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Forgot .rar password

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Stored some important files on this rar/zip/7z file and secured it with a password I obviously forgot after so many years. What are my options?

Offline Word Processor Software

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I'm looking for some word processing software that is a bit like Google Docs, except that it's fully offline. Free or Open Source is preferable, but I'll pay for something that has features I want and looks good

It has to do the following:
>Automatically saves anything you type, even if the file hasn't been originally saved yet
>Saves revision history, the exact things that were changed or added every session, and every time you delete something-- like G Docs
>Does not require internet access, at all
>Can open Microsoft Word .docx and .doc files

Any suggestions welcome, thanks anyone in advance

I need someone to write a regex for me

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Please write a regex that can recognize "link references", as defined here:
given any string. Please don't use advanced regex functionalities because they may not be supported by whatever I'm using (regex.h C library if you need to know).
You don't have to explain how it works (i think I'd be able to figure it out myself, if not I'll ask) but it would be appreciated.

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I'm looking for the best of the best image-to-gif. converter software that's free. Primary .PNG, I don't like to use GIMP for personal reasons...

If anyone could help me find it, I would be so appreciated; it's 2019 and not even Blender support .gif files.
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Hello. Could someone please help me with changing colors of this image to more yellowish ones, like on this image, posted right below.

I tried it with GIMP, but color replacement doesn't really work because of the gradient below and with the color tools, I can't seem to hit that exact background color, which is supposed to be #FFFFCC.

Any help or nudge in the right direction would be useful. Thanks
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I took this photo yesterday at TGS. The cosplayer had an insanely long line so I couldnt ask. Everyone I know have no clue who the character is? Does anyone here know?