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what kinda music do you like? I like punk, grunge, thrash metal, delta blues, bebop, funk, salsa, cumbia, ska, roots reggae, 90's g-funk rap, progressive rock, hardbass, XIX-century/romanticism classical music, traditional celtic music, and many kinds of alternative/mixed genres.
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Switzerland - land of the horse fuckers
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Did yall ever tag and try to make a cool picture?
I never did well since i stopped rather fast and didn't develop good techniques, but I like seeing sprays when I walk around. I think it would be cool to see more anime and otaku tags around.

Official /bant/ discord

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https://discord gg/WZGd7fzz

get in my bastards
the server name is a facade
ignore and you will get pic related

https://discord gg/WZGd7fzz

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my anime waifu is based. how about yours?
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Today I remind them

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/qa/ is frozen
Also, post precious /qa/ memories. (hard mode: must include picture)

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my mummy and daddy are so proud of me, im gonna play a transgender jesus in the next nativity play at school
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