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What's the source of this
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Recommend me some good fantasy movies

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Going to be marathoning some fanatsy kino this weekened, recommend me some good fantasy.

Pic related is the kind of high fanatsy kino I love, but I'm also fine with any kind of fantasy, or stories about fantasy/fairytales. Some stuff that is already in my binge plan are:

Jacob's Ladder
In the Mouth of Madness

I had also seen In the Shape of Water and the Neverending story previously. Any kind of fantasy will do, even horror, but as long as there is a fantasy element to it. No Troll, though, and I am aware that a movie like Troll fits in the kind of movie I am looking for.
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What are some good games for a NEET to get into? Stuff you can dump countless hours into.
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Around 2006-2008, there was a two man sketch group on YouTube that I remember watching a bunch of videos from, and one of them featured them doing a parody of a children's television show (something to the effect of ''Krazy Kids Korner.'')

At one point in that particular video, one of the two men bites into the word krazy, specifically the letter K. It has been turned into a banner on 4chan.

Does anyone have a link to this video?
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Looking for a youtube video concerning slavery in early capitalist communities. Not literal slavery, but more like wage-slavery. IIRC it explained how mining/factory towns (basically corporate towns) in the US kept citizens in permanent debt but offering them a slightly higher payment in a currency that can only be spent at company-owned stores and making it excessively hard to move out of that town/area and lifestyle by legal means i.e. hard work for several years.
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Pricing a Graphics Card

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I'm trying to get money for a 1060 since they're about $360 at the moment and was wondering how much my current card would sell for. The price graph on PCPartPicker hasn't had a listed price since November 2016 so I have no idea what I could get for it. I bought it March 2016 so it's definitely used but there's no damage or anything to it; just a bit of dust. Does anyone know how much it'd go for?
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Talking heads

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whats the name of the song of the very last clip in this video??
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