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this is my thread
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Poster photoshop request

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Requesting this box art gets cleaned up so I can use it as a poster. Finally found it in a high enough res to get printed, but if you zoom in it looks kinda funky from where it was scanned.

I'd appreciate if anyone could help clean this up/make the problem less noticeable for me.

Have to use mega for this as the file is 11mb (3215x4125 resolution). Cheers to anyone who wants to give it a go.
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Does anyone have Creative Whack Pack (pic related) and Innovative Whack Pack.
Found some torrents for them but no seeders.
There's plenty of cards on pinterest but i believe there's a better scanned version out there and more complete.
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random request, but does anyone have kroll show s03e09 as a torrent or DDL?

i have every episode except for that one
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I'm not gay or anything but I need the full picture of number 24 on this chart, don't ask why

its Teddy from persona 4
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Company name

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Hey guys i need some help
I bought through Aliexpress this DMD Projector chip and the seller wrote that the product is brand new
But when i got this chip i can see at the right angle this burnout of what i thinking is a logo,
I know that in China there are more companies than people in my country, but maybe some of you saw this logo or maybe know which one it is
I'm not sure which side is upper or bottom
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Change the level to 15 from 12

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Thats all you gotta do! make it legit, its really simple, really!
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How does 2x-(12-2x)=8 turn into 4x-12=8?
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