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Anyone can find the digital artwork to this?
The pic's supposed to be from a playmat, advertised as the "Major Surgery Playmat".
Artist is Matoki Misa (真時未砂)
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Question about Patreon

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I subscribed to an artist's Patreon last month. I saw I'd be charged on June 1st, but didn't like his content, so I cancelled my subscription.
Every now and then I'd re-sub to re-save some images of his I did like, but always unsub after.
I was unsubbed on June 1st, and didn't get charged.

Can you seriously subscribe to artist's Patreon and unsub before payment days with no repercussions? I feel like I cheated this man. I fully expected to get charged $5 even though I was unsubbed.

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Anyone know where I can find more of these, I think there’s a full set somewhere

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Thoughts on the death of Hitler?

Kimba the White Lion (1989)

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I'm trying to find the 1989 series of Kimba, the remake from the original anime of 1965, do anyone have a torrent or link to watch it online? Just went through many anime torrent websites and the ones I found were down.
Could you please lend me a hand, anon?