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Asked a similar question before, which is how to download premium videos from nicovideo provided I have an account with access to em, but I'm too retarded to make jdownloader 2 work even though I got it working before. Whenever I copy the link it doesn't show up on the linkgrabber tab, so I go to add new links and paste it there but all I get is a bunch of random files from different websites and only two are from nico.

I've removed and reentered my account info, I restarted and updated jdownloader 2, I even turned off ublock, I'm out of ideas.

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Could someone please change these 2 images with the Gradient app? Change them to Asian (or Korean if specific)

anyway 1 pic

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Anyone know how to deactivate this additional windows 10 volume informations popup with thouse 3 buttons.


Request a movie name

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I remember some scene of a movie that I watched back in 67, but I forgot the name of it.
In the movie there's a team of English people going in Saudi Arabia or something like that in the beginning of the 20th century.
Some of them get lost in a storm, and I remember that one of them was burned from a sun struck.
I don't recall anything else, not even where I watched it.

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Color this please
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Game's audio won't work on fullscreen

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It's driving me crazy

Everything used to work perfectly until 4 days ago. When I plug my HDMI from my PC to my TV, I launch a game but then when I set it on fullscreen the sound is gone

I've tried almost everything but nothing will work

What do I do please
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Biography, Colonel Sanders: America's Chicken King

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I need to get access to this video. It's also available on DVD, but there are zero torrents. I tried getting an account oon that site to view it, but they never got back to me.
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