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From another board I found this delight. Please say what you know about it. Thanks.
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Genesis/Mega Drive and Nes roms

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Hey, does anyone have a torrent link to Genesis and NES rom packs. I lost my NES ones and have always wanted to try a Genesis, Thanks

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Hwo is she?
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I want to make a pic related effect but I don't know what opensource free application to use. Can anyone help me?


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looking for the video.
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Can someone please draw a caricature of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in purgatory/hell/heaven and she is surrounded by unborn fetuses that have no eyes and with their umbilical cord still attached, maybe a few veins on their cranium, and with angel wings? Then a thin banner that says "the fetuses thank you for Roe V Wade" PleasE?
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Blocking notification category during the week

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Hi, I need a way to automate the process of turning off the 'message' notification category during the weekdays, and re-enabling it on the weekends. How should I proceed?

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I need to download a playlist of YouTube music, but I'd rather do it all at once. Anyone know how to do this easily?

Here's the playlist


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Does anyone have a good death stranding repack? I've been trying on the sites I usually go to and can't find anything
already own it on ps4 so I am not gonna pay again
just wanna play it at a higher framerate on my pc