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Everyday until you like it

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Requesting Sakurafish
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Please recommend

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Kino animes?
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Anyone know where to get the full version of this image of Milim Nova? I know who the character is but not where this particular image is from.

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I want to use a website that is

>an imageboard
>lets me create and administer a board there (like 8gag/reddit)
>has lots of filesupport
>not spammed with cp
>has active site admins and devs who won't abandon it

what are my options /wsr/?
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Hi guys,

So my set up is currently a Corsair k70 with a Corsair M65 Mouse. These have lasted me the past two-three years and I'm very happy with them, I'm not looking to change.

However a friend of mine is looking to upgrade to a gaming mouse and keyboard, the main reasons being for Competitive Overwatch as well as MMO's.

So I've been looking around and when I first researched, I heard that Razer was over-priced paying for the label but decent stuff however Corsair was the bang for your buck in terms of build quality, durability and just down right great value (which I personally can attest to).

Nowadays, I've heard that Razer have upped their game and Logitech as well have really decent keyboards and mice, so looking to you guys for some advice for my friend. What sort of things would you recommend? And she does want a RGB set up, I should mention that.

tl;dr: Friend wants RGB kit for MMO's and Competitive gaming. Which (in your opinion) are the best buys to go for in terms of value, durability and for compatible for what she needs it for? Both budget and high end suggestions welcome!