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Trading Card

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I saw a similar post yesterday and wanted to wait so it didn't seem like it was a double post. I'm working on a project with some other guys from another board, and we need a trading card template. The trading card would need to be similar to either a Pokemon or Magic card, and would need to be 2.3 x 3.5 with a border around the physical card to prevent any important information from being cut off during printing. Thanks for your help in advance!
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Is my video card kill? I tried opening republic commando and the screen went black, and fans on my computer went to 9000rpm. I tried a system restore after getting this and now I can't even open in safe mode. I googled some of the errors and it appears to be driver related
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Post cute SFW anime girls. I need motivation to keep moving forward
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Barring Miyazaki's stuff, what's some anime flicks that I can watch with my 6 y/o sister? She loved his films, especially pic related, but I don't know what else to watch with her.
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Requesting Reviews

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Fapfictions featuring Rhonda from Hey Arnold

Check them out:

>Rhonda needs money and has to work as a street walker to help her family out (Make sure to leave a review if you want to see a chapter three)

>Rhonda and her boytoy force Phoebe into a threesome

You can post anonymous reviews without an account needed. Me and my co-author would appreciate it if you did:
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external storage

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how do you store your anime and shit? an external hard drive? what do you recommend
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what is this facial expression called
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iOS 11 beta 2 offline installer?

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Is there such a thing? A friend fucked up his iPhone and they told him at the Mac store (we're not US/Canadian so we don't get the full fix) the only way to unfuck it is to reinstall the beta via iTunes. Is it even possible?