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Fuck Canada

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Do you like Christ-chan, /bant/?
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post your favorite song from ur country
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>tfw no bf
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If you do not reply in this thread, you'll be reincarnated as a deformed nigger.
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When your mom checks to see if you've been whacking off

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How do I avoid whacker burns? She catches me every time during penis inspection when she gets home from work.
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>Eurofags will never experience flat, open space with no people around

lol must suck
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Worldwide degreeless jobs

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So what are some jobs/trades that can be learn by your own or with very little stuff that enable you to work without a degree/certification and everywhere in the world?

Let's start a list. I'll list a few. If your country requires a degree for them you are fucked, pls tell so we can keep updating the list

>jewelry stuff/clock repairing
>website design
>tarot reading
>massage/alternative medicine stuff