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Does /bant/ like /mu/sic from Argentina? I'd like to hear some great music from your cunt, unless you're a burger.
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why cant i delete my thread? someone give me a rundown. reddit is so much better than this shithole. ignorance is the norm here.
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Can i get uhhhuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh some good manga recommendations
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Stonetoss tho
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pol humor thread

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Well, /bant/, I haven't been on here since 2017 or when Omnichan was deleted from Google Play.

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What have I missed?

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>bro don't get with Latinas they all get really fat in their mid twenties and now you're stuck with a fat wife. Just marry a nice white girl that'll stay thin her whole life

Why do white people perpetuate this lie? Your women get just as far as ours do the wall doesn't discriminate based on race

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