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Psycho Killer

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I'd like to download my favorite recording of Talking Heads - Psycho Killer in the highest quality I can, but there's very little info on where this bootleg sourced its audio from:

Most comments I saw mentioned it being a radio broadcast in '79, and I managed to find a few other videos with similar quality but wanted to see if I could find the real source. The best source (maybe) that I could find was this spotify album that's not available in the US for some reason. I don't know the process for ripping spotify albums, but I'd really appreciate anyone who'd let me know how to do it or just uploaded the file they got.

Here's a link to the song and album:

Honestly this is probably not what I'm looking for based on the difference in track length, but I couldn't find any FLAC versions from the bit of poking around that I did. A FLAC would be the end all of my goal, so those would be appreciated as well.

[pic is a map of countries that it's available in according to this online tool I found]