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I don't know if this is too nsfw for this board, but...
Can someone edit out the women so its just the guy? Thanks in advance.

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I've been using for streaming shows with friends for a while but it's kind of ass and simply doesn't work everyone. Does anyone know if there are any good streaming alternatives out there to watch shows with?
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Photoshop request

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Can you enlarge my roommate's breast? This photo was made after he go kicked out of the dorm room. Don't feel sorry for him - he's a bully who likes things that don't belong to him

Looking for Video Name

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Looking for the name of a video, I think it was done by college humor or BuzzFeed or one of those similar groups. It is a compilation of clips about games or gamers I think. But it starts with on guy joinging an online loby and he days "hry guys what's up?" I. A really loud and distorted voice, and the other 3 guys are trying to get him to turn down the music and his mic. But he doesn't understand so he gets.kicked. he then complains to his mom but the distorted voice is actually his own and not the mic. He says " mom they kicked me again" and she replies "well did you try blasting heavy metal music?". If you know the name if the video or a link for it that'd be great.

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I need some help.
Im trying to update the drivers to my Geforce 1050 ti and this shit is busted. i tried geforce experience, and once it finishes downloading and i restart, noting happens. now that i have deleted my previous drivers, once i install the new one, the screen goes black and im forced to restart, with the same result. what do?

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I want an action anime that starts out over the top and raises the bar for craziness for itself higher and higher with every episode, getting more and more creative when it comes to coming up with ways of making the action dumber, but more awesome at the same time. Any recs? Gore optional, but definitely appreciated.

Good examples: Jojo Part 2, Shin Getter Robo, Symphogear, Mad Bull 34, Mezzo Forte, Goku: The Midnight Eye

Thanks in advance.