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Hey guys, I'm searching for a short animation, I don't remember the name, but i'm pretty sure it was hand drawn, about a boy in the hospital and a nurse. The boy starts having weird movements and a plant monsters comes out of his head. There is an awesome scene with a ceiling fan (picture related). Everything is beige, and it has nice music.

Please share the name if you remember. Thanks!!
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So I'm attempting to stream my vita (pstv) and the only reasonable way to do that is with a capture card. However I noticed that these things have computer requirements, like this one

The problem is I have a shitty laptop from like three years ago. So is capturing the game footage through this and then streaming that through OBS going to make it look like crap with a lot of stutters?

This is quite a lot of money for me and I just want to see if anyone has any knowledge and can guide me in the right direction.
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Photoshop request

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Can someone change the shield and outfit of this picture into the Flag of my province, Noord Brabant? If possible change the background to windmills too.
Flag in my next post. Landscape with windmills after.

Thanks in advance
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EBook request
Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World
by René Girard
Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness
by Itzhak Bentov
Cant find torrent on these books.
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Biology experiments for high school

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Im looking for ideas for biology experiments that have never been done before and are not extremely difficult to do (high school level). Gimme any ideas you have.
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Please do a vaporwave/retro edit of my cat. You can include the '95 Windows icon and Japanese text.
Be creative.

Have a great day, anons.
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Could somebody make this look dramatically epic?