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So I got a USB flash drive about a month back. It was a bargain, at only 27 bucks. Not because it was cheap but because it was on sale.

The thing worked like a charm at first, My mom needed to move her files to her new computer since the charging port broke off and we needed to move her files before the old piece of shit ran out of batteries.

I tried to be careful with it. Safely ejecting and all that jazz. I used it to store large files like movies and TV shows.

But then somehow the thing got a little bit fucked and would automatically unplug by itself whenever I moved it around a little. This wasn't a problem at first as I was mostly hooking it up to my huge ass flatscreen to watch my shows. But I still used it on my computer more often then not and that lead to the thing ejecting by itself. Which was frustrating at first but nothing was really wrong.

But suddenly, everything happened at once. One day I plugged it in and when I tried to access certain folders it would just automatically eject itself. When I was watching videos it would always freeze up at a specific time. I thought it was a problem with the files themselves at first but I realized all too late it was a problem with the drive. And by the time I realized this I couldn't do anything about it. I just had to desperately try and recover anything I could before it died. But the connection issue was so bad at this point I would hear the "Device Inserted" sound effect and the "Device Removed" sound effect constantly and explorer windows were constantly opening and shutting.

I got nearly nothing out but a couple of empty folders before it said "You have to format this drive before you can use it".

So I'm pretty sure it's pretty much entirely corrupted but I've heard you can recover files from these things after they become corrupted. Probably a scam but even if it wasn't I wouldn't be able to do anything because of how bad the connection is.