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Give me relaxing anime to watch
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Laptop Advice?

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I have been using an Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3227U CPU @ 1.90GHz laptop running Windows 8.1 with 465 GB storage for the past several years, and it's finally time that I got off my butt and got a new one. Based on what I've shared about my old laptop's specs, does anyone have any idea what kind of currently available laptop I should be looking for? My budget is decent, but not unlimited, I'm not sure what the price range is for laptops these days, but I'd prefer not going too crazy (what IS the rough price for a decent one, BTW?). I want something with a decent level of performance, enough to play an occasional game, like Wizard101, Heroes of the Storm, and a couple of others, but I don’t think that I want a gaming laptop. I also don’t want something that’s really physically large by laptop standards. Any thoughts?
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Manga reupload request

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Has anyone managed to download this manga from that host before it went down? Please, reupload the series elsewhere!

Help with a Commission

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Link is for a Bracket Poll (with pics):

Please assist me with this autismo dilemma I have. I posted a public "for hire" offer to get a (lewd) Character Reference Sheet done for my OC. I got a huge amount off Offers from Artists... I narrowed it down to, uh, 31.
To help me decide, can you vote on this Bracket Poll - once at least, although re-visiting it as the rounds develop would be great.
The pictures provided in the Bracket are the ones I like the most of each Artist (and fairly representative of what they can do).
Thanks, Anons.