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Is there a pastebin or blog or something where I can learn the ABCs of anime fansubbing? Like, the process of it, names and a little info on sub groups, encoders, uploaders of raws, muxing and anything else relevant to the scene? Or could you give me a rundown on some of the more prominent groups? For example, what is the deal with horriblesubs? How come they are the only sub group around nowadays that isn't hyperspecific to a single anime? And why are they called horriblesubs? Is it in jest or are they actually bad? Because it seems like they do a lot of 480p tv encodes and rush them out pretty quickly while others like FFF wait for BDs and take their time with styling subs and making good translations. When I've watched HS translayions, they always seem really dry and stiff, and from what I know of Japanese, they go for dictionary accuracy over any kind of naturality. But I'm not knowledgable enough to be fluent, those are just my observations.

tl;dr please tell me about fansubbing