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What are some mangas where relationships are shown to it's fully or almost fully extend?
I don't care if no tits are shown or if the relationship is not the focus of the series, but I'd like to see some actual development for it.
Something like Bonounji, Sakurambo Syndrome. Even something like Gantz or Onani Master Kurosawa.
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Anime recommendations

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Any ideas for a good anime that is good for a newbie? I dont want to scare her off starting with crazy ecchi or harems.
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Anyone know where this is from?

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so i was scrolling through google images and i saw a few screenshots of an RPG. I thought it looked cool but i didn't think much of it at the time, but now i suddenly have the urge to play it. i looked through my history but couldn't find anything. i believe the name had "new bible" or "bible" in it and the screenshot had a spider thing on it with the dialogue "why do you sympathize with us?". there also seems to be a version in Japanese. i have no idea how to go about searching it. pic unrelated
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There was a guide/chart on how often you should change your clothes,
does anyone here have it?
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Does anyone have this comic?
Vague description would be:

We finally fixed everything with time travel.
phew, time for a drink.
fug, no soda.
(tries to use the time machine again but is being restrained)
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Request: animes like "saga of tanya the evil"?

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Any war-time animes like saga of tanya the evil, code geass, etc.
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I wanna try watching anime. Suggestions?
(Pic not related)
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I have a nexus 6p running on Android 7.1.1 firmware. My problem is my phone used to be able to charge even when I was using chrome, watching YouTube, or even downloading large apps, but now the battery will be depleting rapidly at random intervals even when I'm charging via ac and not even using my phone. I've obviously done Google searches about it, and it appears that nougat is at fault, it did start occurring when I installed it. I've booted into recovery mode and wiped the cache partition from there, but that only fixes the problem temporarily, it comes back after a day or so. Any ideas? I've even got battery optimization on all apps. I do have a battery life widget on homescreen, if that could somehow be interfering with something else.

It also says "battery usage data not available" when I go under the battery tab in settings.