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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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What are the differences between the Sephirotic and Sephirotic-CJ releases? Is there a site to find this out myself.

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How do I view private Insta account mentions? I wanna see all the mentions of someone's account, but it's a private account. I can still see if they're tagged in a pic, but I can't see all the mentions. How I do dis?

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Please /wsr/ I'm going nuts over this : I'm trying to find a website that simulated web browsers like Lynx but with user-made content.
Does it ring a bell to anyone? I remember it having IRC, text adventure games like Zork - all of which you could access through text commands. I used to so on it like mad 7/8 years ago so it's pretty old now.

Infographic on Trump twitter support?

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Did anyone ever document in detail how about 3 months after Trump was elected how supportive comments on his tweets went from positive to entirely negative in about a week?

What planet is this.

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I have more pics if it helps was working outside today and seen the new planet growing I'm in ohio and have seen this b4
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Hey /wsr/ I need to unlock a pdf file, it's very expensive to replace and it was only allowed to be opened on one computer and the intended owner is now locked out. Is there anyone out there who could help me?

Pic unrelated

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I need that webm where this girl hits someone with her hair and the song Sirens (Slow Magix Remix) is playing in the background
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