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I need your help, anons

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I’d like to find a clip from an anime that I saw a few years ago. I’ve tried asking /a/, but I didn’t get any help. Also, while I don’t remember the name, the clip itself I can recall pretty vividly:

Based on how it was stylized, it looked to be from the mid to late 70s, and it featured two (I think?) girls being held hostage on a balcony by a dude with a grenade (I believe one of the girls also had dark blue hair, and was wearing a white sundress. Suddenly one guy bursts into the room, causing the other guy to pull the pin from the grenade he was holding. The guy that burst in then dives under the blue-haired girls’ dress and pull a gun from a holster strapped to her leg. He fires the gun 3 times and hits the grenade each time, knocking it from the other guys hand out and over the balcony, where it explodes.

Afterwards, he says something along the lines of “Success!...I think...?” As he looks up to the girl, obviously pissed that he just dove straight under her skirt, and in true anime fashion, she hits him over the head with a comically large mallet.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? I’d be super grateful if anyone knows the series I’m talking about.