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found iphone

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I just found an iphone xs and I'am wondering if it's possible to reboot him without knowing the password so I can use it

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I need recommendations of love songs, the best ones you've ever heard.
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hello can anyone please tell me where can i get this mask from i really need it

How to view full text of seemingly dead webpage?

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Someone with a scribd subscription please pull this

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Can someone with a scribd subscription please pull this book and post it here?

The only alternative I see is a $48 Kindle book and ffffuck that.

Mathematical Logic

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Hello, I am having trouble understanding this problem. For part (a), would all the axioms be true because "0" is the only thing we can plug into the axioms?
And what is the intuitive meaning of the axioms?
And how would I check the axioms for part (b), do I go through every single case?

music download

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hi there, is it possible to get music from

i tried on youtube it isnt there.. it was released on 16.8.2019 on a big festival..

the song is : alya - ili s tobom ili sama