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I've been trying to use the Pixiv batch Downloader extension
But every time I start a Batch the files don't go in the the supposed user+id folder and with the id+title filename like I set, instead they all go to the Download folder and they have all randomly generated filenames (pic related bottom right).
And aside from this when I try to press the "download the related works" button, it says please pay attention to the folder naming and and error comes up with "Parameter is not legal, please try again later" (pic related top right) even though I tried every possible name combination for the folder.
Anyone can tell me how to fix this?
Or at least link me to a good program/extension to batch Download stuff from pixiv with id and title as filename, and from related works and user id?

Photoshop Request

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I need the Fresh Prince shooped out of this image, so that it's just the fancy background (preferably with the white dots carrying on in his stead). The title can stay, just need Willy Smith to disappear.

Looking for Japanese comedy movie

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I'm not sure when it was made, but I'm 99% certain it was either from 70s or 80s. COULD BE (but I doubt it) from the 90s.
Anyway, the plot went as follow: A lady wins a competition for a short story or a script, which will be now, as her prize, turned into radio audition, read by famous voice actors. Along the way there are minor dramas and the (mis)adventures of the entire radio station supposed to broadcast it. And I remember there was also a truck driver, who ended up touched by the audition when it eventually was aired.
Aaaand... that's all that I remember. Anyone? Anything?

Getting anime on Uni Internet

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What is the best place to get anime that isn't torrenting? I am okay with streaming, downloading, whatever as long as It has a good amount of anime and doesn't get me banned from the universities network.
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I'm trying to find a pre-cracked Windows 7 Ultimate ISO. Maybe I'm a retard for not being able to find a valid one but if someone's got a good source it'd be much appreciated.

Looking for this book.

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"Advanced Persistent Security: A Cyberwarfare Approach to Implementing Adaptive Enterprise Protection, Detection, and Reaction Strategies"
is the full name of the book and was released on 30 November 2016.

Couldn't find it on ThePirateBay.

Need help finding this book.

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Can someone give this bunny some color.