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>be me, Autistic kid
>primary school
>see 8/10 Blonde
>becomes my primary school crush
>be 6th grade
>give her rose on valentines day
>steal kiss on cheek before running away
>she gets made fun of for me liking her (shame)
>end of primary school
>be 12
>realise i cant keep in touch with girl, so it unfortunately can't work out
>move away to go to highschool


>be 18
>be going to shitty uni for qualifications
>mum texts me
>she saw primary school crush in public
>"i gave her your phone number"
>my primary school crush had my phone number
>she gets into contact
>im going to see her next week for basically a date

on a sidenote
>be browsing /pol/ around the time this happens
>see pic related,
>its a near spitting image of her from when i remember her (omitting the pepe of course)
>almost too much of a coincidence to be real

TLDR, my mum of all people, hooked me up with my primary school crush
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Well, /bant/. Would you?
Be honest.

Have ever seen mongolian in 4chan before?

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RPG now and then

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Boomer here. So in the early 90s most tabletop RPG players were divided between D&D/Gurps players and Vampire/Werewolf/WoD players.

The first were traditional nerds, high IQ, mainly with interest in STEM fields and high academic performance. Incels but willing to get laid at all costs.

The second group were mostly "goth" types, into alternative metal, literature, symbolism, and an interest in the occult. Many women here, lots of good fucks.

In general both groups were interesting to hang around. Good conversation, different personalities. Many learned languages by themselves and shared culturally relevant news from Europe and America.

Now, most "nerds" or "geeks" or whatever they are called, are dumb faggots, cucks, feminists, communists and brainwashed fucks.

What happened?
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where do i learn how to grow psychedelic mushrooms
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a story, a story for the ages

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>on the computer

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What is bant up to
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finally able to shit after 2 days of just ripping ass
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>tfw no bf
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Kpop general #1664

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daydreaming edition
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