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voice recording requests

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Hello /wsr/, can someone please record themselves reading one of these tales for me? I'd love to hear men with nice, deep voices, especially Americans and Brits. Thank you. <3
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I want to create a meme. I need your help.

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I like to collect things, so this might be an odd question

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What kinds of stores/places sell everything/anything used and new?

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Trying to remember an anime about former heroes from fantasy worlds adjusting to life in the real world. The first scene was a fighter and her blacksmith sister at a parade celebrating their victory. After they're transported to earth, some government agency workers help them adjust. The fighter sister says she won't change, but changes right away. They go to a beach party with the agency workers and other former heroes. The blacksmith sister runs off and gets mad at her sister and about losing her blacksmith powers. At the end they make up and set off fireworks.

Besides that, it was probably 5-10 years old, less than an hour long, and the title was two words. I think the sisters had pink or yellow hair and gold jewelry. The fighter sister was older and haughty, the blacksmith sister was smaller and gloomy.


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Any of you guys have a baidu account and can download something? There's this Chinese Gundam fanboard and someone there posts these amazing scans. Sadly, the scans are uploaded to a site that requires a Chinese phone number.

>Mobile Suit Gundam: MS Picture Book - Universal Century Edition Volumes 1-3

>MSV: The Second Generation 1986-1993
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Can I still make gmails without a phone number?

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>the question
Can I make a Google account without a phone number?
>what I tried to do
I tried to make a Gmail account and after entering my username and password I get trapped in Pic related with no other option but to comply or go back, for personal reasons I rather not use my phone number. Can you help me make a Gmail account on my laptop without an email? Because in 2019 it needs to be so fucking complicated

>wall of text as to why I'm asking this simple ass question

So the other day I thought I'd make a Twitter account and it was going smoothly, I verified my email and to my plesent surprise my account was automatically deactivated, no I haven't gotten suspended on another Twitter this is the first one I've ever made, and right off the bat I get suspended and deactivated rendering the app pretty much worthless. I tried to make a new account on my laptop, automatically suspended. Tried to make a fucking Google account, right after I finished typing my name and pass word Pic related pops up.

>just use your phone number anon it's not a big deal

Look, for reason I'm not gonna get into I don't want this account associated with me AT All and I just know Twitter will go leaking this shit to employers. But why are these sites acting so weird? Why do they need my phone number that damn bad? They want to link you irl to your internet persona I just know and I want to rebel against it anyway I can. I tried using fake phone numbers Btw, didn't work all I got was "please enter a valid phone number"

What going on /wsr/ is the internet changing? Or is my laptop and phone just acting weird?
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[eng subbed] denpa shounen nasubi

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I wish to watch it in good quality.