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Met my musical hero, but the girl I handed my phone to snap a pic of us didn't know to just fucking tap the middle of my screen to focus it. Can it be fixed?
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I am looking for the name of SF novel with black and bright green cover that place in the future where aliens turn parts of humanity into different deformed beings as punishment.

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WTF is this switch for?

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Hey /wsg/ I've got an annoying ass notification on my phone it says "No SIM card, found tap for more information" I just want to use the phone as a media device. It's an LG G4.
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Recommend me fun mobile games to play during a long car trip
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Image modification required

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Can anyone edit out the tree for me, I really like the wallpaper, but the tree just ruins it for me

What do I wear for Spring weather?

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This probably sounds extremely stupid, but I've lived in the tropics most of my life (think 33°C). I'm travelling to Tokyo in a few days and the weather should be around 16°C. What do I pack? Is a T-shirt and jacket enough? Or would long sleeves be better? Would I need to bring along thermal wear?