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recommend manga similar to pic related.

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>should be shorter than 100 or 50 chapters
>should not have weak, shallow characters, despicable mc like mirai nikki
>no harem/isekai where every single girl flocks to the mc
>should be slice of life, heavily leaning on drama and hetero romance
>doomed/forbidden love story/plausible age gap/incest/(gender bender I guess?) with happy ending is preferred
>no fapservice/ecchi, no inappropriate comedy like kissxsis
>couple should actually end up together and not just hinting and teasing, handholding/kissing/sex is preferred if tasteful and culminating with appropriate development

other stuff I liked: solanin, punpun, 5cm/s, only yesterday, memories of emanon
what I dropped: kodomo no jikan, kissxsis, tonari no kaibutsu kun

pic related is what I suggest you use should as yardstick to measure up against