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PC won't start anymore

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My pc has been working perfectly for what i think is 2 years now.
But today when i got home my pc was on and on the login screen and appearently no one turned it on.
I logged in and half an hour later it randomly went into sleep mode. I wasn't there when that happened.
Surprised i booted it again and searched for possible causes.
After that some time later it entered sleep mode again but was able to get it back.
The third time however, i wasn't able to boot again.
I unplugged it, plugged it back in turned on the main switch and the pc tries to boot but shuts off after only a few seconds
What's the problem?
I think the power supply is broken but im not sure and i can't test it right now
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What is 4chan exactly?
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I'm looking for this one video of a trashy white mom that invited a bunch of black guys to her house and they start picking on her son. It definitely wasn't porn from what I remember, and it wasn't a professionally shot video (just one of them holding a cellphone or something).

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I just need a login real fast to finish downloading these 40k manuals because I'm too cheap to pay and too impatient to wait the 5 hours.