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Give me a good song for a frag movie. Anything from loli voice bossa nova to heavy metal
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Any way to check these codes online?

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/fa/g here,

I've been trying my best to catalog my clothes digitally by using the given name of each garment (example: Y-3 Mutable Jacket M) along with its corresponding picture.

The problem Im having with some of my older clothes that I bought second hand is that they come without the tags and the sellers dont really know the exact name of the peice.

Now the pieces im trying to identify are luckily from Adidas and have the same style QR code as pic related. I've already tried a ton of QR code apps and have no results. Would any of you anons know where I could punch in this information?
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synth pop recommendations?

i'm very new and have only listened to Grimes and CHVRCHES.

i like catchy songs that have some complexity. instrumental stuff is fine too.
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iran-iraq war

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Guys, i've been searching for a fucking picture of an iranian dead soldier with a gas mask on in an iraqi chemical attack during the iran-iraq war, if someone knows or got that pic, please GIVE IT TO ME, thanks
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Fuck /g/ so I'm putting this here

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Was wondering if anyone here has experience with a Ryzen based system running Windows 7 and how Updates works.

Does Windows straight up REJECT you saying they won't give you updates because your hardware is not supported? or do they offer you updates but silently like not give you a complete update list?.

I was under the impression that they would tell you you aren't going to get updates because of your hardware but I have Windows 7 running inside a vmware virtual machine (pic related) and I am offered updates. I already installed quite a bit and so far that's all Windows tells me I need (which if it were true it's practically up to date) because in the ISO I used I already slipstreamed all the updates (up to July 2016) and I purposely left out like 10 or so updates that dealt with telemetry.

Anyways. was wondering if anyone knew what I was on about and if they could break this down for me while I considering learning for myself by actually installing Windows 7 as a host OS (currently on Windows 10).
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Does anyone have a torrent of the Yakuza Papers (Battles without honor or humanity) volumes 2,3,4 in watchable (720p+) quality? I only have the first part.
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