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[eng subbed] denpa shounen nasubi

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I wish to watch it in good quality.

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Any recommendations for action games? I've been playing too many RPGs lately, I want something tough that will get my heart pounding.
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How to make this sort of animation and what's it called?

Online freelancing gigs

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I'm an absolute broke poorfag with solid digital skills (I'm great with computers, picture editing, MS Office, Java/Python - wouldn't call myself a great programmer).

I need some work, any work, no matter how poorly paid it is, because, as I said, I'm broke. I'm an Eastern European, so even 10 bucks a day would be great for me. My English is also great, so I can teach people that online too if it exists.

I'm just wondering if any of you anons knows about some certain paid gigs that are easy to pick up and pay enough. Doesn't matter what or how shitty, it just needs to be able to be done online. Thank you.

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What are some games like the CyberStep ones or the Gundam VS series but for PC and with online mode? More or less, the elements I'm looking for are:


I used to play Cosmic Break EN when CR did a collab like 5 years ago but it died and then the EN data center was shut down earlier this year. The Cosmic Break 2 western release didn't reach the funding goal, it remained only as Cosmic League which is in Japanese and can't even be translated with text hookers, at least the ones I tried didn't work at all. I know about Gundam Onine but it's nothing like Gundam VS and the graphics are kinda bad, I didn't like it in the least.

The ideal for me would be an EN version of Cosmic League, maybe on some private server but I haven't found any informations so far. What is the alternative? I'd like to play something that at least resembles the IS:Infinite Stratos series like CB2.

I only have time for one rn

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Kill la Kill or Darling in the Franxx?

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Total shot in the dark, but I saw a clip of an anime recently where two people kissed on a roof. The woman had blue hair(?) and a beauty mark on her chin. The animation was really good, and showed all the spit in her mouth. I think it may have looked like demon slayer.

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I'm looking for copypasta which goes something like this:

>Please help! I know this sounds crazy, but I need to figure out how to calculate the velocity of a fart given its frequency and duration, and the diameter of the anus it came out of. I don't have time to explain why, but if I can't figure this out by 9 am tomorrow morning, I'm in some serious shit.