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Weird old skeleton animation on locomotion

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Once when I was a child I watched an animation of skeletons in a warlike enviroment, I remember a dark shady background with blue against green or red skeletons, where white ones were like civils. There was even a rape scene wich was not too hard, I mean was on TV on the channel LOCOMOTION, thing is, I cannot find it anywhere, I dont remember much I was like 12 Yold when I saw it... Probably.... I dont remember much. If someone know something, please help, It've been trobleing my mind quite a while now...
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Anyone have a torrent for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?
It was in the humble monthly so it should be DRM free

Also, I shamelessly copypasted the above text from another thread.
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I've watched the first part of JoJo and a bit of the second one and I'd like to switch to the manga.
Will I miss anything if I skip the first part?

/r/ing the translated downloads of it/them (depends on the answer to the first question)
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Pls halp with iPhone

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I know, iPhones are garbage. But my girl managed to shatter her screen and has never backed up her stuff. She needs to back up all of her photos before she sends it into the store.
Of course, you can't access the data on the phone because you cant answer "yes" when the phone asks you to trust the computer. Is there any way to get around this?
Pic unrelated
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For some reason, half of my music went into some random album, so I tried to get it out of there by deleting the album (I realize this was now a mistake), but instead it deleted all the music that was placed in there. What are some good file recovery software for android? The only ones I can find either don't work, cost money and their free trial only shows you pictures, or only recover images.
pls help
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Looking for an MS Paint Comic

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I'm looking for an MS Paint comic about a stick figure guy who dates a woman who ends up doing drugs and cheating on him. She gives birth to a baby that's basically a skeleton, he's forced to pay child support, she eventually leaves the baby with him and fucks off with some other guy. But stick guy raises the skeleton baby, who becomes a skeleton demon monster, and the last thing I remember is him saying to his "son" the following: "Now go my son, avenge me!"

Any help at all would be appreciated. I'm probably really fuzzy with some of the details.
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anyone know where to download this hunk or shit? i want a goof laugh but cant find any legit ebub sources. thanks
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If I select an image to post somewhere like 4chan or discord it used to bring it up almost instantly but now it freezes the page up for 4 or 5 seconds before showing up and letting me do anything. Same thing for saving images. It will basically lock that whole chrome window (can't do anything on the page and can't change tabs on that window) for 4-5 seconds instead of almost instantly.

Did chrome update and mess with this somehow? Anyone know how to fix it?