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this phone wallpaper.
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Few months ago I saw a picture that was in the style of a political cartoon, explaining what a Nu Male was. It was surrounded with details like "the numale drinks BPA bottles to raise estrogen" and "the numale smokes weed cause its cool! and relaxing! regardless of the health effects". The numale in the center had swirly eyes too iirc.

If someone could post it or point me in the right direction that would be great. Ive been on google and sifting through archives for about an hour now to no luck.

Thanks in advance!
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Are there any bulk torrents of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies? I'm looking into downloading all 1,000 or so shorts.
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I need a patch of jewberries

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I wish I had photoshop but I'm on my iPhone. Can anyone do me a favour and help me make a vine of blueberries into a vine of jewberries?
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iPhone 5s

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Recently my Honor7 screen broke because i dropped it. I have one iPhone 5s in a drawer that i've found 2 years ago. It has an iClound lock. Is there any way to reflash the OS on that phone?
I've rooted a lot of android phones and would know what to do with a locked android but can anyone help me out with that iphone? Thanks in advance
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Does anyone know if Youtube analytics (pic related) are based on the viewers IP address, or if they are based on the country selected on the viewers Google account? I can't seem to find information about this anywhere.

For example, say I'm from the US and I am on holiday in France and I watch a video. Does the analytic on my view show up as being from the US, or from France?