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free (You)s here
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They won't come after 4chan and here is the reason why

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They won't come after 4chan and here is the reason why: http://p.4channel.org/
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Where to get weed in Japan?

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Tokyo specifically. I don't know many people here but am stuck due to covid.
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What counts as a good women?

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What am I looking out for /pol/?
I've got an okay girlfriend but I started dating her as a virgin, something that most other girls dont have
Its just everything is so shit these days, I dont know if I can risk leaving her
What counts as a good women?
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Janny sumbitch

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Expand the limit of making 3 threads into 5.

You can pick one and only one.

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Which one are you fucking?
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Could one Confederate soldier armed with a 10/22 Ruger and 550rds of. 22LR in loaded mags turn the tide of a battle like Gettysburg? Would pregnant Anne Frank be saved from those dastardly Nazis?
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me irl
nazis irl
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