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yonkers feetjob when?
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GET IN HERE - Toni Podesta is the unknown Government KillerEdition

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secret world leader anon her

toni podesta is a serial killer. he's the unknown serial killer unknowingly known since the 90s and before

conspirancies are getting lifted. there was someone in some authorities department which said we were searching for this killer but the only possibility would be that he would be in the government, but this would be a world spanning conspirancy.

short update, last thread:
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why must the drinking laws in this country be so stupid
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you anus is doomed
my life is doomed
our existance is pisstance
my bank account drained
my property derailed
between my shoulders there is a cinch
I am met with a painful pinch
I cannot rest
not even a day
my family dug it's grave in debt before may
now the end of july creeps
we still haven't cut down the trees
the winter will surely be harsh
from september to may we gotta burn lignin, celululose and starch
only two cubic meters of wood we posses
sun burned our crops
renovation took the rest
I do not know what future holds back
is it death
is it prison
is homeless wreck
all I know we'll still be in debt
whoever falls will take the rest the blame is onto me that I failed some tests
my piss is green
yours is not
I can't afford a systematic checkup
to see if I'm alright
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no music thread
there's a reason a demon in 4chan's hell worries about your soul.
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Edição Ensolarada

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is my tongue long?
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ehh... I have a question bnat... Is the emotional impact the most important part of a story?
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