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Earlier today, my PC suddenly stopped acknowledging my USB thumbdrive and started showing this on the device manager. I've looked around and tried the usual fixes to no avail.

>Windows Troubleshooter: Can't find the reason for the issue
>Uninstalling and reinstalling my USB drivers
>Uninstalling and reinstalling the device's drivers

I'm guessing the thumbdrive is dead but I want to be sure there's nothing else I can do.

Also, I have another thumbdrive that also send me the same error, but unlike the other, this one works perfectly if simply use another USB port to connect it. Thus leading to another question, is likely my USB hub is fucked and will do the same to another thumbdrive?

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there's this youtube video, its a poor quality animation about an angry lonely guy who imagines up a purple furry girlfriend, she might have been a squirrel? i know he showed it in his animation class. anyone have the name / link to this? thank you

Tecnología y ayuda

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Hola! Lo que me paso fue que le hice una limpieza a mi pc y, la desensamble toda y, ahora enciende pero no me da imágen nada de nada. Alguien me puede ayudar por favor.

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What are some good arguments against egalitarianism and altruism that do not use egalitarian and altruist logic (for example: egalitarianism is bad because it is impossible and makes it easier for the less able to rise up in the social hierarchy, which harms all society; altruism is bad because people are good at knowing what they like but bad at knowing what other people like)?

>inb4 go to /pol/ or /bant/
I need this for a philosophy essay with the purpuse of proving the validity and independence of ethical egoist thought outside of solipsism or theism. If you really expect to have a rational and comprehensive conversation in /pol/ or in /bant/ I am afraid you are severely retarded.

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How do you manage way too many pinned tabs in firefox? Non-pinned tabs that are actually in use get like 15% of the tab bar for me now. This is horrible. Any extensions to shrink the pinned tab section down significantly, or anything like that?

Pic unrelated.


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yo anons, id like to ask you to find the source on pic related, i know its from persona 5 but i wanted to know thr book name, id really appreciate your help, thanks in advance anons

looking for a specific piece of art

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does anyone happen to have that one pic of Giorno sucking on a sushi roll?

I'm preeeetty sure it's sfw, do let me know otherwise
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