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Hey guys, I am looking for either a manga or anime. I had only seen a picture of it but it was a picture of anime hitler and he looked buff and his cape was flying high behind him.

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Hey bros, can you rec me any cool anime flicks to watch with friends? Done with most of ghibli's repertoire and i'm not knowledgeable about this stuff

Sharing VPN connection to Switch

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Brainlet here. I'm not good with network stuff. I'm trying to share my VPN's connection to my Nintendo Switch and I can't get it to work. I'm on Win7 and the method I'm using to connect my Switch to my pc is through 2x usb to ethernet adapters. I tried sharing my VPN's connection to my Switch through control panel but it won't work. Switch errors saying it's unable to obtain ip address. I can successfully bridge my Switch to my pc's network card, but sharing and bridging with my VPN won't work. Strangely enough, I have succesfully shared my VPN's connection with my Switch in the past (albeit with a poor nat type), but now, it just won't work at all for some reason, even though I'm using the exact same method as in the past.
Please someone help me, I just want to play with nips.

math homework

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what am i doing incorrectly ?
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helo, can you recommend me good co op games
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I need a specific webm. It takes place in a VR game. The POV character is surrounded by other players. He asks them "But what is it" and the crowd answers "It iiis what it iiis". The POV character keeps asking them more stuff but they always just answer with "It iiis what it iiis."

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Name of the manga+it's characters?
Not sure if belongs here or if on /r/...
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