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What do you watch when eating?

>specific youtube channels
>tv shows
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Whats the name of the song in the beginning of this youtube video?

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Its a track from Dragon ball z but I dont know if its from the anime or the games.
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Can someone remove all the color and just leave it black and white (kind of like for a stencil)?

I'm trying to get this lasered on a pint glass for a buddy of mine.

Will bump with stuff from /wg/
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For Honor Photoshop Request

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Could anyone photoshop blue jeans to the conqueror from the game 'For Honor'? Thanks.
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I am having an issue with my .xprofile file. there are two lines in it, and until i removed infinality they both worked, but now only the first line works.

1. 'setxkbmap caps:super'
2. 'xrdb ~/.Xresources'

the first one still works like I said, but now i am having to manually type in the second line after booting up and entering xfce. I use lightDM and xfce4 on arch linux. Anyone who can help me gets a cookie.
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Zelda Poll

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I've started a poll to prove to my friend that Spirit Tracks is the best Zelda game. please answer honestly
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Okay, i need help looking for this one anime movie, in the beginning of the movie the princess was shoved into a secret place in the wall by her mother. Who she saw killed a few seconds later by some beast. Later on in the movie they use these mech suits to fight the beast. The princess nearly gets killed and some guy helps her out and then decides to stick with them, And he helps her look for the heavenly suit to destroy all evil and that its in the mountain's surrounded by the beast. At the end she finds out that her uncle was the one to summon them and she has to sit in the chair for the heavenly mech suit and red spikes go through her body to use her blood i believe as energy to run the mech.

>pic not related
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/wsr/ I need your help
I want to ask this girl out but i'm very beta so do you have any advice
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Where do you download youtube videos ?

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There's a lot online but most of them have virus I want one without pop-ads.
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