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I feel like I'm in need of a nice emotional outburst, so I'm looking for something that makes you cry, or something with a good emotional payoff that can bring tears to your eyes. I was mostly thinking of anime but other stuff works too.

Here's a random list off the top of my head of things I already saw/played and had such moments for me
>Code Geass
>Angel Beats
>Steins Gate
>FF7: Crisis Core
>To the Moon
>Ever 17
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Looking for a Quality Stapler

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I recently lost my favorite stapler (Pic related, Bates Hand-Grip 88p) and have been searching for a new one. If possible, I'd prefer it to be available on Amazon. Wish I could be a bit more specific with what I'm looking for, but not really sure what specifics I want.
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Requesting manga/comics/movies/... similar to serial experiments lain
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Does anyone have this wallpaper on a higher resolution?

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Phone got rebooted and I lost a Bowsette wallpaper I rather liked. Bowsette, brown, muscular, red hair, sitting crosslegged on a thrown wearing purple boots and gloves.

Searching anime

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I'm searching for an anime that i can vagualy remember.
It starts with a guy comming home to his old village to visit his fathers grave. But then some zombies appear and a weird girl (pick releated) appears while he handles them with some special power with electricity and stuff. He then gets recruited by a fake transport company where others like him work. Somewhat later he gets elected to be the next guy in one of the 4 great houses for peoples with special powers. Somewhere later (or between) the place where this war takes part is attacked by an evil organisation and so on. I have pictures before my eyes but i can't remember any name that would help me.