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where to stream anime and read manga

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haven't done either in a while, and my previous anime site has gotten DMCA'd, what are the best options for doing either these days?
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Trying to find the name of the song in this webm, can't quite remember where I found it.

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Can anyone help me find a good anime movie to watch in a company? I'm celebrating my birthday these weekends and plan on inviting some friends.
Preferably a comedy or something really exciting which won't bore anyone.
Can't watch pic related since anyone I know already watched it multiple times.
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Can somebody crop the wignat skull on this cute anime chick?
I have no idea how to do that shit, would love if you could tell me how once posted so I know how to do it in future so I won't have to post here.
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Can somebody find the The Sky's Are Limited by Jr Serpent for me ?
Or some on send the music name from this video (0:18)

Extracting a SFX from an anime clip

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I basically want the sfx sound from this clip extracted.
I mean the "trumpet" sound effect. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it isolated in any other episode of this anime, so this is the best clip I've got for this.
Is this possible to extract and somehow isolate
so I can use it as a notification sound? I don't know anything about audio engineering, so I'm hoping someone here is willing to help me with this.

Thanks for any help!
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[C++] Cannot connect to the remote POP3/IMAP server

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I'm trying to connect to the remote POP3/IMAP server using VMime library.

I created a test case ( that demonstrates how I'm trying to accomplish that and what problems I am encountering. The test case is for POP3, but I have the exact same issues with IMAP. The test case uses Gmail (because it's so widespread), but there are also similar issues with other services. Namely, the connection either times out or I receive ENOTCONN error, depending on the email provider.

And no, I didn't forget to enable POP3 in the mail settings.
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