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After a long week of blaming the Jews for all of my problems, there's nothing I enjoy more than going to church and praying to a literal Jewish prophet.

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It's back.
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an edible, unkillable weed with a fast reproduction cycle.
cultivating them.
harvesting and accumulating several pounds of their seeds.
putting them into a sabotaged backpack where it leaks when jostled.
riding your bike through rich neighborhoods wearing the dandelion backpack.
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Is there a more based man in rock?
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I want a GF
>I don’t care about sex, I just want to know how it feels to be loved and appreciated

Constant anal rape thread

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i'm a really handsome guy but i'm short

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i heard there's a surgery they do in armenia where they break your legs and heighten you up. should i try it?
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you WILL necrobump this thread
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i side with bella
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do home laser hair removal devices work?

i don't want to wax anymore im sick of it
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