Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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I am looking fir the "German joke version" of Girls und Panzer. This is the original link to a mango, but it's kill: http://ak-scans.wikia.com/wiki/Girls_und_Panzer#Main_Series:
I'll be thankful for anything related.
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Flash game

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I played this flash game once, you were a kid and there were all these tables where other kids were gambling on shit. Dice games, coin tosses, cockfights, and as you got money, you could unlock different floors of this building with higher stakes, higher payout games, I think the top floor had a stock market.
Does anyone know what this flash game is? I just can't find it.
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Alright faggots, I have posted this question multiple times and it still isn't working.
As you can see in the webm the scaling or some shit is messed up.

I have to click below an icon to actually click on it, it's not just these icons specifically, it's pretty much everything. Installing the new update didn't do anything, neither did reinstalling.
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Can anyone translate the Asian characters in this Linkin Park CD?
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The keeper book

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Guys, I need the keeper book for CoC v5.5 but for tomorrow. Please halp!
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Disc Partitioning to install Solus with UEFI

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Trying to partition my disc to install Solus with UEFI but Windows 10 is using up 3/4 of my max partitions.

Could I delete the 512mb boot partition and instead use an extended partition for the boot and disk safely?
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I need help photoshopping this into my name (Saed). Even if you cbf doing it I'd appreciate a good tutorial link, I'm not sure where to look.
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Hi /wsr/, I'm trying to get into recording and need a way to route a recording device of mine to only output my computer's audio. Any ideas? I am using a headset if that is important.
>pic unrelated
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Building a rig, got a windows 8.1 install disc. Will it work with the i3 7100 CPU?
I'm kinda a retard and not sure if 7th gen intel CPUs are only compatible with windows 10.