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I want to be a defeated levy on a battlefield, just worthlessly dying. I can think of no better fate then to be impaled by a javelin, lance, or arrow and then slowly bleeding out around my broken company.

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No sex tonight. I'm not in the mood.

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Electric cars are a meme. In Europe we have cars with 1.0L petrol engines and to top it off we drive them on CNG and LPG. What exactly are EV's going to change? You could just limit engines to 100hp for normal passenger cars, make them use CNG/LPG and it will be the same shit.
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add me on discord
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ur fat and gay
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Democracy is for FAGS!

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Thats right, if you like democracy you are a massive HOMO.
No straight man likes the idea of other people decision impacting his own life. Democracy is unnatural and sinful. People are NOT equal and thus their opinions have different weight.

Remember that the first one to preach equality was the snake in the garden of Eden, when she suggested Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge and become EQUAL to God.

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Holy shit anons it's 1:00 and my neighborhood just got shot up I've been paranoid about this for the past few days, what do?
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How to nut bigger loads?
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