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I miss Jordan
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>stop necrobumping necrobumping is bad
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Rolling for IDs is addictive but makes such a low quality threads
neo ID get
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Is there a way to make GPUs suck at mining while still being decent for everything else? This is getting ridiculous.
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>mom puts bathroom trash can on toilet seat so I see it and put a new bag in it
>only thing I’m asked to do all day
>move trash can so I can poop and don’t put bag in it
>”someone else can do it fuck you mom I’m 40 I’ll do what I want”

Japan is poor country!

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Calories intake per capita in 2018

United States of America 3782kcal/capita/day
Turkey 3711kcal/capita/day
Germany 3554kcal/capita/day
Italy 3503kcal/capita/day
France 3502kcal/capita/day
Republic of Korea 3420kcal/capita/day
Russian Federation 3345kcal/capita/day
China 3203kcal/capita/day
Viet Nam 3025kcal/capita/day
rich countries

poor countries
Indonesia 2884kcal/capita/day
Malaysia 2845kcal/capita/day
Thailand 2804kcal/capita/day
Japan 2705kcal/capita/day
Myanmar 2673kcal/capita/day
Philippines 2662kcal/capita/day
India 2533kcal/capita/day
Democratic People's Republic of Korea 2019kcal/capita/day

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My Latina gf just texted "Be honest with me: Are you one of those Alt Right White Nationalist people?"

How the fuck do I respond to her?
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