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So I went to play pubg on Xbox and it says it needs to install a 19 GB update? That’s the size of the game. I very confused. I started to update it cuz I didn’t know what else to do. So it gets stuck at 9%. When I cancel the update, it says the game will now uninstall??????????

Learn JP girl

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More of theses pics please
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Long anime

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What are some good, long anime? By long, I mean more than two cour.
I've been watching one-cour anime a lot recently and I feel like those shows are usually too short for the viewer to get attached to and invested in the characters.

So I'm looking for longer shows now (but good ones, not long for the sake of long).
Something like HxH, LOGH or even Code Geass, for example. Any ideas?
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I need to find a pdf and it's really important, I'm really poor as to buy the book but if somebody can find it for me I would be really thankful for it.

Book's name: calculo de varias variables trascendentes tempranas 8va edicion James Stewart
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Windows 10 on screen keyboard

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This thing keeps popping up (see attached webm).
How to stop it??
Google results say to disable on-screen-keyboard (done) and disable the option to automatically show the touch keyboard, when a hardware keyboard is not connected (no such setting under Typing, for me).

Need new academia to read

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Anons, recommend your favourite authors/professors/academics. Brainless are welcome - I don’t discriminate, just need some new reading material, preferably philsophy, psychology, sociology, history related.

Thanks, Russian bots.
>inb4 “HAVe yOu reAd LoCKe”
>”JOrdAn PeTerSon”

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post pics of moot
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Could someone tell me what anime this is? Also, there's a site you can use to identify anime someone linked me to recently that I have since forgotten. It's something like but if anyone could remind me what it is I'd be really great

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anyone have the original for these?