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Does anyone have that picture of insane music for insane people? It was an infographic with weird and obscure music that was posted the other day but I didn't save it. pic unrelated

Pimp Groyper?

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Can someone add pimp clothes over this groyper? My skills in paint are absolute shite

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Looking for good anime to watch,anime that wont get boring after a few episodes/your favorite anime

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looking for a torrent of a 32 bit windows 8 iso , i would prefer some version which has some recent updates (like from the start of this year or some shit). I looked everywhere but only found some torrents which have very little seeders
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I'm downloading videos with youtube-dl and using a cookie file so I can get files that require a cable subscription. After it downloads one it always fails the next one because the access token expires. Is there any way to fix this so I dont have to keep getting a new cookie file between each file?
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Tell me what to draw.

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I'll do my best.
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Where can I find hat images like pic related?
Making requests for an edit in christmas threads is too much of a gamble.