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Looking for a song

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There was a meme song back in the 2008 (maybe). The author is an american guy (mid 40s I guess) with guitar. I think he had some mental issues (not trying to insult).

The only line I remember is something like "...on a top of the hill..."

It has lots of similar lines, for some reason i come up with the name Jack, but it can be unrelated

It didn't really went viral like choclate rain or something like this. But I hope someone will identify it

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Anyone know of a good free vpn with p2p and unlimited data?
Asking for a friend on Minecraft.

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Requesting a megalink that contains all the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons preferably in high quality. All the versions I've found are butchered and are in the wrong aspect ratio.
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I'm looking to get Sartre's book, "The Age of Reason," online.
Preferably in PDF or EPUB if possible.

Unfortunately, google only likes to link fake websites where you have to sign up for accounts so I've been unable to find a good reliable source.

Short of a direct link for this, does anyone know of good websites for finding books/documents on that don't have any strings attached?

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Anyone with PS able to get rid of this censor?

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Does Anyone know how ppl do this kind of avatar? Its similar to Grand Chamaco arts tho

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How do you go about making a song once you’ve got the lyrics and melody in mind?
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Corrupt SD Card

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Please help me out anon, is there any way to fix the sd card I have on my android phone without formatting it? I tried connecting my phone with usb to my laptop but it only shows the internal storage
It got corrupted when I was recording a video, then it took very long after I pressed on the stop recording button so I tried to restart my phone thinkink it'll fix it. After the restart finishes it says my sd card is corrupt and I need to format it.
If it's not possible to fix it without formatting then at least I'd like for a way to save the files in there first. I've got tons of files I haven't backed up there. Thanks in advance

comic about communism/socialism

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I'm looking for a comic about communism. there are like 3 people who argue about a violin. one of them argues that he should get to keep the violin because he built it, another one says that they should get to keep it because they're the only one who can actually play it. I don't remember what the third person says.
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