Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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First time asking 4chan for help, not sure where to post this either here or on /r/, but only 2 sites I'm having issues, pornhub and swfchan. All other sites like 4chan, facebook, nmm, exhentai, mangafox/mangahere, tried scanning for malware and flush DNS and renew ip, first pornhub stopped connecting 11 days ago, now swfchan 3 days ago, is this a virus or a network problem? pls. help
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wallpaper search

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Im looking for the wallpaper on his computer if possible maybe thanks youu
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portable music player

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What is a good portable music player i could buy?
I want:
1. Good battery life
2. Durability(must not feel cheap)
3. Relatively big(about the size of a samsumg galaxy young.)

Bonus points if it is supported by rockbox
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plz id.
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Computer thread

Having issues getting my computer to recognise half my RAM ever since I cleaned out my CPU fan and reapplied paste
>CPU was running really hot
>gave the fan a clean out, reapplied paste
>boot computer back up
>realise I forgot to plug the fucking CPU fan cable back in when I reattached the fan
>computer beeps at me autistically to inform me of this
>fix the cable issue
>computer boots up, there is some screen about BIOS settings that I, like a complete spastic, ignore completely
>computer is now only using half my RAM, process manager shows 4gb as "Hardware Reserved"
>going into BIOS, it only detects 4gb

things get strange
>for some reason today the problem just up and fucking fixed itself on a restart, back to 8gb
>after a few hours of gaming back on 8gb, computer freezes with a loud screech, have to hard reset (no bluescreen, no log to analyse with Whocrashed)
>after restarting, computer is back to only recognising 4gb, further restarts not fixing the problem like before

Any tips? I'm pretty sure I've accidentally fucked with something in my BIOS when I forgot to plug in the CPU fan cable. I've attached a speccy. Normally I can troubleshoot my way through the dumb problems I have with my computer, but I'm a bit hesitant to brute force problem solve anything related to the BIOS.
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Best site to read manga

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Where to read manga, I was initially using kissmanga but /a/ told me that the site had shit translations and scans. So what would be the best site for reading manga.
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Just bringing this to your attention

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lets make this channel popular
please don't witch hunt, this guy is really desperate for views.