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Help finding a good cheap desktop

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Hey guys poorfag here can anyone find a link to a good desktop that can run a game like rust on medium for $200-$250 i would prefer it be on amazon/prime my finals are about to start and i need something to study with but also play games with my friends when finals are done it doesn't need to come with a keyboard or mouse or monitor for some reason i have all of those lying around my house thanks sorry if this came off as rude.

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need the trollface dab image urgently lads
please help

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Does anyone have the webm of the 2 chinese girls in a parking lot, there's a bus and a couple of dudes on scooters in the background, some distant chinese techno, and the girls are bobbing their head while the camera zooms ?

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what is the source for this image?

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Please, who's that brunette wearing a green shirt on CNN? She cute.

Linear Algebra

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Hey guys, trying to teach myself Lin Algebra as I'm taking the class in the summer in a few weeks. Been watching the tutorials on both Kahn academy, but then found this serious of videos that are a lot more theoretical, but really feel I'm learning from this guy. He proposed this question in his video about determinants, and it bothers me. For the like of my I explain why this is the case in words. It makes to me in my head, but I couldn't write it down if someone asked me to.

Any help?

Disturbing things kids have found on the internet

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For a debate in school, I have to be pro-parental monitoring online. I'm using challenges and disturbing events to prove why parents should monitor their kids. I just need one more event.
I already have:
- The Momo Challenge
-The Blue Whale Challenge
- YouTube Pedophiles
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Can someone help a dedicated man into kino finding a ptpc and cinematik invite?
I have proof of great ratios +3 trackers,
100 Mb/s connection and 25TB archive of rare stuff.

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Are there any good visual novels that I can play on my android phone? Ones I'm interested are those that deal with being a loser dealing with the world and the relationships that person forms. A VN similar to anime like Welcome to the NHK or Watamote.
It's fine if it's not playable on mobile, but ideally, I would prefer that.