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Annoyed that /g/ more or less is going to redirect me here. But anyways, I guess I'll give things a shot here. I'm wanting to rip my VHS home videos into a digital format with either a capture card/upscaler or otherwise any equipment that can beautifully get it done the best that I possibly can. But I do have a budget. I'm willing to spend up to $150. I thought about also while I'm at it being able to use whatever I buy for game capture as well. I've tried to also ask for advice on /vr/ however those tightwads are just going on about "emulation" for the game capture and ignoring my main concerns here. It's very important to me that I can do this because there's a lot of special footage from my childhood on these and time is going to take these sooner or later with most of these being already 30 years old now.

Any help or advice on recommendations will be greatly appreciated and absolutely mean the world to me.

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Anyone here a MS Word guru?

I have a document I frequently add to. Whenever I Enter then Tab, it will add an indent of 0.5", which is the default and the intent I want. However, if I Tab twice, it will do 0.5" for the first then 1.81" for the second. Every time. I have to select the text, choose Paragraph Settings > Tabs and remove the 1.81" and select the 0.5". Every time I press Tab twice in the document, no matter how many lines down, no matter how many times I go into the Tabs settings and change the indent to 0.5".

Is this a hard default setting of Word that cannot be changed? How can I set tabs to all be 0.5" no matter how many times I press Tab?

Entertainment for LSD Trips

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Hey Anons,

My roommate and I are going to be taking some LSD this weekend, and were wondering if you guys had any recommendations for music, films or other media you recommend watching.
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Editing pic

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Was hoping someone could resize pic to decent size without it looking really blurry, like around 360x480 and make it transparent also. It's kind of tiny though.

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can somebody photoshop my boy gregbus to be hot
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Can you help me to find this artist's new nick?

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That's it, I've been looking for it and I can't get it.

The only nick i know he had is "darkgargo" and as fas as I know he had his two DeviantArt accounts deleted.

I just discovered his work and I would like to know more about it.

Thanks in advance!!

There's a pic of something he did like 3 years ago.