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I don't like seeing the animes hurt

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pol humor thread

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what is /pol/'s GPU?

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and what do you do with it?
>pic related is mine
I used it to produce shitty youtube videos that nobody watches and occasionally edit personal photos and videos. Sometimes I play Witcher 3 in 4k, maybe once every two week so.

I also have an RX 570 that is just sitting on a shelf, might use it in a media PC build later. I feel like there must be a better use for such sophisticated pieces of technology besides what I am using them for, though.
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Is it just me or is /pol/ SERIOUSLY losing influence? It feels like the rest of 4chan has turned against us.
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Why do people on this site hate indians so much :(
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4chan is a bad website
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Did you play BLACK SOULS today, Anon~?
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