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Anyone know how to deactivate this additional windows 10 volume informations popup with thouse 3 buttons.


Request a movie name

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I remember some scene of a movie that I watched back in 67, but I forgot the name of it.
In the movie there's a team of English people going in Saudi Arabia or something like that in the beginning of the 20th century.
Some of them get lost in a storm, and I remember that one of them was burned from a sun struck.
I don't recall anything else, not even where I watched it.

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Color this please
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Game's audio won't work on fullscreen

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It's driving me crazy

Everything used to work perfectly until 4 days ago. When I plug my HDMI from my PC to my TV, I launch a game but then when I set it on fullscreen the sound is gone

I've tried almost everything but nothing will work

What do I do please
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Biography, Colonel Sanders: America's Chicken King

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I need to get access to this video. It's also available on DVD, but there are zero torrents. I tried getting an account oon that site to view it, but they never got back to me.
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There was a Japanese game I ended up losing a long time ago and just remembered it again. I found it a couple years back on Wikipedia if I'm correct only to forget about it again. I want to actually play it but details go it was a PC game where you play as a yellow humanoid bear girl character who was supposed to go on a trip to meet her grandma. It played like a point and click game. She looses her bus ticket at the beginning and has to recover it. It was made in early 2000 or late 1990 and had those early 3D graphics similar to Donkey Kong Country. Please help me put this decade long playthrough to a rest.

Chadian-Libyan conflict footage sauce?

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Anyone know what documentary/movie this footage is from? Saw it in this video
I ask partially since there's a CH-47C, and all Libyan CH-47Cs were piloted by either American or British mercenaries to my knowledge.
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Commander Keen Latino edit

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Can someone make an edit of commander keen in the style of those classic UNA VELA weed memes? Doesn't necessarily have to be this image, just needs to be commander keen with the red eyes and a stoned expression.
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Raw Manga

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Anyone know a place to read Raw manga? LHscan isn't updated that often and Senmanga/ Rawdevart doesn't have what I want. I'm specifically searching for Ragna Crimson, it's on Square Gangan Joker. Thanks!