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math homework

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what am i doing incorrectly ?
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helo, can you recommend me good co op games
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I need a specific webm. It takes place in a VR game. The POV character is surrounded by other players. He asks them "But what is it" and the crowd answers "It iiis what it iiis". The POV character keeps asking them more stuff but they always just answer with "It iiis what it iiis."

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Name of the manga+it's characters?
Not sure if belongs here or if on /r/...
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hey 4chan

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if 4chan had a friend (a website), who would it be?
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Looking for Youtube cartoon

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Several months ago i saw this cartoon on youtube featuring three characters. One was a robot, the other two humans, a young girl and an older man. I know the Robot was an assassin and had people looking for her. At one point in the episode the humans were pinned down by a gun ship.

i don't recall much information on it but i was hoping someone can provide direction to the video once again.

Greentext PC issue

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>wake up
>turn on pc
>boots up to log in screen then dies
>keep trying to power on but no dice
>fans move slightly then die down
>nothing on the screen
>rgb on keyboard/mouse still on
>I flip the red switch on the back of PC next to the power supply
>PC boots up
>keeps randomly dying and coming back on again
>dies particularly when I do demanding things like downloading a program from the web
>tried to vacuum my room and made pc lose power

Much appreciate any tips on this.
I *think* it's got to be the power supply but I find it strange that it died down when I turned on the vacuum, perhaps it's an electrical issue in this area of the house?

Cannot Convert Given Narrow String to Wide String

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I need help with running a visual novel. I receive an error message from C++ that says that the narrow string cannot be converted to a wide string hence the program cannot run. I've tried running in Japanese Locale mode as well as uninstalling and fresh installing. Any help would be appreciated.