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Image Request - Fat Man on Bench

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I'm looking for an image of a fat guy on a bench, there's a specific image that was posted of a fat guy on a bench with all disheveled clothing I saw posted somewhere a while ago, and I thought it was funny but I didn't save it and haven't seen it since.

The fat guy was posed similar to the attached picture but I recall it was in France with the eiffel tower in the background (or another tower structure) but the guy had a similar "given up" expression and unkempt clothing.

Thanks for anyone who even posts in the thread
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From where can I download full-colour Dragon Ball + Z mangas in Japanese?
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Is there an official /a/ guide to must watch anime?

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Documentary request

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I'm writing an academic essay for an Evolutionary Psychology course and i'd really love to source a documentary I've seen about a year ago, though I can't find any trace of it.

It was a social experiment that basically goes like this:
>Boyfriend and girlfriend order massages
>Guy gets an indifferent female, girl gets an attractive guy as masseuses
>Male masseuse starts hitting on the female.
>Her boyfriend starts reacting. Face tensing, chest puffing out, and all of these are then compared to chimps and how they do the same things when experiencing aggression.
>After more sexual comments, boyfriend sits up and starts staring at the male masseuse, which again is compared to chimp behaviour
>This goes on for about 5-10 minutes.

This was an excerpt form a longer documentary about chimps, but since this is the relevant part it's the only thing i remember.

I believe it might have been National Geograpchic or Discovery, though I could be wrong.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.
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PS Store Gift Card codes?

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My son got a £10 Playstation gift card for his birthday, we tried inputting the code many times to no avail. I searched up how to resolve this issue on the PS website but it was no help. I would just pay with my credit card but an ATM swallowed it the other day and I'm still waiting for a replacement. Could anyone help me out if they've got a spare code laying around anywhere? He's been nagging my head about how much he wants to play Minecraft.
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webm request of Demo's video

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Could someone please make a webm from this video from 6:44 to 7:21? With audio please.
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