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December Christmas Lists

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Tell us yours!
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Who is this self proclaimed Semen Demon, and what happened after she made such a bold claim?
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this board smells
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>blocks your path*
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I just realized that I was being a pedant for the last few hours and apologize
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/STD/ - Submit to Danmark

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Finland is a Superstition Edition

>Why submit to Danmark
If you don't, you'll be roped to a wind turbine propeller and used as gravitational counter weight for generating unlimited electricity
>Is Sweden and Britain really puppet colonies of Danmark?
>Submit to Danmark?
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Epstein’s Rape Island - Little St. James Island

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Pic may show naked children sitting on buckets.

Even if the kids were slaves, they could still go to the bathroom one at a time, right? The fact that they're naked and sitting on buckets means they needed to poop at the same time. As degenerate as a pedo is, probably most of them still have a small shred of decency that keeps them from wanting shit on their dick. I think it's possible that these kids are given a laxative so they empty out their bowels because showtime starts in forty-five minutes and these kids need to be ready to "party".

Alternatively: You are looking at security cam feeds from rooms at Epstein's Island. Current theory is that the people in the feeds are engaged in human cannibalism.

It's an island where they rape and murder children in the carribean. Little Saint James. They also have a pretty gay and larp temple there where they do their pedo-murder rituals.

these came from a Rachel chandler Instagram post
From Epsteins pedo fixer Ray Chandlers instagram

here is an old picture of Rachel.

Rachel Chandler is a known associate of Jeffrey Epstein and acted as procurer of child prostitutes for wealthy elites who traveled on Epstein's plane (The Lolita Express) to his private island, known as Orgy Island.
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I think I’ll watch more anime
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What did he mean by this?
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I got banned of /int/ for making a monki Putin thread. Hi /bant/, glad to be back.
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