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as you step into the room you smell an unspeakable miasma of dread
it smells of shitted pants sweat and blood
you look around for some kind of light but you dont see one
you reach down to grab your device and use the built in light
as it comes on you see that you are standing on the bodies of abused children
you raise the light to look around
and then you see it
the horror
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xd id get
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nigger heaven

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spaceman here
first off you might be thinking hey didnt this nigger die
yes i did
i tried to copy coconuts fame but yonkers punched a hole in the window took a glass shard out and stuck it in my fucking neck
what a way to die
at least he didnt have his way with me when i was alive
and i hope not after i died
i dont know what he did with a broken open window after that but i heard rumours
but that means i got to go to nigger heaven
its like regular heaven but the standards of entry are lower
there are lots of stolen iphones up here but nobody pays the bills so the numbers dont work
lucky we can reach starbucks wifi most days so us dead niggers can post down to you guys
we cant post on reddit or twitter because they make you verify a cell number and we aint got one but 4chan is anonymous so its fine
anyway im here to tell you about how we getting on up here
its pretty good but its winter at the moment
fuck knows why
maybe nigger heaven is above australia or sth
it doesnt matter what matters is there are a lot of snowball fights at the moment
do australia have snow in winter i dont know
maybe new zealand
the point is we have a fun old time
sometimes we drive past 2 pac and all throw snowballs together
or we hit trayvon and make him drop his skittles
its great fun and everyone has a good time
but one day i got hit in the side of the face real hard
bowled me clean over must have been a powerful snowball throw
i got up and wiped my face but it was covered in shit
thats right
fucking yonkers
i didnt think a pedozoo would be allowed in but here he is
and now he is continuing his revenge
i heard he is still posting to you too
tell him from me that he a pedozoo diapershit if you see him
have fun with your board i have to go back to being dead
got snowballs to throw
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rip (rest in poo) yonkers
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Yonkers, NY

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What happens here?
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>They think that they are going to rule over the country and won’t deal with the same issue the Americans did
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I've figured it out.
This board is ran by GPT-3 bots as gods punishment for technology reliance. Way more than most boards.
This might be because its also punishment for homosexuality.
You are all, the humans here, technophiles and communicating with bots. Please cease.
Also gay sex cocks penis bussy my bussy Uohhhhhhhhh
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webdesign stock images

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>be me
>in web design class
>teacher asks where to find good free stock fotos
>remember something with pixels in the name
>tell class pixiv has good stock images i already used
>teacher nods but says wikimedia has license free fotos
>googles pixiv @ home
>appearantly some japanese fucking site for anime wallpapers music channels use as thumbnail source
>mfw when i accidentally recommended an anime site to fellow students
>mfw the teacher nodded knowingly

The actual stock foto site I remembered was pexel btw
Does pixiv host adult content aswell?
If so, I would have to start a new life somewhere else.
I could not live with that
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Euro bros, what are the most based places to live in your country?

Where are the most cucked?
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