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Give me four chords and a theme, I'll write a song about it.
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Need help with computer

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I found an HPdc7900 sff on a curb. It has a windows vista sticker, but when booting it is ubuntu.
I have been able to reset the passwords to the accounts, but when I log in I get this

I know practically nothing about ubuntu/linux, but is it supposed to look like this? Or am I supposed to get a desktop like I do on my windows machine? If so, how do I get there

I don't know if it was an office computer so I don't know if it has a bunch of restrictions
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SOL anime recommendation

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Can you recommend me a slice of life anime?
I've watched K-on! and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and I loved them.
I started to watch Kiniro Mosaic but I fell like it's not what I expected.
Looking for something associated with music like K-on if possbile, but it's not necessary.
Thanks in advance
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Help with homework PLEASE

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any civil engineers here?
can someone give me the detailed answer for this question?
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Can you find this anywhere else

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Can you find this picture anywhere else on the internet ? the exact way it is
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Who is this girl?
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