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>have Firefox 57.0.2
>have Greasemonkey 4.1
>have (had??) the 4chan X script installed

Anyone else having issues with 4chanX not working? I can't even check GM scripts installed to see if I have it still installed, but I have went to their source page and re-installed it just in case... and still nothing.

I've googlefu'd myself silly but no luck. Most results were "update GM" (which I have the latest). Need some help, please.
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What are some anime movies similar to Your Name?
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I need help finding an indie game

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I remember seeing some videos on youtube of an indie game being developed by someone who was making a game about a girl who was sort of a tinkerer and flew different kinds of ships around a vast desert. I can't remember the name of it or the character but I seem to remember that she had pretty good boob physics and I think she had a pet of some sort. It's a little like the Recore game that released but it's more open world and there were things like AI ships that would fly around and were armed.

If someone could find out the name of the game for me I would be very thankful.
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where is this from?

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i would like to know where this is from. is this a model or from a anime or game?
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Can I get Varg in anime form?
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Help with Dark Ages Essay

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Need some help with a dark ages essay. Im arguing that the dark ages were not dark. My arguments will be: Religion with how it advanced things like universities and how reason wa applied to faith, Technology with stuff like crossbows, gunpowder/cannons, and architecture with things such as stained glass, gothic churches, and I'll use some famous monuments as proof. Are these some good arguments or did I miss some more compelling ones?