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Youtube alternative

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Hey /wsr/

I woke up to my youtube account being banned. I wasnt given reason other then that I was apparently being a hateful bigot

I don't know if I liked an edgy video or what, it didn't actually tell me what I did. Just sent me an email and expected me to believe it

I actually use youtube a lot, I had that account for a couple years and had thousands of videos saved. Is there a better app to go to? And is their anyway to recover my playlists?
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I'm looking for the full res version of pic related, the artist seems to have removed it from his pixiv years ago and it's not on any of the boorus, I'm wondering if someone has it saved or knows where to find it

According to saucenao, the pixiv id is 55362762, artist's page is

I don't get it

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Can someone explain the joke in Zoomer humor?
I don't get it
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how do i get my gt630 to pump out more than 1080p under linux? I installed the 390 version nvidia driver but there is no option to increase the resolution even though the card supports higher resolutions...

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Looking for an electronic music artist, all his clips were 3D animation depicting several black vehicles tracking supernatural anomalies, I can't find it at all anymore
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Are there any computer chair recommendation lists/infographics? I looked through /g/ archives but it seems like a lot of shitposting with not a lot of real information. I keep breaking mine and am looking for a new one. I really prefer the kind that recline with a spring when you lean back, rather than having to use a lever to manually recline. I keep snapping them when I lean back though, I think it's because I am too tall and when I lean back it can't hold my weight. Alternatively, it could be because I'm buying chinkshit that wasn't built to last. I'm not a fatty, I promise. Anyway, do you guys have any recs? Thanks /wsr/.

Fancy Rats?

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Hello I need pictures of fancy rats to convince gf we need them please tell her we need them and how much you love your fancy rat thank you

pic unrelated
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Help finding snek

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This has been bothering me for four years.
My friend and I were looking up some bullshit and found these [cards/gatcha/status?] things, with characters, some of them were horny, but sfw I think, others were extra as fuck.

One was a snake woman like related, but she had a [w] mouth.

0[w]0 kind of like this, but, you know.
Horny and anime. It was definitely anthro and not a monster girl, though.
And it was definitely japanese, I've combed e621 like an autist in the years since, and this is the closest thing to her.

Pls help, it's been driving me fuckin insane
I'd ask /a/ but I feel like it'd be lost immediately.
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