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Does anyone have Kotori pictures where she uses drugs or smokes weed?
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Grammar help

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My name is XXX and I’m a senior at the American International University in London, majoring in International Business. After matriculating at university, my interest shifted toward finance, which is why I resolved to adding a minor in Mathematics, in preparation for commencing a Master in Finance.

It’s my intention to gain more concrete experience prior to beginning a master’s degree, which is why the long-term internship programmes in the Americas caught my attention. And as the native language in all three locations is Spanish, I’d have the opportunity to improve my Spanish proficiency. Next to being fluent in Dutch, French and English, I aim to be fluent in Spanish too before starting my career.

Why investment banking? I’m not going to proclaim that I’ve made up my mind and have resolutely chosen for a career in investment banking. Last summer I did an internship in private equity and believe that the complement of both experiences will greatly enhance the depth of my understanding of the financial system in general. I postulate that many skills obtained during the internship can be applied to an internship in investment banking. In particular, I’ve gotten accustomed to working under time pressure and had to cooperate with multiple teams at once. Amidst the sale of XXX I assisted consultants performing due diligence while carrying on with XXX’s general day-to-day activities and simultaneously assisted XXX during its negotiations with prospective purchasers. I’m confident these skills will be valuable at Goldman Sachs.

Why Goldman Sachs? Because Goldman is the number one investment bank, but you already knew that. The decisive factors for me include the duration, location, and quality of the programmes. And I believe a corporate culture characterised by ambition and work ethic will bring out the best in me.

Any grammatical errors, or recommendations for improvement? Thx
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Japanese translation service?

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I've got a load of neat htd /m/ pics that need some translating, but I think 50 pages would be too much to ask for here. But is there a good Jap translationing service you can recommend? I've tried online tnl with programs like Capture2Text with very little success. I'm willing to pay a little cash if needed.

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Star Fleet Battles

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Does anyone have PDFs of Star Fleet Battles Basic Set and SFB Master Rulebook 2012 Edition?

Any other SFB material also welcome.
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comfy commercial song request

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I know its kinda weird but i really got no success at finding it : It's a comfy as fuck song that played in a phone commercial ( i guess it was a LG phone, idk for sure ). It aired in cable so i guess american/european posters might know which

The commercial consisted of some yellow strap thingie hovering across a city bringing the magic of connectivity to other people or some shit like that.

The song had some lyrics along the lines of "lets go to a place that i knoooow, far away from here"(at least in my memories it sounded like this, i wasn't enough fluent at English at the time to pick shit by ear)

I think it was a bass kinda beat with a up and down progression on the lyrics i mentioned

If it helps searching, it was on Fox channel.
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Looking for the version of this infographic with slightly edited content. There was also a smug anime whore added to it. I am unsure which was added first, the other books or the anime whore.
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can anyone identify the background image?
I'm searching for it myself but it's not being easy to find
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Looking for an old image that used to get posted everywhere. Might of been a gif or webm but let's just say image.
So I believe it was at a convention maybe at the tokyo game show or a similar event where they were showing off VR and there are two scantily clad real women standing near to the guy playing VR and one of the women looks like she's dead inside