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TV/PC connection problem

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I usually find answers to all my questions through google, but this time I'm fucking stumped.
I recently built a new PC, so I decided to use my old one as a HTPC in the living room. Loaded it up with 3TB of movies, documentaries, some PC games, and emulators + games.
Now, I tested this PC with an old screen that I had laying around, worked perfectly.
The problem started when I hooked it up to the TV (using HDMI). Everytime I start a game the TV turns off after about 10 seconds, and shortly after that the PC turns off too. I've had this PC for six years and no screen has ever done that to it (I'm actually quite surprised that the TV has the 'power' to turn off the PC, I really don't get it).
This makes it impossible for me to use the PC as a living room emulator (tried with Mario Party 7) or to game on it in general. I have confirmed that it does work with other screens (using DVI), and I have also tried that exact ROM and Dolphin build on other computers, no problems either.
Same thing happens with The Sims 3. I have tried the exact same version of The Sims 3 on 3 different PCs, they all worked perfectly, also on the exact same PC that I try to use in the living room now. But when it is connected to that TV, it shuts off about halfway through the loading screen.


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Got a job a few weeks ago and there's alot of downtime inbetween work. After lookimg into it I've found out that I am allowed to bring a personal laptop to use inbetween breaks and such. Can anyone recommend a good laptop for $1,200 that will allow me to play modern games? I mostly only play games made from the late 90's to the mid 2000's but I would still like something fairly powerful. Thanks.

work help

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I have a project that requires me to make a country of my own so i thought it would be cool to ask you guys to make a country of our own with our own laws ill incorporate all ideas the best i can lets make our country great.
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Short VNs

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Please recommend me short translated VNs, other than Sata no Uta, Planetarian and OMGWTFOTL.

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How do I make myself feel comfortable using the Windows 10 botnet? Is there things I can switch off to remove prying eyes monitoring my system?
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Long anime

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What are some good, long anime? By long, I mean more than two cour.
I've been watching one-cour anime a lot recently and I feel like those shows are usually too short for the viewer to get attached to and invested in the characters.

So I'm looking for longer shows now (but good ones, not long for the sake of long).
Something like HxH, LOGH or even Code Geass, for example. Any ideas?
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