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Comfy songs thread.

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Last time I made a thread on /mu/ I was rejected so now I’m here. This is a comfy song recommendation thread because the world is just too real sometimes. I’m lookin for stuff like Comfort by Satchy, or Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground, but anything slow and loving is welcome. Thanks.
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Any recommendations for really fucked up or soul crushingly depressing and bleak manga/anime?

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Does anybody know the source for this? Thanks in advance.
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help me out here guys, what does this guy's tattoo say

my friends aren't saying
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I've been trying for at least 2 years now to find this song I heard when I was a child. All I know, is that it played around 7:00, and my mom sang it for me. The lyrics I remember are as follows: "Wake up wake up wake up, it's early in the morning". That's all I remember, some help would be appreciated!

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Requesting this Wojak wearing the Black Mage hat from the post bellow.

Need help

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Had a dated planned today, by accident took the wrong route and ended up outside the city and more than an hour late. The girl I asked out said «maybe next time» . How bad did I fuck up?

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Bit of a shot in the dark, but I'm looking for a reading list posted to /lit/ a few months ago. It was about warfare, and included Mao's 'Guerilla Warfare', 'Sas Survival Handbook', and some think-tanks report on Afghanistan. It was a huge list, and I can't find it on the wiki. Thanks.