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I need to get access to my GFs private blog on Blogger

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I think my GFs cheating on me I need to break into her blog to find out.

How can I do this?

pls help
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Only if you have nothing else to do!

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I want you to draw something. He has the body of a muscular man covered in brown fur, he's wearing a diaper, holding an assault weapon, and has the head of a bloodhound wearing a McDonalds hat--like someone you'd see at front counter, with the headset. His face looks very rigid, as if he's annoyed or upset, bags under eyes. Looks like pic related. Draw him in the scene of a school. I'd do it myself but I suck at drawing!
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Add something

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On the left side where it's blank, add something. Make me laugh
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Anyone have a links to scans of the Yen Press translation of Prison School? The fan translation on all the usual manga sites reads like they used Google Translate.
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Does anybody have a copy of the PC version of this game? I'm trying to torrent it but it has no seeders.
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Re-edit a bit more?

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What I'm asking for is a bit much, so it would take some dedication and time for someone to help me out here.
Here's a sketch of me (Purposely held a bit in Gorillaz style) I'd like to ask if anybody could put some colour into this (hair and beard is ginger, the hat is dark green, eye colour green and skin colour rather pale) and although there's a shirt drawn, it's supposed to be a black hoodie.
Also, my main request is to make the background this transparent/png thingy, so I can paste this onto other backgrounds, do you know what I mean?
Again, I know what I'm asking for is a lot but you would absolutely make my day!
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I'm trying to find the original drawing in this wallpaper. Thank you <3