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im searching for that image of the steps of degeneracy.

The one where its listed how a straight futa lover starts craving dick.

Thanks in advance.
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More like this, please
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New phone - Please help me decide

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Hello everyone,
I am in need of a new phone after my 3-4 year old Motorola Moto G is slowly giving up.

I want to spend around 100-200 € and I don't need a big screen as I've been pretty happy with the 4.5 inch screen but I'd definitely go bigger if the price is reasonable.
Android is preferred and it doesn't need to be the newest model.

Please help me find a new phone, I appreciate any serious advice and help.
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Any techies here wanna help me figure out what to replace in my PC?

It works, but runs games really slow, 10fps, and gets a little hot sometimes....

>NVIDIA GeForce GT710
>4-Cores Intel I5 -4440 @3.10 GHz
>Power Supply Max Power=460W
>motherboard = ACPI x64 based PC

So why is my computer garbage?
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What manga have the best world building?
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navy seal australien

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Looking for the gif of the australian version of the navy seal copypasta.
It was generated on this site that only shows one word at a time, in quick succession.
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Requesting a 2 image edit...
On Storm here..
> Make the yellow the same red as elsewhere on the outfit.
> Make the black leather white/silver.
> Keep the original image size.