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Remote access to pc

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Someone has remote access to my laptop that has no WiFi or Ethernet onnected to it or usbs and I don’t know what to do
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[Tech support] Help with playing TF2

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So I’ve been having problems playing with a laptop I just recently formatted (changed the bios and got it to factory setting). Once I booted up the laptop for the first time, I installed steam immediately and downloaded tf2, but when I tried to play, VAC would block me from connecting to any server. I tried following the guide provided by steam (disconnected by vac, can’t play on secure server), but all the solutions there don’t work. I even disabled powershell but still it doesn’t work. I tried contacting steam support, but they gave me the same answers of the guide. Finally, they told me that it is a problem with my laptop, and not with steam. Does anyone of you what might be causing this problem? Also I noticed that I can join community servers when there is nobody there, but if in a server there is even 1 other player, I get kicked by vac.
>pic unrelated

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I am wanting teach myself to code. since i don't have the money for classes and nobody is giving me any so where should i start?
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I'm planning on buying an external hard drive. What brand should I go for?
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Can someone post the full image of this?

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Looking for that pic of the neckbeard at a party where hes standing alone and no one is talking to him

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I have a 12 hr flight tomorrow. Please recommend me some anime to watch. No nudity/fanservice as I'd be watching it in a public setting.
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