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First off, I know Buzzfeed is complete garbage, and why would I even look at any of their content... blah blah.

I just want to know the name of this Blonde chick, please.

If you need a link here it is:

I think it's the only video she appears in?

Help with arduino ultrasonic sensor

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Total noob to programming, taking a microcontrollers class. How can I edit this .ino to display the distance in inches? I am confused since it uses a file from the library so I am inclined to edit that file, but that doesn't give me a modified .ino to submit
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Tabletop Podcasts

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Anyone have recommendations for tabletop podcasts? For reference, the only one I've listened to all the way is Critical Hit but it doesn't have to be D&D.

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Does anyone know where the Mob Psycho 100 plays are? Can't find files of them anywhere.
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Fucking hell, this one's been bothering me for the past 14 hours now
I can't identify the music used in this ad. I am 99% sure I've heard it many times before, but I just can't remember where.

Dotaboy comic

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Has anyone saved the dotaboy comic(pic related) that used to be on this site:

It remember it was on playdota too, but now it seems to have disappeared from the internet.