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Can someone shop the 22 into 21, would be a lifesaver. Tyvm
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I take you miscellaneous/minor photoshop requests that don't warrant their own thread! I'm not a master, but i can do my best. Post your picture and tell me what you want done to it. Pic related is one of my more recent creations.
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Recommend me good cheap low consuming videocards for my i3-8100, please.
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I want a music player that lets me organize my music in multiple playlists and lets me listen to a temporary playlist of songs that are in multiple playlists i.e songs that are both in the "god tier" playlist and the "sad" playlist
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Hey /wsr/, I have a request from a friend of mine. Pic related, it's a school-related thing. They're having a rough time with this.

Translation (I google translated it)

Calculate the Gravity Center (C.G.) of the system shown in the figure. Think of the weight of the bar itself as not important.
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Need more insane nihilistic metal shit like this, either as music or animation.