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Where is this from and what are the girls names?

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hello /wsr/, i need the full version of pic related but sauce would be appreciated too. probably from one of the boat gachas

Meet Tom

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Can anyone make me a webm with sound of the timestamp from --- 14:18 to 12:26 --- in this video
Ty in advance its for future YLYL /gif/ threads cos theyre fucking shit at the moment

Melancholy music

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Looking for some music similar to this

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Trying to find out what song this is. It's a rock song from the 90s and sounds like this:

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does anyone have a full video of this edit? it's a simple Hayasaka gif with the black sun and what seems to be kolovrat behind her. iirc it had some 'unlock it' remix playing

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What is a good screen recorder? I don't mind paying for it if it's not too expensive, I'd rather pay than have an eastern European harvest my data. I know about Microsoft Game Bar but it says my machine can't support it.


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I'm looking for the leaked 2005 PSP Dev SDK, specifically referred to as

I can't find it anywhere. I found it on 2 chinese sites but they're behind a $35 paywall.
All the torrents I've found have 0 seeders.
Found some other links but they're either dead, on rapidshare or taken down.

Please help.