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please gib source or artist

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This router may not support all the mandatory features as ratified in Draft 3.0 of IEEE 802.11AX specification. It's a the bottom in the fine print. What does that mean, it's not a really a AX router?

Looking for webm/song

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Ok, so I saw this in a ygyl feels thread a while back but like a dumb cunt didn't save it, and haven't been able to locate since I don't remember enough of the lyrics.

tl;dr webm consisting of short video flashes, the only one I remember clearly bieng an egg being fertilized under a microscope. Music is lo-fi/chillstep-like with an old man speaking over the track, I don't remember the words exactly but he speaks of the Earth being full of "beauty" and "plenty", with "enough for everyone", then the tone descends into speaking about greed.

Ik, vague af but can someone help me out?

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I'm trying to find a historical anecdote I read about a freak event where a huge amount of whales were surfacing in a New England harbor during the age of whaling.
It recounted a slaughter of most of the whales. I'm almost sure I read this and didn't imagine it, help confirming that I'm not crazy would be great.

Trying to find a stupid video

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looking for a webm of two guys deadlifting in a gym, one skinny in the back and one muscular in the front. Skinny guy is massively overacting, knocking his knees and rocking back and forth lifting a near-empty barbell while the guy in front lifts unawares. I believe there was a third guy doing something similarly ridiculous but i cant remember exactly. Saw it online a few weeks ago and lost my shit, kicking myself for not saving it.