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Anyone know what show this is from?

Finding Music Video

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Here's my description of it
>Asian(chinese maybe?) police interrogating a man
>during the video they dance around him to a electro-dance beat
>each dance move hits him like a punch and he gets progressively bloodier through the video
>a military man walks in and lights a cigarette
>proceeds to dance his pants off and the dude starts spitting up blood

Can anyone help me find this song/music video?

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Looking to buy a pc (not necessarily a ready one, I can try to build a pc from scratch by putting together the required components) that can handle some medium or big sized games, you know, triple A stuff and everything else. I'd like it to be a bit towards the gaming spectrum, but not too much. Really small budget, about 400ish dollars. Any site recommendations? Maybe something reliable on Ebay or Amazon? Please help me.

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What's the name of the song?
sounds like the artist zaq but still no luck finding it

Can someone make this transparent while keeping the wrikles?

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I don't even know if it's possible, but I'm trying to overlay this wrinkle effect on a document with grey images. I want the wrinkles to be over everything, to make it look like a vintage poster, but the beige bleaches all the images out, and if I raise the transparency too high, the wrinkles become almost impossible to see.

Looking for two themes.

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Hi I was wondering what theme plays in the Vinny Ramòn and Lin Rhodes fight
along with the Arnold Sphitz fight both are from the same game Lisa the Pointless.

If anyone could help me out that would be very helpful! Thank you in advance!

Screen tearing/flickering

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Hopefully someone knows what's happening to my computer. My screen started flickering/glitching like pic related yesterday. It's usually much worse but this pic was the only instance where screencapping worked while it was happening. Typically the black pixels zig zag across the screen or the whole screen itself locks up and some times the computer just restarts.

I've tried updating my GPU drivers as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and that only bought me a few hours before it started again. The flickering seems to be triggered any time I open a video or game. Is my GPU dying or is there another fix to this?

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Organic chem help - Am I doing this correctly? TIA!

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Is this airflow good?