It was a drum and bass song and the first lyric was "Are you ready"? The ready was keep going with an "eh" sound that was repeated. That is all I remember from the song. Does anyone know the song?
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So it turns out madhouse mode is a preorder bonus. Anybody happen to have a Playstation Store code to unlock it that they don't care about? I'd love to play this blind at its hardest and I really didn't expect Capcom would pull something like that.

Email it to [email protected] Thanks so much for whoever happens to come by and help me out.