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Looking for a certain webm that I used to see on /wsg/.
It made fun of all those diversity videos you'd see on facebook etc.
I remember there being an asian guy, white guy, black guy, indian (?) guy.
Basically they had you assume some deep shit regarding stereotypes when all they did was dumb shit.
In one scene all of them had shirts with a stereotype on them and they'd get more and more meaningless with every shirt.
They'd throw kisses a lot and do some random gymnastics throwing their arms around. Man I wish there was an easier way to explain.
Hope someone has it cause it's hilarious.
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Stuck at startup

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Hi everyone,
My computer has been stuck at this screen for a while. I already pulled out the battery, tried cleaning my ram and switching cmos. None of above did anything. I can't press any buttons either.
Can someone help?
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Best e-book reader for PC?
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Do my homework :<
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what's this song it was in like every youtube video ever in 2008 and now I can't remember it.

sorry for the short clip I honestly can only remember two bars.
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Can somebody help me with translating this manga?

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Can somebody help me with translating this manga?

So I wanted to read the "Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?" manga, but I found out that this manga was never fully scanlated. Hot Chocolate Scans is the one who scanlates this manga, but they only did the first two chapters as you can see on their site. After these two they put the project on hold.

The thing is, I wanted to translate the manga myself. It only has 18 chapters, about 30 pages each. But it’s way harder that I thought it would be, so I need help with this.

Is there someone who is willing to translate this manga for me. I can provide the raw scans.
If not, does somebody know who can do this for me?

Any help is appreciated.
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I get Can't Delete Post Too Old whenever I try to delete my own threads now.
In 2009 and 10 this wasn't an issue, and I see some people reference deleting threads still.

Requesting an explanation since I doubt this constitutes /adv/.
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Hello, There is a video on YouTube of some guys in their yard acting like space pilots, one guy very serious and the other mocking him what i remember. Its not a long video, but very funny. I would love to see it again but forgot the name and cant find it in my favs on yt, i was linked to it here aswell and hope someone knows it.
Its a bit like pic related but outside