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who is she

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Who is she, do she have twitter? Are there more of her? .. anything would be great, thanks.
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Can someone identify this song?

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Will appreciate it bros

Trying to find a textbook

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Hey /WSR/

Looking for "Readings in Health Care Ethics - Second Edition"

I'm a Nursing student and have to take this Ethics as one of my classes.
I'm broke as fuck and can't find this textbook anywhere...
Hoping you could lend a hand.
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Looking for Shokugeki and Yuuna digital colored

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There was time ago an imgur with most of the digital colored volumes for Shokugeki no Souma and Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san. The imgur died and I didn't save.

Good fucking luck to find the sauce of this.

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Looking for an mspaint comic similar to this where in the third panel he imagines having a gf and he looks sad, then the 4th panel is him back to normal as in the first 2 panels.
I think it might be this actual comic just altered.
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