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Why do the Chinese just randomly run people over so much

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I have just noticed that generally in there are all these of the Chinese basically just running people over in their cars that seem completely random and for no reason, and also they hate children. They basically go around kidnapping and stealing people's children or running people over and killing small children, it doesn't seem to make sense, if you're in China then you should like avoid or stay away from any motorized vehicle.

pol humor thread

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what is /pol/'s GPU?

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and what do you do with it?
>pic related is mine
I used it to produce shitty youtube videos that nobody watches and occasionally edit personal photos and videos. Sometimes I play Witcher 3 in 4k, maybe once every two week so.

I also have an RX 570 that is just sitting on a shelf, might use it in a media PC build later. I feel like there must be a better use for such sophisticated pieces of technology besides what I am using them for, though.
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Is it just me or is /pol/ SERIOUSLY losing influence? It feels like the rest of 4chan has turned against us.
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Why do people on this site hate indians so much :(
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4chan is a bad website
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Did you play BLACK SOULS today, Anon~?
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best cunt for dick girls/twink

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whats the best cunt for dating dick girls and twinks

the ones we have in the US are ugly pedophile incels that rape kids
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