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Does anyone have or know where I can get my hands on the default L4D2 sprays?

I have need of the Coach stencil that you can have by default, but I can't find it in the game files.

Internet connection not working

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All right, explain to me /g/
Why isn't the internet connection reaching my room completely? What's the logic behind it? We have the optical fiber in our antenna, why is it that he internet connection can't reach my room? I only have one bar in both, my switch and my phone, it works but why? I'm having a lot of lag on my switch and it's pissing me off.
What can I do to have better connection? Keep in mind, I'm on the same floor the modem is and I'm just like barely 2 rooms away, is there an option to increase the range of our signal? I'm a brainlet with this, please help me
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What is the best laptop I can get here for under 500$?

movie link request

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I'm looking for a way to watch the " Casting the runes (1979)". Can some anon please provide with the link to watch or download ( preferably mega).


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Anyone have masterclass videos, tools for free viewing etc? I wanna learn about the universe with Neil-sama without spending two hundred boonies.

Can anyone help?

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Not sure where to post this.
Is hacking a legitimate thing?
Can someone get into someone else's file folders without having access to the pc?
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Game artbook

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Looking for this scans.. know any?
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Actually Good Anime

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please give me some good shit.


>good story
>main characters that aint simps
>down to earth themes

part of me thinks almost no anime has this.
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