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redpill me on brown girls or else you'll regret it
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Dog id get

OC thread

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post your OCs here
I'll post my OCs for Dungeons and Dragons. I hope I will find some group to use them irl.
Pic related is Nikola Roverič. He is a veteran soldier from Damara, but now goes here and there, serving as mercenary or as hired murderer. He is a thirsty for blood psycho and likes to sink his halberd on his enemies skulls, but he's also fervently loyal to his highers and can integrate in a group without causing too much trouble.
race: human
alignment: lawful evil
class: level 1 warrior

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Jesus says that he will not abolish the Law, but at the same time, when the Law says we must kill adulterers, he saves the adulterer. I understand what he meant by that. You must not be a hypocrite to kill someone for its sins if you're just as bad a sinner. But if everyone's a sinner, then no one should do what the Law commands. So, isn't he abolishing the Law? How does the Church interpret this? And why was it commanded in the Old Testament anyway?
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>covid is fake
>global warming is fake
>2020 election was fake
>moon landing fake
>orbit photos fake
>other planets are fake
>evolution is fake
>holocaust was fake
>slavery was fake
>birds are fake
>chemtrails are real
>microchipped covid vaccine real
>pizzagate was real
>gamergate was real
>seagate was real
>vaccines cause autism
>vaccines cause cancer
>vaccines cause retardation
>vaccines cause homosexuality
>vaccines cause transsexuality
>vaccines cause obesity
>vaccines cause aids
>vaccines cause covid
>globohomo real
>birds are actually camera drones
>masks used to condition censorship acceptance
>sun revolves around the earth
>trump is the rebirth of the christ
>q is real
>q is the rebirth of st peter
>biden is a reptilian
>hillary is a reptilian
>the jews are reptilians
>environmentalists are reptilians
>vegetarians are reptilians
>gays are reptilians
>trannies are reptilians
>fbi are reptilians
>cia are reptilians
>irs are reptilians
>britbongs are reptilians
>chinks are insectians
>russians are insectians
>area51 reptilian+insectian hq
>niggerbeanerspics are half monkey
>deepfakes are real
>liberal media shoots deadly invisible cancel beams
>cancel beams turn people into deepfakes
>anime is real

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Why haven't mods removed that pic of a dead child yet?
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I just drank 4 cups of milk. I can probably beat anyone right now
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First person it generates for you is now your lover.

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