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C++ programming advice

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Would it be a gruesome sin to initialize a one element array with a size declarator variable instead of just initializing one regular variable?

I really don't want to overload a function because it'll make my code longer. I'd just prefer to reuse the same one.
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Comic strip

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Does anyone have that comic strip where a neckbeard tells a big-titted fast-food cashier "you too" after she tells him to enjoy his meal
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Remote Desktop Connection

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I am trying to wirelessly use my desktop from my laptop, both running Windows 10. Win 10 has a thing called remote desktop connection, but I can't get them to connect. I'm assuming they must both be on the same internet network? My pc is directly connected to my router with an ethernet cable, but has no internet card, and just says that it's connected by ethernet. My laptop is connected to the wifi being created by my router and says the name of the wifi spot it's connected to. Is there anyway I can connect them, or do I just need to get a card for my desktop?
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Could any Photoshop artists fix the shading around her abdomen so it doesn't look like she's pregnant?
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Physics 2

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In Physics, if the acceleration is not given, how come the default then is -9.8m/s/s? For example,

Trying to relive your parkour days, you attempt to jump from the ground to a ledge at 1.2m high. What is the minimum speed you would need to jump in order to make it to the ledge?

Listing out our givens we have:
Displacement = 1.2m
V = 0
A = -9.8m/s/s
Vo = 0

I know how to then plug in and solve but, how do we know the acceleration is -9.8? Where did that number come from, and are there similar things to remember with other problems?
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KemoFure data request

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I'm looking for the data (preferably from Android, if possible) that is downloaded when pic related starts up. If anyone still has a copy of the game installed on their phone (and has gotten far enough where the game downloaded the additional data needed), would you care to spare the data to someone whose never played it?

I need it for reverse engineering.
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From what book is this tip?

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I've seen images like these across the information library i've downloaded a long time ago. Is it a book or just from an infographic website? thank you in advance.
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I need a good backpack one that has good storage and is comfortable price $50-100 thanks