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Upload speed

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Why my torrent client seeds only 500 - 600kbps max when my upload speed is a lot higher?

pic related

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Been trying to find a webm of a dancing Fleshlight on a bed to the sound of this music
File named was Mrs. Henderson but I've looked everywhere and nothing but a stupid movie

Constant redirects to malware sites

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I'm experiencing a strange issue with redirects on my phone. Often when I follow a link from one site to another, or a link within a site to a different page on the same site, I get redirected to a malicious website claiming to be a survey from my ISP. This happens upwards of 50 times a day. It happens on my own wi-fi, other wi-fis, and on cellular. The malicious website imitates the ISP of whatever network I happen to be using.

Restoring my phone to its factory settings doesn't solve the problem, but the issue doesn't occur on my other devices.
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Does anyone know what music this is ? Shazam doesn't.

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Requesting someone up the resolution on this so I can use it as my wallpaper. Great anime btw

Youtube song video with a censored anime compilation mv

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so a while back there was a trending song on youtube. I believe it was french and the title was something like Subliminal/Suggestive. The video was just a compilation of echhi animes but edited in a way where everything was covered. I think it had scenes from Highschool DxD, ladys vs butlers, kill la kill and re zero (i think). Song was really catchy but i cant find it now no matter what i search.

Pic unrelated.