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Can anyone provide me with a mega or similar for the last episode of LWA?
I'd like to make some webms.
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Can anyone tell me the name of an old film. I was just some old guy in the 70's with a home video camera. He did over 100 sketches in his house and back yard. His humor was dry and delivery was deadpan. I saw it years ago but can't remember the name of how to find it. It's like a cult classic or might be considered underground. Cant Google this one for shit. Any one remember? Thanks

pic unrelated
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could someone giv sauce and artstyle for this?

similar pics are also appreciated
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Looking for a super old anime meme, from the ancient times of 4chan. I remember seeing it all the time ~2005. As that was 12 years ago, and I have since lost all files I saved and don't really remember much of what's happened in the past couple years, much less some dumb meme on the internet over a decade ago (shit, I'm getting old).

Anyway, she was a loli with an orange and green striped shirt, old /b/ used to post her. She was from a VN, I believe. She had green hair ribbons too if I remember correctly. Brown hair, green or blue eyes?

Anyway, if you can help an oldfig with a poor memory out, please lend a hand.
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Mod help

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I need information on modding games. I want to install skin mods on GTA San Andreas on Xbox 360. Is this possible at all? How much of a pain would this be? Do I need to get the system modded? Is there anyone who could flash the console for me? I just want the use Cleon from the Warriors as my character.
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Only getting 15 MH/s on 1060 mining ETH.

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Everyone I know mining ETH with a 1060 is getting at least 18 MH/s out of the box, and here I am pulling only 15.

I bought this card for gaming 4 months back and figured I give mining a try since it's hot right now.

Any idea as to why I might be getting such mediocre results?
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since I will get lynched on /a/ for being a newfag, please give me a quick rundown on the "anime cartel' without the memes
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Music ary

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I have a album named kings and queens and i want a nice cover to go with it so if someone could Photoshop one that br great
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