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kpop general

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shoulder edition
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It's karen!
look at her go!
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oi m8, this is me mum. best be saying sumthin noice about her or ill cook ya up like me favorite english muffin
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why do I get a boner when I'm petting my cat
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Who's gonna win waffles or Tunisia? I'm betting waffles will but I hope my Tunni brothers play well
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What on earth could be hotter than a man transforming into a cute girl? Trannies are the most based fetish.
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anyone want to be my internet bf

my only standard is you're not fucking fat and you won't post me on here
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1100 AD

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Roll: Born in the Middle Ages, you are a:
0. Serf
1. Freeman
2. Monk
3. Viking
4. Merchant
5. Man-At-Arms
6. Knight
7. Mayor
8. Baron
9. Count
Dubs: Duke
Trips: King
Quads & More: Emperor
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What's with the influx of reddit spacing? Is it just because it's summer, or is something else going on?
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