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I am looking for more anime with these archtype of characters mixed in. Seems like they just died out. If you know of anime anime down the same tonal lines I'd like those too :l

Can't remove widgets from lock screen

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I want to remove this widget from my lock screen, but only this one. The default widget is the clock.
I'm using Android 4.4.4, there's an option to enable widgets. Alright, I can disable them, but then I won't be able to see my international clocks.
I've tried pressing and holding on the undesired widget or swiping over to the right, but nothing happens. There must be a way to remove only one without disabling all.

I haven't even found a thread on any other site where this issue is addressed. Everybody just asks how to disable widgets altogether or gives solutions that don't apply to my phone for some fucking reason.

If you don't know how I can remove this thing, at least I'd like to know why my Android is apparently different from everyone else's. Is it the model? It's an Acer Liquid Z410. On the lock screen it has a water animation just above the lock icon that I haven't seen in any other phone.

Help me remember the name of a movie I forgot

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It's about a girl who gets kidnapped and is forced to live on a basement and escapes after a long time (2000 days ?)

The guy who kidnaps her ends up killing himself on a train station.


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i need to know this movies name because it has been nagging me for years and this is how the ending goes

it was an old man sitting on a wooden chair at a cargo dock rigged to an explosive contraption, which had a ball that would slide to the right and hit the detonator if he were to stand up
and he had to pick
between himself or a distant train exploding off its bridge railing
and obviously he stands up
causing the ball the roll
hitting the detonator killing himself but saving the train

Trouble installing really old game

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>install YU-NO(a really old PC-98 Visual Novel) with no problems
>launches fine
>accidentally activate fullscreen when trying to maximize the window
>can't disable it, option in menu is greyed out and no key disables it
>close game and launch it again
>doesn't launch at first
>use the 256 bit colors and the 640x480 resolution compatibility modes mentioned in the readme
>now it launches
>still full screen
>decide to uninstall it using the uninstaller and install it again to go back to windowed
>the installer that I didn't touch at all now tries to change resolution when opened(can tell it wants to change resolution because the screen goes black and shows the pop-up my monitor shows when changing resolution and connecting the monitor), and after the screen comes back the resolution is normal and the installer either never launched or crashed instantly
>compatibility options don't work
>turning the computer on and off doesn't work
>mounting the file again to get a brand new installer still doesn't work
I could really use some help here
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Anime recommendations for a plotfag?

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pic is favorites list
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Requesting Trash Man as the prettiest princess in a dress, as per this event.
But he has to be wearing his trademark hat!

FaceMorph Thread

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Looking to see if someone can make a face morph of Gal Gadot and Rihanna.

I suppose we could use this thread for others to post their requests too