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Need help with logs question

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^ just need help on b

Does anyone have the name of the middle

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saw it in /int and im getting a crush on her

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Looking for some good Minecraft Modpacks, recently got 16 gigs of ram and want to play a large one for the first time! Preferably with an emphasis on exploring, with neat mobs and maybe bosses!

Can't a picture

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I can't fin this picture:
A pure black circle on the middle (void-like), as if it where an entrance, with a skeleton standing over the side on the left. It's an old looking drawing, and its style reminds me of Gustave Dore (although it's not from him).

Movie/Show Identification

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There is a scene from either a movie or a TV show and its killing me cuz no matter how much googling i do i can't find it.

It is a "men in black" esque scene where these 2 guys are sitting in this "men in black ish" truck that has a gun on it and are shooting aliens. the gun isCOIN OPERATED which is the most notable aspect of it. I have no idea what this was from but i vividly remember seeing it. and like they're out of quarters and have a big problem or something.