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Black comedy anime suggestions

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A few months ago my brother introduced me to anime for the first time. I liked it a bit, but I couldn’t really relate to the plot, morals, and soft humour of the anime he showed me. Black comedy is something I could relate to mate as I read novels of the same nature. Therefore, I would like to ask if anyone can recommend any good black comedy animes so I can actually enjoy the anime genre? Thanks.

4chan Board Music

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Hi, I'm looking for if anyone has the old archives of the 4Chan Board Music albums.

Specifically the /X/ ones since those were my shit. I had fun suggesting tracks for those back when they were still being made. There was a good several of them. Stuff like NWW, c93 and Stalaggh on them.

Would be cool to have the other boards too. Most I've found is the large image lists of each different album and nominated songs, but I can't seem to find the actual downloadable archives any more.

Thanks a bunch, hope you guys are having a great night.

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PLEASE SOMEONE HAVE A WALLPAPER OF THIS preferably without the text or the text in the corner or something this is a beautiful pic and i love this aesthetic i will browse /wsr/ forever how does nintendo not have an official wallpaper of this on their site.

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What's a good torrent software?
I'm using bittorrent currently but it seems suspect, when I run the program my computer starts to work harder.
I tried deluge but it's not good.
I want one that is not spyware, bitcoin miner etc.

thanks guys

Looking for gif/video/link

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Of a baseball player being trolled during a fly ball by his teammate. The player is waving his arms saying "i got it i got it" and the teammate pretends to ignore his call until the last second when the teammate lets the player catch it in peace. After the ball is caught the player glares at his teammate the glare being the reason the moment became a meme. Thank you anons. Pic unrelated.

What is the name of the song in the WebM?

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I just converted it and want to include the song title, but the original video only mentions the anime.

Looking to get this translated.

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I'm looking to get 17 pictures like this, which i understand are in Chinese, translated into English. I'm not looking to get English words inserted into these tiny pages even, i'm just looking for a transcript of the text in said pages.