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How often does this happen in your cunt?
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Spam thread

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This is a spam thread. Feel free to contribute!
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What needs to be done to fix Japanese animation, /bant/ - Random Anime Transport Torrents?
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I didn't do anything wrong, I just wanted to study Japanese martial arts, and I've had my privacy and rights totally violated because of gangstalking, you know it's like when they arrested mr bond for non violent offenses, just because he rustled some zog elite jimmies.

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At what exact point in history did the sentiment expressed in picrel seized to be viewed positively and also why?
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The next ignorant privileged white cis man who claims "trans women don't have periods" can take a bath in my period diarrhea!

delete /pol/

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>open the thread
>see tranime imagery
>close the thread
>post leeshit
>close the browser
>go to sleep
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awareness check

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Newest discordtranny FoTM is the videogame series Sonic. For reasons I don't care, they're mostly posting Cream the Rabbit. Be sure to filter any flag/nametranny posting Cream the Rabbit, and be wary of any other Sonic poster.
Here is your reminder as to what avoid:
>black souls
>forced cat face
>porn dumpers (most of the time forced by discordtrannies, /b/ tourists are rare)
>99% of blogs
>99% of circlejerks
>all threads that have been necrobumped for more than a day
>anything branded as "/bant/", i.e. "/bant/" tf2
>single-worded threads
This list is non-exhaustive. Discordtroons love falseflagging as well. I noticed they've been pumping out basedjak threads whenever they want to summon the mods to delete whatever they've reported. It seems most of them use mysterium vpn to avoid their few but well-deserved bans as well as to mass report the threads their discord personally disapproved of. Take care, and have a good day non-discordtrannies.