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This is the CG Ep3 Vader helmet I've been working on recently, I'm trying to find what the real life helmet scale is to match mine with but can't find it. Anyone know ANY of the measurements of an original helmet?

(even if its a small part that way I can use that measurement as reference to scale everything on.)

Or does anyone know where I might be able to find the original scale/dimensions?
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Photoshop request, I need someone to remove the window frame around Pin-Up Girl and make the whole frame with her body in it a higher resolution and a rectangle so I can make it into a custom window stencil because there's (not to my knowledge) any theaters around me with this standee that I can buy it from. Will post other refs of it from different angles, basically I just want the window itself with her in it at a high resolution.
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Hello! I was wondering if someone could separate the sprites from this sprite sheet for me! I'd love it! It's in the folder! Thank you!


>pic unrelated
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Call for help

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Need help finding this song. I do not remember much apart from it has the words "oh my love" in the beginning of a sentence and is constantly used in the refrain. The song is being sung by a man with a near-baritone voice and it has minimal to little acoustic background music to go along with it.
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Going to my grandads memorial tomorrow

How do I hide the fact that I never gave a fuck about him before he died or after

>Many people will be there

>Atleast i'll have the rest of the day off
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does anyone know what laptop this is?

could some who has it talk to me about its features and stuff? id like to get one and build an arch installation for it.
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