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Please advise moziila plugin that allows me to hide threads and posts by keywords. Thanks!
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I wanna go down an internet rabbit hole, can someone give me a less common rabbit hole to shit through
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Best Youtube videos downloader that isn't youtube-dl¡
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I have a crippling fetish for short peitite bratty women.

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So what manga should I read to hit this thurst?

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Fairly new to anime. Looking for more gory shit like pic related. thanks frens
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Are there any good anime out there with a gay male main character that aren't fujo yaoi? I count Yuri on Ice as fujobait btw.
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What was that Japanese video game about a bunch of teenage revenants in some really trendy area of Japan doing rpg-ified teenager things to fight the evil whatever. I recall that armor was just more fashionable clothes, and you needed to level confidence to wear it. Also stickers or something.