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Need help using GIMP

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I'm trying to make my own version of pic related, but I'm not familiar with image editing. The problem is my images always go over the taped parts, I think I'm messing up the layers or something. Any help would be appreciated
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trying to convert a webm with sound to mp4, and i get no sound when converted.
any programs or any way to keep the sound?
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I want to deactivate my Facebook account but continue using the Facebook Messenger app on my phone without restoring access back to my account. Is this possible? I don't have a phone number linked to my account, and I'm not planning to add one to it.
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Would anyone be so kind as to draw a version of Belle as an arms dealer/WWII soldier kind of thing.
Just her, no backgroud maybe some grease on her face holding a gun something like that.
The exact line going with this is kawaii arms dealer but not too kawaii, I want her workin'.
Besides that no restrictions.

This is just for a dumb joke in a let's play I'm editing. I'll give credit in the description if you want but hardly anybody will see anyway I make these mostly just for fun and practice editing.

I'll post the video when it's done just in case a single anon cares. And believe me I know they don't.

Thanks anon.
>expecting anything
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Requesting an anime (as in a single MAL entry) that I can fill a few hours with, that has NO continuous or coherent story, so it doesn't occupy my mind. A long series of shorts would be best (something like Nihon Animator Mihonichi), but if it's really devoid of plot a SoL or comedy is fine too.
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I'm looking for some cool anime shorts. Have to be less than 15 minutes. Can be music videos, shorts from anthologies or experimantal short features. Preferably more dynamic and entertaining ones. Some of the ones I like and have seen:
20min from Nishi-Ogikubo Station
Airy Me
Bubu & Bubbulina
Crazy for It
Daicon III and IV
Happy Machine
House of Small Cubes
L'Œil du Cyclone
Sex & Violence with Matchspeed
The TV Show
Wanwa the Puppy
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Hyper Crush

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I have been searching for these two items that appear in this music video. I will add a link.

The artists love the 80's so I would assume the jacket would be from the 80's. The necklace however not. Furthermore I can't find either and thought someone here would know.

Any help please?
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I'm trying to remember the name of a video game I played a very long time ago. It was a PC game that I would guess was made in the 90s, a sidescroller with primitive 3D graphics. The only specific details I can remember are that it had two playable characters, a normal man and a "beast" of some sort, and the levels alternated between letting you play one or the other. There may have been levels where they worked together as well. The man had a normal name like John or Jack or something and one of the levels was named something like "John gets a gun" (probably not the actual name since I get nothing when I google it). Does anyone know what it is? Image unrelated.
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Anyone have a source for gdgd fairies season 1?
Or the movie? Is the movie a recap or worth watching?
I've only been able to find season 2 with seeders.
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