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website for /wsr/ guides

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what's a better domain name for a /wsr/ resource website? this one is only $1 a year on namecheap...
e.g. possibilities for subdomains:
etc etc
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JPLN scans

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Does anyone have japanese scans of Chōjin Keikaku or Negative happy chainsaw edge light novels?

Who is this vtuber?

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Can someone identify them?

flash game recommendations

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I would like some recommendations for flash games to play before flash is completely discontinued, preferably ones that don't require signup and are not fan games.

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Hey /wsr/, I'm looking for articles and good sources on the effects of smoking tobacco, cigarettes in particular. What I want is the effects of a single smoke on the body, not the long-term effects like cancer and infection risks. What's happening to the body as you smoke one, does the heart rate go down? Is there a measurable relaxed stated? That kind of stuff. All I can find online are the usual long-term effects articles. Thanks.

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Anyone know what anime are these characters from and who is the artist?

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What are some anime or games featuring raccoons?