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Any anime/manga (preferably anime) that tackle the same topic as Welcome to the NHK or Watamote?
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Steam Request

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Can somebody gift Rust to this poorfag because he just payed bills
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Does anyone know a place I can download or at least watch episodes of next/room raiders?
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Hello frends, would any of you happen to have a link to either the manga or anime of Ribbon no Kishi - Princess Knight in either English or Spic? I have been unable to find anything on my own, and the links to either raw or other languages I found were torrents that did not had seeds.
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Free, unbloated screen recorder

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Dear sirs and madams. I am looking for a free unbloated screen recorder. I am going to use it for max 1 minute clips.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Hello /wsr/, does anyone have that 4chan banner making fun that brazil lost 7 - 1 to Germany in a soccer match? it's a gif

I've been cycling through the banners on top of the page for a few minutes now but can't find it

Thanks a lot in advance!
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I'm looking for the most funny/interesting/wtf/etc greentext or screencaps you have. Feel free to post a folder of them if you have one. Thanks guys!
P.S. Can be from any board
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Anyone have the full soundtrack for RUINER?
There is an official soundtrack that is 1 hour long and is missing an hour of music, There's a video on youtube that has a full soundtrack but i can't find a proper download unless i want to rip it and split the tracks manually which i want to avoid doing.

That's the full soundtrack that i'm searching for: