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Wanna some sad face crying cat pics like this

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suggest me some useful youtube channels (any type)

Any advice on getting a second cat?

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This is my cat, she is about four years old, her breed is a tortoiseshell and she doesn't get along with fellow cats. Anyways, I was thinking if I could get any advice if I was to get a new cat.

Battlefront II 2005 PC graphics issues

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I've been having problems playing Star Wars Battlefront II on my new laptop. I can load into games fine but when I start to move my character around, occasionally the screen gets stuck on black unitl I move in a certain way and the screen returns. I have not had troubles playing Battlefront on my older PC. I have reinstalled, verified the game cache, and tinkered with all the graphics settings but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated. I am running Windows 10 with 16gb RAM and a GTX 980.

Testing CPU temps

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I just built a system using a Ryzen 2600X CPU. The idle temps are in the mid-30s, so I'm pretty happy with that, but I need to test it under load. What utilities should I use? It's an MSI motherboard, so it has its own utility to monitor the temps, but should I use something else?
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SkyKing Webm Rock music

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I found on /gif/ a webm of the Seattle plane guy, with some good guitars and a few quotes of the guy.
The webm made me feel kinda free

I can't find the one im looking for on youtube, it was purely videos of the plane and a bit of his audio, with this great rock song.

Song Identification

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Need help identifying some songs, pretty sure the first two are royalty free.
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