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I am a transexual male
>but you've been born male
yes but I've always felt like a female inside, now I've come around wanting to be male and so I transitioned
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no music thread
there's a reason a demon in 4chan's hell worries about your soul.
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today is akari birthday
happy birthday akari
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is my tongue long?
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Sharjah pervs? Why are they increasing?

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uhh guys ever notice that there's been an increase in pervs in Sharjah?

I was chilling at the beach in the evening, it was mostly empty, it was dusk, and a bunch of 5-6 big fat pakistani men came by and started video chatting on their phones, i was in the water, when i came out they all started staring at me and i asked them what's up they started to come to me, i dropped my towel cuz i thought they were gonna jump me but instead they surrounded me and started rubbing their hands on my hips and told me about how "smooth" i am and tickled my hips, i told them to stop it but then they started tickling me more which made me slip and i fell on one of them, then they pinned me to the ground and tickled me so much i couldn't even breath and i was laughing so loudly my laughs were echoing the beach and i told them to stop, i even screamed and told them I'm 17 and they're pervs and they were like they wanna take me to their apartment nearby the industrial area, i literally couldn't catch my breath and i was practically just flailing around in the sand in my underwear while i was getting touched by 6 old men, they did this for like 45 minutes until they said they wanna meet me again, i ran away on my cycle back home holy shit I've never been this scared in my life

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yonkers feetjob when?
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Did Ask Did Care
Share any opinion or whatever shit.
But dont tell me about your crumbling life, im not a therapist and i dont care that much lole
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this is my feet
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