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Looking for an image.
Wojak (if I remember correctly) offering a bouquet of flowers to a young girl standing in a balcony when cops, swat enter the picture and murder Wojak. It's captioned something like
>you live in a world where it is a crime to love

Thanks for your time, anons. Have a good day.
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Need help finding mango

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Hello all. I'm trying to find a manga I saw on /a/ a few months ago. It was a fantasy manga where the MC was some soldier who fought a war with I demons and lost his family, but after some heroes came about the world was saved. However, the MC was killed right at the end of the war. The actual manga is about him going back in time and trying to prevent his family's death. I recall he told his parents about how he went back in time and surprisingly, they believed him.

Pic unrelated
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How the fuck do i solve this
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Where were these two pictures traced from? they look super familiar but I can't remember where I've seen them before.
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If anyone has a digital version of The Art of Problem Solving Pre Algebra, I will buy it from you using PayPal. For the book and the solutions manual I will pay you $60 USD.

I need a copy to teach from but the shipping costs on the physical books are more than the cost of the book itself.
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Anyone have any idea what this is from? When I first saw it my initial reaction was the live action Boogiepop movie for some reason, but I seriously have no idea. Just interested in what kind of story would call for this image.
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Hello. Could you guys photoshop the following pictures that I will upload to the faces of the woman and the dogs?
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I'm looking for a particular video. I'm 95% certain the video takes place here--this popular PvP spot in Dark Souls III (not sure the name). In it, the player greets the invader, does some gesture like he's taking a shit, drops a dung pie, then throws it at the invader. The invader then turns around and runs off the ledge, instantly killing themselves. Much love if you have it or can find it; there are a lot of dung pie videos out there.
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I heard about pic related here and there over the years but was never interested in reading manga until now. Will registration be up anytime in the foreseeable future?
I am under the impression that this is the place to download manga, but I don't know much about the manga scanlation community. Should I not worry about it and just read shit off of generic websites?