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That's the name of a picture I have saved, and I'd really like to be able to know what date it was created on, the metadata of the picture doesnt help, but it has that name.

TLDR; Judging by the name of the image (Screenshot_2017-05-03-15-37-14), can you tell me when it was created?

4k monitors in the 500 dollars range

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Which 4k monitor should I buy myself in the range of, give or take, 500 dollars?
It should be 27/28 inches. I'm not a hardcore gamer and I prefer color quality, so I'm set on an IPS monitor.
The one I liked the most for what I've seen is LG 27UL650-W (link at the end). Also, what's a good store near the Miami international airport? Someone is going to get it for me and we don't have any address to send it to, so he must go check it in the store.

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Does anybody know the source of this image? Thanks in advance.

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Can someone explain to me, as if I were a mentally retarded small child, how to join the Fediverse?
There are four million servers and no description on what they are about. I only know that Mastodon and Gab are super political and I don't want to join those. I don't want to join a server full of fetishists. I also don't like PixelFed's faux Instagram format.
Please guide me step by step so I can make a blog, like a Tumblr blog, in the easiest possible way. If it costs some money it's OK but I don't want to spend days making my own website or input lines of code because I get PTSD from even reading that shit.
I land here
Also if you have an alternative that is similarly free from tech giants please let me know. I don't want to make a website with Wordpress because it's too frustrating to program that shit. I just want to easily make a blog where I can post text and photos that will last me as long as possible. Please forgive my complete lack of patience about these things, as you can probably tell I have the autism.

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Looking for source of a comic with some skeletons discussing with a witch some demands they want and one of them wants to motorboat the witches tits

I think pic related is also part of it

I just want to know the source

iOS 13 Storage

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I have iPhone 6s and only 16 GB storage on it. So if I want to install iOS 13, I have to get rid of like 2 GB.
Usually when they require like 2 GB of available storage, I still have those 2 GB after the update. Is it the same with iOS 13?
The update seems pretty good but I really can't install it if i won't have those 2 GB back.