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I'm trying to remember a game I played a long time ago. I believe it was a final fantasy game (i might be mistaken). It was for the game boy, I forget which gen though. It had a game style like crystal chronicles and you could recruit people to your party. There was this one person you could only recruit after beating the game 3 times. When you recruit this guy he's total shit too. Last thing I remember is that theres TONS of gear that you can buy that looks different. cat ear gear ect.

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recommend me some good manly anime. no moe shit allowed, no romances or similar plots, preferably no women at all. it cant be too serious or boring, no gayfest either. something like jojo, cromartie or needless. something that will make me feel like a real man, oh and no beta mc

only serious responses itt
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How do you guys enjoy anime? I just don't get it. I've tried watching FMA and so far it has an interesting premise but what tension has built up is torn away to make an "Ed is SHORT" gag. I've been seeing this throughout the anime I've watched, relatively new but still. It's annoying that the animes I've watched have these dumb gags during what's supposed to be a serious arc.

Am I just watching the wrong anime? If so, what can you guys suggest me?
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Do you guys know where's this character from?

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Me and my friends are looking for where this character came from.
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Can you shoop her to look fatter?

Can anyone tell me whats up with discord

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When using discord, after I tabbed out to drag some 'important files' to a folder, a notification from discord popped up right where the folder was and then its pulled up on the side and said copying. I looked and while it didn't post it anywhere i can tell, im still a paranoid freak.