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Her Name?

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Does someone know her name? Is she an actor? looks familiar...
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What the fuck am I doing wrong? Am I retarded? Is Jewgle forms retarded?

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I've posted a form that is supposed to not accept wrong answers and send you to a "failed" page ig you answer wrong but here I am, and most A's are wrong. How the fuck are they even submitting?
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Identify city

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Is it possible to id what city is this based on the buildings in the background?

help appreciated

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working on an AHK script that deciphers code language. you type the code in a box and it'll give you the translation. Or you make a text file and it manually translates the file. Already made one script that lets you type in the code language. Now i just need one now to translate the code. Help appreciated.

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I'm on the vacation right now and I really like the glasses this one guy is selling, but I'm kind of on a tight budget. Plugging the company's name into Google returns nothing but horse racing and horse accessories. Anybody know how to find these?

Converting .WV files

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just downloaded an album that was encoded as a .wv file, along with a .cue file. i can play it in MPC, but is there anything that can convert it either to a series of .WAV or .MP3 files? or even to one .WAV file that i can then chop up into individual tracks with audacity?