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How would Wii games look on my 1080p/60hz monitor? Also, how would that even work? What connector do I buy?

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Anyone have the sets of this cutie saved? used to go by hechxi / chewicxs
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how do you workout the trill from
0:51 -0:53 of this song?
how exactly do you practice it and get the right notes?
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Coping with constant tos violations

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Hello wsr!
I've been using discord a lot and I've really liked the website. I liked it so much I tried to make my own server, it was like a game and I was trying to get a high score

But the game ended early today. I got my account deleted for spam. In my defense, I simply sent people a link to my server with the occasional conversation

This is not my first time being deleted. I've been deleted numerous times losing numerous servers

Its gotten to a point discord just asks me for my phone number and will brick there application with a "somethings going on here, we need you to verify your account"

How do I use this app?
How do I not get my account deleted?
How do I make infinite alts when its 2 factor authentication?

Any help?
Any thoughts, opinions or advice would be appreciated

Twitter archive?

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The account has been suspended, has failed me, and the page has already been purged from google's cache. I did an hour or so of research, and all the good twitter archive search engines have been shut down for one reason or another, usually getting bought out.
For spam filters, replace 11 in site name tt for the first, ca with co for the second.

I need to see the video because I have a cute transgirl to tie up and do mildly kinky shit with in about a week or so. The video happens to be a sfw shibari tutorial.
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Look for sauce of these videos

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Can someone please make the hoodie black/darker?
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Any great Japanese translator here want to give me a good translation for this line please?
I was given
>That insensitivity could settle our dispute!!
but it doesn't seem right.

Page provided for context. Original raw linked below:
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