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I've already posted it yesterday at night but it i haven't found a right answer to this.
Here is my quote:
>Hi /tv/ help me out. I can’t find a movie that i saw when i was a kid (i am fucking zoomer) and it drives me crazy. It’s a movie about a teenager kid (male ~16 years or idk) who has a terminal disease. And the whole plot is about his last days. All i know it was set in a small town area. Something around summer. Movie was made in like 90’s i think. It’s not a popular movie. And i remember the whole premise was like his awareness of death. I even remember him saying “i don’t fear death”. At the end of a movie he died and the whole movie was like in honor of some person that died. It’s all what i remember. Please help.
The thing is it's not The Fault in Our Stars and it's not Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. It's much older movie.
Pic unrelated.