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Do you ever wonder what it would really be like to be a cute girl? Just imagine sitting back and collecting tons of irl (you)s from cute boys who want to stick their wieners in you. And then maybe you let one or two of them actually stick their wieners in you. I wonder what that feels like? Probably feels pretty good.

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Hello new friends! May I ask why so many of you hate Discord?
From the short time I've spent here, I've noticed that /bant/ is pretty much a handful of the same 20 to 30 autists spamming similar shit every day, literally what is the difference from this place and a silly Discord server?
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I can't wait to start off my day with Starbucks breakfast blend yeeweee
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kaos vs chinatsu thread.
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/YMAG/-Yonkers, Mittens, Asriel General

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Just took a fat smelly dump
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Shrek is outside your window smiling and staring at you. What happens next?
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i wont fap

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eat shit jew
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why dont u have a kid?
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I wonder how it would feel like to chew someone's raw lips during a cannibal buffet.
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