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Retro wave wallpaper?

Could someone shop this into a retro wave wallpaper with rain/distopian vibe. This is all I want in life you would be my god damned hero man.
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Is there any drawfag who'd like this?

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Requesting Walter White from Breaking Bad as Unabomber, pic related.
He should be in this pose, in this style but with his pie hat instead of the hood and his sunglasses. Mustache from season 2.
I'm sorry if posting here and not in a drawthread but really I don't know where to ask.
[spoiler:lit]Also can't believe someone haven't made it yet[/spoiler:lit]
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More faces like this in movies.
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I need a cheap but reliable external HDD for my Wii U.
Anyone have any good recommendations? I think something around 120 gigabytes or so would be enough.
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Hello can someone recomend good anime where a guy is getting bullied in school and get a great life?
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Translated works of Agnes Henningsen

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Hey everyone, not sure if this is posted in the right board, so let me know if there's a more appropriate board! Anyway, a friend of mine is looking for translated versions of a trilogy by Agnes Henningsen, but so far she's only been able to find them in Danish. These are the books she's looking for:

• Kaerlighedens Aarstider (Seasons of Love)
• Det rige Efteraar (Luxuriant Autumn)
• Den sidste Aften (The Last Evening)

Do any of you all know any websites where she can find these books translated into English (or Spanish, she's fluent in both)? She's okay with either digital or paperback versions that she can purchase.
Thanks in advance!
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I'm starving but whenever I eat food I feel really sick (earlier today threw up some bile a couple hours after I ate a bag of pretzels). I ate a granola bar just now and I feel nauseous again. So far the pretzels and the granola bar have been all I've eaten today.

Not sure if this is related or not but I also haven't been able to sleep at all in 2 days.

wat do?
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