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I'm looking for that drawing, it's the redhead girl laying on a bed in her underwear while a dude loads a tommy gun, bunch of phorographs of targets on the wall behind him. Anyone know what im talking about?
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requesting sauce for 1080p or 720p for season 5 of samurai jack
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requesting OC of a two-pane meme

>stephen colbert: that's a big ice cream
>donald trump: two scoops

since it's a bane reference it would help if the imagery resembles the bane scene slightly

the meme could be extended for example with colbert losing his shit after trump says two scoops but i would like an "original version" with just the two panes
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What series is this?

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Reading Beelzebub again, find these two nerds in a small part of the cover page for one of the extra chapters.

Think I recognize them but can't for the life of me put a series name to the faces, nor can I read the title there because my weeb level is too low. Anyone recognize them or can just straight up read the title?
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AP English Lang & Comp

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Does anyone have an essay to any ap prompt that got at least a 5 that they would be willing to share. I have to do one to round my grade from a 79% to 80% but I have a Calc final that I have to study for right now. Thanks for the help!
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Could somebody help me punch up a story I'm writing?

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Are there any comedy or drama writers here?
Punch up means going through what's already written and adding moments to the script that make it better.

I'm currently writing a story and would appreciate it if some people could help me make it more appealing!!

Here's the Google Doc link and comments are enabled but editing is not:

I'd appreciate it if you guys could leave a comment telling me where I can add some things or just reply in this thread and that would be good too! Thanks in advance ^_^
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Can someone shop one of those snapchat text bars that says "I showed you her emails answer me"
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Hey /wsr/. Could anyone turn this into a vector? It would be greatly appreciated and thank you before hand