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We suck.

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>Duque gets elected
>Receives a shitty economy (but it was worth it bcuz peace n shit)
>Introduces cool budget for 2019
>Boycotted because Education's budget wasn't enough for public universities
>Okay, increase the Education's budget significantly
>tfw when it's not enough for public universities
>tfw there are various countries around the world with less money dedicated for education and still achieve better results than us in standardized tests
>tfw Fecode's president said those tests don't matter at all
>Education's budget gets increased
>People think education's quality will improve magically if the government pours more money into it instead of targeting the vital issues that have us failing behind other 2nd world countries every single year.
>tfw Those ideas are the consequence of shitty statist ideals
>College principals are okay with new budget so they lift the protest but autistic lazy public University students keep on protesting
>Taxes increase to cover the hole left by increasing the education's budget and the reactivation of the economy
>Prog's are triggered by higher taxes

Colombia will never progress because colombians prefer a candy over a vaccine when ill, they prefer to sink our country's economy just to pay fewer taxes in the meantime whilst the fiscal deficit increases, they prefer to demand for higher budgets on education without taking in count local administrations and the deficit those demands create on the national budget. We will fail because we think a pre-grad diploma will fix our lives.

Wake up brothers and sisters.
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am i weird?

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I'm not a virgin but I might as well be one. I still feel like one. I think I grew it back lol. I haven't had sex in over 2 and a half years and I only ever had sex with 1 person (for such a small amount of times I can only count them on 1 hand). I don't want to have a baby until I'm married and completed my education but I also don't want to put any hormones in my body that mess with the natural cycle of my body (plus no birth control is perfect anyways except abstinence). I don't want to have sex with anybody I couldn't imagine as the father of my child. I don't want to have sex again until I feel like I love the person, that they love me and that I feel emotionally and physically secure doing it with, which might not be until marriage, idk.
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Are you ready to shit yourself?
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Samus got married!

Congratulations Samus!
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I have been using Tinder for a few weeks, and have noticed something that virtually all females have in common: they have either spent large chunks of their time and wealth travelling, or are saving up to commence travelling soon. Seriously, travelling is mentioned on 80+% of profiles.

Why are women obsessed with travelling? It doesn't improve their personality, they have nothing to show for all the money they have spent and it's superficial travelling at best - it's not like they go to foreign countries to cure diseases, they simply go there to eat food, drink booze and look at some local attractions.

I don't consider travelling an "ambitious" trait, I see it as laziness and a waste of time and money. What's the major attraction?
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Know the truth about cannabis /bant/
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How should I deal with a gambling addiction?
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Possible Name: Jackson ???
Aliases (in order of use): Ralsei/Asriel/mew mew kitty/mittens
IP Location (possible geolocation): NY, Yonkers, U.S.A.
ISP: Optimum Online
Age: 15
-Possible Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVWBsg-AhT9aVvvF5Ue1YQ
-Reddit account (did not find)
-Discord (did not find)
-FurAffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/67nobody/
-Has his own board on the other chan called /baaa/
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