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I'm looking for something to play with PvE for leveling up

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I'm looking for an action game for PC with lots of farming and grinding or just doing something repeatedly in one spot or area that makes your character stronger, so not fetch quests exactly, just good ol' PvE action.

If it's an MMO I'd prefer if it is free-to-play and has more depth in it than just auto-attacking, because I've already tried 2 MMOs that does that and it felt absolutely stupid for me

I'd also like it not to be browser-based I dunno why I don't like playing in my browser anymore but if you say that it is really good then I'll take your word for it and I might try it, same goes if it's sort of a card game (is grinding/farming in a CCG or TCG possible?)

Pic is the specs of my pathetic laptop that I regret buying
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looking for a Grinding, leveling, gearing, crafting, tms type a game. PVE and preferably something where you can see your progression (ie. when you get that better suit of armour you can see it on your character) I've enjoyed games like wow, poe, witcher and skyrim but I want something new again.
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If you use the same "first time subscriber" offer multiple times with new email,name, etc can they do anything if they find out?
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sauce please
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Post pics like this
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Since when is this a thing? Any animu that you recommend to buy in Steam?
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What's the right keyword on searching plane cockpits but taken from the dashboard side?
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looking for a horror/thriller movie; what i remember about the movie: police woman, empty town, fog, she meets someone, enters a building, chairs on the ceiling, woman with black hair rips someone in pieces, big creature lynches/rips skim from woman
thanks in advance