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Welcome to Yuru Yuri watching club.
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Catalogue is looking good today
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Dumb ass story time
>may 16 2015
>my sisters birthday is a slumber party at our house, so me, brother and dad go to hotel
>we are in room at midnight, dad tells me to go get ice down the hall
>get ice, walking back to the room by myself, decide it’s cold in the hall, find the AC unit, turn it up 100 Fahrenheit
>go to room, fall asleep
>wake up to the sound of fire alarm at 2:00AM
>have to evacuate the hotel, about 1/4 of the hotel burns down
>because we had to evacuate I lost my copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby
>the hotel said the fire was caused by electrical problems
nobody has ever figured out it was me

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>mfw you all have a terrible taste in music

What id will i get?

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What id will i get when i post on the bantu?
Id get thread
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Bantu can you recommend me a vn? Would be nice if it's voiced

o no :0

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el aniquilador de planetas
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