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/Anti-Slide Thread General/

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This general is to help newfags, old fags, and anons to group together, coordinate, identify and create a response to the constant shill effort to derail and disrupt this board. Shills will never completely stop and if they do then the board is headed in the wrong direction.

To understand how to beat shills we must first highlight their characteristics and how they function.
1. They are always disrupting, distracting, or demoralizing.
>e.g. Trump said drink bleach HAHAHA, rightists btfo, and 13 threads all talking about nigger dick and porn all posted shortly after each other.
2. They have separate communication outside of /pol/, through (((Discord))) or (((Reddit))).
>e.g debating shill or having a thread talking about how western culture dying, and suddenly 5-10 other posters start attacking you directly or the thread via the methods stated in #1.

Tactics for beating shills
1.Sage alone no longer works, as the shills have enough members to keep the thread bumped, drop at least5 to 10 redpills using "sage" in the options field, and leave.
2.If debating a shill DO NOT let them change the argument or move the goal post. They have the burden to disprove you, and if they can't do not budge from the argument or let them change the subject.
3.Recognize patterns these are npc's we are dealingwith and once they start attacking threads or sliding it follows a pattern
>E.G Amerimuts rule, whity btfo'd, and more recently "inject" or, "Trump said drink bleach."
4.Report without advertising, as jannies hate to be bothered by anything they may delete the thread if enough reports are logged.
5. It is the burden of the person making the argument to provide VALID sources, Valid meaning they have evidence rooted in fact and not speculation or wild theories.