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Female hairstyle

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I'm searching for the name of a specific hairstyle to find references for drawing. It's basically a short ponytail that's held in reverse with a hairclip like this.
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Send me reaction images you like or use often

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Lost my flashdrive a while ago, all I've got are a few handful saved to my Laptop
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Can someone make him look EXTREMELY crosseyed ?
and maybe also make a version that makes him look even more retarded than just being crosseyed
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Golden Globe

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Hey, anyone have a link to watch the golden globe?

From Canada, and i don't have the cable, so there is no way i can't really watch it.


Help needed

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I don't really know if i need to post this on /fa/ (are requests even allowed on /fa/?) or here.
I'm desperately looking for the brand name of these military-style sport shorts, with kind of a black elastic at the bottom. Does anyone know where i can find/buy them?
Thanks a lot