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Alright /wsr/, this one might be tough.

I'm looking for a song that plays at the end of GiTS: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, Episode 5. I've found a video where someone attempted an extraction and while it is still tainted with the background noise, you can get an understanding of the song.

The best I have been able to do is track down that user. I've emailed them to see if they still possess it but I suspect the account is dead. I've also checked their other videos and found a dropbox link which is unfortunately defunct.

If anyone has the file or can help me search for someone who does, I'd appreciate it. My understanding is that it is not on the official OST.
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Romance anime with no bullshit

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Can anyone recommend me some romance anime like Ore Monogatari?

This is what I liked about it:
-one female lead instead of a pointless harem
-main couple gets together within the first few episodes instead of right at the end so there's plenty of time for fluffy cute couple antics
-minimal drama, what drama there is is resolved quickly by simple communication between characters instead of being dragged out for 12 episodes
-main couple holds hands and kisses and shows other signs of affection instead of being stammering idiots afraid of human contact
-satisfying ending where the relationship feels like it has progressed
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ITT: Help a fellow anon

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So i have this iPhone 4 for 5 years and today i decided to buy myself a Samsung Galaxy S3.
I want to know if my choice is good or not.
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I can't find anywhere I can download this, I've looked since release but I can't find the soundtrack anywhere. (all versions of the soundtrack, not just Danny Baranowsky version)
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Need Youtube Channels to watch

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Need channels that upload regularly

Let's plays, podcasts, skits, doesn't matter as long as I have something entertaining/funny to watch
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Help with the name of a japanese movie

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I need to know the name of the japanese cartoon I watched a long ago. It's a full length movie and it's completely realistic, no fantasy elements. It's an older movie, atleast judging by the art style. The eyes aren't ridiculously big like in anime nowadays.

In the beginning there's this kid whose all classmates go to village on summer and she can't so she's sad (not completely sure I'm telling this right though, my memory is bad). Then the other part of the movie she's an adult and goes on village and enjoys it there.

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