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TV Hotel Mode

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Hey anons, my family bought this TV at a thrift shop, but it is stuck in "hotel mode". Does anyone know how to fix?
Pic related is what we see.
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Can you guys suggest me anime to watch?
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Rozen Maiden manga

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Where can I download English scanlations for the entirely of the first Rozen Maiden manga? The torrents I find are either for Tales or dead.
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boomerang game

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please help I'm freaking out about this
I'm trying to remember a game I played when I was a younger, maybe 10 years ago. it was either gameboy advance, or play station, but I think the former. all I remember is boomerangs. all different kinds, with different effects and powers. and no, I'm not thinking of Ty. does anyone know this game? please help!!
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What genre would this be considered and where can I find more like it?
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Can I create a second PayPal account or will PayPal sperg out? I want something that I can drop savings into.

Also I currently have a bank attached to my existing account for backup withdrawl, in the event the account goes under 0$ balance. Can I remove my bank as backup or is that a required feature by PayPal these days?

I would like to move away from my bank because processing money between the two companies takes too long, and it's put me in overdraft several times.
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Anime Recommendations

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Essential anime series that I should watch, thanks in advance
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Specific Pripara Episode

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There is an episode (or movie) of the series "Pripara" which include Mikan and Aroma in this pose, used in the first part of the following video:

And I have been searching for the episode this is from for a few hours now. My google-fu has lead far but always to a dead end.

Does anyone know what episode this is from?