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I’m looking for a specific image. It’s a sad/cringe pic of someone’s Yoshi deviantart OC blowing on a party horn next to a cake that says “Happy 28th Birthday”

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Hi guys, I'm in need of a Photoshop request, need someone to make a double exposure with this image, maybe with a forest or lake, bit whatever will work, thanks guys

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Is it just me or does anyone else have an issue where you click on a video on youtube and it plays the last video you watched instead? The title will be of the video you intended to watch and you have to reload the page for it to play correctly.

This happens to me all the time.

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What's the best Carbon handlebars for MTB?

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Recommend me some good Pokemon rom hacks. I've been playing pic related and loving it.

Specifically looking for a rom hack with:
-Little to no story shit (preferably none at all)
-Options and customisation, such as lots of starters to pick from, player characters, music etc.
-"Open", or less linear, world
-Being able to rematch gym leaders and the league
-Gen 2 or 3 hack

I know nothing can really meet ALL the criteria, but as much as possible.

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Hey boys, I'm looking for a game I really liked as a kid, hope you can help

I don't remember much, but I know it was on pc, and you played as dog (white dog maybe) and you had to jump on boxes and stuff, it was in from a 2d perspective, and the cd had the titular dog on it and a paw print and maybe the name Rex

that's all I remember

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What's the name of the Arabic/Muslim word for the place that a ruler keeps his multiple wives/concubines?

Need help with speedrunning tips

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Just trying to speedrun minecraft in under 10 mins, just need a couple of tips