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smug looking anime girls with condescending looks on their faces

Had my hard drive wiped. Can anyone dump?
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Name of this style of pics

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Hi guys, So I'm trying to make a wallpapers like pic related and wanted to lookup fo video tutorial but didn't know what they're called. anyone cares to help me ?

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Looking for some good role reversal manga that isn't just straight up hentai or something. I've enjoyed Choku!, Witch Craft Works, Houkago Play, and Tsumi to Kai. Height difference, crossdressing, househusbands, generally anything with the MC playing a passive/submissive role in a relationship. Thanks.

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Looking for an animated music video where these guys go into a school and kick all the sjws asses. It's like an alt right how to on lifting weights, getting out, and taking on the world kind of message.

It used to be on jewtube, but I guess it was removed awhile back. It was 2016 when I saw it I think. Anyone know where I can find it now??

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There's this old Vincent Gallo interview that used to be available here:
It's cited in a couple of papers because he makes some remarks about gay stuff.
Is there anywhere else I could find this?