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What am I looking for?

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I have a laptop that has a right angled charging pin

If it's on a flat surface, it's fine, but say I lift my laptop, the cable will point downwards. The pin is really small, so it ends up strained and gets bent and stops working after a while.

Is there a sort of laptop clip that I can use to attach the cable to my laptop, and straighten the the cable at the initial point, so the pin is never facing down?
The 2nd pic is sort of an example of what I mean. Even sellotape would work, if I just taped the cable to my laptop, but I want a proper solution

Even if you don't know, do you guys at least know what I mean from this?
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Can anyone identify where this is?
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I need help searching for a SpongeBob YTP from no later than 2014. A few months have passed, but I still can't find it. It's an edit of the Krabby Patty Training Video. It holds significance to me as it is one of the first YTPs I ever watched. Here's hoping it wasn't purged by Viacom, or at the very least, has a reupload somewhere. I have recreated a section of audio from it here:
I distinctly remember a picture of a saluting kid in a sailor outfit popping up right as "piece of shit" is said.

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mods I know you are here
show yourself, post with your purple capcode
i demand it
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Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I'm a little suspicious of the soya lecithin granules... I'm pretty sure that's ONIONS lol.
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