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Can someone tell me how I can export my animation out of sony vegas and have it keep its alpha channel? It's just a small animation of a flower png (which also has an alpha channel, don't know if that matters) and i want to use it over other videos. But a black background appears everytime I try to render it. I don't know what to render it as.

I went into properties for the clip and turned the alpha channel on. Everywhere I've looked people say to install quicktime and render as a quicktime 7 mov. I guess earlier versions of Vegas had quicktime already in them but I have the latest version. Don't know what to do and don't really want to install quicktime on my computer. Also please don't just tell me to use something else. Thank you.
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I'm looking for this one boy band J Pop song that i couldn't shazam in time. It's got a fast techno guitar-ish opening,

There were some parts in the MV where the band sang against a backdrop like in pic related, guitar and drums included. The MV is about a story of a high school girl falling in love with a guy and she carries a black and white but predominantly white mascot(?) on her bag.

The MV ends with the girl and boy sitting and getting buried in snow but the post ending shows them bursting out of the snow laughing.
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Fork path in a desert: anybody has one?

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I'm looking for an image of a fork path in the desert. I'm looking for one that has a specific requirement: it must be a fork path between a main road, frequently used, and a secondary one, barely used.
Something like pic related, to be more clear. In pic related, however, it is unclear which one is the main road and which one is the secondary one.
Does anybody have such an image? Or can anybody suggest me some search words to use to make my search more specific?
Thank you very much!
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need translator for moonrune tweets

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There's a series of Japanese tweets under the Winged_Fusiliers hashtag that I'm hoping someone could summarize in English for me. I've been following it for a while but I can't find anything in English and only have the images to go off of.
Basically if you could just skim through the tweets and images and give me an idea of what it is and what it's about, I'd be really grateful!
Thanks in advance!
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Can someone post the original version of this?

Koko suki with Amazon from azurlane please
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what site do you use for anime streaming?
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What are some SFW anime that could be watched on a plane? i.e. no sexual fanservice
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Gay Anime

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I want some good gay anime and manga. Even if the side character is gay. Doesn't have to be a romance
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I need a name for this kitten, but we still don't know wether it is a male or a female.
Can you suggest me some cat names?
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