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My Sd card works, but it doesn’t

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I have an Sd card that absolutely 100% works, but is says it’s write-protected, which it’s not. I assume you people could help.
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Grizzly Bear Actor in the Wilderness Family

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Who was the bear actor that played Three-Toes in the Adventures of the Wilderness Family?
imdb gives credit to the bear actor that played Samson the black bear (Bruno the bear), but none to Three-Toes the grizzly.
My googlefu is weak, and all I get is articles about Old Ephraim, the historic grizzly that the bear in the film shared the same nickname "Three Toes" with.
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>at a party
>some random mumble rap garbage comes on the speakers
>all the normie's faces light up and start singing along like they've heard this classic song thousands of times
Where the fuck do they even listen to this music? Like, do they play the most popular shit on spotify or something? Where do I go to listen to the latest normie music?

why has there never been a magical girl show from the girl's parent's perspective?

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I've posted on /a/ and they told me to post here

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I've just finished Kill la kill and I feel empty, can you guy recommend me something?
>list of animes that I already watched:
Kill la kill
Yu yu Hakusho
Dragon maid
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in a Shell
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Source? My friend really wants to know the artist and I tried searching myself but to no luck.

Monitor drops from 144hz to 100hz in fullscreen anything

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My monitor keeps dropping to 100hz when anything is fullscreened, browser or otherwise. Googling this issue does nothing i've done all the solutions provided. Anything i look up just gives me semi-related issues that aren't even solving mine. I've tested this using the hz tester site on chrome as well as playing overwatch. Any solutions are welcome but if you want incentive i'll literally paypal or steam card you 10$ as a thank you to anyone who can actually solve this issue because i'm entirely at a loss.