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Can someone shoop a happy merchant instead of the poland ball behind the tiger? Thanks.
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Suggest me GOOD jrpgs, preferably tactical, or point b' click adventures, for Nintendo 3ds. I know that I can google them, but I don't want to go through reviews and critics. That's why I give emphasis to "GOOD".
And to give more details... something NOT that much "action".
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ad i saw one time

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I need help.

I need to find this ad that i saw with the stock hip hop creepy dark music and it had some guy in his apartment talking about something. The rooms were dark in color but the art pieces he had were bright compared to the background.

I need to find the music used in the video and or the company so i can find the ad. PLeAse HeLp
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Can anyone help me getting the logo of this shirt?

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I cant find the logo of this shirt , i am gonna print it on a shirt , but can find the logo , help please!
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Hello ! we had taken a picture but was blurry behind. I hope everyone will help me clarify picture. thanks in advance
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15->21 shop

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Can someone please change the 15 into a 21 by shopping the 2 and moveing the 1 over? You will have my eternal gratitude and maybe something extra.