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What are some good emulators for the following consoles?:

-Sega Genesis
-Sega Dreamcast

Random Freeze/Crash

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I hope you can help me. I bought myself a 2070 Super (got it at 28.03). Got the new 445.75 Nvidia Driver (23.03). Recently i got some weird crashes:
> Color changes a bit
> Mouse get pixelated
> Second screen gets black
> Restard after 1-2 Minutes
> Cant open the Task Manager

I checked the Event Manager to see, if it give some information, but i dont really understand what that means.

Does at mean my gpu is broken? Or does the nvidia driver have some bugs?

Suggestions for solving homework mess

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I have fallen far behind in my math (statistics) homework on MyLabMath. I NEED a A in the class, as it is the only thing holding me back from graduating finally. Do you guys know someone/or a site who could help do the homework? I dont have much money, but l would be willing to give as much as l can for anyone who is qualified.

TLDR; I need a mathexpert or a site that solves homework
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Laptop Touchpad Issues

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Hey /wsr/. The cursor on my laptop seems to randomly fluctuate in speed. Any idea what could be causing and how I could fix it please?

It goes really slow then goes back to its normal speed, but for the most part stays slow. I checked the settings and noticed nothing amiss there. Someone on /g/ said it could be moisture in the touchpad. Is there any way I could verify and fix that?

I should also mention, some days back I dropped the laptop from height and the screen popped out. I popped it back in and all seemed well and working. A few days after my charger stopped working, so I had left the laptop in a cool dry place for 2-3 days. I only noticed the issues after this period where it was left in a cool dry place.
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Trying to figure out the artist behind this shirt. The artist is apparently on tumblr but reverse image searching turns up nothing.
I think the artist has a very similar style for most of their art.
thanks /wsr/

Outer Wilds Dev Preview Video

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Does anyone remember the first look video for the Outer Worlds with the female dev and male writer going through one of the endgame side quests in the film studio? The voice acting wasn't done yet so the whole video is just the devs laughing at their own terrible jokes and randomly shooting characters to showcase their 'branched gameplay'. The girl spent maybe a minute talking about some poster in the lobby that was ripping off futurama too iirc. Been looking on youtube for maybe an hour and having zero luck. if it's been deleted or unlisted does anyone have it as a webm? tyia

Help please

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Please help lol, looking for this really old hotel room design game, you are given 3 floors/rooms and you get to decorate each one with whatever furniture, pets, people, and stuff you want. Its not habbo hotel its more like this, Like you get to decorate the 3 rooms and theres a little thing on the bottom where you can drag and drop the item you choose. Its hard to explain so the link I provided is basically the game im looking for except that it had 3 floors ontop of each other and had way more items to drag and drop.
Pic related is really similar except for the fact that the game im looking for had 3 floors.

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