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Hey /wsr/. Could anyone turn this into a vector? It would be greatly appreciated and thank you before hand
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Looking for the full "OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine" documentary. Anyone have it or a link to a free stream/torrent/download?
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More of these cat faces

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Does anyone have any more of this specific flavor of cat faces? Blurry low quality is fine, might even be better. would also take any other animals looking extremely uncomfortable (but not being abused of course.)
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What is the equivalent of this in anime?
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New anime?

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I am new to this whole anime thing and I just finished SAO. Any ideas of what I should watch next?
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I spilled beer on my last comp, had to drop some coin on a new one, so that means new /b/ folder

I need reaction faces bois

Care to help me out?
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