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Looking for an anon familiar in propositional logic/proof solving to help with assignments as I'm super behind. You will be paid very generously. Example problems below... leave for me a way to contact you if you can do this job.

G→M, C→G ├ C→M

D→Z, Z→T, (Z&T)→C, [(Z&T)&C]→R ├ D→R

Pic not related.
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Can someone translate this? Don't get fooled by the sitename, it's not hentai:
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So I built my first dream computer, 980x GeForce TI, i7 processor, the works
Fast forward one year after building it, it started shutting down randomly, mouse and keyboard turned black and accessories stopped working.
After it shuts down it will not turn back on unless i unplug the power chord and let it sit for a little bit, usual wait time is 15-30 mins
Recently I've gotten fed up with this, I want to system restore but now I can't restart the computer because monitor won't show anything, no signal
Where do I go on from here, how do I restore my computer to attempt to fix it?

I've switched out thermal paste, I don't think it's over heating
First time building a computer and I believe I fucked up with installing motherboard, Idk if that would do anything with the problem
Is there a way to start over from scratch without conventional means of system restoring?
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Messenger emoji

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How can I change the skin color to white. It piss me off to change it every time I use one of them.
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Super hub dns not responding

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Hey could do with some help or advice, my internet provider is virgin we have a super hub broadband and for most things i dont have any problems..but then i try and watch netflix and randomly it will freeze and then say dns server isnt responding i thought it was something to do with my ps4 or other people in the house but i tried watching a film online and it froze and again said dns isnt responding can anyone explain why this sis happening and how i can fix it ?
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