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Is downloading a copy of your facebook data before permanent deletion secure? Will this make it easier for someone to obtain access to it in the future, like if downloading puts the info on some server or something that is easier for someone to access or makes it more likely to stumble upon? I guess because it sends your data as a file to your email (and my email for this account is a yahoo one) that makes me particularly nervous. Especially because even if I deleted my yahoo for good, are all those emails really gone? I'm a complete pleb when it comes to this stuff, so any help would be great.
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I need the sauce on this please.
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where is this from?
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Is there a battle-oriented anime where the fights have the pacing, speed, and level of style and viciousness of a character action game? Something where the characters don't spend any time monologuing, screaming at each other, or having 10-minute flashbacks, and instead actually fight each other, resolving any plot points basically inbetween the blows?
Here's a good example of what I'd like the fights to be like.

Make sure your suggestions are not episodic (i.e. have an overarching plot) and are a complete, self-contained experience. All of the episodes have already aired, there's no sequel in the works that I have to wait for, and the series ends in a conclusive way, requiring no manga to be read from me to get the full story.
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I forgot the name of a manga that was recommended to me and I was hoping you could help me find it.

It's set in the future, and rich people have started getting cyborged up bodies to live forever, and they like to hunt people.

I think the protagonist's mom got hunted down and her head mounted in some rich people's house.

Anyone know the manga I'm talking about?
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80's - 90's Anime

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Recommend me some damn good 80's or 90's anime, particularly underrated or unknown ones.
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