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Can someone smooth the edges out on this and make it look less terrible, I suck at photoshop

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I can't get any sound from my Easycap with Debut Video Capture Software, i like this program because i can get a good video quality with it but i can't get it to record the audio from the capture device
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Music Piracy

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How can I download this shitty album? It's old enough to be shared on the internet. I don't even mind 256 kbps, leave hifi behind. Anything listenable.
Kindly help and think you can share it from your local library?


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can someone post that harvey weinstein pepe. Its a disheveled drunk tuxedo pepe with a cigar hanging out of his mouth reaching for the camera.

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Could someone delete the comic behind Bulma?

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Ahoj /wsr/,
I’m looking for any applications like Google Docs where I can save work like essays and drafts for novels. Any suggestions?

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Why is the ending of this movie so bad? I don't remember what the first movie looks like, but my question is, is the ending just a revolt by people because of the Hunger Games? It is? Isn't there anything else that I missed or paid attention to?

CPU mining

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How would I get a CPU miner to run on a PC without somebody's knowledge
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I have a playlist with some very quiet and very loud songs. I know I can fix this with audacity (normalize or amplify, right?) but what should I look for to define the amount of decibels to set?