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Funniest Comedy Anime?

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Saitama makes me crack up and I need moar.

Are there any pure comedy anime that actually make you laugh, or is comedy confined to bits and pieces scattered throughout other genres?
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i took 7526253620 and divided it by this number 10000000000000000.

I was hoping to get a percentage but instead the calculator spit out this


^that's not very impressive. A large number dumbed down to symbols and letters.

someone help I need it to be something like 0.0000000000000000000000000000000069%
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anime and song pls
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anyone knows where's this from?
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Chemistry Questions

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To all /wsr/ chemistry wizards: I need your help with this question, and some others I will be posting later.

In case you´re wondering, this is a test in which we´ve been given a deadline to answer all these questions. So I'd really appreciate it if you could also post your resolutions in your replies.

Thank you for your attention and I'll be posting more questions later today.
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anybody know the artist or art styles similar to this?

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I really love the artist who did this and their art style, and would like to look at more of their drawings in order to help me improve my own drawing. could anybody help appoint me to who the artist is and what website they're from?