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For the love of god, does anyone knows this game?

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>bought one of those "1000 in one" CDs at a comic store
>played a game with 3 more friends for years and then lost the cd
>we completely forgot the name for it
> I've been searching the name of this game for more than 5 years now, without succes.

The game is a top-down game up to 4 players in the same keyboard (local obviously).
Its a top-down "shooter" kind of game.
Pretty much you control a boy that has like 5 seconds at the beggining of every level to build either a small wooden wall, a trap that will kill one foot enemy, or a catapult that will launch boulders.
At every level, more boys will come from the top of the screen throwing things at you (if you pick the garden level they will throw baseballs, if you pick the volcano level they will throw rocks, the beach level they will trhow sand balls), and you have to throw the same thing at them to kill them. At each level you proceed more enemies come, enemies can be a dude in a car, some fbi agent looking dudes, punk dudes, a giant robot and such (we never got past that).
There are even power ups that also depend on the scenery, like in the beach level you get a whip, in the city level you get a machine gun.

PLEASE if someone has ever played this game, please contact me, you have no ideia how much it would mean for us to play this again.

I've made a shitty paint drawing of what it would look like.