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Are succubi real
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I wish this game didn't exist.
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Currently at a sleepover party
Slept well bc drunk
Wake up at 8am, everyone still sleeping. Understandable.
It´s fucking 10am rn, everyone still sleeping like a retard, my head hurts, getting hungry, want to go home, getting fucking angry, it´s boring af her, my fucking ride sleeping like a kid.
What do I do?
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am really sleepy now so am gonna go turn in

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good night fellas
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Black dicks matter

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Why does it feel so good when you hold poop in for some time?

l'm doing it right now, it feels so good brehs, l'm also sweating for some reason.
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If Pepenochet was in D&D would he be hero or villain?
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>another week unemployed
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brown abomination
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Rangeban discordtrannies already
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