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Messy roommates

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How to deal with them?
>hell mode: it's your family

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I've been trying to find the source of this image, or at least its artist for a while; it's clearly cropped so every reverse image search was pointless, and I wasn't able to find it by searching for it's attributes on Sankaku. I'm fairly certain the source is NSFW as well.

photoshop request

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i am bad at photoshop so i need someone who can make the monster hunter world ps4 pro controller skin work on an xbox one elite controller. i dont need the back of it done, only the front. im trying to have it made on
pic of ps4 cont for reference. thank you ahead of time.

to be specific i am putting the skin on a razer xbox wolverine ultimate controller for pc. but im looking at xbox one elite and it looks the same for size and ratios. but if im wrong thats ok. please and thank you ahead of time.

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Can anyone help a brainlet with calculating probability?

Scenario: There's a lottery. There are two kinds of tickets - ticket "A" has a 10% chance to win a prize, ticket "B" has a 3% chance to win.

Guy buys one of each ticket. What are the odds he will win at least one prize? And how would you calculate it if he buys, say, 34 ticket "A" and 40 ticket "B" or whatever?

Photoshopping my cat and make her look silly

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Could anyone help me edit my cat to make her look silly like the second pic itt? thank
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post pics of moot
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