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Could someone please remove the BluRay logo on the top right corner?
I've tried doing it myself, but couldn't get the lightning rays to look natural.

xxxHolic/Tsubasa Crossover points? Please help

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^Manga^ If starting with xxxHolic Volume 1 at which point would it begin to crossover with Tsubasa (and which volume) This is not something that is really explained or easy for someone to find. A crossover timeline needs to be created for those wanting to not be confused. I picked up xxxHolic V1 today and was really curious as to when I need to start with Tsubasa. I didn't plan on posting about it but while searching for answers I found a lot of other mass confusion on anime forums and websites. If you have figured it out, it would be valuable information to myself and many others. Or a link to such information would be just as valuable. Either way, i'll make sure it becomes public info because of the immediate need. Excited to get into it once I find out.

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Recently, my Switch’s fan made this ungodly loud grinding sound when I undocked it and I don’t know what the problem is. It also did that some time ago when it was in handheld mode and I just cut it on.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is it something normal?

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Need anime recommendations,your favorite anime
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Can anyone tell me what anime this is from? Reverse image search doesnt help.

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Can someone please add this music to webm related?

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I'm looking for either the episode, or the color still of this image.

Its Arisu (Alice) from Serial Experiments Lain.

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ANyone here expert in reading facial expressions? What are these expressions trying to convey?
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I'm looking for a reaction image
It's Yui from the anime K-On! looking tired/depressed, she has big baggy eyes but the eyes are taken from another image