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Chinese video Translation request

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Hi /wsr/, I'm looking if anyone could translate this chinese genga/storyboard video
I want to know the context of it regarding the story and characters, I deeply appreciate if anyone is willing to toss a bone. Also apologies if this isn't appropriate for the board.

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What anime do I need to watch to understand /a/ culture and not look like a newfag?
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Desk fridge

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Hey anons, can I get some recommendations for a desk fridge? Need a way to keep my lunch cold and some Stacy keeps snatching my yogurt. It can't be your normal wide 6-can variety because my cubicle is already cluttered and I'm just trying to make it not cluttered.

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what's a good website blocker for firefox?
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Does anyone have that gif of the guy who is standing in the middle of the road at night with a car coming and he faces away from the car and falls through the windshield right into the driver's seat?

Looks like it's from a mid 2000s cartoon.

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what's the best, free 2D animation software?