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Nationalist Spain meme

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can you help me find the op or a version with a better resolution?

I tried but I couldn't find anything :(

Looking for a fan art of Fionna

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I remember seeing a fan art of Fionna from Advenure Time, in which she was holding a sword like in pic related, but set in a similar mood to a mecha show.

I googled everywhere, but can't find it now.
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Spamming a discord server

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Boys i need help spamming a discord server,

Here is an invite

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Twitch5 no longer blocks ads in streams anymore. Anyone know any other working adblockers? Adblock, Adblock+, uBlock, NoScript, all don't work
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help with gondola

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can someone find me 2 gondola webm
the first one had this image and some what a creepy song.

the second was gondola and his family in a car accident and the car goes to flame mid the webm
also if you find them and can give the sauce of the songs then do it pls (0w0)

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can you edit this? i only want her without touji, those letters and pink silhouettes. thanks in advance

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Does anybody know what this coin may be? I found it on my way home today, used a photoscanner to take the picture.
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what are some good comfy relaxing video games you recommend
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