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Eradicated Cultures Edition

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secret world leader anon here

pic related happened today. they linked it up to her outfit. it's bad. the material doesn't look good on film and it's made against her bodyform. i said them when i created the movie that i wwant her outfit to be perfect, it's more than just the movie. the boots are okay, but the backview of her is terrible. the outfit pushes her butt up and flat. i didn't authorize that and demanded a change of her outfits while the film was produced. i demanded different materials and a different outfit. if they can't get the outfit right they should make two outfits. one for the frontview, one for the backview. and even two for the right and left view. or even more for right down angle or left down angle etc.

they didn't, the outfit is terrible from the back while she's amazing. it's an attack on her core personality. i demanded the guy who is physically responsible for deciding the materials and the guy who was physically responsible for tailoring it and not argumenting that he needs another material for the outfit to be exchanged with different people. nothing of this happened. you can see it on film. it's part of a bigger attack on her trough a resonance attack of the satanic cult / society.

i told them this while the production and afterwards again.


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