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What song is this based off of?

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who is she

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Who is she, do she have twitter? Are there more of her? .. anything would be great, thanks.
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If anyone is paying for the gold tier on
can you post a torrent for the newest shader he made, or better yet all of them?
pic not related

more photos of this girl?

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I'm using pic-related to play games on PC with a PS2 controller. It works fine except for one thing, with certain games the right stick is the wrong way around. Left goes up, down goes right, that kind of thing. It works fine with PCSX2 but I'm trying to play Enslaved Odyssey to the West and now I'm getting this shit for some reason. Don't know what to do, I tried editing the config files and switching the axes that way but it didn't do anything.

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What does this mean?
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