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PC using less ram than installed

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Alright, I'm a fucking dumbass and I would like some help with this shit.

>PC has 8gb of DDR4 ram
>PC Only uses roughly 4gb of said ram
>Checked Bios for anything
>Checked msconfig for anything
>PC says I have 8gb of usable ram
>Looked all over the internet for a solution, nothing has worked.
>How the fuck do I fix my shitty windows 10 laptop I just wanna fucking play Minecraft god damn it.

Pic related, My Task Manager
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looking for a (potential castlevania) song, as seen in the webm- starts ~5 seconds in

I need help finding a meme image

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The meme was basically a variant of the meme where someone has someone in a gas chamber and is gassing them but the gasser is a picardia ancap/libertarian ball and the gassees are hitler and marx

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I NEED more images like this PLEASE