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Movie/Show Identification

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There is a scene from either a movie or a TV show and its killing me cuz no matter how much googling i do i can't find it.

It is a "men in black" esque scene where these 2 guys are sitting in this "men in black ish" truck that has a gun on it and are shooting aliens. the gun isCOIN OPERATED which is the most notable aspect of it. I have no idea what this was from but i vividly remember seeing it. and like they're out of quarters and have a big problem or something.

Looking for Manga

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I'm looking for a specific one, but any you think sound up my alley based on the specifics I'm giving are welcome.
There is a manga I remember from I believe a few years back, and it has the following traits I remember distinctly
>Elementary-Middle School
>Focus is on a boy with (I believe) black hair and his classmate with (I believe) red hair
>Classmate has 'Eighth Grader Syndrome' AKA he's a Chuuni
>Chuuni may have had an eyepatch
And here's some criteria for manga I like in general
>predominately male focused
>similar in style to Baka to Test, Danganronpa or Ass Class (school environment with ticks)

meme file hosting

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i'm looking for an autistic file hosting. i'm talking about and gentoo ricer levels of autism. i want it to be free and oriented to small files (a pastebin on steroids) with short file hosting time. iirc there was a service called loli something but they shut it down, right?

Looking for a High rez Pic of this

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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but I am looking for this same pic but at a higher res that's at 1080x1920 or anything that is higher than 720


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Does anyone have a direct download for the three seasons of Deadwood plus the movie? I know the torrents are around, but I can't torrent an HBO show without the wrath of God decsending down on me. Surely someone has a Mega or something?

Looking for website where this image was first posted.

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Please find a site where this image was posted originally. Thanks.