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Recolor request

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Could someone recolor the albino woman on the right with the following conditions

>Her blue tunic is now as red as left woman
>Everything white is now as black as woman on left,that means hair,clothing fur and waistband
>Optional:the fur and waistband on her outfit stays white only hair is black,otherwise color everything black if its too much hassle as originally requested

Excel Help Please I'm dying

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I know this is a retarded question, but how can I average every 3 columns in excel. I want to average A1, B1, C1 and get a value. Then I want to average D1, E1, F1. and so on.

please it hurts inside

anyone good at trigonometry?

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curious as to how to do some basic trig will be posting a problem in the thread

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Anyone here has a program/script to download every image in a thread?
Preferably one that works with archives like but it doesn't have to.