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I'm really trying to look for a song with a chorus or background with this:

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Can someone recolor my hair back to natural color?

I barely do any pictures of myself and this is probably the best one I have, sadly it's been done when I did some shit stuff with my hair as can be seen in pic-related, I'll post my natural color too

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does someone have a kawaii codec pack installer exe (i know someone does)
need it for reasons


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could use some help with this

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I'm looking for the name of a person that wrote a book about the unabomber. I remember hearing about this person on here and when I looked into the books he wrote I saw that he also wrote some very interesting books about religion and nature, but I forgot his name. The only other thing I remember was that he is a professor at a Michigan university. Sorry that I'm not being very specific, I have a shit memory.

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Unzipping this file (mod for game) takes up all my freespace on my SSD, despite saying the contents are just 25gbs.
Anyone know what the deal is? I scanned it and it's safe.