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Nobody move
Nobody get hurt

lizard ppl?

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A rich hollywood jew i used to talk to randomly brought up lizard ppl whenever id talk about anything political, and I never took it seriously

now ive seen enough and been redpilled on jews enough to think i REALLY shoulda asked him to elaborate some more

who can redpill me on lizardfolk?


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just wokeuporino
i desperately need tea

fine for more far cry 2 with tom's mod and a graphical overhaul

die tiny black pecker incel chuds
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Redheads are so cute when paired with a BND

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Twp bros, we lost
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I made many shitposts and they're not getting replies. This cannot be happening no no no no no no i did everything right and i'm still not getting yous why why I did it right so why is this happeing
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