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ing dual monitors @1080 on the card and 4k on the motherboard. I had to move the 4K out and when I did my 1080 can't scale the screen correctly. 1080 is way zoomed in so I have to change the resolution to 768 just to get the top edge of the taskbar on screen. Is there an easy fix to this?

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Could someone do a couple of edits to this image?

1. Dele te the word balloon and fill that space in to match the rest of the blue star area

2. Chance "Lawyer Cat" text to read "Legal Team"

3. Make it transparent (don't want the black background - it's being used on a slide)


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Does anyone have that webm of some guy explaining 9/11 and explaining how ridiculous the "true" story is?

I think the voice actor was British

Looking for sauce of this show

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I just have this pic, it's from a japanese show that aired this spring (2018), original photo came from here.

If anyone knows the show's name or has a link to watch it/download it, I'd really appreciate it.

Image Modification

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Hello, gentlemen.
I am in need of help with image modification.
May I ask you to put this image on the down left quarter of a 1080x1080 picture please?
It would be nice if you could make all the background in black, the part behind Kepler included.
Thank you in advance.

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Hey guys I am really bad at this type of stuff, so could some pls change the the yellow colors to a a moon blue?

which movie is this from?

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