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PS3/PSP & pirating

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Im currently getting my ooold orignal PS3 repaired. It hasnt worked in years but lately ive wanted to play it. Suddenly i had the idea for storing my old anime/movies ive torrented and watched (but am too much of a e-hoarder to delete) on my PS3 when its repaired. Plus it works as a media system. So i would like to ask does anyone know if the PS3 could PLAY those shows ive torrented? What about the PSP?

Enhance quality

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Is it possible to enhance quality? If it is then can someone please help me with 3 pictures?

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Guys. I need a good reference (like ONU or OMS) about what is gender-based violence. Not violence against woman, gender based violence.
But cant find nothing. Does the concept even exist in english?
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Looking for this x-in-one PS-style creepy indie game compilation, it had a pretty sick trailer with vhs-like visuals with trippy colors, and I even went to the website, but forgot to write the name down. It was made fairly recently, 3 months ago, tops. I think it had a skeleton with huge eyes.

Looking for unintentionally creepy anime art

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As it says, I'm looking for anime art that is creepy, for example because it's extremely off model or something like Home Haruka.

I'm trying to find one in particular that is of a girl in a garden that has giant eyes, looks like she has a hunched back, and her arms and legs splayed out at weird angles. I think it's promotional art for an old VN. I think it's a fairly infamous image but I can't seem to find it again!

Thanks in advance. Other images in that vein are also appreciated.

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Anyone have a download link or a link to read the raws for Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki online?

Looking for an old book

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Hey everyone, first time posting to this board but I thought I would give it a shot.

I remember a book that I read when I was in 8th grade or earlier. It was about this kid who moved into a small new town and was learning to become an artist. He had an abusive father and older brother.

Some key memories
>Meets a girl
>drinks a cold coke with said girl and then kisses her
>brother complains about how a duck the main character was drawing looked like it was in the water
>author who claims that "the birds were resting upon her shoulders" before the main character came in
> dad would drive around with the car windows down to flex on other drivers
>had another brother who became an amputee in vietnam
>set in the 60s or 70s
>Had to be an older book

Once again thanks for your assistance folks.


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I need a picture of a man equipped with an absurd number of swords, axes, or other weapons on his back, hips, in hand, etc. It doesn't matter what style it's in, even a real-life photo works. Hell, the number of swords doesn't even matter, just that it's more than two.

Please and thank you.