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The Pi Network is the people's Bitcoin. PROVE ME WRONG.

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The project’s mission is bold – to build the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace, fueled by Pi, the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency. And create a smart contract protocol that is secured and operated by everyday people, not a concentration of whale miners like Bitcoin.

Pi Network is built upon the shortcomings of Bitcoin:

Technical knowledge requirements
Hardware requirements
Initial capital investment required to mine Bitcoin

Though Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention, it failed to reach the masses on planet Earth, even after 10 years, with the status of its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto’s presence unknown. The entire cryptocurrency spare consists of 40-45 million users in total, however, out of the mentioned number, Bitcoin users are estimated at 5.8 million, PayPal boasts 235 million active users, Mastercard has 35.7 million American users and another 604 million active international users, and Visa accounts for a whopping 336 million American users and another 736 million users globally.

Research produced by University of Cambridge estimates that in 2017, there were 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, in essence, is to be re-imagined, re-branded and its properties need to be changed as there was 10 years for Bitcoin to reach much more users than the numbers in its current state.

This is what Pi Network has done.

Pi Network solves the above mentioned 3 key challenges categorized as accessibility.

Parliament of /pol/

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It's time to establish a Parliament of /pol/ and bring law and order to this anarchy of shitposting and shilling.

How to play:
>Put on a tripcode
>Choose a political party or make one if there is space
>To create a political party choose a name and a color.

Your name should go like [Political Party] Name #tripcode

After we get atleast 10 members(or more depending on how fast this fills up) we will elect the President of /pol/ and start making laws.
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Copypasting from >>>/his/9325436
>wonder for years why the Scots language wikipedia is so badly written
>it's basically just written in English, no efforts are made to include Scots vocabulary or grammar
>if try to add any Scots vocab or fix the grammar your edits will be reverted within the day
>start noticing a pattern with the edit pages
>all the articles are created by the same person
>look at a dozen more articles
>they were all created by this same person
>look at about two hundred random articles
>they've all been created by a gay 13 year old furry from North Carolina who doesn't even speak Scots
>he's created practically ever single page on the wiki

I know this is probably too niche a topic for /his/ and probably nobody cares but me, but I find it pretty horrifying. Through the efforts of one obsessive who knows absolutely nothing about the topic he seems to dedicate all his spare time to, what could've been a vital resource for a dying language is instead most commonly used as ammunition against it, people deriding it as 'badly spelled English' because that's what the guy writing all these thousands of articles thinks Scots is. 600 years of literary history wiped out by a random teenager. Truly the digital age is a horrific time.
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Laser can turn brown eyes blue

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20sec low nrg laser procedure causes melanin to be gradually removed, permanently turning brown eyes blue. What does /pol/ think? Can one buy Aryan status? Should it be covered by insurance? Banned?
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What effect does physical fitness have on politics? Pic Related is what happens if you do 100 pushups a day.
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Ok Anons I have been conlanging for a while now and I created my own writing system and I'm interested in how it looks in action so just write whatever and I will do my best to write it in my writing system.

Writing direction is top to bottom, left to right, btw.
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The image that still btfos christcucks
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How can we repair Japanese animation /bant/ International/Random?
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Dont know what this is.

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I was cleaning out my BMW when i found (picture) anyone have a clue what it is?
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Tired of shit gifts

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>birthday coming up
>friends and family ask me what I want as gifts
>search "gifts for men"
>be bombarded with shit like "SUPER MASCULINE BEER & BACON SOAP" or metrosexual wristbands and numale widgets

For fuck sake, I just wanted some inspiration concerning things every young lad should have in his house, not a gay parade.

So /pol/, whats the essentials for a man who DOESN'T have everything yet?

And why are (((they))) pushing useless "hypermasculine" products?
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