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not my problem.

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How dead is this shit board?

Let me know
Petition to delete /bant/
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Please guys i just wanna talk about bluey
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grand-uncle called
i'm going to europe again in 17 days yay!
fuck this working bullshit for at least 10 days
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Thank you 4chan!

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This site has made me realize how great my life is and I personally want to thank all of you for sharing how miserable your lives are.

I was sad because I had a 3.3gpa in college, but the majority of you struggled to graduate highschool and regurgitate the “college doesn’t matter” cope

I was sad that although I was having sex with different women regularly, I still wasn’t getting the 9/10s and 10/10s I wanted, but a lot of you haven’t even kissed a woman yet, let alone have sex with one so you cope with misogyny and porn when in reality you just want to be held.

I was sad that I only had $50k worth of ETH at age 23 because I got into crypto late, but most of you can’t even get a job that pays more than $12 an hour!

I was mad because I watched porn and fapped twice a week to shit from naughty America or bangbros, but a lot of you fap 15+ times a week and watch all sorts of deviant porn ranging from hentai to bestiality to scat!

WOW 4chan, just wow… thank you for showing me that my life is great and that it’ll continue to get better as long as I maintain my work ethic and keep a positive attitude!

I love my life.
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rate my brekky

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braised pork with onions, garlic, carrots and ginger- cooked slowly in a broth of beef bouyon, white wine, onions sauce and blend of spice- topped off wirh a pack of ramen noodles
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Did the spam stop?
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What is the most redpilled animal to own as a pet and why is it a cat?
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post cat memes /bant
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