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Finding a picture, for google fu has failed me.

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I cant find a bigger version of this picture, and i cant make sense of the signature. If someone could find a bigger version, it would make my day.

She's wearing the Exotic armor to boot. I gotta have a bigger version.

If it helps, she's a Ritualist from Guild Wars. After 4 weeks of scouring the the internet for more Rit pics, i lost hope at not finding one i have not found. Stumbled upon this by accident.

The above link is where my basic trail goes cold.

The below link is where i originaly found her.

Best of luck
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I used this program to delete double pictures, but since a month ago the auto check button doesn't work. i tried reinstalling the program several times, but the error remains.
This only happens on my main computer, on other laptops this doesn't happens. I even tried to contact the developers But they didn't answer.
I can't use other programs, and i really need this specific function. Any ideas?
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Book Pdf? "All Yesterdays: Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals"

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Does anybody know where to find the book "All Yesterdays: Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals" I would certainly appreciate it.
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Snake programming help

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I need to create a program that takes a user's input until they enter a 0 and then outputs the largest and smallest numbers out of what's been inputted
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Could somebody please explain to me why the internet in Canada and the States sucks so god damn hard? I get 3mbs down on my best of days
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Can somebody make his eyes look red like after he's been crying and shop the JUST hair? The shittier shop the better
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This is my LG tv, when the power is connected there's a whining sound coming from the red circle area (probably the yellow/black brick).
It takes a few minutes for the picture/audio to kick in after plugging it in, and that only works after unplugging and replugging it.
The power button toggles the power led indicator properly, but nothing seems to happen unless it's unplugged and replugged.
Any ideas on fixing it?