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Hey people, I have an art request. Short introduction:
>Me and my friend go partying.
> Drunk. Hangover. No things to drink besides tea but its hot so no way.
>Lots of people.
>One of our guys has the Cooking pot filled with teabags and boiled on the stove while others party (he is completely drunk).
> He then spills the tea into plastic bottles and lets em cool a bit.
> Puts em in the fridge and everybody forgets about this.
>NExt morning everybody yells that there is nothing to drink.
>Discover tea and remember our guy boiling it in the pot.
>And we called this party the Kastryulya (pot in russian) Gang.

And so now we have a group and almost a real "gang" here and we need a logo. like a pot, covered in tattoos like TEA4LIFE, TEAREX, T.E.A and stuff, with bling and teabags in it, boiling. Like a Russian crime boss but a Pot.
Pic almost related.
Thank you in advance! I will love you forever.