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Cirno death grips

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Who wanna catch dis
Bitch please, you must be smokin' rocks
Real shit for my people
And it just don't
Fucker please you must be smokin' rocks
Real shit for my people
And it just don't
Drop it like oh yeah
That's so trashy
How low can you go
How dirty can you get nasty fucker
Drug through the dirt
Razor cut that eight millimeter make it hurt
Chain sleaze leather face
Fucker please, you must be smokin' rocks
Kill it, kill it
Kill it, kill it
Hit it, fuck it, feel it, whip it, burn it, turn it out and kick it to da curb
Shut it down
Forged in the flames, said it before and ill say it again
Quasar game maximum vacuum rotation spin s-s-s
When shit goes down
I'll be there
Wit my hand on my gun, and my eyes on the road ghost ridin ta hell fuck if I care
Who wanna catch my droze
Give a fuck blood
I ain't goin nowhere
Templar night and day, live an die by the code, code of the street, how ta stay in the zone, how I own it and freak it to da base of da bone
I am the darkness creeping through your system
The lash of da whip
Cracking every bitch
Into position
Workin' ya over crashing and burning in a blackhole blasting out, your subwoofers are melting
Hear a bitch say why's he yelling
Who wanna catch dis gun clap, shrapnel off me lip
'Cause blood bath
'Cause I run this like
Like dogtown ripped
That raw shit like none other
Low down dirty shit
Shot off this hip
Death grips, mothafucka
Please, you must be
Smokin' rocks
Real shit for my people
And it just don't
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What the mg did you just say?
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Cirno on the 'log!
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Deadlifting niggers?

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Why don’t you ever see niggers deadlifting? Meanwhile whites excel and dominate in all forms of powerlifting. What is the science behind this phenomenon?
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They took this from you
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general to show off your farm and to ask for farming tips

no city slickers or norwegians allowed
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