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Does anyone have the source on this pic? I tried reverse image search on Google and Iqdb, but nothing different popped up, only this same picture in really small resolutions. I'm pretty sure it's cropped from something bigger.
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Heyo anones

I'm stuck out of my mind on this little shit

I've tried multiple ways, the best attempt will be the first reply

Could you lend me a hand please?
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Someone make good edit

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Games like Recettear

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Looking for something similar-ish to Recettear. A semi-casual, straightforward RPG/management sim hybrid with cute anime artstyle. Not interested in Harvest Moon/Rune Factory and their clones. PC or emulation. I have a really crappy PC, though, which means that if the game came out on a console newer than PS2/Xbox/GC generation, I can't emulate it. I might be able to squeeze the first DS in there, too, as long as the game doesn't have too much 3D in it.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Anybody got retarded-ass lineup images like this? I want more autistic avengers
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Can anybody make it so it's the other way around. Post it if it already exists
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