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A question.

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[Image unrelated.]

Hello. {My memories are vague, but I will try...} I had seen once really cute bio from website, where you can design your own card for a bio and it has fade-in animation, when you open it. It has different sections for a bio and it had pixel-related art. And work "card" was in the domain. Any help?

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I'm looking for a similar picture but with a japanese girl wearing a skirt laying down in the snow.
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Hi I'm looking for a video of the press conference of the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen , BUT with english or german subtitles.
I mean the press conference where she says she's disappointed about Trump cancellation

where can I find boss fight pictures

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something like pic related, but the more realistic and more horrific the better. the most important part is showing how weak and small the person is in comparison to the monster.

the closest i could find is pic related

Someone knows any video of people partying in a medieval or fantasy universe ?

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It can be any type of video (music clip, film, documentary, gif...)