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I'm looking for specific a MTV ident.
It's a live action clip that shows lots of demolishing buildings and a girl keeps jumping into those buildings. After that, there's an old lady that holds on the girl's hand, gives her something (I forgot what is it) and then it shows the MTV logo.

I don't know about the details, but it's something like that. There's a lot of time that I saw it.

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Any ideas how to fix a phone's USB/charging port? I tried cleaning it already. My next idea is to open up the thing and either repair it, or replace it. But I don't have the knowledge for the former, nor the money for the latter.

If there's any tricks or advice, please share.(It's an Ulefone Power 2, if that matters.)

My Sd card works, but it doesn’t

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I have an Sd card that absolutely 100% works, but is says it’s write-protected, which it’s not. I assume you people could help.
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Grizzly Bear Actor in the Wilderness Family

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Who was the bear actor that played Three-Toes in the Adventures of the Wilderness Family?
imdb gives credit to the bear actor that played Samson the black bear (Bruno the bear), but none to Three-Toes the grizzly.
My googlefu is weak, and all I get is articles about Old Ephraim, the historic grizzly that the bear in the film shared the same nickname "Three Toes" with.
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