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text image

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those anyone have that image that says something along the line of "you are in a comma and we are trying to reach you.... " i would really appreciate it.
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Whats the best App to do Chrome Screenshots?
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Photoshop this pic however you want (keep the size the same though) The cooler the better!
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little spirou

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anyone know where i can find the "little spirou" comics (aka le petit spirou)?
i don't care which language they are in, just want the comics.
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looking for an alternative to set as the default, not that resource consuming. for what i find irfanview is among the best but i prefer and opinion from experience before messing around with the presets
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Any of you fine gentleman know where can I obtain SHIN GODZILLA Blu-ray rip
thanks in advance
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Am I insane?

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I can usually eat or drink milk but every once in a while I will buy a gallon of milk that I am unable to drink. I am not lactose intolerant and I seem to be the only one that detects the foul taste as my girlfriend cannot nor a few of my friends. Does anyone else experience this or am I just insane. Also if there is a better board to put this on please direct me.
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Can anyone help me find a specific video of Simon Cowell cracking up laughing on those old audition shows?
If I remember correctly it was American Idol. A strange looking guy auditioned with a classical song and Simon couldn't contain himself as much as he tried to. I'm pretty sure he was singing about daily routines like crushing hair etc. I remember seeing it years ago and whenever i try and find it I just get compilation videos of all the same auditions.
Pic may be related?
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Trying to load Kali on a school comp.

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Highschoolfag, sophomore
I have a USB that has Kali on it and I was wondering if any of you people have dabbled in tampering with public computer. If you have any tips to not get caught that would be very nice.