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Dubs gets to pick my senior quote

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So, when is Yonkers going to have his own kiwifarms thread? It's about time already.
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We live in an era where American children don't look like their parents.

I am mixed but people think I'm Hispanic. I don't look like either of my parents so people always think I'm adopted
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So a bunch of Muslims jammed dildos up this guys ass and put it on instagram?

And he still expects to be taken seriously?
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The last time Australia was relevant in anything and that was 5 years ago.
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Yonkers: The Supreme Artist

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Celebrate the artistic genius of Yonkers here.

No trolling this time, OK?
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South Vietnam or north Vietnam

Who is best waifu?
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i felt a feel today
just to feel how i would feel
i focused on the feel
the only thing that's real
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hop on the /bantbus/ and see where it takes us
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