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Forgoten the name of the manga

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There is this one manga told a mermaid that is a cannibal one.She ate her dead fish friend on a restaurant and it's not that scary it's really comediesh manga...
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Guys I'm on my phone right now so this is an easy one. Can any of you remove the text? It's just 5 seconds on paint. Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for MP3s of the soundtrack to 90s OVA Bio Hunter, can someone help me?

I've seared but have so far turned up nothing.
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The name of this anime show i saw on tv once

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So basically once when i was a kid i saw an episode or two of some anime on tv and i wonder if you guys could help me find out what show it was
What i remember was this one guy who seemed like a one-off character who had some sort of parasite in his body using him as a host, there was also a Flashback scene showing the parasite taking him as child, and also of it Killing a cat i think
I also remember this one Female character who wanted this other Characters arm, like she literally took of her own arm and put his there
The name and episode Numbers would be much appreciated, Thanks
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torrent client for android

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What is a good torrent client for android? I used to use Flud but it crashes on me every 2 minutes I leave it in the background or lock my phone.
I've tried tTorrent but it has the same outcome so I've resorted myself to use uTorrent but it lacks so many functions it's driving me crazy.
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How Do I Win My Second Ebay Bid?

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I lost my first ebay bid last night for a limited edition version of a game from a few years back. They bid sniped me and auto bidded the amount just above my max amount. I have another bid ending Tuesday for a similar item and I really want to win it this time. Any tips to ensure I avoid getting bid sniped at the last minute again? I'm currently the leading bidder and I figure it won't last long.
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mobile browser for desktop

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Does anyone know a web browser (besides Chrome) That can open web sites in mobile mode, preferably without an extra script or addon

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Is this from Crayon Shin-chan? If so, which episode/movie is this from?
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Does anyone have the retard pepe (Apu apustaja) pic where he's dressed like a judge?

feel free to post your own pepe requests in here too
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Looking for "a guide to fucking an alien/mythical creature", something along the lines of that.

It was a picture with steps.
The first said to make sure it was sentient.
One said "make sure the creature is of legal age for its species" and some snake-thingy lisping "well of course!"
Another was asking for consent.

Anyone have that?