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Need help finding an anime I can't remember the name of

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Is there anyone good at finding anime based on kinda crappy descriptions? I'm looking for a show I watched but I can't remember the name or too many details. I have Google searched it before and found it but I can't for some reason this time. bump if you can help and I'll post my best description. It's a slice of life anime. It's a girl who works at this little restaurant learning how to cook from this guy who she falls in love with but he's still learning how to cook too. I'm pretty sure she's good at kendo too. Its not hanasaku iroha or anohana or sweetness and lightening. I think the name is similar to hansaku iroha though. I watched it about 2 years ago I think but I'm pretty sure it wasn't new back then. It was on Netflix if I recall and it's only 1 season and 12 episodes. The MC has long black hair I believe and there is a scene where she goes to this cooking type conference because her love interest is there but they end up not finding each other or something. It's set in a small town and she works at a restaurant I believe or a small inn
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Dark elf office lady manga source?
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I want to start watching anime but i dont what to watch
I only watched a bit of Naruto but that was a long time ago
Any requests?
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plz help me

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Do any of you guys know any sound booster program that actually works and it is free?also it is for widows
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Can someone let me know which episode this is from?