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Generator Rex Download?

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Does anyone have a download link for Generator Rex? Mega is preferable, please.

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I'm going insane trying to remember this band with a few songs I like. I think the band name starts with "Home"- and I can vaguely remember two of their songs - one is a relaxing pop rock-ish tune set to a bunch of infomercials, one of which is a woman on an exercise ball. The other is a chill instrumental(?) with the title of "doo wah" or something.

Comfy songs thread.

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Last time I made a thread on /mu/ I was rejected so now I’m here. This is a comfy song recommendation thread because the world is just too real sometimes. I’m lookin for stuff like Comfort by Satchy, or Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground, but anything slow and loving is welcome. Thanks.
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Any recommendations for really fucked up or soul crushingly depressing and bleak manga/anime?

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Does anybody know the source for this? Thanks in advance.
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help me out here guys, what does this guy's tattoo say

my friends aren't saying
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I've been trying for at least 2 years now to find this song I heard when I was a child. All I know, is that it played around 7:00, and my mom sang it for me. The lyrics I remember are as follows: "Wake up wake up wake up, it's early in the morning". That's all I remember, some help would be appreciated!

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best cheapest laptop
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