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Can someone reccomend me some "pretentious" anime? I am searching to something simmilar to lain, texhnolyze, evangelion, ergo proxy, haibane renmei, ratatami galaxy, angel's egg. Philosophical/psychological thematics will do.
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Hi guys my battery for my dell laptop isn't working or charging my laptop. Plus the light for the charger isn't even coming on watch could be the problem?
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can you guys help?
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Can someone make her eyes red? I can't without it coming out really bad.
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need help translating from korean

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What does this say? I downloaded a program from a Korean site, and so far I could just help myself with google translate, but I cannot copy this and it seems to be an error that prevents the program from being installed.
Pls help.
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I have this song stucked in my head, but I still cannot figure out what's the name or who's the author. Can you recognised it /wsr/ ?