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Starting an anime start-up

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I don't think I can make decent money only with my CS degree so I'm currently learning Japanese, English(my native language is Korean) and planning to learn Chinese if I have plenty time

I'm planning to translate fucktons of Chinese manhua/Korean webtoon (of course with a prior contract) and upload them online. I'll put ads on the website or just 'sell them' just like in Lezhin comics. Only difference is I will target zoomer or hipster audience and emphasize on 'indie' cartoons. Think of soundcloud, but anime girls instead of music.

My prediction is that people will eventually get 'bored' of watching anime and desperately look for alternatives. Then think of NEETs, Hipsters and indie enthusiasts browising 4chan and /r/eddit all the time. I bet by 2024~6 like 30% of /a/ threads will be about discussing non-Japanese anime/manga.

Further, I'll look for finding SEAsian/Russian cartoon genius secluded themselves behind their secret instagram/deviantart/twitter/whatever account

Do you guys think I can make it? I'm gonna make a call to my daddy and ask for seed money