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Whats this video called

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Whats the video called when someone plays the trumpet and I lost the name of the other instrument

Pic related

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Need help with my intro to econometrics homework, I'm sorry I'm a brainlet but I've managed to understand most of this. I just need some support on whether my answers are right because I don't like talking to the people in my class


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Does anyone know where I can find an extremely similar dress to this? I know it’s a babydoll, but I want someone with the same collar, thanks!
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does anybody know a good place to buy high quality model rockets. like models of the space shuddle, falcon heavy, Saturn 5 ect.

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Would a raid on the Vatican archive be more effective or efficient than the "raid" on area 51? Wouldn't more people be inclined to rush Vatican guards? Do they have guns? Theoretically speaking that is.... IDK who else to ask about this.

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Hello,I want to thank the anon that helped me the other day
please say something nice of this kind anon,this is my request
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Budget night vision

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Any camerafags or /k/ommandos know of some good budget night vision? Doesn't have to be goggles, can be monocular and old gen as long as it lets me see some ayys at night.

haarcascade targetting system?

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i am using
> pythonc2.7 + cv2 + serial
> arduino uno

how do i figure how to tell the servo to face the human?

i know how to communicate with the servo but how do i figure put where the face is to tell the serbo to face the human?

i can tell it where to go but i dont know where to go if you know what i mean...

if my face is 500, 500 on the webcam

how/where do i tell the servo where to go when it only accepts angles and not x, y?

note: servo move 180 degrees

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Can anyone recommend some dark/dark fantasy anime?