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I'm bad at TVs

I'm trying to find a 65" TV to upgrade my old LG 55UH6030-UC. However I'm worried about making a bad pick. My budget is about $500 to $650.

So far I've looked at these:
LG - 65" 65UN7000PUD ($499 Best Buy)
Samsung 65" UN65TU7000FXZA ($477.99 Best Buy)
LG - 65" 65UN7300PUF (Now $617 Best Buy)

The 7300 was in the mid 500s at Walmart but they sold out while I was trying to determine what made it better than the 7000.

Any other good deals or known quality TVs are welcome. Also any deals on a PS4 Pro. Thank you anons.

33 Giri Italian Masters - Alice Il Sole nella pioggia (Season 4)

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any italo bro here that has sky arte channel, I am asking if there is any possibility to record on wedensday 25.11 at 21:15 the documentary 33 giri italian masters
I would be very thankful if some can manage to record it
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Is there any way to find a girl from Tinder if your image search brings up nothing? I found the cutest girl a few months ago and I took screenshots of her but we didn't match and I can't find anything. If I could find anymore info on her though I'd be really happy.

Lost Media

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Hello /wsr/ I have come into possession of an old and rare Filemaker project that appears to be the original developer copy I have never worked with Filemaker before but after some digging I was able to figure out it seems to be for version 5.5 however I have no idea how to turn it into a .exe so that the project no longer requires FileMaker installed to open it any idea who to ask for help with this?

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Saw this "Blondage" commercial on youtube and I have to know the name of the woman seen here.
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I'm modifying some textures for witcher 3.Can someone please delete the skin textures and just leave the tatoos on a transparent background?

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I'm using linux (manjaro) and want to play playhome (and honey select) on lutris. I can get the games to run but I don't really know how to get the translations working for them. I've tried adding different libraries to wine but don't know what I am missing. Anyone else have experience of this and know what to do?
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>hey /wsr/ bros wanna edit this entire photo for me in an incredibly specific way for no apparent reason
>hey /wsr/ can you recommend me some anime to suit my shit tastes for the 1337th time
>hey worksafe chads will you give me memes similar to this one so i don't have to use google
>hey bros can you do this thing for me that we already have a specific board for
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