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where to find old anime

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What is a good site for downloading old anime when I can't find a good torrent of it on nyaa
pic unrelated
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A Man Needs a Name

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/wsr/ i have been obsessed over this chick for weeks and CANNOT for the love of me find a name . pic very related
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Always on top Youtube

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Anyone know how I can have a Youtube video overlaying everything on Windows? So I can have the video Playing in say, the left corner of the screen while I can browse and do everything else as normal.

I tried VLC but it doesn't handle it very well honestly. Livestreams are pretty behind and it's just a bit fiddly and takes some time.

I tried this app
But the top review says it injects malware. It works though. Is it just bullshit or should I get rid of it?

What are any alternatives?
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What station on pandora broadcasts music a bit like pic related?
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I've been trying to find this image without the logo for hours now. Since I apparently suck at finding images or there doesn't exist one, I would like to ask if someone could be so kind as to remove the logo while leaving the background intact?
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Japanese Translation Request

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Can someone help translate?

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Ayy yo could I get someone to shoop one of those fancy new "Please be patient with me I have autism" caps on to this moeblob?

Thank you in advance!
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