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recover files

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I deleted pictures from my android device,they were in DCIM' s folder. I tried a lot of apps like disk digger,photo recover, nothing worked, all I could recover was thumbnails of the files deleted. I was not using cloud or drive, and my phone is not rooted, should I start to forget those pictures or there is any way to recover them?
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How do I make myself feel comfortable using the Windows 10 botnet? Is there things I can switch off to remove prying eyes monitoring my system?
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Can someone make a gif of the part in the video where the mascot pours the drink on himself?

song identify Help

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scoured internet, search through DDR games songlists, multiple request all around web, I just cant seem to find the song or identify the short lyrics quip even if I slow down vid.

Does anyone know where to search or know a jap to ask on some jap sites? I really dont know where to search anymore

Need new, preferably long manga

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I just finished Claymore and liked it a bit, but now I've got little left to read. Starting to read Emerging to see if I like it.
Past manga I've read and liked are: Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu, Aijin: Demi-Human, Berserk, Laid-Back Camp, The Ghost in the Shell (V1.0 was best imo), and Parasyte.
i read way too fucking much