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Oh, well, here it goes...

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Hello. Is there anyone who happens to have a Discord account? Anyone who happens to be a legit straight guy in real life, in particular? This is really personal for me and I am to be fair gonna be intentionally humbly sort of strict about this as well.

But, yeah, I am seriously seeking this very sort of help here but which I mean to be specifically attention. Though I'd rather talk about it in Discord and not really on here. It is about a situation of mine including other straight guys... but it's personal.

Here is my name tag: Scandy#6171
Please... whoever is a straight guy reading this and acquiescent enough to help me... hopefully you’ll respond with your name tag but if you have a Discord and are active on there.

P.S: Sorry for the formal talk, but please TRY to excuse it, thank you.
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Mic found in wall plug in AirGenie

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Took apart said appliance and found a mic. Don't know much about air purifiers, but know there's no reason for it to have a mic. Mom put these around my house like crazy, but 100% she didn't plant mics in it, she's not petty or smart enough for that. Further research on the product said that it breaks down O3 and bacteria at a molecular level, but seems literally impossible since it has no fans and nothing high tech enough to do what it says. Seems like a scam, but still really concerned about the mic since there's so many in my house now. This is the manual/product description for the chip that the mic is connected to I can't understand it but maybe someone else can
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Tomorrow my classes will be back, I'm a lonely nerd, you make them my friends and get along with me, I don't want to die and be made fun of by these young people of the new generation who only think about getting high and going to hell
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Yikes, catalogue is primed for discordshitters once again. Tranime everywhere. We honestly need more furries, discordtrannies hate them.
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Trannies molest children
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cat id get

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>hurr durr I'm so cool and different because I'm a *insert random Greek letter* male

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Why won't you get vaccinated, anon?
The jab is really not a big deal.
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In a month or two, or even now, I recommend buying as many Chives from or other exchanges as you possibly can.

In a few months, I am going to do a GAMER MOVE (proper investing terminology) and the price will multiply exponentially.
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