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What VN is this?

International calling

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Hey anons, I frequently need to call clients internationally from the US. However Its expensive as hell for no reason with VOIP services. Is their a way to make my own voip service or whatever with old hardware so I can call client fags in other continents without paying chinks.

One of my friends did something like that before like ten years ago with a nokia phone in which he was able to make unlimited calls internationally for some reason
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good mmo?

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can anyone recommend an mmo that is like the older versions of runescape, and helmet heroes? a game where social interaction is paramount to fun gameplay and leveling efficiently, where convenience is almost thrown out the window, with little to no teleportation from place to place and enemies dont scale to your level. i love having to haggle for items with other players and asking random passerbys advice because i get lost in an area. i rarely play games anymore because i only play online games but everyone wants to be the fucking lone wolf and then quit the game because of course it is boring as shit. would be cool if the game is hard too

long story anime/manga with more younger/shota protags?

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I just need some good long story with younger boys that look cute as I just tried to finish this one series and it was so disappointing I just finished it and it was literally so stupid.
It was so good until I found out some bs about how this one character was all these other characters mother and I hate it.
I hate it I just need some good anime with some cute boys

Translation request

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Would any one be willing to translate this? I believe it is Japanese, and that this is a sake cup.

Thank you kindly!

recommend manga similar to pic related.

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>should be shorter than 100 or 50 chapters
>should not have weak, shallow characters, despicable mc like mirai nikki
>no harem/isekai where every single girl flocks to the mc
>should be slice of life, heavily leaning on drama and hetero romance
>doomed/forbidden love story/plausible age gap/incest/(gender bender I guess?) with happy ending is preferred
>no fapservice/ecchi, no inappropriate comedy like kissxsis
>couple should actually end up together and not just hinting and teasing, handholding/kissing/sex is preferred if tasteful and culminating with appropriate development

other stuff I liked: solanin, punpun, 5cm/s, only yesterday, memories of emanon
what I dropped: kodomo no jikan, kissxsis, tonari no kaibutsu kun

pic related is what I suggest you use should as yardstick to measure up against

Not sure why this was archived

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Can someone maybe edit out the woman and put doomer there and give the shuttle the light exposure like from the boards of canada album “tomorrow’s harvest”? Please and thank you.