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updated evolution of 4chan

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I found a version of this old image recently. It was quite a bit longer and ended with the current clown fad. I forgot to save it and can't find it anymore. Anyone have it?

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Does anyone know any good classical music pieces that would help invigorate me while working out? I'd like something serious and moody, I can't get into the workout with the songs that I get recommended from blogs on the internet, they're all too happy and whimsical for me to get a good pump in

Download English manga?

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What are some good places to download manga? Preferably volume by volume or even lager sizes

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I bought a bottle of Bamboo Leaf Vodka a while back and t no surprise, its shit. Any recommendations on how to make it drinkable, like mixers or cocktails for it?

League of Legnds

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Does anyone know a way to run League of legends on windows vista ult? they don't support it anymore, any program that can help me?


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Could someone please translate?
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In the planning phase of writing about a very small town (>500 people) in Alaska .
Should a town this small have a mayor ? If not what should it have instead ?

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Name these plants

Joke in Video

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My roommate and I are trying to find the source of a joke in a video.

The joke was a character cheerfully and matter-of-factly saying "white power" at the end of the sketch. Yeah, tasteless, but the joke's the joke.

We know it's on YouTube, and that it may have been animated, but that's it.

Any help finding the source is appreciated.