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Why is my bandwidth dropping periodically

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My connection drops like this whenever I play video games and gives me huge lag spikes. I have no idea how to fix it. Says driver is up to date.
Mobo: B365M DS3H
CPU: I-5 9500f
Usb Wifi adapter: Linksys - AC1200
driver: linksyswusb6300

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I'll venmo 15 to whoever can shop the power lines out of this

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please post images of sad/crying anime girls
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Currently seeking CYOA books missing from collection and looking to complete them. IT seems many are on scribs which I do not have access too. If anyone can help complete this collection for archiving plz up to a mega or anything. There are 184 total I think, I seem to have most and as the collection fills out I am filling in gaps to create a master collection.

missing titles:
11 - Mystery of the Maya
25 - Prisoner of the Ant People
29 - Trouble on Planet Earth
34 - The Mystery of the Highland Crest
39 - Supercomputer
47 - Outlaws of Sherwood Forest
48 - Spy for George Washington
53 - The Case of the Silk King
54 - Forest of Fear
55 - The Trumpet of Terror
59 - Terror Island
60 - Vanished!

If anyone can help find even one in cbr or pdf, whatever plz post a link to grab it and will add to the collection.

Lost metal album

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Im looking for an album that I don't remember the name of from atleast a year ago, but probably longer.

It was a metal album, and the cover had a man in a hazmat suit standing on a pile of rubble triumphantly with a flag that I think had the nuclear symbol on it. If you know an album like that, please tell me.
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need peanuts reaction images

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Need help in creating fake amazon prime account. A process that can be repeated every 30 day once the amazon prime free trail ends.
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Pink Wallpapers Please!

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Pink Wallpapers Please!
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