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Pol Humour

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Let's go lads
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Frogs, Gigachads, Wojaks and any variation of the afore mentionned cancer don't belong here. No, misusing the quote function does not make you look cool neither. If you feel targeted; kill yourself out of /bant/. Simple as.
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OC thread

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Didn't see one in the catalog and the last few were great. Post OC you've made or /bant/-related OC you just thought was really neat.
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Is Minds(doot)com safe and good? Or is it a shithole like Gab? I need something new but don't wanna be censored


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Not sure why the western white people let their asses get stamped on. Ive seen black people scream and yell at white people and those white people don't do shit. Here in Bulgaria there is no political shit that stops white people from attacking back. C'mon westerners, get your fucking act together

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Be mean to each other
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does anybody else find bleeding therapeutic?

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I don't cut myself but whenever I find myself bleeding it just feels nice

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I wanna OJ but nobody wanna OJ
tell me how do I improve my standing and make myself some friends on here
do I have to become a schizo namefagging retard
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Let's play a game, /bant/

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How gay can you get?
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