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what anime are the vhs tapes circled in red?
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Pro-white motivation

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I'd love some more pro-white motivation. Post images with feels for tradition, responsibility, family, and beauty pls.
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Anybody can tell me source and artist of this??

Meme explanation

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>in minecraft

Anyone knows what this ebin new meme means?

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Anyone know that website where you upload a picture and it guesses the race of the person?

Software for organizing my thoughts

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I'm on manjaro, which is a linux-based OS. The software can be web based or downloadable or whatever. I have this world in my head that I want to get down onto paper, and I'm having difficulty organizing my thoughts about it, which is what I need the software for. It doesn't have to be complicated!

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Anyone knows what's the original source of this image? Original is somewhere in /lgbt/, but this was reencoded so image hash doesn't work