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My apologies I'm studying geology, not computer sciences.

I have strong download speeds. I'm downloading something at 5 mps right now. Very stable. I just finished downloading a whole season of Precure in a couple of hours.

My upload is so spotty I can't even upload pictures to 4chan. How do I start troubleshooting this? I don't know where to begin. I hope I can even upload this tiny red square.
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Can someone please remove the head from this picture? I like the picture, but the head ruins it.
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Random Kids Choice Award Ad

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Back in the 2016 Kids Choice Awards, Nintendo was a sponsor and they decided to make Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam a main focus. I remember seeing a very bad ad of a group text between Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario.

Mario was asking if Luigi and Paper Mario were excited about the Kids Choice Awards. Luigi responded about getting slimed and Paper Mario only texted in emojis.

I can't find a copy of this picture anywhere and my friend says i'm making it up.
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Music Video

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Trying to remember this music video

I swear the song was called tarantula 2000 but nothing comes up from google

It's probably from around 2000. The music video is CGI with a spider and 2 guys dancing to a song that sounds like this

The background looked kinda Mediterranean and the two guys kinda looked Greek or Italian
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do any of you guys know what's this is for? all i know it's for computer networks?
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Is Backblaze a good backup service? $5 per month is good and humble has 6 months in a bundle right now.