Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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Just need a name please!!

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need some physics help

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I have this little physics task that my brother has and i dont fucking get physics, so please help me:

We put a 100cm long flat little stick on the edge of the table so that 20cm is hanging from the edge. To the right side of the stick we put a weight. What is the mass of the stick, if the maximum ammount of weight the stick can carry before the left side rises is 300grams?
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How would I show (b)? This is basically using e and ln properties to shows the things at the bottom, and the thing indicated at the top is how it's written. This is the only one I haven't gotten.
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Anyone know some good programs or websites for downloading videos from youtube or other streaming sites? I used to use flv grabber, but its stopped working for me sometime ago.
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What's an alternative for youtube-mp3?
Extra points if I don't have to download anything
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Recommend me some good games with simple controls for an Android phone. Screen of mine recently got fucked up and now I have trouble sliding and clicking on tiny stuff, so maybe something with, let's say, max three taps at the same time?
Got any ideas?
Everything passes.
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360 controllers don't work on laptop

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my 360 controllers won't work on my laptop. Controllers aren't broken, and the drivers are fully updated. Running windows 10. They used to work and then they slowly got more stubborn (had to position the cable just right) and now they work almost never.
what do
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