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Koe no Katachi

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Does anyone know where to watch or download this anime Koe no Katachi/A Silent Voice? It's not on Cruncyroll, gogoanime, or kiss anime yet it was released last year.
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What are some good streaming sites with HD

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I know / but i want to watch other stuff too. also no torrents my isp watches me now
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Rec me some good action schlock from pre-2000.
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Assuming any of you can read Japanese, can anyone tell me what this says? A friend of mine picked it up for me because she knew I was studying Japanese, but my Kanji study is shit.
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I found this pic with no context, anyone know what anime its from?
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Drakengard 3 Sound Effects (Spoilers)

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I'm looking for some help getting two sound effects from a PS3 game called Drakengard 3. I'm trying to get the sound effects of the rings and Mikhail's shield in Branch D's final boss. I was wondering if there's been any asset rip or if someone good with audacity or something could help isolate the sound effects from a video or something. I don't know if it would help, but I've provided an mp3 of the background song here:!ph0G1aCT!Q66ozFcX8X2JS79fS7m7D1E6rRjC6LfXk3O0vD7ZBoI
Any help or advice is appreciated!
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Hey guys, I own a little company ( but I want to get more popular among the internet. How could I achieve this?
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