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I cant shut my brain off ----INTP--- literally the antithesis of NPC

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a quote from an INTP person on reddit

I find video games are a good way of drowning out my thoughts. INTP minds always have to be stimulated and always threaten to go into nuclear meltdown if we don't continue to feed them. So video games + favorite music generally provide enough for me. Well, enough for me to not go into nuclear meltdown. Just like Mr. Bones' Wild Ride, the ride never ends. The thinking never stops. The INTP brain can never completely shut down. It is a monster that you must always feed with something, and it prefers that that something be fresh and new.

I just got a real job finally, after moving east coast to west coast with family, granted its CSR shit with training from 4AM-12:30 for 4 weeks before normal hours

I am suppose to be all i n my head like, "yay a job, ok let's chill its sunday and tommorow it starts" but its more like

"no, you did your foreign language practice, you should be progressing in the Python Programming class you signed up for online, and also doing the pre-uni online calculus course from EDX. Also, you really should start learning to cook.

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Is there a "Yes." meme of Yonkers yet?

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>Being this obsessed about me, making lies included
This is why I feel unmotivated.
This is why there's no new art from me.
It's all these idiots constantly saying the Y word like it's a fucking game. Even worse when you get called "Joshie" or "Megan".
I strongly dislike all of these orbiters whether it be from two years ago to now, almost to a certain point where I am speechless.
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where is he now?

Jackson von Yonkers memorial thread

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ITT:We remember fondly the good times before jackson was taken from us too soon
Here is a video I made in his memory:
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Is Yonkers still alive?

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Last time I went on bant was like 3 weeks ago so, is Yonkers still alive or did coconut kill him once and for for all?
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I'm thinking of getting a P2P loan from a site like "harmoney" or "squirrel money" and never paying it back, I don't plan on ever lending money in the future, I never will have to anyway, if I am ever in serious financial hardship my family has money to help me out,

What would be the risks of borrowing money from p2p and never paying it back? besides having bad credit and never being able to get a loan again, I'm thinking of putting it in crypto so they can't reposess anything btw
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>Every transgirl needs her diapers, and every transgirl needs to set aside some time for regression. We expend so much energy in dealing with societal expectations… e.g. seriousness, professionalism, accountability, adulthood, etc. But allowing ourselves to let these stressors fade into the background—even if just for a moment—can be extremely therapeutic.
>Regression therapy helps to extinguish the mental blocks that were instilled in us as a part of our male socialization. We're allowed to be happy. We're allowed to need. We're allowed to feel soft, and we’re allowed to yearn for safety. Padding up, hugging our plushies, and allowing ourselves to be care-free for however much time we need is something we can all indulge in from time to time. Don't be shy.
>I'm a transgirl, and I need my diapers.
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