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I'm looking for some new great games to play. My favorites so far are Planescape: Torment, Morrowind, Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, Portal series, New Vegas, Deus Ex, Bloodlines or Majora's Mask. Enjoyed some Indie games in the last years like Ori, Transistor, Hyper Light Drifter, Hollow Knight, Amber Throne, Zeno Clash or Bastion.

So in general I like atmospheric action, adventure and rpg games with unigue stories, settings and immersive gameplay. Not really a fan of strategy games, shooters or typical medieval fantasy settings.

Has to be PC or emulatable.
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Active sonar

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I'm looking for recordings of active sonar of any kind, military or civilian.
I've already found the examples on YouTube, but I need more than just these few. Please note that stereotypical sonar sound from the movies is completely fake and was never used, not even during World War II, despite what any keyboard warrior will tell you.


I know I've got a lot here already but there's gotta be more out there and I really need as many as I can get. Please help.
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I need an exact copy of this image: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/162939962/#q162954643

Desuarchive image servers are currently down and saucenao returns a deleted/private work.
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Does anyone have a download of the complete, translated Dororo manga? I can't find one.
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I recently changed my monitor for a TV, which was pretty cool until recently. You see, the fucking monitor just refuses to turn on, and I have to constantly plug and unplug so I can get the light red, as that's the only way to turn it "on" with the remote, which isn't guaranteed to work. Turning my TV monitor on is taking too damn long, and I need help.
Pic related, best I could take of the monitor with my shitty pulse
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I’ve been trying to find a song that contains he lyrics “I’ll carry you a thousand miles and never let you go and when you wake in the morning and it’s just me and you, set your heart on fire”
I’ve searched google but can’t seem to find the right song.
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Can anyone help finding this sweatshirt? I've been looking for a while across the internet and can't seem to find it
maybe its not the best place to post this, but i cant find this sweatshirt
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please help me find a nice comfy co-op game that's ideally free
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basic math book recommendations

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Guys, i need your help. I just fucking realized that the reason i always had complications with maths was because

1. My primary school yeas were in some alternative social-constructivist shithole (they didnt help me develop my logical reasoning properly)

2. My country's school's way of teaching math is pretty mechanical and "chug and plug" (i.e not flexible for problems outside the ones taught in school)

Do you know of any honest, based books for kiddies on proportions, equation systems and classical problems ? Preferably by asian countries but anything goes.
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For the love of god I've searched everywhere and I cant find that webm of the comic where the autists are arguing about best anime and some tool says evangelion and then launches into "it's the pinnacle of Japanese animation"

pic unrelated.