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Wholesome anime

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I'm looking for anime that'll make me feel warm inside. Preferably romance, but other genres are fine.
Pic related is the best example of what I'm talking about.
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Nietzsche's Philosophy

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Does this video portray Nietzsche's philosophy correctly?
Also, does anyone have quotes from Nietzsche to collaborate her points like;

"the higher men shouldn't busy themselves with members of the herd, you couldn't be friends with someone lower than you, all company is bad company except the company of one's equal"

"the higher man relies upon himself unlike the herd who must cling to others to survive"

comfy anime help

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i love comfy films like lost in translation, moonrise kingdom, before sunrise, chunking express

and artists like vashti bunyan, yo la tengo, my bloody valentine, stars of the lid, florist, hiroshi yoshimura

looking for anime to fit my life

preferably slice of life stuff

favorite anime so far is yokhama kaidashi kikou, cat soup, ghibli stuff, mushishi

will love u forever if u help me
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Anyone have that sfw image where some anime chick is inspecting another girl's tiddy with a very thoughtful look in her face. She's using one hand to elevate the breast and one hand to strike her own chin

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What's a logogram? I don't really get the difference with a pictogram.


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I'm interested in learning this language. Any recommended books, courses, and reference material?
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Sokpop collective 2018 bundle

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Anyone got a link / cares to reupload the games if you bought them? They're charging fifty bucks and I don't even blow that much on AAA titles.