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Does anyone know of any good (preferably HD) live cams of people in public? Preferably large amounts of people, preferably in orderly lines or queues where you can see their feet. Ideally from multiple different countries, but I'll take what I can get to start with.

I'm trying to prove something about how close people stand to one another in public, but it's best if they're sort of forced to stand near each other, like lining up for something.

Photos would do, but I need lots of data that can be compared.
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Signed up for mturk, get approved but then told to start amazon payments account to proceed. I do so, told it will take 24 hours to verify. Wake up yesterday morning, get this shit.

I have a license but I live with my parents and she pays all the bills, so my name won't be on any of them. I am requesting a way around this nonsense!
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my rent is due and im broke if 100 people send me 1 pound ill be there and fine once ,my wage comes in im stranded away from home and hate asking but this is my last hope being you guys
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iPhone Problem

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So thing is,I bought an iPhone 5 from some guy through eBay.Guy was all sincere and cool, and the iPhoneis legit.Thing is,I can't unlock it cause he has his iClooud ID still sctivated. I'd like to know if there is any way to actually use my phone,restore it to factory settings or wipe out the data completely.Also I don't want to pay any extra money , obviously.Thanks for your feedback,photo irrelevant
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I just finished watching Gabriel Dropout, and looking for another series where dumb girls are doing dumb things.
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Can i triforce?

pic not related
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I saw a webm once and it's been stuck in my head for a long time, could I please get sauce desu

>webm was of macross/gundam something robots transforming into fighter jets fighting
>dated around 80-90s
>it was fucking intense, it's two guys duelling each other in the night sky, across and through clouds, shooting off flares and spreads of missiles
>the scene occasionally cuts to a grand palace or mansion made out of white? marble or something and a female crying
>vehicles/robots that the guys are fighting with start breaking up because they're pushing them so hard

I used all the usual extensions to find source when I saw the webm years ago but to no avail and I constantly get urges to try and find it but no luck. Any luck here for source?
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Help This Anon Out

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I need to make a graph with these 2 numbers. My teacher gave us them and told us to do so for a free 100 on our homework. Thanks fags