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> The Essential Enochian Grimoire: An Introduction to Angel Magick from Dr. John Dee to the Golden Dawn by Aaron Leitch
Where can I find this book in PDF?
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Jap to Eng translation

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Could someone translate these pages from the manga Teppu and comments by the mangaka? The manga is finished and this is what's left untranslated.
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Back with page 4 of 7

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Can someone please solve this for me?
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OS recomendation

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the classic story we've heard a million times
>have an old laptop
>want to breath new life into it by installing a linux distro
>ubuntu is really fat

I want to put a new, lightweight linux os onto my decrepit laptop but there are too many options, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I've kinda narrowed it down to lubuntu, linux lite or debian but I can't choose. what do you guys recommend?
I'm basically just going to be using it for looking at pictures, some basic photo editing with gimp, maybe some writing, and simple internet / google docs stuff. nothing fancy
/g/ says to take requests here so
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looking for the music source

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im pretty sure i heard that theme somewhere but i cant put my finger on it , maybe from a game or movie.
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Where can I find the originals of this picture?
Also who is the model?
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Coffee Town Torrent

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This movies' torrents lack seeders/are nonexistent. Could someone link me to a torrent or a download link?
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How to tell when it's time to replace the ssd/hdd?

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Pic unrelated. Around the beginning of August my hdd failed on me and I couldn't get past boot screen, managed to fix it by taking the SATA cable out of my hdd drive and keeping the power cable in, worked fine until today and now I think my ssd failed on me as I failed to get past boot screen again or occasionally I'll get a disk read error.

Thankfully I backed up all the important stuff awhile ago but my primary concern is will replacing the ssd be enough? I dont want to go out of my way and buy a new ssd if the problem is actually something else.
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I saw a movie once, it was about these scientists who are sent into space because the world was about to explode, and they were intelligent and physically fit, perfect to raise the next, surviving generation of human beings;

However, after being sent into space, the crew realizes they have all been made infertile, maybe it was the ambient radiation present in space or something, I don't remember what it was. But the crew goes absolutely insane over the revelation, it was a good movie.

Does anyone know what this movie could be?