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Looking for an image I saw on Pixiv a while back

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It had Asuna アスナ (Flannery) and Bakuuda バクーダ (Camerupt) with their heads swapped, Camerupt being smug about the situation with Flannery overheating and panicked.
It was a sketch/lineart, not colored, and they were positioned in locations similar to pic related, with Camerupt head on the left and Flannery head on the right. The heads and bodies were much better proportioned than this shit edit btw.
Also there's a possibility I may be mistaken and she was swapped with Donmel (Numel) or Cotoise (Torkoal), but I'm almost positive it was Camerupt.
Also I forget the runes for the headswap tag, which is a big reason why I'm asking for help.