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Roll dubs and I will do it

kpop general #1542

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cute hairdo edition
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Valentines day shitty adventure

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>Be Me
>Have this big ass crush on a girl
>You remember that Valentines Day is coming up
>Prepare for it in time
>Get a wingman
>Dude makes a great plan so do you
>Valentines comes up
>Guarantee she'll say yes
>She says no
>She calls it a "Rekt"
>what the fuck
>She also says she has another Valentine
>Be embarassed and heart broken
>Later you found out your wingman got denied too.
>Fuck it
>Ask your wingman out for Valentines
>He says yes

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Math sections are the absolute worst prove me wrong

/goat/ #3

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Wanna know what happened?

My """cat""" turned out to be a big friend.
We went outside, to an "adventure".
A fun one, at least. Yeah...
I still met some monsters, and they were wondering what I was doing on a big cat.
"I was just having fun", I said.

But, that stuff aside. I don't know what to do at all. I don't know anything to do in life, and that's good.

That's what I can say about this one.

>pic related of what happened.
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Our shitty White House just posted this.

You know what to do:

>comment section already lit
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I want to have SEX with an anime girl
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i want a burg
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