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I'm garbage at coming up with names, and I need one for a fictional species

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I'll spare the details of what this is going to be used for, but I came up with the idea of a pseudo-species of people whose special property is that their body preemptively mutates in response to incoming attacks, permanently.

So if someone was going to chop one's arm off, their arm would fall off on its own, and be replaced with a mouth or an acid launcher, whatever kind of biological weapon would cause the most harm to the attacker, all before the attack can actually land, but the mutations are permanent. (I didn't realize until long after the fact that that's basically the power of Engineers from Tokyo Gore Police, but that's besides the point)

They also bear a memetic effect that makes all humans loathe them irrationally, regardless of the individual's nature.

As I said in the subject line, I'm terrible at naming things. I don't care if it's scientific, mythological, or complete gibberish, and suggestions I can get on what the Hell to name these things would be very appreciated.