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Okay so this is going to sound autistic as fuck but here we go:
I started reading Grand Blue recently and I really like the comfy seaside atmosphere.
Can anyone recommend more anime/manga set in or around beaches/the ocean? Genre doesn't really matter, I'm just looking for more of the setting.
Series with a one-off beach episode/chapter don't count, I'm looking for examples where the setting is consistent.
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Home network help

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Live in US, multiple story house built about 12 years ago. Kind of in the middle of nowhere, so there was no cable internet/tv service available originally. Had to go satellite; HughesNet for internet, and DirecTV for tv.

The house was wired with coaxial cable in most rooms, and that's what we used for tv boxes. I believe internet was added later, but my ISP wired it so the modem would only work in one room (there was already a coaxial cable in that room, but they added a second that leads to the satellite outside). At least, this is my understanding of it. I always thought that internet and tv ran over different cables. I've tried plugging my modem into other coaxial ports around the house, but it doesn't work.

I have cable internet now (Metrocast), and still have DirecTV, but we're thinking of dropping it soon. Is there someway for me to move my modem to other ports in my room, or do I have to pay my ISP to do it? Right now I just have a powerline adapter to get wired internet in other rooms, but I'd really like to just move the modem.
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PC Issues

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Howdy! I'm having some issues with my PC and I hope someone here can help me.

Problem: Often, my PC refuses to load anything. Opening a File Browser crashes Explorer, can't open new programs, some programs opened show in Task Manager but don't actually appear on screen, and sometimes in games (PUBG) for example things stop loading, i.e. no icons for new items I find after the problem starts, new weapons have no sound, ambient sound stops, etc. The problem typically slows the PC to a halt until I have to restart it. sometimes, however, after 10 minutes or so all the programs I tried to launch when the problem started will all open at once and function continues like nothing happened.

i5 65003.2ghz | CPU
ASUS B150 PRO GAMING D3 DDR3 | Motherboard
G.Skill Ripjaw 16gig (2x8gig) | RAM //WORTH NOTING I got these from a friend a year or two ago /lightly/ used.
Rx 630ss 630w | PSU
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 | GPU
2x 1TB WDB Hard Drives | Storage //1 of these hard drives is <1 year old, the other >4 years.

The CPU is cooled with the standard out-of-the-box CPU cooler. I just recently replaced the Motherboard and CPU, if that makes a difference, about 6 months ago.

Big thanks to anyone who can help!
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Uploading things to nyaa request

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Hello, I am here to request several download links from one of /m/'s pastebins be uploaded onto ask this because if mega goes down (again) these will be lost to the ether. If anyone could do this it would be much appreciated.

Here are the links, all of which have english subs:

-Dino Mech Gaiking!5bhBkKzZ!FWfsIkjyhB_rp0qaCughPw
-Dancouga Nova (DVD)!0twHCSBC!l0J1b9l_mrpA8sRGaCxyGw
-Eight Kamen Riders vs. Galaxy King (HK Subs)!5m5FAZpZ!OHIzNUgowlwk6kyFt9OiTA
-Toei Spider-Man!aZgnjSLB!N9Sqro1m6Wv1QyYvU_hepA
-Ninja Robot Tobikage (HK Subs)!ukcAES7L!od6y7f3aECj6kRR_dl3o8A
-Ultra Q (color)!yBwCTSYI!jPGYul2FPGwIr1s13xTzYA
-Ultraman Powered!2Ao2nIzL!JIqE5YRkpjO2DzJDi15ddg
-Ultraman Great aka Ultraman: Toward The Future!eYBnwKrI!S-ioRtO8uj7GyvfaO0jaMQ
-Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Mutants (HK Subs)!liZjmZSS!4pbBGCrDFvZhJcARXHtyKQ

I understand this will take a while, but I would not be asking if I could get anyone else.
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Non hentai animes with full frontal nudity (pubic hair included), i only know Perfect Blue... anyone here know other?
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I'm looking for anime, manga and comic books with an aesthetic similar to Tim Burton movies. Soul Eater and Hells are examples of those, but I've seen both.
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